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So how do you like this wildly protestant, “charismatic” Mass held at the Dallas Cathedral? January 8, 2015

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Every Pentecost, there is a “Mass of the Spirit” or something to that effect held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Catedral Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe in Dallas. I know, because when I first converted years back, I went to one.  Even then, I found the outpouring of emotion, the “cries of the ‘Spirit,'” and frenzied emotion, the frenetic motion, and all the rest not just unconvincing, but even dishonest.  I have to say, though, the event appears to have gone quite downhill, because I did not witness quite the extremes presented in the video below, from Pentecost 2014:

Sheesh.  First of all, figure out how to hold your phone!

I guess one good thing is that you get your daily exercise and your Mass in all in one fell swoop.

Interesting is the “ad orientem” posture of the priest.  But I am certain he did not conduct all the Mass in that posture.

As for the bad…..so many things……..just one thought that jumps out at me…….oh, so you can host this travesty at the Cathedral, but not a TLM.  I see.  As Dismas would say: “different religion.”

I am having a hard time making out the priest’s long prayer after the bumping and jumping, but I can say that what I can glean is not redolent of deep, traditional Catholic piety, but would be more at home in a protestant megachurch like Watermark or Lakepointe than in a Catholic parish prior to 1965.

Now, the charismatic movement is dominated by Hispanics, at least in this region.  When I went to that one charismatic Mass at the Cathedral, at least 90% of the attendance was Hispanic.  And this kind of thing is very prevalent south of the border.  Which makes me wonder…….does this obvious aping of protestantism help groom those many souls who have already formally departed the Church for formal membership in a protestant sect, or does it help staunch the flow?  My experience and much anecdotal data says it is much more the former than the latter.  These kinds of things only help to convince folks that the Church was very much wrong on many things spiritual for a very long time.  If the Church could be wrong in Her worship, piety, and belief, what could She possibly be right on?

Or so the thinking goes.

Commenter MM left me this video in a comment.  He says he’s already contacted the Cathedral, Bishop Farrell, the Rector, and others for some explanation of this liturgical travesty, but has received no response after two months of waiting. And of course, he won’t, save for the most dismissive of one, because this kind of thing has been going on for  years.  Most every Mass of the regular Cathedral priests/community (and not a diocesan event, like an ordination) contains at least some abuses or problems.


1. ChronicSinner - January 8, 2015

Please turn to the entrance song #666 in your worship hymnal…”The Macarena”. Good Lord, don’t these people know that they are literally at the foot of the Cross during Holy Mass?

TG - January 8, 2015

Thanks for the laugh.

2. sweetpea1900 - January 8, 2015

I totally agree with your assessment of this
“Church Service.” I just can’t call it a Mass.
It’s really an Aerobics Class and the unfit
Priest is really it’s DJ. He even has his very own Microphone! (As seen on TV!)

Perhaps the recent Earthquakes in the Dallas
area are actually of Divine Origin.
God cannot be pleased.
I love your Blog and I believe that what you’re writing NEEDS to be said. Thank You!
God Bless You!

3. inthe2hearts - January 8, 2015

First of all the number – 666 – of the “entrance song” in the “worship hymnal” (where did such non-Catholic titles as “songs” and “worship hymnal” come from?) is an interesting and strange “coincidence” on what such “masses” seem to really reflect. As far as the title “Macarena,” last I knew it was the name of a line dance popular several years ago. What on earth does it have to do with any kind of “worship” much less the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass???”

Such abominations are beyond painful. The only hope is the people who indulge in such novelties will grow very weary of them very quickly and make their objections knows to the hierarchy…and petition for the return of the True Mass…good heavens, even a decent and reverent Novus Ordo…not this travesty!

TG - January 8, 2015

And here I thought it was joke “The Macarena”. Is that really on the hymn book.

ChronicSinner - January 8, 2015

It was indeed a joke, but you can’t be blamed with not being sure, given the state of the post-Concillar Church.

4. inthe2hearts - January 8, 2015

P.S. Should also have added to my earlier comment that I simply could not get through more than 30 seconds of this horror. The noise and the jumping around (line dance style) quickly revolted me.! It was enough to equate the “666” number in the “worship hymnal” (worshipping what????) with the rest of it. Oh, and yes, perhaps the reason that what we know as authentic hymns, worshipping God, are so obviously about promoting and serving “self” that they do not deserve to be called hymns. A “song” can be anything, good bad or indifferent, set to music. Big difference.

Christopher - January 8, 2015

I didn’t listen to the audio because I’m at work…and I’m still confused. Was that comment NOT a joke?

Tantumblogo - January 8, 2015

Chronic sinner was making a joke.

5. TG - January 8, 2015

That video can make someone lose their Catholism. God help us. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for my people.

6. Christopher - January 8, 2015

To answer Tantum’s question, I can’t see how anyone, current, former, or never-been Catholic, could take this seriously. Also, this is the second nutty “Mass” video I’ve seen today among the several blogs I view. Yikes.

7. Ninny - January 8, 2015

Hey, don’t criticize! The Charismatic Remuneration is a valued and recognized movement in the Church of today.

8. Dismas - January 8, 2015

Different religion. 🙂

9. maggycast - January 8, 2015

Charismatics are emotionalists…they need the constant emo hit to prop them up. But when the going gets tough? They either cave or vanish. It’s imperative we help our misguided charismatics to realize we lead with our intellects, not our emotions. Emotions follow intellect…nourish the intellect via prayer and meditation while experiencing the beauty of the TLM and the emotions will be purified. Can you imagine having a “party” at the foot of the Cross? How insane. Watching the first minutes of this reminded me of a DVD workout video. Lord have mercy on all these lost people. God bless~

10. Woody - January 8, 2015

Are you sure this isn’t a deleted scene from the movie “Blues Brothers”?

Baseballmom - January 8, 2015

Just the laugh I needed today…. Thanks! 🙂

Tantumblogo - January 8, 2015

Woody is a funny guy. Too bad there aren’t many nuns around anymore to slap the wrists of that priest with a ruler!

Camper - January 9, 2015


11. cenlacatholic - January 8, 2015

I grew up a pentecostal pastor’s son. This sort of thing is commonplace at any pentecostal service. Thanks be to God that we converted to the true faith.
I am at a loss at how Catholics cannot see this as protestantism… perhaps because they have never been exposed to it? I suspect there is a lot of indifference in faith and doctrine in these “charismatic” camps.

Tantumblogo - January 8, 2015

That was definitely my experience. Much, much indifferentism. However, some members are drawn to biblical orthodoxy, and often lacking knowledge of the Saints or any real understanding of the great Tradition of the Church, often turn to contemporary protestant Scripture study to find it. In fact, even a fairly good and very well intentioned but very misguided priest who introduced me to all this did so. He would spin away any anti-Catholicism in the studies (almost always present) as being not important.

How much of that can one be exposed to without finding oneself saying, why not just join up with the “real deal?”

Claire - January 9, 2015

We were pentecostals (I am a convert), and I have to say it: hope all in this video were wearing their running shoes. I used to! It also helps to get regular cardio exercise so you don’t get out of breath, especially while singing and dancing at the same time or doing those laps around the perimeters.

But seriously, thank the Lord for the true Faith.Our God is very, very good and we should thank Him constantly for the gift of Faith. A family member by marriage was raised Catholic but he and his mother and siblings got involved in the Charismatic Movement. That was their door out of the Church. It didn’t happen all at once. They would go to Mass and also the pentecostal type meetings. Now they are firm protestant pentecostal/charismatics. The children are not, of course, baptized.

LaGallina - January 9, 2015

My dad was a charismatic preacher too. He was raised Catholic, became a hippie, then a “born-again” charismatic. I’m pretty sure I ran as far away from religion as possible as a young adult because I hated the whole charismatic thing so much. Frankly, it scared the hell out of me. I wanted nothing to do with religion for years and years.

As a converted Catholic I couldn’t understand why so many seemingly faithful Catholics were charismatics, which is so clearly a Protestant phenomenon. It was such a relief to discover Tradition, and its complete rejection of “speaking in tongues” (gibberish) and the charismatic movement. (P.S. My dad returned to the Catholic faith.)

Tantumblogo - January 9, 2015

I did not delve into my personal experience very much. But what was presented as an opportunity to learn more about the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives by a priest with some fine qualities eventually devolved into full blown charismatic silliness and a really strange conclusion to the entire process. I will say this, the entire phenomenon, like protestant mega-church “worship,” depends very heavily on group psychology, peer pressure, and going with the flow. In this “Life in the Spirit” class this priest taught, there eventually came a day when some people I had never seen before (but who turned out to be deep into this charismatic stuff) came to our class and the priest told us we would be speaking in tongues. From there was a 2 hour period of very heavy pressure, with people praying over us (something no lay person should ever allow another lay person to do, unless they are their parent) and basically commanding us to speak in tongues. It was surreal. I sat there for a long time but when almost everyone else started babbling I just started making up sounds, too. It wasn’t the Spirit, it was me being coerced into doing something I found very embarrassing and unnatural. Likewise, this Pentecost Mass at the Cathedral, which sort of concluded this “life in the spirit” class which the priest offered, was equally forced, unnatural, based on doing what everyone else was doing, and completely fake, to me. It is a miracle that my weak and shallow faith at that time did not shatter under these experiences, but God had mercy on me and somehow kept me in the Church in spite of these very strange experiences. I will say that priest did give some pretty good catechesis, he was the first one who really taught me aspects of the Faith (even if there was also a lot of baloney thrown in), and he was a very committed and caring priest. But I walked away from the experience wanting nothing to do with that whole practice ever again.

What is scary, is that here in Dallas, about half the priests (and more in the future) being ordained are being ordained in the NeoCatechumenal Way, which takes “charismatic Catholicism” and takes it to the 19th degree, including even more abusive and irreverent Masses. So we have that to look forward to here in Dallas, the future of the Church here is going to be more and more charismatic claptrap.

LaGallina - January 9, 2015

Wow! That’s exactly it. As a child — A CHILD — I was pressured to speak in tongues, which I never could bring myself to do. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable and humiliated. I never felt any closeness to God or Jesus growing up, and I think this was why. I was taught that only Charismatics were real Christians. I guess part of me just decided that if this was Christianity, it wasn’t for me. Thank God I found Traditional Catholicism.

Tantumblogo - January 9, 2015

Oh yeah. And there was more than that. There was “resting in the spirit” where people would pass out – supposedly – there was wild gyrating and totally inappropriate music, there was a strong potential for sexuality to creep in because people were really getting out of control with their bodies, if you know what I mean. It’s a short step from going crazy dancing to wanting to start flinging off clothes – there was actually a heretical sect of Orthodox in Russia in the late 19th-early 20th century that went exactly from this kind of crazed dancing to out and out orgies. It can happen. They are playing with forces they don’t begin to understand, and some of they are making dangerous assumptions when they open themselves up to powerful spiritual forces they can’t always control. Traditional priests caution that trying to speak in tongues or making contact with angels and things like that may much more likely open a door to demonic influence. Like protestantism, charismatic Catholics take a few bits of Scripture out of context and blow them wildly out of proportion. Even St. Paul cautioned about speaking in tongues. Someone under demonic influence could be babbling some incredible blasphemy or induce others to evil.

12. Baseballmom - January 8, 2015

Oh my dear Lord! Just had a chance to watch some of this…. If it were not in the presence of God it would be downright hilarious…. But instead it is just ugly. Yes, the charismaniacs are all about feelings… Going from one high to the next… So sad. Yeah…. Different religion.

13. Paul - January 9, 2015

This is SICK, a devils mass, and you wonder why I don’t get anything out of the English mass.

Tantumblogo - January 9, 2015

I don’t wonder.,

14. PuerDei (@Xfitr4Life) - January 9, 2015

The reason why these people may not see any fault in their actions is because the post-conciliar Church has encouraged interfaith worship that has relativized faith altogether. WTH is wrong with even our Church leaders that they would even participate in such blasphemous actions?!

Kyrie Eleison

15. Milissa Kukla - January 9, 2015

I have no words. I was not aware that this abuse was going on at the CATHEDRAL. <>

16. Tim - January 9, 2015

And to think that my family wasted their time going on the Chartres Pilgrimage when we could have traveled to Dallas!!!

Tantumblogo - January 9, 2015

No, I think you got it right.

17. Cristero - January 10, 2015

A number of times the topic of the destruction of the Church in Latin American countries has surfaced on your blog. 30 seconds of this video says more than any well-crafted essay. What you are witnessing here is not an exception if you have traveled in Latin America. Not the rule, perhaps…but neither an exception.

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