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Sorry about the comments logjam January 12, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, rank stupidity.

Dear readers, from Friday on, it appears the occasionally hyperactive spam filter over which I have no control blocked a number of your good and valid comments. I apologize for this.  I have published them all.  It was about a dozen.  Even though for several of you I have taken steps to try to insure your comments are not blocked (adding you to safe lists, telling Akismet you are real people, etc), this continues to happen.  It is a glitch in the filter software that has never been rectified after years of complaints.  I do not know why it suddenly flags comments from long time commenters with stable IPs and no embedded links.  Those should pass with flying colors, but occasionally, don’t.

Please forgive this inconvenience. I know it is maddening to spend time on writing something out and then to have it never appear on the site.  No, I’m not mad at any of you, and no I haven’t blocked any of your comments, it’s just the filter software going haywire again.

Nevertheless, I feel very badly when it happens.


1. glmcreations - January 12, 2015

Thank you. Perhaps this will give you inspiration to write on a “spiritual spam filter.” Guy McClung, San Antonio

2. Dismas - January 12, 2015

No problem, Tantum. We feel badly having to advise you and trouble you. Gremlins.

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