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Sign petition in filial love to Pope Francis on the upcoming Synod January 20, 2015

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Pope Francis, Cardinal Burke, and many other Catholic leaders have called on Catholics to make their voices heard in the debates surrounding the ongoing Extraordinary Synod on the Family.  The Synod, broken into two parts, will be completed this coming October.

There are many pressure groups inside and outside the Church calling for radical change to perennial Church practice and Doctrine.  They are demanding that the Church acquiesce in the mores of the fallen culture and call acceptable acts and beliefs gravely offensive to God.  In opposition to these many progressive-modernist groups advocating for radical change – and their many allies in the Curia and other positions of great influence – Cardinal Burke has called on faithful Catholics to make their voices heard.  The Church is not a democracy in the slightest, but it does seem that the volume and tenor of the extreme attacks against Church Doctrine on the radical side – aided immeasurably by a willing and compliant media –  are drowning out the voices of the faithful.

In opposition to the loud and shrill voices of the radical opposition, TFP Student Action is proposing a loving and respectful petition be signed expressing both the pain many souls feel with regard to the shocking and disturbing statements of the mid-term Relatio of the first session of the Synod, and calling for Pope Francis to clearly enunciate Church Doctrine on marriage, the family, perverse use of the sexual faculties, and all the many allied matters, and to repudiate the confusing message of the first synodal session.   I place the text of the petition below for your consideration, the petition can be signed here.

Holy Father,

In view of the Synod on the family to be held in October 2015, we filially address Your Holiness to express our fears and hopes regarding the future of the family.

Our fears arise from witnessing a decades-long sexual revolution promoted by an alliance of powerful organizations, political forces and the mass media that consistently work against the very existence of the family as the basic unit of society. Ever since the so-called May 1968 Sorbonne Revolution, a morality opposed to both Divine and natural law has been gradually and systematically imposed on us so implacably as to make it possible, for example, to teach the abhorrent “gender theory” to young children in many countries.

Catholic teaching on the Sixth Commandment of the Law of God shines like a beacon in the face of this ominous ideological objective. This beacon attracts many people — overwhelmed by this hedonistic propaganda — to the chaste and fecund family model taught by the Gospel and in accordance with natural law.

Your Holiness, in light of the information published on the last Synod, we note with anguish that, for millions of faithful Catholics, the beacon seems to have dimmed in face of the onslaught of lifestyles spread by anti-Christian lobbies. In fact, we see widespread confusion arising from the possibility that a breach has opened within the Church that would accept adultery — by permitting divorced and then civilly remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion — and would virtually accept even homosexual unions when such practices are categorically condemned as being contrary to Divine and natural law.

Paradoxically, our hope stems from this confusion. Truly, in these circumstances, a word from Your Holiness is the only way to clarify the growing confusion amongst the faithful. It would prevent the very teaching of Jesus Christ from being watered down and would dispel the darkness looming over our children’s future should that beacon no longer light their way.

Holy Father, we implore You to say this word. We do so with a heart devoted to all that You are and represent. We do so with the certainty that Your word will never disassociate pastoral practice from the teaching bequeathed by Jesus Christ and his vicars — as this would only add to the confusion. Indeed Jesus taught us very clearly that there must be coherence between life and truth (cf. John 14:6-7); and He also warned us that the only way not to fall is to practice His doctrine (cf. Matt. 7:24-27).

Asking for Your apostolic blessing, we assure You of our prayers to the Holy Family — Jesus, Mary and Joseph — to enlighten Your Holiness in these crucially important circumstances.


1. TG - January 20, 2015

I signed it.

2. David - January 20, 2015


Thanks for mentioning this. TFP was at the Dallas March for Life collecting signatures for this particular topic.

If the church go backwards, it will sadly become the way the Episcopal church is going. Many Episcopal churches are empty.

3. John C. - January 20, 2015

I still don’t understand how so many wildeyed supposed “catholics” allowed to run riot through the church since Vatican II in plain sight. (Kasper, Marx, Weurl, Mardiaga, Lynch etc)…
just think, a few decades ago, these clowns would’ve had do their evil in darkness, behind the scenes. .. but ah.. the time of mercy and tolerance are upon us.
And a few centuries ago, when actual saints came out of councils (saint Athenatius) and even some men came to blows in the halls (saint Nicolas)

4. steve - January 20, 2015

“…TFP Student Action is proposing a loving and respectful petition be signed…and calling for Pope Francis to clearly enunciate Church Doctrine on marriage, the family, perverse use of the sexual faculties, and all the many allied matters, and to repudiate the confusing message of the first synodal session.”

Pope Francis has enunciated clearly the Church’s teachings in regard to “marriage, the family, perverse use of the sexual faculties and all the many allied matters”.

We must, of course, recall always Holy Mother Church’s teachings.

Therefore, TFP Student action is free to request that Pope Francis reiterate the Church’s teachings upon marriage, the family, perverse use of the sexual faculties, and all the many allied matters.

In the meantime, TFP Student action may wish to access the many, many declarations from Pope Francis that defended and promoted the Church’s teachings in regard to the above issues.

As to Pope Francis’ repudiation of the “confusing message of the first synodal session”, let us recall that the Extraordinary Synod in question did not alter the Church’s very clear “messages” in regard to marriage, family, perverse use of the sexual faculties, and all the many allied matters.

Holy Mother Church’s teachings are undeniably clear on said issues.

That said, I appreciate the TFP Student action’s endeavor in regard to the petition in question.



5. steve - January 20, 2015

My impression of the Episcopal “Church” (community) is that parishes pay “priests”…or priestesses…nice salaries to say that which they (parishioners) wish to hear.

In whatever way they wish to have their beliefs “confirmed” by God, Episcopal parishioners seek priests/priestesses-for-hire.

Wish to be pro-abortion…any number of Episcopal priests/priestesses may be hired to preach the “pro-choice” message.

Wish to be confirmed in the belief that God accepts homosexual “marriage”…simply hire a pro-homosexual “marriage” priest…etc.

Am I correct in that such is the manner in which the Episcopal “Church” functions?

In fact, doesn’t all of Protestant operate that way?


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