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Sure to lead to a vocations boom December 1, 2014

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The bishop’s conference for England and Wales used the following photo to highlight their opening Mass for the “Year of Consecrated Life.”  So, do you foresee scads of souls being drawn to dedicating their life to the Church by this?



So this Mass was not necessarily about priestly vocations, per se’, but isn’t there quite a bit of concern in many corners of the Church about the negative impact altar girls have on developing vocations to the priesthood?  Aren’t many boys turned off by this now intersex activity?

And yet this is the photo chosen to advertise the fact that this important Mass occurred?

Of course, if you read Goodbye, Good Men and other works, one can find that the collapse in priestly vocations is seen by many modernists who occupy numerous positions of leadership in the Church as a feature and not a bug.  They don’t want a sacerdotal priesthood, they want a laicized and democratized priesthood that is no longer sacramental/supernatural in nature but is reduced to an earthly job created and filled by men.  The modernist does not believe in the supernatural, at least not in the Catholic sense (but they’re all over the Eastern pagan and/or new age sense), so the notion of a supernatural role for a male priesthood is bizarre and ridiculous to them. All they are concerned with is earthly power and shaping every institution they can infiltrate to their worldly, modernist, revolutionary left-wing agenda.  Collapsing the male priesthood might lead to “women’s fauxrdination,” so even if it is only a possibility they will do all they can to insure the ruin of that institution.  That is why the language regarding the Mass has been changed so subtly but significantly, from a priest offering Mass to a priest presiding at Mass, from the priest facing God to the priest facing the people, like a secular speaker or rabble-rouser.  Certainly there are also ecumenical elements in these and many other changes, changes ordered towards helping collapse belief in the Catholic Faith as the one religion instituted by God for the salvation of all men, outside of which no one at all can be saved*, but the main effort has always been an attempt to undermine belief in the unique role assigned to priests by God through His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, His One True Church.

Now maybe this photo was just an oversight, and the inclusion of female altar servers  just so de rigueur that the powers that be thought nothing of using this particular photo to advance consecrated life, or perhaps it was carefully chosen and intended to send a very specific message.  I will let you, my readers, be the judge of that.

h/t to reader GM

* – please, this is not the post to argue Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, that statement comes directly from infallible statements of several popes and ecumenical councils, I am merely quoting it for effect


Whoa…..have you read Rorate’s “very important post?” December 1, 2014

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Rorate had a string of very compelling, if often disturbing, posts over the past week.  One of the most disconcerting came just today, when Rorate quoted Pope Francis in his general audience from last Wednesday as follows:

This is the Church’s destination: it is, as the Bible says, the “new Jerusalem”, “Paradise”. More than a place, it is a “state” of soul in which our deepest hopes are fulfilled in a superabundant way and our being, as creatures and as children of God, reach their full maturity. We will finally be clothed in the joy, peace and love of God, in a complete way, without any limit, and we will come face to face with Him! (cf. 1 Cor 13:12). It is beautiful to think of this, to think of Heaven. All of us will be up there together, all of us! [Tutti noi ci troveremo lassù, tutti.] It is beautiful, it gives strength to the soul.

I will just leave that quote lie, without comment, and move on to the “very important post,” which ties in with my own concerns and thoughts over the past several months, regarding the abdication of Pope Benedict, the 2013 Conclave, and the subsequent election of Pope Francis. No, there is nothing at all questioning the validity of either the abdication or the election of Pope Francis as Sovereign Pontiff, but it would be of great help to know just who the turncoats were who helped bring that entire process about.

What is addressed below is the notion – one might even call it a fact – that Cardinal Bergoglio was the nominee of the very progressive wing of the Church in both the 2005 and 2013 conclaves. He was seen as the intellectual and moral standard bearer for the extremely progressive Cardinal Martini, and after Martini’s death was anointed as his successor.  A recent book from a Church insider associated with that liberal faction claimed that a number of progressive cardinals planned and maneuvered to see Cardinal Bergoglio elected in both conclaves, and gave some details as to who they were and how they worked.  You can read this post at Rorate for some additional, if cryptic, information.  But the really interesting part of the post deals with how Pope Benedict may have been maneuvered into abdication, and which seeming “friends” of his may have played a large role in convincing the former pontiff to take this unprecedented step:

What we have is a kind of Watergate in which there is a resignation … but there is no trail of what led to it. It is as if Nixon had suddenly resigned, and all he said was it was due to old age or tiredness, but nobody knew exactly why. (The obvious differences in character between both individuals and events are irrelevant to our point.)  Isn’t it, to say the least, very curious?

We cannot provide details (it is up to serious and confident and daring investigative journalists who wish to truly go deep into what took place between 2011-12 and the March 2013 conclave), but, inspired by the example of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ when He needed to express absolutely true yet difficult messages, we can provide the following parable. It should be of great help to those willing to at last investigate all details carefully. The work is ready for those willing to dig deeper.

A successful executive has reached the age of optional retirement in a very good job at a major global corporation. He does not have to retire just yet, but he is convinced by people, among whom a few (one? a couple?) of his closest friends and aides, who assure him, before he actually decides to retire, that someone he trusts and groomed for his position will replace him, prompting his early retirement. He retires, confident that his good work will now be kept. But actually the people who convinced him were acting on behalf of an old adversary of his, who is then picked for his former position.

Now, his retirement is perfectly valid and legal, and the selection of his adversary (even if made with wily procedures) is as well, it’s just that some of his friends were not really such.

Life goes on in global corporations, as they say.

I would be highly interested to learn Rorate’s source on all this, but good luck with that.  I know they have access to way more resources than I do, and even have some high level individuals contribute to the site from time to time.  The parable makes compelling reading, and would add a dimension to the abdication that would make Pope Benedict’s actions much more sensical than the official reason given, which, I don’t think I’m saying anything radical here, seemed pretty weak to a large number of pious souls.  We must always bear in mind that both the Vatileaks scandal and the whole dossier/sodomite mafia in the Roman priesthood thing just disappeared the second the abdication was announced.  Those matters were definitely tied together.

Put the events together this way: an aging and highly divisive pontiff, assailed by a constant drip-drip of scandals he cannot forestall, and with threats of much more damaging scandals to come, is approached by some very trusted friend(s) and advisor(s), and told that all will be well if he will simply abdicate, that while he is loved by many there are some leftover hotheads from the previous regime who despise him, but that if he does step down a very close and trusted protege is “guaranteed” to take his place.  All will continue as before and Pope Benedict can finally move onto that much desired retirement of books and study.  Doubtful at first, the idea appealed too much to the good Pope’s pride, exhaustion, and weakness and he succumbed to repeated entreaties, even if another advisor, a man even more hated than he, constantly warned the good Pope not to accept this “compromise,” that it entailed enormous danger for the Church.

I bet it’s not at all far from that. All that is left is to fill in the names and dates.

So, who wants to front me in Rome for a year so I can do some hardcore investigatin?


New Chicago Archbishop Cupich goes ballistic at lack of women serving his consecration Mass? December 1, 2014

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Ultra-modernist Archbishop Blaise Cupich, he who took severe action against the TLM while Bishop of Rapid City, SD and who continually maligns the ancient Mass as just a passing fad adhered to by a few old folks, apparently was incensed that his consecration Mass in Chicago recently did not feature enough women and girls. Chicago is sure to be just drowned in priestly vocations with this shepherd wielding his crook:

Nave notes: Advised by a cadre of concerned priests and laity to clean out the old wood at the chancery, Sneed hears the Chicago’s new archbishop is eyeing the installation of women in top leadership positions.

◆ Translation: Sneed hears whispers in the chancery Archbishop Blase Cupich may opt to use his crozier as a broom.

◆ Further translation: Sneed is told Cupich went calmly ballistic when he discovered a dearth of women, nuns and altar girls included in his installation Mass last week at Holy Name Cathedral. [Gossip, or valid report?]

◆ Backshot: When Cupich was bishop of the diocese in Spokane, Wash. — before he was chosen to replace ailing Cardinal Francis George — he permitted women to hold top leadership positions in the Spokane chancery, claiming he valued their perspective and they stopped him from making bad decisions. [Whether he really means that statement or not, no matter how one looks at it, it hardly reflects well on Cupich, even as a kind of falsely humble statement we’ve seen so much of over the past year and a half]

Cupich’s office in Rapid City, S.D., where he served as bishop until he left for Washington in 2010, was staffed mostly by women, according to an article about him in Spokane’s Spokesman-Review.

Well, if Cupich does install many women in “leadership” positions in the Archdiocese of Chicago, he will simply be following the dominant trend among dioceses in the US going back decades.  Many if not most chanceries are dominated by women, including our very own here in Dallas.  Interestingly, Fort Worth’s is not, and I hear scuttlebutt sometimes about the less than heartfelt, warm relations that exist between staff in the two dioceses.  But I digress.

Cupich has profound tendencies towards modernism, antipathy against the traditional (read: pre-conciliar) practice of the Faith, and using the Church and his position as a vehicle to advance his views, which would be very hard to describe in any other way than left-wing.  It is no coincidence that as leader of the USCCB’s Justice and Peace Commission he sent out more press-releases and called for more government intervention than just about any other bishop in the country.  His name was constantly on USCCB press releases, haranguing for things ranging from raising the minimum wage (about which a bishop has no special competence whatsoever) to continuing farm subsidies to constant drum-beating regarding “global warming.”  He will represent a radical change, or should I say return, towards Chicago’s progressive past under the highly problematic (and likely disgraceful) Cardinals Bernadin and Cody, may God have mercy on their souls.

Read the text above “advised by a cadre of ‘concerned’ priests and laity……” as essentially code speak for liberals disaffected by Cardinal George’s more conservative administration.  “Crozier as a broom” means clearing out allies of George and elevating those associated with the radical Bernadin faction into positions of influence.  It’s really very much like the situation in Rome, with the immense changes that have occurred since Pope Benedict XVI tragically abdicated and he was replaced by a Pontiff of a radically different disposition.  Chicago is one of the lead sees in the country so actions there, appointments made there, and careers accelerated or even created there, can have a huge spillover influence around the entire country, as was the case when Bernadin was Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago.  This one appointment, given Cupich’s relative youth, could have a huge (and, I must say, troubling if not outright disastrous) impact on the entire Church in the US for decades to come.

It is very much 1978 all over again.


A cheering story of another priest taking more steps to embrace Tradition December 1, 2014

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I have mentioned Father Richard Heilmann of the Diocese of Madison, WI a few times before on this blog.  I no longer have Facebook, but my wife does, and she enjoys following Fr. Heilmann’s regular updates there.  Over the past several years, Fr. Heilmann has started offering Mass only Ad Orientem, he has significantly remodeled his parish, St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff, along traditional lines, he has added a weekly TLM, installed a kneeler for the laity to receive kneeling and on the tongue, eliminated the use of so-called extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and constantly seeks to expand the availability of the Sacrament of Confession and the use the souls in his care make of that great and so very necessary Sacrament.  As part of that effort, Fr. Heilmann recently announced he would be adding a Holy Hour with one of his Confession hours during Advent and then Lent, in order to try to attract more souls back to this hugely important Sacrament.  The following text comes from Fr. Heilmann’s Facebook page:

For years, I have not been a fan of Communal Penance (Reconciliation) services. [Which can be highly disordered and abusive, even to the point of being invalid, depending on what is meant by such a Communal Reconciliation.  I note with sadness there are still several parishes in the Dallas Diocese with no regular Confession hours and only occasional “communal confession.”]  Instead, I have taught at great length about the Sacrament of Confession, and I have tried to make this Sacrament VERY accessible on any given day. [I can attest to this.  Via Facebook, Fr. Heilmann makes regular announcements not only of regular Confession times at the parish, but he has also had his rectory modified so that he can hear Confessions there during his “time off.”  There is a separate entrance and a door with a cutout to hear the Confessions, so that souls can make their auricular Confession privately]  The reasons I recoil at Communal Penance services is because they tend to be pretty cheesy (lacking a sense of the sacred), and now (in retrospect) we have seen how they tend to condition folks to go to Confession only rarely. [I think Fr. Heilmann is referring to those services where a parish brings in a number of priests during a particular holy season like Advent and hears Confessions en masse, often with little privacy and almost always face to face.  Not my preferred method of making private revelations from the depths of my soul]

This year (during Advent, then again during Lent), I am trying something different that I believe speaks to my concerns about stereotypical Communal Penance services. I am combining the Sacrament of Confession with a Holy Hour of Adoration and Benediction. But, I am pulling out all of the stops for this Holy Hour …
Church dimly lit (or no artificial lighting at all)img_3942-1 (1)
Church filled with candles
Procession with servers and incense
Exposition and incensing of Blessed Sacrament
Sing “O Salutaris”
Play chant CD (low) during Adoration
Priests available for Confession (with screen) during Adoration
(Near close of the hour) Procession with servers and incense
Incensing of Blessed Sacrament
Sing “Tantum Ergo”
Eucharistic Blessing (Benediction) with Monstrance
Recite Divine Praises
Recession as all sing “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name”
(If all confessions are not heard during Holy Hour, the priests will stay afterwards to hear remaining confessions) 

I think trying to draw more souls during these seasons when those with only an occasional involvement in the Church might be motivated to receive a Sacrament they have not received in a long time through a Holy Hour with Benediction is an interesting and considerate idea.  I pray it works out well for Fr. Heilmann.

It is very interesting to observe, even if from afar, a priest’s embrace of Tradition and re-introduction of classic elements of Catholic piety to people who have not been exposed to them for some time.  I have no idea how smooth Father Heilmann’s introduction of these traditional elements has been, or if he has encountered a good deal of opposition, but it does show what a pastor can do when determined to try to move his people back to a more traditional practice of the Faith. Of course, having the support of a bishop who acknowledges and appreciates the value of that traditional practice of the Faith is hugely important.  Bishop Morlino of Madison is known to be one of the more orthodox prelates in the country, so it is likely no coincidence that Fr. Heilmann is able to make these changes, which might cause an uproar and even episcopal persecution in some other dioceses.

I love beautiful churches lit only by candlelight.  Locally, I have asked if we could ever have a candlelit Mass (or even one with the lights dimmed low) but it hasn’t happened, yet. I love photos from places like the Transalpine Redemptorists when they offer candlelight Masses.  They are so beautiful.  Sure, you may not be able to read your Missal but sometimes there is great merit in just watching the glory of the Mass unfold.  I also like this idea for Adoration, again, instead of reading prayers one might take advantage of the dim lighting to simply adore the Lord and bask in His Presence.

At any rate, may God bless Fr. Heilmann and may he continue in his embrace of the traditional, timeless practice of the Faith.


First Friday at Carmelites cancelled and other reminders December 1, 2014

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I have a whole slew of reminders and updates for local readership:

– First Friday at the Dallas Carmel is cancelled for this month.  There will be a TLM at 8pm at Mater Dei, instead. First Friday is Dec. 5.

– I pray you started your Immaculate Conception Novena on Saturday, Nov. 29. Sorry I was not available to give a reminder.  In case you missed it, the Novena is here.

– We have so many great Marian Feasts at this time of year.  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is next Monday, Dec 8, of course, and a Holy Day of Obligation. In addition to Mass, there will be all night Adoration at Mater Dei from 8p – 6:30a on the night of Dec 8/9.

– Finally, for those who are not parishioners but who might like to know, there will be a party and fun time celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Mater Dei on Friday, Dec. 12 at 6pm.  We had a party last year and it was a lot of fun.  Procession starts at 6, followed by Sacred Heart devotions at 6:30 and then the party at 7:30.  The party features a Mexican food potluck and last year the food was great. I really enjoyed the whole evening. Please contact 972-612-2247 to RSVP if you plan to attend.


Great new chant CD available, supports local chant scholas December 1, 2014

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The very good choir from Mater Dei Latin Mass (FSSP) parish in Irving, TX has produced a CD of chants from Holy Week.  The music is very beautiful, it is actually quite incredible at times.  I have always adored the Requiem but many choirs are not able to hit all the really high notes……well, they certainly come through on this great CD.

Right now, through Dec. 3, you can get shipping for 1 cent if you order on CD Baby.  I wish I had some samples I could play for you here, but you certainly can hear samples at the link.  I know Holy Week chants may not necessarily align with your Advent/Christmas spirit, but hey!, Lent and Holy Week will be here before you know it!  And really well performed chant is worth listening to, anytime.  As for the quality of the chants on this CD, I can attest that they are really excellent.  I had a chance to listen to the CD last week while traveling and this is really very, very good.  It makes for very enjoyable listening.



Again, if you order by Wed, Dec 3 you can get 1 cent shipping on CD Baby. There are digital download options as well as at CD Baby, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

Proceeds from the sales of this CD go to support the Mater Dei choir and the various scholas at the parish, about which you can learn more below, via the album liner notes:

Mater Dei Parish was the first apostolate of the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) in North America. Since the purchase & dedication of it’s own property in 2009, this Dallas-Irving community has quickly become its largest apostolate in America.

The choirs of Mater Dei have quickly grown alongside the community. From the start of the Mater Dei Sunday Choir and a men’s chant schola, the parish music program now includes a women’s chant schola, a 12-voice ensemble called Schola Marianum, & a quickly expanding Children’s Choir program with 60+ children involved: the Cherubim Choir (children ages 6-9) and the Sts. Gregory and Cecilia Choirs (children ages 9 – 14). There are plans to start a youth choir for those ages 14-20 in 2015. There is a strong focus on vocal music, honoring the musical tradition of the Catholic Church primarily through the performance of Gregorian chant, Renaissance Polyphony and other Catholic a Capella music
We take pride in the unique situation of our choirs and exceptional quality of our music, considering that all choirs at the parish are comprised solely of volunteer, amateur singers who are members of the parish.
It is our hope that this CD of choral music will be the beginning of an annual fundraising effort not only to help with costs related to the choral program, but also to aid the parish as a whole as it seeks to build more structures to accommodate our quickly growing community. Thank you for your support, and we hope you can visit our parish in Irving, TX.