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Hold firmly to the traditions, just as I delivered them onto you December 18, 2014

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I am ripping this video off from Fr. Blake lock, stock, and barrel.  He deserves a complimentary hit.

It’s a video of photos of old churches, old liturgies, old Sacraments, old devotions from all over the world.  The pre-conciliar world, that is:

I already what know what Dismas is going to say.  Should I even make a comparison?

No, it’s not quite a fair comparison. The worst of post-conciliar abuses against what was standard faire before.

Still, after seeing the latter, this is me:




This s— ain’t fair!  And I was getting short!

I’m not even original in this regard.  Great gag, Mr. Bougis.

Now for some soothing music

Speaking of getting short – almost time for my glorious annual Christmas break.  I will blog sporadically at best from tomorrow 12/19 through the Epiphany.  I’ll try to jump on and soothe your jones from time to time if I possibly can.


1. docmx001 - December 18, 2014

With regards to Modernist churches and liturgical abuses in the Novus Ordo:

2. steve - December 18, 2014

The bad, old Mass versus the “renewed” liturgy.

The “liturgical renewal”.

It is amazing that Popes, Cardinals and bishops have for 45+ years claimed that the liturgical “renewal” has blessed the Church.

3. Dismas - December 19, 2014


Aw, heck. Merry Christmas, Tantum!

4. Branch - December 19, 2014

Can someone assist me with a question? It’s off-topic…

Is there a Catholic teaching on investing? Say, retirement investing with a 401k but also other investing with extra money one has? Is there a Church teaching on this matter one way or another? I imagine it is wise and prudent to save money to some degree, but what about trying to turn saved money into more money, essentially? Thank you!

5. Dismas - December 19, 2014

Branch: Take heart, although I’m not going to be your go-to guy. There is actually quite a bit out there that I have run across in my years, given the fact that I had the same questions in the past. I guess for me it came/comes down to, “What can a person who desires to be faithfully Catholic do with the FRNs and electronic digits he has “saved” up in this environment where little is real and where almost all of the usual investment vehicles, if thoroughly explored, would be full of stuff no Catholic could support?”

Does that somewhat resemble your own conundrum?

I have not saved up the little snippets I have come across over the years. Hopefully someone else has those more available and can provide them for you.

I sort of operate under this gestalt that it is a fool’s game we are playing and we are the fools. The saints just do not have much to say about mutual funds, leveraged refinancing packages and inflation-protected annuities. I guess because a lot of this Catholic doctrine developed when people earned real stuff for a day’s work and the phenomenon of inflation can fairly be attributed to fiat “money” with any possible exceptions serving only to prove the rule.

When you say “turn saved money into more money” it sounds like what you are trying to do is keep up on the inflation treadmill. My own understanding is that there is nothing wrong with earning more digits on the screen from the ” investing” of the fruits of your labor, which are digits on a screen. My understanding is that this is not usury. Rather, usury is the accumulation of digits on the screen based on nothing put to work, as is the practice of governments and banks who create FRNs out of thin air, which practice basically constitutes a lie and theft. The very inflation you are trying to keep up with is theft, made possible by all of this phony “financial” stuff and ethereal “money.”

Maybe the strategy most consistent with Catholicism is purchasing arable land with a good well and making the best of it.

Keep looking and you will come across this stuff. It is out there.

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