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Sure to lead to a vocations boom December 1, 2014

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The bishop’s conference for England and Wales used the following photo to highlight their opening Mass for the “Year of Consecrated Life.”  So, do you foresee scads of souls being drawn to dedicating their life to the Church by this?



So this Mass was not necessarily about priestly vocations, per se’, but isn’t there quite a bit of concern in many corners of the Church about the negative impact altar girls have on developing vocations to the priesthood?  Aren’t many boys turned off by this now intersex activity?

And yet this is the photo chosen to advertise the fact that this important Mass occurred?

Of course, if you read Goodbye, Good Men and other works, one can find that the collapse in priestly vocations is seen by many modernists who occupy numerous positions of leadership in the Church as a feature and not a bug.  They don’t want a sacerdotal priesthood, they want a laicized and democratized priesthood that is no longer sacramental/supernatural in nature but is reduced to an earthly job created and filled by men.  The modernist does not believe in the supernatural, at least not in the Catholic sense (but they’re all over the Eastern pagan and/or new age sense), so the notion of a supernatural role for a male priesthood is bizarre and ridiculous to them. All they are concerned with is earthly power and shaping every institution they can infiltrate to their worldly, modernist, revolutionary left-wing agenda.  Collapsing the male priesthood might lead to “women’s fauxrdination,” so even if it is only a possibility they will do all they can to insure the ruin of that institution.  That is why the language regarding the Mass has been changed so subtly but significantly, from a priest offering Mass to a priest presiding at Mass, from the priest facing God to the priest facing the people, like a secular speaker or rabble-rouser.  Certainly there are also ecumenical elements in these and many other changes, changes ordered towards helping collapse belief in the Catholic Faith as the one religion instituted by God for the salvation of all men, outside of which no one at all can be saved*, but the main effort has always been an attempt to undermine belief in the unique role assigned to priests by God through His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, His One True Church.

Now maybe this photo was just an oversight, and the inclusion of female altar servers  just so de rigueur that the powers that be thought nothing of using this particular photo to advance consecrated life, or perhaps it was carefully chosen and intended to send a very specific message.  I will let you, my readers, be the judge of that.

h/t to reader GM

* – please, this is not the post to argue Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, that statement comes directly from infallible statements of several popes and ecumenical councils, I am merely quoting it for effect



1. Cristero - December 2, 2014

Different religion.

2. steve - December 2, 2014

Novus Ordoism..

This thread with the photo…Novus Ordoism.

The thread about Bishop Cupich…Novus Ordoism.

Novus Ordoism = the continued collapse of the Church.

Pray that God someday gifts us with a Pope who will end the Novus Ordo insanity.

Until then, try to deal with the horrific collapse of the Church.

It is so sad. But Novus Ordoism is what our Churchmen are determined to feed us.

Cristero - December 2, 2014


3. richardmalcolm1564 - December 2, 2014

Straight up cassock and surplice? Not even the usual shapeless white alb?

4. David - December 2, 2014

Besides Mater Dei, I do know that St. Williams in Greenville and St. John’s in Ennis have “male only” servers. (Thank these pastors). The Diocese of Lincoln still maintains a “male only” server policy, and Lincoln is still saying “what priest shortage”. When the newer bishop arrived circa 2001 in the Diocese of Arlington (VA), the longstanding “male only” policy under the late Bishop Keating was changed, and Arlington (VA) can no longer boast record numbers of ordinations per year (seriously).

Getting back to Dallas, I will say that when I attend St. Anthony in Wylie, there are some altar girls (I think it depends on the Mass, the Saturday evening Mass and the early Mass on Sunday are normally boys), but the majority of the servers are boys. I occasionally see girls on the altar at St. Thomas Aquinas, and I’ve noticed over the last few years that more boys seem to be stepping up to serve at St. Rita’s.

I also observe in the parishes that I attend, when a priest seems to have a more “manly” personality, more boys tend to step up to the task. Places where I find a personality to be a little “wimpy” or “geeky”, boys don’t want to volunteer. These days, I cringe when I see three or four girls at the altar, and no boys, and at some parishes in our diocese this is seen as “normal”, and 5th grade through 8th grade boys don’t want to do it because they see it as a “girl thing”.

Twenty years ago, I was a proponent of altar girls, but within the last ten years I have realized that boys are better suited to serving at the altar. I recall as an altar boy in the late 70’s through the mid-80’s, I got to see more of what a priest did (even though most of the ones I knew back then were what I would call “liberal” today, we never really learned all the proper terms) and it gave me something to do during the Mass. Many good priests were altar boys at one time or another.

If I was a diocesan priest (regardless of what diocese I was in), I would adopt a “male only” policy, which my understanding at the diocesan level (I know the FSSP mandates “male only”) is up to the discretion of the pastor, unless the bishop, such as Lincoln that was adopted by Bruskewitz and followed now by Conley mandates “male only”. The girls can do other things, such as bring up gifts, sing in the choir, etc.

Down from the box.

5. steve - December 2, 2014

I find it unseemly that a male (priest) would place a female (girl) in such a situation as to perform, if you will, “heavy lifting” during Mass.

That is not proper to the dignity of females.

Oh…then there is the reality that service at the altar has served for centuries as a traditional stepping-stone to the priesthood.

Altar girls…another Tradition-shattering novelty that has deformed the Holy Mass and God’s societal roles that are proper to the sexes.

A Pope, Cardinal, bishop or priest who has thrown in with the altar girl novelty has played a role in the deformation of the Roman Mass and Holy Tradition.

6. steve - December 2, 2014

The Roman Pontiff could end the altar girl novelty if he desired.

Popes Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI…

…forget it. Forget it.

7. Marguerite - December 2, 2014

Funny thing is I noticed the lack of Corpus on the Cross and the dangling earrings hanging from the sides first before noticing the altar girl. Which is worse?

TG - December 2, 2014

I noticed the same thing about the cross – just a cross not a crucifix.

Elizabeth - December 2, 2014

Me too. I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one who sees earrings hanging from the crucifix. Good grief.

TG - December 2, 2014

That cross would look better in a necklace. Just saying cause it is pretty but not appropriate for church.

8. Shafterian - December 2, 2014

A vignette. In Presidio lives a particular pious family. Knowing no better, the two older girls were altar servers. Arrives Father Rodriguez and they attend one of his weekday Masses for the first time, not knowing what to expect. Fortunately, on that date, two of his male altar servers from El Paso were visiting and they served the Mass. Sitting out in the pews, the two girls turned to their parents and told them that they would no longer serve – that they did not belong there. The older of the two, who is barely sixteen, has now spent some time with the Benedictine Sisters in Missouri and did very well there. Prayers, please, for this young lady, who shall not be named here.

The effect of Catholicism.

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.

This is why these perfidious bishops must stomp it out. They are only doing what you and I would do (or should do) to a foreign religion that invades our Church. Pray for their conversion as well.

FranR - December 2, 2014

Very, very insightful observation: (1) [perfidious bishops] only doing what I SHOULD be doing to a foriegn invader in the Church; and (2) pray for the ” foriegn invader’s” conversion before the consequences of what I SHOULD be doing become manifest.
Thank you!

9. FranR - December 2, 2014

Just a thought…. observe more closely: why is it presumed that the cross-bearer is female? Perhaps it is so, but perhaps not. And if not, then does that alter the conversation?

TG - December 2, 2014

If that’s a boy, the doctor did a good job.

Baseballmom - December 2, 2014

And that boy has some finely manicured nails….

Baseballmom - December 3, 2014

And nice earrings too….

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