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Merry Christmas! December 26, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, sanctity, Tradition, Virtue.

An almost belated but Merry Christmas to all of you.  Just returned from a brief if spectacular visit to Clear Creek Abbey.  What a blessed little retreat. I am exhausted after a very long day yesterday.   But I am most joyous at this annual celebration of the Nativity of our Blessed Lord Incarnate. We have so much to be thankful for! We have the Faith, and in spite of all, that is more than enough.

I pray you have a most blessed Christmas.   May we all revel in our Lord’s unspeakable love for us.

Deo Gratias!




1. damselofthefaith - December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas, Tantum!

2. A Mom - December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

3. Camper - December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas! By the way, I had an important talk with Fr. Flood last Sunday… I hope to talk to you on Sunday about it.

4. Steve - December 26, 2014

I wish you, your family and your readers (my brothers and sisters in Christ), a Blessed Christmas.

To risk for a minute to sound Scrooge-like…I assisted at a Christmas Vigil Mass at…well, let’s just say somewhere in the Plano/Richardson area.

Despite the unbelievable overcrowding (can you say “fire code violations”?), the shocking manner of revealing and incredibly skimpy, tight-fitting clothing that would shame even women of the streets, silly sermon, “major announcement” that Santa’s sleigh had been sighted in the North Texas sky, and overall difficult-to-tolerate Novus Ordo Mass, I will enjoy a Blessed Christmas Season.

The reason is despite my Christmas Vigil liturgical experience, I am old enough to have experienced the “old” Church during Pope Saint John XXIII’s Pontificate.

During Novus Ordo Masses, via my mind, I pretend that I am assisting at a TLM. Yep…sounds strange, but that is how I cope with Novus Ordoism.

What I experience on the surface at a Novus Ordo parish is one thing…what I experience via my memory and imagination during a Novus Ordo Mass is another thing.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, your blog, additional Traditional Catholic blogs and TLM Youtube videos will enhance for me this most blessed Christmas Season.

Someday, almost certainly after I am long gone, the Dallas Diocese will be granted a bishop who will establish at least one additional TLM parish and allow at least a few parishes to offer the TLM.

For now, thank you for having aided me in my resolve to remain attached to Holy Tradition.

Merry Christmas!

Woody - December 26, 2014

I always read from my St. Joseph Daily Missal, 1963 edition, during the NO Mass I attend. Like you, it makes the NO Mass a lot better!

skeinster - December 27, 2014

I do that too sometimes, unless I’m at Cistercian, but was always worried that it was not canonically correct.
Now I sort of don’t care.

Woody - December 27, 2014


5. Woody - December 26, 2014

And, Merry Christmas Tantum to you and your family and all the those that read and comment on your blog. God Bless all.

6. Baseballmom - December 26, 2014

Et cum spiritu tuo…. And yes, DEO GRATIAS for our awesome Faith, which no one can take from us.

7. steve - December 26, 2014

With 2014 A.D. almost finished, my conviction has only strengthened in that the restoration of Holy Tradition is the manner in which the Latin Church must proceed if She wishes to strengthen the Catholic identity of Her Faithful.

Perhaps my Christmas joy has fueled my hope, but I would like to think that in 2015 A.D., Bishop Farrell will be more open to Summorum Pontificum.

Perhaps he will feed his Tradition-craving spiritual children via a TLM or two at this or that parish.

What a wonderful Christmas-like gift that would be for the Faithful of the Dallas Diocese.

skeinster - December 27, 2014

Yes that would be very pastoral, and not just b/c we are busting at the seams…
I’m thinking of all the sweet young families and old people who have to make a long trip to have the EF.
We are grateful beyond words to have our parish, but it would be wonderful if he would spread that joy around the diocese.

steve - December 27, 2014


Therefore, let us continue to pray that Bishop Farrell will implement Summorum Pontificum at this or that parish.

I would like to believe that there is a priest (or two or three) within the Diocese who would offer the TLM.

The Diocese also is in obvious need of an additional TLM-only parish.

Well, let us pray that in 2015 A.D., Bishop Farrell will respond more generously to Summorum Pontificum.

Camper - December 27, 2014

I say the word ‘pastoral’ has lost all of its meaning because of so much abuse. Don’t you think?

steve - December 28, 2014

If that’s the case, then the word “pastoral” must be reclaimed by Churchmen who implement decisions based upon the promotion of Holy Tradition.

In that regard, Bishop Farrell could set the tone for his priests by exhorting a priest or two…or five or ten…to learn the TLM.

From there, said priests could establish TLMs at their parishes to feed their Tradition-hungry flocks…to offer easier access to the TLM to Catholics who must travel to Irving to worship God via a Mass that should be available at more than one Dallas Diocese parish.

That would constitute authentic “pastoral” action.

8. skeinster - December 26, 2014

A blessed Christmas to you and your family. Glad you got back okay!

I think we’d all enjoy hearing about Clear Creek, when you have time.

9. LaGallina - December 26, 2014

Yes! We would love to hear about your stay at Clear Creek. Details, please. What is lt like to spend time in such a place? Do you actually get to follow along in the monks’ daily routine. Do they pray in chant all day long? I, for one, am dying to hear about it.

10. steve - December 27, 2014

Pope Francis gave us, so to speak, a wonderful present via his Christmas Address to the Curia.

Countless Catholic blogs and secular news media outlets reported the address in question as a vicious verbal attack against the Curia by Pope Francis.

I read Pope Francis Christmas Address to the Curia and disagree with the above assessment.

If each Cardinal, bishop, priest, religious and layman takes Pope Francis Address to heart, then the Church will prosper spiritually in 2015 A.D.

If you desire a great spiritual Christmas present, please read Pope Francis’ 2014 A.D. Christmas Address to the Curia.

His address in question, Urbi st Orbi address (2014 A.D.) and final address to the Extraordinary Synod on the family have given me reason to believe that God will employ Pope Francis in 2015 A.D to increase holiness throughout His Church.


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