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Fr. Carota: Is God causing natural disasters at papal Masses due to ongoing sacrilege? January 20, 2015

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Another provocative post from Fr. Peter Carota.  He asks whether deluges at Masses in Madrid, Rio, and Manila might not be God’s way of trying to stop Himself from suffering abuse, in the form of the Real Presence of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity being received sacrilegiously, stomped on, handled roughly, etc., etc?  I am not a person who tends to see a demon under every rock or the Hand of God in every minor action, but I’m also not a deist and I think sometimes we might choose not to see the Hand of God for fear of what it may be writing.  We all bring biases and certain predisposition to our approach to the Faith and so we all have tendencies to be more accepting in some areas and more skeptical in others.  But Our God is an understanding God, so I don’t think He’ll hold that against us.

At the very least, it’s worth consideration and possibly, discussion.  I for one continue to find foreboding in the abdication lightning strike:

I remember well the strange things God did at the Madrid World Youth Day, the Rio de Janeiro World Youth Day and now has done at the Philippines.  I read these things as God saying He is not happy with these massive gatherings and masses where Holy Communion is given to everyone from cheap vessels and on the hand (standing) and to youth dressing extremely immodestly.

MADRID (AP) — “A freak thunderstorm has forced Pope Benedict XVI to cut short his speech to an estimated million young pilgrims gathered for the church’s world youth festival, giving the outdoor prayer vigil at a Madrid airfield a dramatic climax.  Organizers said six people were slightly injured when a tent collapsed during the storm.” USA Today Aug. 21, 2011…..

 After three days of rain in Rio de Janeiro, World Youth Day planners have decided to change the location of the overnight prayer vigil and closing Mass to Copacabana beach.The final World Youth Day events had originally been planned to take place July 27-28 in Campus Fidei – which means “Field of Faith” – in Guaratiba, some 30 miles away. However, the dirt field has become a giant mud pit due to the heavy rains, and it would pose problems for the expected crowds of more than one million.”  Catholic News Agency [As a result in both events, far fewer Hosts were distributed than planned.  However, there were still problems, especially in Rio]

……And do not forget what happened when Pope Benedict abdicated.


Actually if you look closely it seems to be missing by some distance, like it was actually behind St. Peter’s.  Still.

We don’t have to believe Maria Divine Mercy or every fake Marian apparition like Bayside to see in some events some greater significance. There are levels of distinction.  I’m not sure I agree with Father Carota that God caused some disruption to papal Mass plans, but it’s possible. I’m a bit skeptical because God does not fail, and yet in all those cases I’m sure there was still some abuse of the Hosts in the huge outdoor setups.  But there are explanations that could be conjured for that, as well.

Next week, all Medg, all the time.  Below, just one of many prophesies of Medg we’re still waiting to be fulfilled:

Dangit.  I like Thundarr.  I think Ookla the Mok was the model for the character of Worf in Star Trek The Next Generation.

On a serious note, Fr. Carota has a good series examining Ten Commandments, explaining what Catholics must believe.  You might find it  quite helpful, as I have.

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1. Christopher - January 21, 2015

I can’t help but recall that God is omnipresent, and nature seems to react to important theological events, such as the Crucifixion. Why, at this point in history when the Body and Blood of Our Lord is being so desecrated BY HIS OWN PEOPLE would His wrath not manifest in nature?

2. steve - January 21, 2015

Do our Churchmen require natural disasters to alert them to the obvious problems associated, for example, mega Masses?


3. filledelansevata12 - January 21, 2015

Il pose question : (as he says, “it’s worth discussion”)

>>>>”At the very least, it’s worth consideration and possibly, discussion. I for one continue to find foreboding in the abdication lightning strike”<<<<

4. filledelansevata12 - January 21, 2015

Are you referring to Medjugorje ? A little lost ! >>>> Next week, all Medg, all the time. Below, just one of many prophesies of Medg we’re still waiting to be fulfilled: >>>>


Tantumblogo - January 21, 2015

Thank you, yes. It was a joke, as the whole post was a bit tongue in cheek.

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