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Photos of Father Rodriguez’ last Mass in Shafter November 12, 2014

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Thank you to JMJHF Productions for posting these photos of Father Rodriguez’ last Mass in Shafter.  I will post a few below, you can see many more here.






I had no idea Shafter was so pretty. Does that creek always run like that?  I suspect they’ve had more rain than usual?  It is not well known that the 1971 film The Andromeda Strain filmed some extensive and critical scenes in Shafter. Sacred Heart parish actually figured pretty prominently in many of those scenes. The entire movie used to be on Youtube but it’s been taken down.  Anyway, Shafter sure didn’t look so green and beautiful when they filmed those scenes in early 1971.  The town was practically a ghost town then, as I think it remains today, but a few people still live around there.  I guess there is a mine nearby that may be reopening and that may bring more people back to the area.  Souls came from both near and far to assist at Father’s Masses in Shafter and to receive his spiritual care.

Father Rodriguez’ assignment to first Santa Teresa parish in Presidio – but with regular “duty” at Sacred Heart in Shafter – and then finally at Sacred Heart itself was really a miracle in some respects. Shafter certainly was.  There was a beautiful little church preserved from the ravages of post-conciliar wreckovation and, after some cleaning, ready to go for the offering of the traditional Mass and the traditional practice of the Faith.  I am sorry I never made it out there.  I really wanted to go last Christmas but we had just moved and my wife wasn’t up to it.  I considered it for this Christmas but we opted for Clear Creek instead.  Now I shall never have the opportunity, or, at least, it is exceedingly unlikely.



1. steve - November 12, 2014

I am familiar with several parishes of the Dallas Diocese.

A simple glance at the photographs that are featured here informed me that the liturgical ethos that I’ve experienced is at monumental variance with the liturgical ethos found at Mass offered by Father Rodriguez.

How so many Churchmen can continue to defend and promote the liturgical ugliness that they’ve inflicted upon the majority of Faithful is beyond shocking.

I pray that as time passes, they will either change their ways or give way to younger Churchmen who are determined to restore Holy Tradition throughout the Church.

Tantumblogo - November 12, 2014

Thank you for your continuing edifying comments.

2. steve - November 12, 2014

Thank you for the photographs. They have uplifted me.

Most of all, my prayers are with Father Rodriguez.

3. rhizotomos - November 12, 2014

This is the blog note which I sent today (Wednesday 12 November 2014) to Mundabor’s Blog of which I am a regular reader/commenter:

Bad And Sad News

Blogger Tantumblogo published yesterday the following post :

Father Michael Rodriguez put on sabbatical
November 11, 2014

(My comment) There is another traditional priest who has been asked by his Bishop to take « a six-month sabbatical in order to discern God’s Will for the future. » (One thinks of Deacon Nick Donnelly.) About one year ago, Father Michael Rodriguez had already been sent – as a punishment for defending the real Catholic truth – to the very « peripheries » of the US-Texan border, to Shafter which calls itself « The Ghost Town », guess why ! I mentioned this in a post of mine on September 28 this year on Mundabor’s Blog and I suggested to have a look at the Google Map in order to see the environment of Shafter. Here, in a very short time, Father Rodriguez has done a marvelous work – too marvelous ? – which is now shattered by his episcopos.

Tantumblogo and his informators insist that Father Rodriguez absolutely needs our prayers, and this with great insistance by asking Our Lady and All the Saints to come to his rescue. There will several Novenas be started for this priest without fear nor reproach, Tantumblogo will announce them in time.

I think also that we have to pray very hard in order to keep Father Rodriguez in good health. Effectively, I remember of exceedingly good Traditional priests, beloved by their flocks but violently aggressed by their hierarchy, whose health declined and finished quite young by death, like Fr. Gregory Hesse (complications of diabetes, died 2006, R.I.P.), Fr. John O’Connor (complications of cardiac arrest, died 2006, R.I.P.), Fr. Enrique Rueda (diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, died probably 2009, R.I.P.). There may be others, in the past and the future.

I hope this will not apply to Father Justin Wylie who has been sent (Sept. 2014) by the actual N. Y. Cardinal to a very difficult parish in South Africa, with a church which looks more like a chicken shack than a religious dwelling. Fr. Wylie has posted some photographes of the town and the church and asks for prayers.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

4. Baseballmom - November 12, 2014

Obviously this priest poses a HUGE DANGER to the Church! Just look at all those altar BOYS! He could possibly develop a vocation to the priesthood in several of them…. Oh! THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!!!!

5. Woody - November 12, 2014

Is there an address for Fr. Rodriquez that we could send correspondence to “cheer” him up.

JMJ HF Productions - November 14, 2014

You can write Fr. Rodriguez at this address:

Fr. Michael Rodriguez
c/o David Rodriguez
5628 Rosa Ave.
El Paso, TX  79905

6. J velasco - November 13, 2014

Can you please email me privately about this matter?

7. Richard M - November 13, 2014

Are other arrangements being made to care for the traditional community out there – i.e., will there be another priest available to celebrate the TLM in Fr. Rodriguez’s absence?

Tantumblogo - November 13, 2014

No. Aside from the FSSP parish 250 miles away in El Paso there is not another priest in the Diocese able or interested to offer the TLM.

8. craig - November 13, 2014

I find it hard to believe that that photo is of Shafter. Shafter, Presidio, and the whole Big Bend area was *extremely* brown and bleak when I was through there three years ago or so. It all depends on the rain, and it takes good rain for several years running to make things truly green.

Tantumblogo - November 13, 2014

No that is really Shafter! I know it is, I could see the town and Church through the trees in some of the pics.

Shafterian - November 14, 2014

Sho is. Amazing what rain will do to the desert. That is Cibolo Creek. All the surrounding hills drain to it and it drains to the Rio Grande.

Shafterian - November 14, 2014

And um…well…desert plants are all like geared up to absorb whatever water is available to them very efficiently and stuff, so, actually, a desert will turn green overnight, not over years.

Shoulda’ seen Shafter this summer.

60+ years in the desert for this ole’ bird.

9. steve - November 13, 2014

Father John Zuhlsdorf just posted to his blog your article (with a link to your web site) about Father Rodriguez.

I view Father Zuhlsdorf and the majority of posters to his blog as conservatives. I don’t view them as Traditionalists.

That said, “conservative”…”Traditionalist”…are labels…subsets of Catholics. We are all Catholics.

My point is that based upon the conservative Catholic analysis of the Father Rodriguez situation, which, for example, is posted to the commentary box on Father Zuhlsdorf’s blog, so-called “Ultra-Traditionalists” have distorted the truth in regard to the tension between Father Rodriguez and Bishop Seitz.

The conservative take on that situation is that Bishop Seitz is a staunch friend of the TLM.

Father Rodriguez has certain behind-the-scenes problems that I won’t mention.

That information is found in the commentary box (that pertains to your story) on Father Zuhlsdorf’s web site.

The bottom line is that “Ultra-Traditionalists” have distorted supposedly the information that pertains to Father Rodriguez…he is the problem supposedly, not his bishop.

I obviously don’t know the true story behind the Bishop Seitz-Father Rodriguez difficulty.

But as usual, conservatives and Traditionalists (sorry, Traditional Catholics are now “Ultra-Traditionalists”, according to conservatives) have viewed the same thing (the Father Rodriguez story) and have spun the story in two extremely different ways.

It is amazing to me as to how very, very different conservatives and Traditionalists are in spinning Church-related issues.

Shafterian - November 14, 2014

Dear Steve:

I would like to offer these comments in all charity. Personally, I appreciated your comments above with the following very glaring exception. You felt the need to say, “Father Rodriguez has certain behind-the-scenes problems that I won’t mention.”

One has to ask why, if you know that he has problems you won’t mention, you decided to mention it.

This statement does more than suggest – it actually accuses Father of having “behind-the-scenes” problems.

There are those of us who know Father Rodriguez quite well and have been associated with him for many years. Granted, even the saints are not perfect and Father would be the first to point out that neither is he, but your comment suggests something more substantive.

My examination of conscience, and most of the reliable ones I read define detraction and calumny, which differ only with regard to whether the matter is true or not. Stating with certainty, as you do, that there are “problems” and then quickly stepping away from the statement remains one or the other. I can cite that excellent little booklet “Sins of the Tongue” as reference. This statement, regardless of what your own intentions may have been, is harmful, and potentially more harmful than making a solid accusation which could then be defended, if a defense is in order.

To our knowledge – those of us with many combined years of experience with Father – any substantive problems he might have are right in the open and they involve his unwavering defense of Catholic doctrine and liturgy. We can think of nothing that might fit the description of what you say here. What this does is to sew seeds of doubt in the minds of those who have only passing knowledge of these things.

So let me testify here – as one of those with many years of experience with this man – that I know of nothing that this could possibly describe, and I can line up a hundred people in a few hours to corroborate this.

Should there be some doubt in your mind, or if you feel you have been unfairly dealt with here, a blog is not the place to hash this out. We can certainly create means by which we can discuss whatever you refer to in private and if it turns out I am wrong, I will quickly admit it and beg your forgiveness.

10. rubyroad2013 - November 14, 2014

Father Z used your highlighted paragraph, unhighlighted everything else but EXCLUSIVELY, then proceeded to explain that he is not exclusive (Heaven forbid!)  Wouldn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

11. Carioca - November 14, 2014

I met Father Michael Rodríguez for the first time when he came to my City in order to participate in a marathon, in 2009. A common friend from El Paso had already spoken about him and his good job at the parish church of San Juan Bautista. Then, I became very glad to welcome him at the airport, find him a hotel and escort him throughout the city center of Rio de Janeiro, including some important churches. At that time I took the opportunity to organize a simple event, so that he could speak about the Ancient Rite and also celebrate Mass for us at a religious house. This event was mainly attended by young people and everybody became very positively impressed with him. It was a very remarkable experience. Father Michael Rodríguez is an exemplary Catholic priest.

Since then I have followed-up Father Rodríguez’s struggles to defend the Catholic faith and promote the moral teachings of the Church. I have prayed for him and asked God to protect him. I frequently listen to his magnificent sermons posted on the Internet and sometimes forward them to friends and acquaintances.

During his stay here in my Country I witnessed his extreme simplicity. He would prefer go walking a considerable distance or taking a bus than taking a taxi. He even asked me to be transferred to a cheaper hotel because he deemed the hotel I arranged for him was too sophisticated, even if at that time it was pretty simple hotel. His shoes and watch were much different from those worn by the typical “careerist priests”. Father Rodríguez does not even have a cheap cell phone nor is he a computer user.

In his last sermon in Shafter he urges us all to look at our own sins and think about how to become holier prior to looking at the sins of the others, especially those in power. I thought those words very humble and pious and a gesture of paternal care for our souls.

Justice is what this priest deserves now.

May God protect him and may he feel the comfort of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Shafterian - November 14, 2014

Ah, Carioca! It sounds as though you know Father Rodriguez perfectly well.

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