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More data on the collapse of the Church in Latin America November 18, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, demographics, disaster, Ecumenism, episcopate, horror, paganism, sadness, scandals, secularism, Society, SOD.

Probably most of my readers, if not all, read Rorate Caeli, but there was some very disheartening material posted there recently regarding the continuing collapse of the Church in Latin America.  As Rorate notes, this collapse cannot be blamed on ongoing secularization nearly to the degree that it can be in the “advanced” nations of North American and Europe.  The Church in Latin American was, in 1970, quite strong, cohesive, and going through (perhaps concluding is a better word) a period of great renewal that started well before the Council.  But ever since the mid-70s the Church in Latin America has been in free-fall on a scale that outpaces even the collapse of the Faith in some Western European countries.  There hasn’t been a period since the protestant revolt when so many have fallen away so fast in a given region.

Another difference between the secularization of countries like Canada, France, Germany, Spain, etc., and the Latin American countries, is that, for the most part, in the former countries people have tended to fall out of religious practice entirely, they have become atheist or agnostic.  In the Latin American countries, religious practice remains very strong, but a huge portion of the Church has found the “product,” if you will, so lacking in the post-conciliar environment that they have sought spiritual sustenance even in the separated and heretical sects. And as the data shows, they have done so in great numbers, tens of millions, over the past 4 decades:



I have to look no farther than my own backyard to see witness of this phenomenon.  In my home zip code, the population is something like 70% Hispanic, many recent immigrants.  There is only one Catholic parish to serve both this and several other zip codes containing tens of thousands of Hispanic families, while one literally cannot drive a block without finding some Hispanic-oriented evangelical sect, many small, but some quite large, serving tens of thousands of former Catholics.  It breaks my heart to have to see this every day.  And my observation over the past year-plus is that this trend is accelerating dramatically, with new evangelical sects popping up almost weekly.

Even more devastating is the deep anti-Catholicism many of these former Catholic souls have imbibed.  There is a little restaurant I frequent on occasion, and the owners are recent Hispanic immigrants who are now evangelical. They were quite warm to me when they saw me reading my Bible in their restaurant, but when they found I was still Catholic they became less so.  Even more, there is anti-Catholic propaganda in their restaurant, not obvious, but there.  I have tried to engage with the owners but due to my poor Spanish speaking skills (especially when it comes to technical topics – I read much better than I speak) and their self-assured hostility, I have made precious little progress. When souls make a conscious choice to reject the Faith they were raised in, it is very rare for them to return. Please pray for these and millions of other souls falling away from the Church like snowflakes.

It is easy for the scale of this tragedy to get lost in the cold reality of numbers.  Each one of these souls falling away from the Church is an incalculable loss both to the souls themselves and to the Mystical Body of Christ. What we are witnessing is a tragedy that is beyond human reckoning, but with widespread erroneous understandings of notions like “ecumenism” and “universal salvation” even at the highest levels of the Church, there is little sense of crisis in response to data like this. To the extent many in the Church are concerned about this ongoing hemorrhaging of souls, the concern is only worldly: what will this mean for Church income, what will this mean for parish closures, how will we run a Church without priests?  There is little or no sense of urgency in dealing with this crisis: quite the opposite, so many in the Church and especially the hierarchy seem to be doing all they can to exacerbate the crisis?

These souls are falling away, by and large, because they felt spiritually starved. I know a good number of former Catholics who left for the exact same reason.  All the changes being discussed – Communion for adulterers, the gifts of sodomites, institutionalizing the travesty of US-style annulment mills, etc., etc. – none of this will attract souls back to the Faith.  The opposite is actually true, and I’ve seen comments all over the web to confirm this: souls already outside the Church or leading sinful/heretical lives will only feel confirmed in their errors by all these destructive novelties, and, even more, they feel that a Church that can be so wrong on so much for so long has nothing to offer them.

That is the true tale of the Church in Latin America over the past four decades: a Church without substance feeding worldly pablum to starving souls who then depart en masse.  This is so contrary to how the Church conducted Herself for centuries it is simply staggering.  The last five decades have proven, without doubt in my mind, that this “openness” to the world is destructive of the Faith and the good of souls.  The case of the Church in Latin America is a very strong argument that the collapse in the Faith is not something that just happened to the Church, but is a result of the deliberate direction the Church has taken.


1. Pat Scott - November 18, 2014

The Protestants have made it their duty to take people from the Catholic church— and the watering down of the Catholic Faith since Vatican II has probably encouraged them to stay away. Hardly any difference now—since the Bishops, Cardinals have made themselves busy (with SOCIAL JUSTICE) trying to save the world– not souls.

2. steve - November 18, 2014

Beginning in the late 1940s, Father Leonard Feeney warned that in the then-not-too-distant future, modernists would inflict upon Holy Mother Church an horrific liturgical and spiritual collapse.

His analysis of the 1940s/1950s Church was correct,

Father Feeney was a visionary.

However, to many Catholics of the “Golden Age of the Church”…1940s/1950s, Father’s analysis was considered preposterous.

I doubt that few people are aware that by the early-to-mid-1960s, Father Feeney predicted that the Church in Latin America would, in large part, collapse.

From there, Protestantism would gain a great many former Catholics.

Again, Father’s analysis/prediction in question was ridiculed within and without the Church.

However, on January 1, 1965 A.D., Time Magazine, in a story about Father Feeney, noted his warning that Protestants would subvert the Church in Latin America.

Not surprisingly, the Time Magazine article in question portrayed Father Feeney negatively…literally, as the cult leader of a religious sect.

Nearly 50 years ago, Father Feeney predicted of the then-impossible-to-believe collapse of Catholicism in Latin America.

He warned that Protestantism would enjoy massive gains throughout Latin America.

Is anybody today laughing at Father Feeney’s then-laughed-at prediction/analysis of the impending collapse of Catholicism throughout Latin America?

Tantumblogo - November 18, 2014

Steve, this is incredible. I will try to find that Time article and post it. Yes, Feeney has been right on many things.

steve - November 18, 2014

Please note the following (I hope that I didn’t mislead you):

The Time Magazine article about Father noted briefly his warning that Protestantism would subvert the Church in Latin America.

The bulk of said article isn’t about Father Feeney’s warning about the Church’s impending collapse in Latin America.

But on January 1, 1965 A.D., thanks to Time Magazine, Father Feeney is on record as having warned that Protestantism would subvert Catholicism throughout Latin America.

Believe me, in 1965 A.D., Father’s statement in question about Catholicism’s peril in Latin America was written off within and without the Church.

Father Feeney had explored much more fully the topic at hand.

I will try to find a fuller treatment from Father Feeney in regard to his warning that Protestantism would subvert Catholicism throughout Latin America.

Again, even though in brief, in 1965 A.D., Time Magazine noted that Father Feeney had predicted that which had seemed impossible:

In Latin America, Protestantism would subvert Catholicism.

I apologize again if I misled you into thinking that Time Magazine had published a lengthy story in regard to the topic at hand.

Tantumblogo - November 18, 2014

No I don’t need length, just the quote.

steve - November 18, 2014

Okay. I will return soon (Deo volente) with the quote.

3. TG - November 18, 2014

I remember hearing a sermon by Father John Corapi back when he was on EWTN. The Latin American bishops invited him to a conference and they discussed the fallen away of Catholics to evangelical churches. They asked his opinion and he told them it was their fault. He said the Protestants were at least still talking about hell instead of social justice. People can come back. I did. It takes a search for truth and conversion of heart. And,of course, the grace of God.

4. Pat Scott - November 18, 2014

The Protestants come into a poor country and offer food, and whatever it takes to lure them away–and they have been very successful.

5. TG - November 18, 2014

I forgot to mention one more thing. The Protestants also lure the poor by giving them food and shelter. I know of illegal families that were assisted by Proestant churches. The family became Protestant because they felt these people were doing what the gospel said. I grew up thinking the Catholic church didn’t help the poor. I know my home parish never helped my family. Later when I grew up, I realized that it depends on the parish.

6. steve - November 18, 2014

Several years ago on online Catholic forums, I posted information related to the then-collapse of Catholicism throughout Latin America…a collapse that today is even more horrific in numbers.

Liberals ridiculed the information that I had posted. They argued that at worst, Protestantism had received “some” Catholics but that said Catholics would return to the Faith.

Even if they didn’t…big deal. Ecumenism recognized the “legitimacy and value” of Protestantism.

Conservatives rejected the information in question. They refused to countenance the collapse of the Faith.

They maintained that the information was “negative”…we don’t discuss “negative” things related to the Church.

They also discounted the information as Pope Saint John Paul II had more than once visited Latin America.

Conservatives refused to accept the idea that Pope Saint John Paul II “Catholics”, particularly as he had visited Latin America, would abandon the Church.

By the way, that is when I first encountered Father Feeney’s long-ago warnings that throughout Latin America, Protestantism would subvert Catholicism.

7. steve - November 19, 2014

Time Magazine

January 1, 1965 A.D.

Time Magazine declared that Father Leonard Feeney often denounced Protestantism for “subverting Latin America from the Church”.


8. JOJAN JOS - November 23, 2014

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