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Shame for my alma mater – UT leftists sign petition to “abort” “newborns” up to 5 years old December 8, 2014

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My great alma mater – The University of Texas at Austin – has a reputation as being a haven for liberals. I certainly cannot say I have been back much in the intervening 20 years, but while there is certainly some truth to the belief that UT is leftist central, it’s not entirely true.  Certainly in the Greek system and the engineering and hard science majors, there are at least as many strong conservatives as there are liberals (in fact, in my experience, the vast majority of Greeks and ME majors were very conservative). Most of the leftists majored in basket weaving and queer latina feminist power theory, so I had little to do with them.  Most students at UT are just apolitical kids trying to make their way through the very difficult sink or swim environment.  Any population of 50,000 is bound to have nuts of all kinds.

Having said that, I do understand that both the general collegiate environment and probably UT in particular has gone sharply downhill towards full-on embrace of hardcore leftism.  Still, I was pretty disappointed to see UT students eagerly signing a petition to legalize killing children up to age FIVE!  Yes this is Infowars, but this isn’t some bald assertion, this is video evidence of deranged youth believing child-murder to be just peachy:

So, several things.  I know exactly where the filmed that, it’s on the West Mall over towards Guadalupe.  That’s definitely the more left wing side of campus, although pretty much all the fraternity and sorority houses are also in what’s called West Campus, west of Guadalupe.  Also, a number of these kids signed without even looking at what they were signing. But others were told pretty clearly and signed anyway.  It was great to see that a number of students were disgusted at the proposition.  But that any would sign indicates an an ethical failing of demonic proportions.

Lest you think this was just some one off Austin stupidity, there seems to be a growing trend on college campuses towards acceptance of so-called “post-birth abortion” (known heretofore as murder) up to age 5.  And why not?  Taking pro-abort thinking to its logical conclusion demands that women be given an inalienable right to murder their children at any point, pre-birth, post-birth, whatever.  Right now, the arbitrary legal definition is that women may only murder their children until they escape the womb, if these people have their way, that definition could change to age 5.  But if age 5 is OK, why stop there?  They claim age 5 means they are “self-aware.”  BS.  Two year olds are very aware of self.  Why not 18?  Why not make the definition when they are financially independent?  There is no limit to where this could end.

This is where the logic of left-wing thinking leads.  Always, always, towards the murder of innocents, be it in the hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions.  All leftist revolutions and far left governments have been drenched in blood.  Indeed, that flow of blood creates and sustains them.

Thus, it was sort of a no-brainer that the Church so strongly denounced leftism in all its forms for centuries.  Church opposition was based both on the errors leftism entails – hostility to religion (especially the Church), materialism, rationalism, etc – and the murderous tendency of leftism in practice. Leftism was identified by Saints and Popes as a hostile, competing religious force, diametrically opposed to Christianity.   It was fought, quite well in many places, by laity and clergy alike.

Until ~1960, that is.  Through some crack, the smoke of leftism did enter the Church, and that smoke has resulted in a historically unprecedented collapse in the Faith.

Because leftism is death.

I really really want a Rorate Mass! December 8, 2014

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Am I odd, or am I the only one who finds the idea of a Mass offered only by candlelight very attractive?  Or, as an alternative, a Mass offered with the lights in the nave dimmed and only the sanctuary somewhat brightly lit?  That need not be a Rorate Mass, specifically.  I have asked a few times to have Mass offered in this manner on just a plain ol’ ferial weeknight, but to no avail. I guess there are concerns some would complain.  But what’s to complain?  Having the lights dimmed in the nave, perhaps making reading the Missal difficult or impossible, is not so much a problem as an opportunity, and opportunity to follow along with the priest’s actions and just get lost in the sublimity of the Mass.  I think as an occasional deviation from standard practice, the idea has much to commend it.

I bring this up, because Rorate Caeli has linked to a set of photos taken at a recent Rorate TLM offered in Charlotte, NC. In fact, I believe a long-time reader of this blog made the submission to Rorate.  Seeing these beautiful photos only piques my interest even more in being able to assist at such a beautiful Mass!





Thanks to reader MFG for the link.  I only wish he had given me the scoop, sniffle, sniffle.

A different religion if I ever saw one December 8, 2014

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Saint Patrick’s parish in Seattle is what you might call the prototypical progressive parish.  No vocations, a congregation made up primarily of the very aged, Confession for about 5 minutes a week (literally – this is so perfunctory as to be practically an insult), Mass only on Sunday and Wednesday, no crucifix (or an abomination of one), no visible tabernacle in the sanctuary, and last but not least, an extremely aggressive “dance ministry,” or (no really) “ministry of movement” run by a certain Ms. So and So who has managed to assert herself into every possible part of the Divine Liturgy, or what passes for it at St. Patrick.

Fr. Richard Heilman had posted a video from St. Patrick’s parish that was frankly embarrassing to his Facebook.  That attracted a lot of comments, and the video has now been made private.  But the liturgical dance stylings of St. Patrick’s cannot be contained, and so while you cannot see the dance troupe lead the opening procession of the Mass up an aisle of pews literally lined with walkers and canes, the following may give you an idea of what passes for Liturgy at St. Patricks (at the Easter Vigil, no less):

As Fr. Heilman noted, no wonder men are leaving the Church in droves.

This Miss So and So – her name is actually Betsey Beckman, and she really and truly seems to run the show, just as thousands of other Miss So and Sos run the show in parishes around the country – has posted numerous videos to Youtube of her “ministry of movement.” I am really rather taken aback by the ethos being presented in videos like the one above.  I thought He must increase, while I decrease?  At St. Patrick’s in Seattle, it seems to be the other way around. What does it say when the priest is forced (or agrees, it makes no difference) to stand inconsequentially far off to the side of the sanctuary while Ms. Beckman and her dance troupe cavort around the altar, where there is not an image of Jesus Christ in sight, nor His focusing presence in the tabernacle?  Who is  the focus here?  I think it more than a bit emblematic that, contrary to the Traditional Mass, where the priest is always at the altar, front and center, here the priest is far off to the side for large parts of the Mass.  Is it no coincidence that in a parish with no true crucifix and no tabernacle, the priest who assumes his role alter christus would also be shoved, as it were, aside?

Is this not the major problem with a liturgical revolution run amok, eschewing the highest achievement of Western Civilization, the ancient Roman Rite, for mediocre hippy dance and relentless, endless, focus on me, ME, ME?  Did not Pope Benedict state that the liturgical revolution removed the focus from God and shifted it to a closed off circle of man worshiping man?

I imagine Ms. Beckman is most sincere. I feel badly for her, in several ways.  She is just emblematic of a post-conciliar religion that is virtually impossible to reconcile with the manner in which the Faith was practiced for 2000 years.  I just have a very hard time seeing this:

as being really of the same religion as this:

I know I am extremely biased, but I think even to a complete novice, someone utterly unfamiliar with any liturgical rite, the seriousness, sublimity, reverence, and central focus of this last video would be unmistakable, whereas in the first two videos all those characteristics are questionable, or worse.  I think someone unfamiliar with the Roman Rite would wonder just who or what is being worshiped in the first video. I do not believe the same mistake can be made in the final video.

And it is in the liturgy that the radically novel nature of the post-conciliar Church is most evident.