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Kenyan bishops call for end to tetanus campaign until vaccines are proven not to be contraceptive January 20, 2015

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I posted back in November awful reports from Kenya indicating that a UN-funded mass vaccination campaign aimed at eradicating tetanus included in the vaccines powerful contraceptive hormones that rendered women sterile for long periods after receiving the vaccines.  The report was poo-pooed by the UN, other aid organizations, and the Kenyan government (beholden to the UN and aid organizations for hundreds of millions of dollars of annual support), but now the Kenyan bishops have unanimously called for an end to the vaccine campaign until the vaccines can be tested in large numbers to establish their safety and the absence of any contraceptive cocktails.  The bishops claim to have had confirmation of a number of samples of the vaccine containing the contraceptive chemicals.  This is in line with previous reports of other independent tests finding the presence of contraceptive chemicals, but the government and UN officials claim the tests were faulty and that this is just mass hysteria.  As for me, I tend to discount any claims made by the UN prima facie, and we know the corruption that reigns in African kleptocracies, so I’ll accept the bishops claim until there is powerful evidence to the contrary:

Kenya’s bishops have insisted that “no further mass tetanus vaccination campaigns” should take place in the country until the “vaccines have been appropriately tested and proven to be safe.”

The January 14 statement signed by all of the bishops followed a recent report that one-third of the vials of the tetanus vaccine tested contained a hormone linked to birth control. At the direction of the bishops, the vials were tested at five different laboratories in Kenya.

The government rejected the results, citing poor methodology. The Ministry of Health said it tested 10 vials and found them to be free of the hormone. [Ten vials would not appear to be even a remotely sufficient number of samples from a campaign involving millions of doses]

…….In November, the bishops claimed that the vaccine, targeted to women of child-bearing age and not to men, was being administered in a campaign sponsored by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF that had been guarded by secrecy and deception.

The bishops said they suspected the vaccine contained beta human chorionic gonadotropin, or beta hCG, which prevents women from becoming pregnant. In November, a joint committee formed of Church leaders, medical doctors, and the parliamentary Committee on Health agreed to test samples of the vaccine at laboratories around the world.

Preliminary test results, released on January 10, showed that three of the nine vials of the tetanus vaccine contained beta hCG. The others tested negative……

….At the height of the issue, the Kenyan bishops questioned why the national immunisation campaign was aimed at women between the ages of 14-59 and also why the government was conducting this campaign when the bishops were not aware of a nationwide tetanus crisis.

Yes, that does seem passing strange, does it not?  Are not men, especially in developing countries, more likely to contract tetanus than women?  I’m not sure what the official explanation is for this strangely directed campaign, but it would certainly appear to be in line with the wishes of the Gates Foundation and other large NGOs, who work closely with and fund much UN activity, to conduct a surreptitious campaign of mass sterilization/contraception under the guise of vaccinations.  In fact, the Gates have indicated they thought that a great way to control world “overpopulation.”

We’ll see what develops, but I would not be surprised at all if this has not been a trial run of a covert contraceptive/sterilization campaign under guise of a humanitarian vaccination program. What a sick world.

And Deo Gratias for the vigilance of the Kenyan bishops with regard to the moral and health safety of their flock. I have to express some doubt that the bishops of the US and many other countries would be similarly vigilant.  Their actions to date with regard to vaccines derived from fetal cell lines does not give one a great deal of confidence.  More on that later, God willing.


1. Mary - January 20, 2015

The Kenyan Bishops are true shepherds of their flock.

2. John C. - January 20, 2015

So let me get this straight American media, namely CNN.
One black man who tried to grab the gun of and assault a cop gets shot and it’s “racism”, yet a systematic eugenics movement, perpetuated by the United Nations (not to mention, CRS to a smaller extent) clearly exibit racism… yet in the greater good of the lefts new shiboleth, population control, the media keeps quiet… even when they can clearly add some scandal enhanced catholic bashing. .. they could wheel out that busted old hag, Christian Amanpour (catholic basher extraordinaire)..

3. c matt - January 20, 2015

So what’s to prevent the same thing being done with flu shots? Do you really know what’s in them?

4. Camper - January 21, 2015

The Kenyan bishops are better than most, but they probably aren’t condemning the oppression of their own government. The gov’t is the reason that Kenya is poor.

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