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A different religion if I ever saw one December 8, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, Latin Mass, Liturgy, paganism, sadness, scandals, secularism, self-serving.

Saint Patrick’s parish in Seattle is what you might call the prototypical progressive parish.  No vocations, a congregation made up primarily of the very aged, Confession for about 5 minutes a week (literally – this is so perfunctory as to be practically an insult), Mass only on Sunday and Wednesday, no crucifix (or an abomination of one), no visible tabernacle in the sanctuary, and last but not least, an extremely aggressive “dance ministry,” or (no really) “ministry of movement” run by a certain Ms. So and So who has managed to assert herself into every possible part of the Divine Liturgy, or what passes for it at St. Patrick.

Fr. Richard Heilman had posted a video from St. Patrick’s parish that was frankly embarrassing to his Facebook.  That attracted a lot of comments, and the video has now been made private.  But the liturgical dance stylings of St. Patrick’s cannot be contained, and so while you cannot see the dance troupe lead the opening procession of the Mass up an aisle of pews literally lined with walkers and canes, the following may give you an idea of what passes for Liturgy at St. Patricks (at the Easter Vigil, no less):

As Fr. Heilman noted, no wonder men are leaving the Church in droves.

This Miss So and So – her name is actually Betsey Beckman, and she really and truly seems to run the show, just as thousands of other Miss So and Sos run the show in parishes around the country – has posted numerous videos to Youtube of her “ministry of movement.” I am really rather taken aback by the ethos being presented in videos like the one above.  I thought He must increase, while I decrease?  At St. Patrick’s in Seattle, it seems to be the other way around. What does it say when the priest is forced (or agrees, it makes no difference) to stand inconsequentially far off to the side of the sanctuary while Ms. Beckman and her dance troupe cavort around the altar, where there is not an image of Jesus Christ in sight, nor His focusing presence in the tabernacle?  Who is  the focus here?  I think it more than a bit emblematic that, contrary to the Traditional Mass, where the priest is always at the altar, front and center, here the priest is far off to the side for large parts of the Mass.  Is it no coincidence that in a parish with no true crucifix and no tabernacle, the priest who assumes his role alter christus would also be shoved, as it were, aside?

Is this not the major problem with a liturgical revolution run amok, eschewing the highest achievement of Western Civilization, the ancient Roman Rite, for mediocre hippy dance and relentless, endless, focus on me, ME, ME?  Did not Pope Benedict state that the liturgical revolution removed the focus from God and shifted it to a closed off circle of man worshiping man?

I imagine Ms. Beckman is most sincere. I feel badly for her, in several ways.  She is just emblematic of a post-conciliar religion that is virtually impossible to reconcile with the manner in which the Faith was practiced for 2000 years.  I just have a very hard time seeing this:

as being really of the same religion as this:

I know I am extremely biased, but I think even to a complete novice, someone utterly unfamiliar with any liturgical rite, the seriousness, sublimity, reverence, and central focus of this last video would be unmistakable, whereas in the first two videos all those characteristics are questionable, or worse.  I think someone unfamiliar with the Roman Rite would wonder just who or what is being worshiped in the first video. I do not believe the same mistake can be made in the final video.

And it is in the liturgy that the radically novel nature of the post-conciliar Church is most evident.




1. Dismas - December 8, 2014

Yup. Different religion. Next topic?

Baseballmom - December 8, 2014


2. pak152 - December 8, 2014

you forgot to share this one with us

MA Nolan - December 9, 2014


3. Athanasius - December 9, 2014

They have the buildings; we have the Faith.

4. KathiBee - December 9, 2014

You commented on “the aisle literally lined with walkers & canes” — the video is not available so I couldn’t see it. But I had to laugh when I went to St. Patrick’s website and saw pix they had of various events & Masses. And there they were — the walkers & canes literally lining the pew aisles.

It reminded me of my parent’s parish, the one I grew up in. We had to suffer recently through Mass at their parish in the Orlando Diocese (To call that diocese a liturgical wasteland is kind – established in 1968, ‘nuf said) – priest in blue vestments & joking about wearing them (“I had some people tell me I shouldn’t be wearing, them, but I’m going to anyway – I like blue!”), the tabernacle & parish gift shop are in the same room, a drum & cymbal played during every song (Really? “Eye has not seen” needs a drum????) & on & on………

I always promise myself, as a mortification, that I will not say anything about it when we all convene in the car after Mass. However, the kids have a hey-day doing post-game analysis. The one that our 18-year-old made that was telling—-“I wonder who will be attending this parish in 20 years. I never saw so many people over the age of 60 at a church in my life!” And “I feel sorry for them that this is what they think Mass is”

And in case you’ve never seen a Catholic church that is a gold, 80 ft. tall pyramid, (the previous parish building – now the social hall – was a gold dome) – please do google Divine Mercy Merritt Island. Where nary a Divine Mercy image is to be found.

Finally – the dance video from the Rue de Bac (sp?)/Miraculous Medal Shrine in France made me gasp. I’ve been there – it is beautiful. They have quite reverent OF Masses in there & lots of Holy Hours. Seeing the number of people in there at all hours of the day makes you think that the faith might be alive in well in France (I would imagine most are tourists though) St. Catherine Laboure’s incorrupt body was to the right of the dancer — was she rolling over in there?

OK – rant done. Liturgical Dance hits a nerve.

Teresa Waters - December 9, 2014

I agree! OMy. I was a professional ballerina decades ago, and have to say that everything about dancing in public is narcissistic and carnal. The public display of dancing during Mass is forbidden! We are to sit, genuflect, or stand. That’s it.

And I don’t know about you guys, but when I draw closer to God spiritually I am less likely to physically move.

5. Gerard - December 9, 2014

For faithfull folks like yourselves it jars the soul I know …proof that you are listening to the Lord …sadly progressives liberals listen only to their own ideas these trump reason and faith.
Progressivism is the positive spin word for mere solipsism and noveltism. The spirit of jezebel is alive and well some great articles about this online.

Please pray the rosary as often as you can The Mother of God will stop heresy and defeat the devils pathetic party tricks…!

6. Christine - December 9, 2014

Where is her bishop??? This is a disgrace. Such a lovely church building should not be turned into a dance hall. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not there so she can get attention.

Tantumblogo - December 9, 2014

Well given that Seattle was administered by Archbishop Hunthausen, one of the most radical post-conciliar bishops anywhere, and then Wuerl, it is little surprise not only that such abuses would be tolerated, but that they would proliferate around the Archdiocese as they have. Hunthausen essentially went into full blown heresy and it is only the insanity of the post-conciliar Church that prevented his being viewed as being leader of a schismatic sect. He was supposed to step down when Wuerl was appointed as his coadjutor, but refused. That’s very nearly a schismatic act, if not one officially. And yet he kept the “full communion” label even as he refused to implement corrections demanded by Pope Saint JPII and encouraged his see to plunge into radical progressive extremism.

7. Jewel - December 9, 2014

After seeing these videos, I understand why Paul commanded women to be silent in church.

Tantumblogo - December 9, 2014

Now that made me laugh.

kevirish01 - December 9, 2014

Me too, Tantum. Out loud. ;^)

8. MA Nolan - December 9, 2014

Their facebook page is a travesty. All I see is photo after photo of Beckman. Where is Christ in this ‘church’.

9. TG - December 9, 2014

That woman dancing makes the Mass I had to go to this past Sunday seem not that bad. I had to go to the 5 p.m. Mass at another parish this past Sunday. (I had to meet my obligation as I couldn’t go to Mass at my parish.) I don’t like that parish – no tabernacle in the middle and church looks so Protestant. The 5pm Mass is also the “youth Mass”. The church is being remodeled but it would surprise me if it’s being remodeled to look Catholic. Mass was in an auditorium. The first thing they ask is if there are any visitors. I didn’t raise my hand. Then they ask everyone to greet each other. The band sounds like a country music band. It was torture. I felt guilty afterwards because I felt like I should have just stayed home. I don’t know if I have scruples but lately the sign of peace is really getting on my nerves. People are sneezing and cover their mouth with their hands and still want to shake your hand. When I have a cold or allergies, I don’t offer my hand. Oh well, confession this Saturday.

10. Linda Sickler - December 9, 2014

Thank you, I’ve heard of this sort of abomination on EWTN when mother Angelica so bravely proclaimed her abhorrence of it. We should cry out and complain of this type of evil distortion of the HOLY MASS, in which this example is totally void of the celebration of the Mass, it is our duty to defend JESUS and HIS church. To decsern actions are not sinful and the actions of the priest, by condoning this, and the women are atrocious, it is abomination, we must call it for what it is, may GOD help these people whom the devil is using as a tool to degrade GOD’S church! GOD BLESS you!

11. Tobin Nieto - December 9, 2014

The show portlandia made fun of these types of parishes, which i assume portland not being to far from seattle would be just as bad.

12. Lynne O'Luanaigh - December 9, 2014

I went on their facebook page and noticed that there are only positive comments. Are they removing negative comments?

Tantumblogo - December 9, 2014


13. Phil - December 9, 2014

Pope Pius x should be called “the Great”. He shepherded. The last Pope got rid of some wolves in sheep’s clothing, not just talked and wrote stuff, as well.

TG - December 9, 2014

Amen to that.

14. Ettie - December 9, 2014

What an embarrassment to us Catholics!

15. Anderson Thomas - December 9, 2014

Puke barf and gag. It more that I can take.

16. Rose - December 9, 2014

This reminded me of the time I went to a local Catholic church to listen to Immaculee Ilabagiza talk about her ordeal in Rwanda. During the talk, and while we were in the church, she told us that our Blessed Mother likes when we do this traditional African song with dance motions. I felt funny doing it, because I am very traditional and don’t believe in dancing in church, but I did it because she said it pleases Our Lady. Was that wrong?

Rose - December 9, 2014

By the way, she is a very devout Catholic and beautiful woman. Maybe it was something different they do in her culture that I’m just not used to.

17. Fr. Jacob - December 9, 2014

Oh my! Why is the bishop silent here! Pray! Pray! for their souls! Pray the rosary for the soul of this priest who is leading his people astray from the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the True Church of Christ!

Tantumblogo - December 9, 2014

Thank you for the comment, Father. I always enjoy hearing from a priest.

18. rosekdiem - December 10, 2014

Our Lady may like traditional African song with dance motions (I think it’s quite interesting to see myself) but, did she REALLY say she likes to see it DURING MASS? One can interpret that comment either way.

19. Deacon Harbey Santiago - December 10, 2014


I’m an ordained Permanent Deacon from Archdiocese of Baltimore.
I’m firmly opposed to liturgical dancing in the context of the mass.

However, for the sake of argument…

Keeping in mind that art could be considered a language in which we communicate a message: How different is what she is doing (the lady in the Miraculous Medal Shrine) from someone rendering a translation of Shubert’s Ave Maria on sign Language? Or someone using maritime flags to translate the words?

“Viva Cristo Rey!!”

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