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History indicates that Catholics must organize and fight for their rights against left-wing cultural oppression December 10, 2014

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I have just about finished Fr. Bernard O’Reilly’s Life of Pope Leo XIII.  Interestingly, this book was published in 1886, only 8 years into Pope Leo’s pontificate.  Perhaps Fr. O’Reilly did not imagine Pope Leo would continue as pontiff for another 17 years!  He is the most long-lived pope in history.

The portion of the book I excerpt below deals with the situation facing the Church in France during the 1880s.  France was horribly riven and disfigured by the revolution.  A sizable portion of the populace fell into leftist errors and became inveterate enemies of the Church.  Whenever the liberals, so-called, gained power, the Church was persecuted to varying degrees.  The course of the 19th century for the Church in France was a constant see-saw between governments either highly hostile, or highly favorable, to the interests of the Church and the conduct of the Faith.  However, in 1885 a very antagonistic government was elected, primarily due to divisions among the large majority of still faithful French Catholics.  That new government unleashed the worst persecution the Church had yet seen in France, in some respects even worse than the original French Revolution. The government re-seized all Church property, banished religious orders (especially the Jesuits – it is amazing how far they have fallen), refused to pay priest’s salaries, and generally sought to crush the Church out of existence.  That the government was dominated by radical Church-hating masons should not be surprising.

Fr. O’Reilly sums up the situation facing France in 1885, which has eerie echoes of our own country in the early years of the 21st century.  There is much wisdom to be gleaned below.  One of the main points made by Fr. O’Reilly, is that this persecution came to pass because the faithful Catholics spent more time fighting each other than they did their inveterate enemies inside and outside the Church.  I see much the same happening today, and it is something I hope and pray we will see much less of.  With the Church in such an utter state of crisis, all those who hold a more or less orthodox point of view should be coming together and fighting our common enemies, rather than engaging in the constant circular firing squads.  Posting attacks on fellow, predominately faithful Catholics (even if we think they err on one point or another) may be great for traffic, but it only plays into the hands of the enemy of us all:

Nothing could arrest the progress of the decatholicizating spirit in France – nothing but the fear of a civil war.  Of this, however, there was no danger.  The Catholics – the nominal Catholics, at least – allowed every constitutional agency for asserting their own will to be taken from them by their determined, sleepless, unscrupulous, and energetic enemies.  The public offices, from the highest to the lowest in the state, the ballot box, the parliamentary representation, the army and navy – all was taken away from them by degrees, and that because they lacked union and organization.  [And, at least partly, leadership. While the French episcopate did challenge the evil acts of the government, they did not lead in organizing a firm, united resistance. They, too, were too riven with division to lead a cohesive response.  Does that not sound quite a bit like or situation today?  But ours is even worse, for the large majority of self-described Catholics are gone over to the side of the opponents of the Faith, and even most of the leadership of the Church is either too lost in error, too self-interested, or too far gone to the side of radicalism themselves to be interested in helping form a cohesive response.  If a response is to be made, if we are to fight the rapid slide of the culture into anti-Christian pogroms and the rankest immorality, the laity shall have to lead the fight themselves.  I have suggested many times that the only power the laity have is the power of the purse, but it seems few are comfortable being more selective in what elements of the Church the monetarily support]

It is one of the saddest spectacles of modern times to see thirty million French Catholic citizens virtually disenfranchised, oppressed, and deprived of their most precious religious liberties by a small minority, because they did not know how to forget their political dissentiments, to unite like one man to assert their rights, and to use every means allowed by the constitution and by conscience to withstand the usurpations of a godless minority.  [We do not have like numbers today. While there are ~65 million nominal Catholics in the United States today, the number who accept all the Church believes and could be counted as truly orthodox and faithful might be 10% of that number, at most.  We are severely outnumbered by the godless at present]

What is most saddening in this condition of a nation which had played so glorious a part in Christendom is to see the downward progress of Socialism and Anarchism keep a steady pace with the legislative and administrative measures which, step by step, dechristianize every one of the public institutions of France, [Or the United States, and which constantly foist more and more offensive immoralities on all of us] and bring the Church within the jurisdiction of a republic in many respects worse than the one of 1794-5.…..

…..It was for the French Catholics themselves, constituting the great mass of the nation……to come together, to take counsel, as they did in Germany at the approach of danger. [This refers to the effective organization of German Catholics against the kulturkampf instituted by Bismarck in the early 1870s] It behooved them in presence of the enemy to forget all private or local differences, all party feuds…….and to remember only that they were Catholics.  It behooved them, speaking in the name of a Catholic nation, to draw up a declaration of their religious rights……..which should commend itself to all civilized men in the world in favor of full religious liberty and the sacred laws which guard the family, the home, the school, and the Church.

————End Quote————

I do not want to be misunderstood. I am not saying that the differences between, say, a Dr. Jeff Mirus and a John Vennari are trivial.  There are very important differences.  I would even say that people like Mirus, Barron, and most of the Patheos writers believe or at least publicly profess some quite problematic things. They would probably say the same about Vennari and quite possibly yours truly.  The vast majority of these types of conservative Catholics, if that is the right term, seem unable or unwilling to recognize the crisis in the Faith.  But that is not my concern in this post.

I strive not to go to war with people I identify as being basically on the side of right.  I may disagree with Dr. Mirus’ jumbled logic in trying to reconcile aspects of Guadium Et Spes with the preceding Magisterium, but I probably agree with him on 95% or more of matters related to the Faith.  I have to wonder if constantly whittling down the number of “faithful” to basically me and my tribe is an effective strategy in opposing the ongoing cultural collapse and rising persecution?  Are some of these circular firing squads really about formulating an effective response to both internal and external threats to the Faith, or are they more about assuring ourselves that we and our tribe are the sole possessors of all the Truth?

I may not be expressing myself very well, what I am trying to say is that, compared to what is going on in the world, the differences between various types of relatively faithful Catholics are quite small. I am not saying “go be like neo-Catholics.”  But I am saying, in facing existential external threats to the Faith and a rising persecution, should there not be room to put aside some of our differences and work together against the common threat?  They did not do so in France in the 1880s, when Catholics were in the strong majority, and the result was disaster.  Now, we are a tiny minority.  Will we respond in the same manner?


It’s my five year blogoversary! December 10, 2014

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This wonderful, magical, transformative, leadership-oriented, heretic-stompin’, butt-kicking, Saint- making blog is now five years old, today.  I know there are some long time readers but I can’t think of many who have been around more than about 4 years.  Anybody remember the early early days?  I recall how for a long time I thought getting 100 views (let alone individual readers) in a day was a a big deal. Not so much anymore.  Thanks to you all, I now get more like 2,000 individual readers a day.  That’s tiny compared to blogs like Rorate and Fr. Z, but not too bad for a blog with such a strong and, I’ll say it, extreme point of view.

Today is crazy, I had a meeting to go to for our farm in Kansas (the meeting was not in McKinney as I was told, it was near Guenther (pronounced “Gunner”) – for those of you not from Dallas, that’s waaaaaay out there) and I’ve got a real long design review most of the afternoon.  I had some good stuff for today but may not get to much of it.

I wanted to make this post not so much to toot my own horn but to thank all of you who have found some value in my inane prattlings.  I never really thought this blog would attract so many readers.  I set an all time record some time back with almost 11,000 in a day.  It’s a bit different crowd – I’ve certainly changed a great deal over the past five years – but I hope and pray all those changes have been for the better and reveal a greater understanding and practice of the Faith on my part.  As for all my many mistakes, I thank you for being patient with me and putting up with them.  I thank you also for putting up with my very dry and wry sense of humor, which some mistake as being mean or cynical.

The focus of the blog has also changed a great deal.  In the beginning, it was about 50% on local muckraking matters, but a year or two of that quickly revealed I could point out problems till I was blue in the face and it would make no difference. Even more, I came to realize the crisis in the Faith was much less about one bad diocese, but the entire Church as an institution going wildly astray.  So now I write much more about universal concerns, but do still try to cover some local items, especially on the pro-life front.

I would probably write even if I was still down there with 20 or 30 readers a day, like it was in the beginning, but knowing that others find some merit in what I write is gratifying.  Thank you all for the past five years.

“Catholic” Marquette University: being Catholic with regard to marriage form of harassment December 10, 2014

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Prompted by the Obamanation Administration, several “Catholic” universities – especially those with a “Jesuit tradition” – have formulated so-called workplace harassment policies that encourage university workers to report their Catholic colleagues to the administration for de-programming and, if necessary, termination.  The policies center around those unnatural acts which are currently the main tool being used by the cultural marxists in our midst to advance their agenda and crush all opposition, especially Christian opposition:

An anti-harassment training presentation at a Catholic college encourages employees to report critics of same-sex “marriage” and could reflect recent federal decisions that the belief in marriage as a union of a man and a woman is discriminatory.

Part of the employee anti-harassment training at Marquette University includes a presentation with a comic strip-style story about a fictional employee named “Harassed Hans,” a man in a wheelchair. The training encourages Hans to report to the university human resources department his co-workers Becky and Maria, who “have been talking about their opposition to same-sex marriage” all week.

“Their co-worker Hans is offended, but he struggles with whether to report the situation,” the comic says.“Hans is right to report Maria and Becky’s conversation,” the presentation later adds. [Be a doubleplusgood little drone!  Always report thoughtcrime.  Religion is evil, unless it is at the service of the state.  All those guilty of thoughtcrime must report to the Ministry of Love.]

The presentation shares the federal government’s new understanding that beliefs about marriage as a union only of one man and one woman can be a source of discrimination and illegal harassment.

Since 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has held “sex stereotypes” like “the belief that men should only date women or that women should only marry men” to be illegal discrimination on the basis of sex. This is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the commission said in a news briefing on enforcement protections for same-sex workers. [Amazing how that was implemented at the precise moment the foreign born muslim communist Obama changed his own stance on the subject, isn’t it?]

Brian Dorrington, senior director of communications at Marquette University, told CNA Nov. 21 that the university requires all employees, faculty, staff and student employees to complete an anti-harassment module “in accordance with federal law and university policy.” He added that harassment training “includes the latest changes in law, and workplace diversity training reflects developing regulations.”

The article later shows how students are Marquette are already being persecuted by instructors and staff for having the temerity to believe what all but the most radical, extreme minority believed even 10 or 15 years ago.

Even a single person reminding them of their sin is enough to send some of these disordered folks into a tailspin.  That is why any and all thoughtcrime against the new morality must be ruthlessly crushed.  That’s why Plano, one of the most conservative cities in the country, just experienced a stealth attack by an unknown mayor to impose radical immorality on the vast majority of unwilling, unwitting citizens.  That’s why these things only ever move in one direction – towards success for the marxist and the perverse, and more and more limitations on the Church and faithful souls.

They will follow us to the gallows telling us what awful, terrible, uncharitable, un-Catholic people we are.  And priests, bishops, and religious will lead many of the boos and catcalls.

Cling close to Our Lady.  Always keep Fr. Rodriguez’ sermon in mind.

And I’ll close by saying you need your head examined if you send your kid to a katholyc klown kollege, as the vast majority of them are.  A few exceptions aside, so-called Catholic universities are the absolute worst places to send your children if you want them to remain Catholic.

h/t MFJ