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Osteen getting down to brass tacks – forget God, do good for your own selfish reasons January 8, 2015

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I wondered how long it would be before the openly humanist, do what feels good and makes you rich “church” of  Houston protestant carnival barker Joel Osteen would abandon all pretence of a third person, transcendent God and focus entirely on the god of you.  He’s 90% there, already.  Well, his wife seems ready to take the plunge, declaring that we should do what makes us happy, since nothing pleases God more than our own happiness, in spite of any selfishness or sin that might happen along the way:

“Do good for your own self. Do good because ‘god’ wants you to be happy.”

Yes, as she develops the statement there is a teeny tiny nugget of some orthodox Christianity in there, but it’s very tiny, and the main thrust is capable of enormous misunderstanding and abuse.

That is how these guys operate, they mix in a tiny bit of god-talk with a whole bunch of hedonistic do what feels good humanism and a lot of glitzy show with skin deep “theology,” and yet look at the crowds they attract.  Ten thousand at a time, several times a Sunday.

Always remember Saint Paul. Osteen and his ilk are the kind of preacher adored by those with itching ears.


1. Dismas - January 8, 2015

And you are who to judge?

Baseballmom - January 8, 2015

Took the words right off my keyboard…. Judgmental trad!!!!! 😉

2. Camper - January 9, 2015

Um… a little harsh here, perhaps? And I’m an arch-reactionary! These guys are fighting America’s dissolution…

3. steve - January 9, 2015

As skewered as Mrs. Osteen’s theology may be, at least she exhorted people to “come to church”…to “obey Him”…to “worship Him”…to “please” Him.

In the United States for example, how many Cardinals, bishops and priests could inspire thousands of people to fill an arena or megachurch to worship God?

More than that, I must wonder whether in my small world, do I inspire anybody to “come to church”?

Back to our Churchmen…I am convinced that there is one way a Cardinal or bishop could inspire thousands of people to assist at Mass (even produce many converts).

If a “full communion” Cardinal or bishop leaned heavily toward the TLM and Holy Tradition, then he would soon increase Catholic identity within his diocese (archdiocese) dramatically.

That, in turn, would increase Mass attendance and vocations dramatically among his flock.

The Osteens of the world inspire people as they fill hearts and minds with great hope and conviction.

Imagine if our Churchmen unleashed the True Faith in such fashion!

Imagine if our Churchmen employed the Traditional Roman Mass and Holy Tradition to lead the way. That would spur a great many people to respond to Jesus’ true message of Faith and hope.


4. Camper - January 9, 2015

Steve, a lot of people believe this, but I’m not so sure, even though I love the Latin Mass and think it’s superior to the Novus Ordo. People are spoiled these days and don’t care much about duty or virtue. Jimmy Fallon appears to favor Mass the way it was before VII, but plenty of people love happy-clappy, let’s-shake-everyone’s-hand-during-Mass. Oh, and versus populum, vernacular, it goes on. And even though I believe many left due to VII, one has to admit that the trend of Hollywood and other big socio-cultural indicators in the 1950s were hinting at a great decline. FDR and Wilson had had mistresses, there were the flappers, and several to many Hollywood films in the 20s apparently were risque or scandalous until the Hays Commission got started (I think).

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