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Prayer for Pope Francis January 22, 2015

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Months ago, Cardinal Burke called on all Catholics to pray for the then upcoming first session of the Synod.  Of course, the Synod will take up again this coming October.  The same call for prayers Cardinal Burke made then is equally necessary now.

However, a priest last night noted that perhaps one reason we continue to be surprised by some of the statements and actions of Pope Francis is because we are not praying for him enough.  Of course, Grace is a two way street – we can pray for someone a great deal, but if they refuse to cooperate with the Grace those prayers result in, their impact will be minimal.  Nevertheless, we have a duty in charity to pray for all our spiritual leaders and especially for the Pope, who literally has the weight of his world on his shoulders.  It is easy to become jaded and cynical and basically write him off, but we should not write off our natural fathers, even after many disappointments, I hope.

While I have been praying for Pope Francis already a great deal, I am going to start offering the Chaplet of the Holy Face below with his sanctity and spiritual edification in mind.  I am going to redouble my spiritual efforts.  Perhaps my prayers for him and his intentions have become a bit perfunctory.  I pray also for the upcoming Synod, that it will strengthen the understanding of souls for many Doctrines of the Faith, but I will make a special point of keeping Pope Francis as a prime intention.  His outlook may not be our preferred outlook, but Faith can move mountains.  Enough said.

Perhaps you will consider joining me in praying the Chaplet if you aren’t already, or perhaps you’ll focus your intentions for Pope Francis.

Chaplet below:

The Chaplet of the Holy Face is below for your convenience:

The Chaplet of the Holy Face is composed of a medal and 39 beads, 6 of them being large ones, 33 being small ones, with a medal of the Holy Face.

The chaplet of the Holy Face honours the 5 senses of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and entreats God for the triumph of His Church. It is recommended that the faithful pray the Chaplet of the Holy Face to obtain from God, by means of the Holy Face of the Lord Jesus, the downfall of His enemies.

The 33 small beads represent the 33 years of the mortal life of Our Divine Lord Jesus on earth. The first 30 beads call to mind the 30 years of His hidden life. These are divided into 5 groups, with the intention of honouring the 5 senses of touch, hearing, sight, smell, and the taste of Jesus. These senses have their seat, principally, in the Holy Face and render reparative homage for all the sufferings which Our Lord Jesus endured in His Face, through each of these senses.

The last 3 small beads remind us of the 3 years of public life of Our Saviour, and have as their object, to honour all the wounds of His Adorable Face.

Begin as follows:

Make the sign of the Cross, with the Cross, and say:

“O God, incline unto my aid.
O Lord, make haste to help me.”

Then say 1 Glory Be….

Before each group of beads, there is a large bead. On this bead, reflect on the sense of Jesus, or the wounds of His Face, and say 1 Glory Be… and the following prayer invocation:

“My Jesus, mercy.”

On every small bead, say:

“Arise, O Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Thee fly before Thy Face!”

At the end, say:

The Glory Be… 7 times, in honour of the last 7 Words that Jesus spoke on the Cross, and the 7 dolors of the Immaculate Virgin.

Upon completing the Chaplet, say on the medal:

“O God, our Protector,
look down upon us
and cast Thine eyes
upon the Face of Thy Christ!”


Prayer for Church Unity Octave January 22, 2015

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Pope Saint Pius X instituted this Octave over 100 years ago.  I know I’m late, but I thought the prayers below could be socked away for next year.  The Octave runs from Jan 18 – 25.  So, I’m only half out of it.

The below is to be recited over the Octave:

How the Sacred Heart must grieve to behold so many divisions among Christians separated from the One True Church He founded. Pray that Christ’s plea may be realized:

Antiphon: “That they may all be One, as Thou, Father, in Me and I in Thee; that they also may be one in US, that the world may believe that Thou has sent Me. (Jn XVII)”

V. I say unto thee, that thou art Peter

R. And upon this Rock I will build My Church

Let Us Pray:

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst say to Thine Apostles: “Peace I live with you, My peace I give unto you,” regard not our sins, but the faith of Thy Church, and grant unto her that peace and unity which are agreeable to Thy Will. Who livest and reignest, God forever and ever. Amen

To Our Lady, Help of Christians, to protect the Church (Optional):

Mary, Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother, thou seest how the Catholic Faith is assailed by the devil and the world – that Faith in which we purpose, by the help of God, to live and die.  Do thou, O Help of Christians, renew thy victories of old, for the salvation of they children. To thee we entrust our firm purpose of never joining assemblies of heretics.  Do thou, all holy, offer to thy Divine Son our resolutions, and obtain from Him the graces necessary for us to keep them unto the end. Bring consolation to the visible head of the Church – support the Catholic Episcopate; protect the clergy and the people who proclaim thee Queen.  Hasten, by the power of thy prayers, the day when all nations shall be gathered around the Supreme Pastor. Amen.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

Jan 18 intention: The return of all the “other sheep” to the one fold of St. Peter

Jan 19 intention: the return of all Oriental separatists to Communion with the Apostolic See

Jan 20 intention: The submission of Anglicans to the Authority of the Vicar of Christ

Jan 21 intention: That the lutherans and all other protestants of continental Europe may find their way back to Holy Church

Jan 22 intention: That Christians in America may become One in communion with the Chair of St. Peter

Jan 23 intention: The return to the Sacraments of lapsed Catholics

Jan 24 intention: The conversion of the Jews

Jan 25 intention: The Missionary conquest of the world for Christ

I like that last intention – Missionary conquest.  That’s right.  Soldiers for Christ.  That is what we must be.  We are part of the…….what?

The Church Militant.  That’s right, too.

And our God is the God of Armies.  We mustn’t forget that.

GOP punts on slam-dunk abortion bill January 22, 2015

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What has that GOP majority in both houses brought the nation?  Certainly no advance in pro-life legislation.  Yes, Obama would have vetoed, but so what?  That means this vote was even more symbolic than anything.  And the GOP cannot even manage a symbolic nod to the pro-life movement:

// // //

Evidently, Republicans don’t feel competent enough to make a case against infanticide. Why else would the GOP pull its 20-week abortion limit bill?

Here’s a short list of things that are less popular than banning late-term abortions: “Acting” on climate change. “Free” community college. Taxing the wealthy. Building the Keystone pipeline. President Barack Obama. Future president Hillary Clinton. Every Republican who’s thinking about running for the presidency.

// // //

A new Marist poll finds 84 percent of Americans favor some level of further restrictions on abortion. And regardless of their feelings about the legality of the procedure, 60 percent believe it to be “morally wrong.” If you aren’t keen on that poll—it was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, after all—you can take your pick of others.

A Quinnipiac poll found that 60 percent of women support limiting abortions to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. A CBS News poll found that 60 percent of Americans thought abortion “should not be permitted” or available only under “stricter limits.” A CNN Poll found that 58 percent of Americans believe abortion should legal only in a “few circumstances” or “always illegal.”

Yet the GOP caves on a bill that would prohibit most abortions after 20 weeks and promises instead to pass another worthless ban on taxpayer funded abortions—which we all know can be ignored by hiring an accountant…….

…….This is about politics. Tragically incompetent politics. Even though a veto was imminent, you have to wonder: If the party representing the pro-life position, a party with a sizable historic majority, can’t pull together a vote on an issue as unambiguous and risk-free as this one, what are the chances if it coming to a consensus and offering compelling arguments on issues like health care or tax reform? Very little, I imagine.

I’ve never voted for a democrat in my life.  But I see less and less reason to vote for the GOP, either. The dems want amnesty, and the Repubniks are going to push amnesty.  The dems imposed Obamacare, and the R’s won’t do a thing to undo it.  The dems advance all kinds of immorality, and the R’s blithely go along.

The one area where there seemed to be some genuine difference between the two parties was with the matter of abortion (and, to a tiny extent, contraception).  At the state level, this has proven quite true. But at the federal level, apparently not. Even with a historic majority and only needing to peel a handful of Dems in the Senate over to the side of goodness and life, the Revaunchists chose to punt instead.  Because, ostensibly, they were concerned they would be painted as anti-woman by the rad-fems.  Sheesh.  Quite a willingness to suck it up and stand on principle there, guys.

I am trying to think of a reason to remain politically involved – at the federal level, at least – but I’m having a harder and harder time doing so.  I know what DotDO would say – Texas independence.

Liberalism is an ideology, too January 22, 2015

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And more than that, a religion.

Well, It was going to be a short post. I changed my mind.

There is a very disturbing post over at Rorate.  I’m sure you can figure out the one I’m referring to.  It lays out the revolutionary plan in some detail.  It speaks in very derogatory terms of “ideologies” in the Church.  As if liberalism and its more extreme form, progressivism, are not ideologies.  The Italian ideologues seeking to destroy the moral edifice of the Faith need to remove the Giant Sequoias from their own eyes, before they attack other “ideologies” in the Church.

Unfortunately, the ideologies they seem to refer to are those you and I share, which for 2000 years has been – to the degree we are able to adhere to it – the mind of the Church.  But now, in the minds of many in influential positions in the Church, chafing at decades of at least some frustration and limitation in their planned program to remake the Church in their own rather godless image, believing what the Church has always taught, being a more or less faithful soul, is a poisonous ideology to be extricated from the body of the faithful.  Thankfully, we have the progressive ideologues to save Catholics from themselves.

I must say, we now see how – can we agree at least on this? – unfortunate phrases by the Sovereign Pontiff are seized on not only by the Church’s external enemies but also her internal ones, those seeking to carry out a revolution that will leave us all episcopalian and the Church prostrate before not the throne of God but the throne of man.  Now being a radical feminist and having a large faithful family are just two sides of the same coin.  We must be responsible parents. The “spirit of the law trumps the letter,” to the point of contradiction. Responsible parenthood includes global responsibilities even to sweet Gaia herself. All relations, even those not involving marriage, involve “positive elements” that must not be judged for their deficiencies but glorified for the wisps of goodness they contain. Gradualism in morals, meaning fornication and contraception are just fine, provided you’re on some kind of nebulous path to the Lord. This, from the official publication of the Italian bishop’s conference.

Some may be glad that the modernists are now finally truly showing their hands.  Yes, it is certainly clarifying, but it will also be horrifically destructive.  I am not glad. I am very sad.  And I will admit, worried for what the future holds.  While the language in the piece quoted by Rorate is academically dense and frequently impenetrable, it speaks of rolling back the “hard rules” regarding contraception and other evils, and pretending the evils no longer exist.  The timing – 9 months before the resumption of the Synod, and with that old toad Burke out of the way – is rather disconcerting. This is exactly the same time last year that Kasper was beginning his big push on divorce.  Now, contraception.

The below is going to seem off-topic, but it isn’t.  I was reading about the sufferings endured by American POWs in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  There were hundreds of POWs, almost entirely officers and aircrews.  These were intelligent, educated, highly educated, committed, and intensely patriotic men. They had that pure and refined, completely unironic patriotism that flourished briefly in this country in the period 1945-65.  Some, like Admiral Jim Stockdale and Colonel Robbie Risner, were POWs for almost a decade.  They were both there long enough to see many men come in the POW system, and never leave.  They never left because they died in the custody of the North Vietnamese.

Now, some of these died, because they were horribly injured when captured, refused treatment, and basically allowed to just rot to death over a few days or weeks in a filthy, rat infested North Vietnamese prison.  But others died who did not experience bad injuries at ejection or landing.  Some died because they just could not take the long years of confinement and eventually lost both faith and hope.

Both Robbie Risner and Jim Stockdale talked extensively about their experiences.  Both were senior commanders in the 4th Allied POW Wing, Provisional, and knew most of the men who went into the POW camps.  Both identified fairly quickly the kind of person who would survive, and who wouldn’t.  When asked directly what type of person would give up hope and die in the camps, Stockdale answered:

Oh, that’s easy, the optimists. Oh, they were the ones who said, ‘We’re going to be out by Christmas.’ And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then they’d say, ‘We’re going to be out by Easter.’ And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart.[12]

This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be

The ones who survived were the ones who could accept the nightmarish reality of the situation they were in, determine not to be beaten, and hold on either through Christian Faith (Risner) or a grim and angry determination not to be beaten (Stockdale).  They didn’t need some external source of hope, they did not have to pretend that they’d be rescued by this date or that: they were going to win, they were going to survive, they were going to go home, no matter how long it took.

And that’s sort of my point of view.  I have never been one to shirk the grim reality of a situation.  The Church is in dire straights and the revolutionaries have their man at the top. Whether we want to believe that or not, they certainly believe that.  I don’t have to count up statements and tally a score to reassure myself that Pope Francis really is, deep down, orthodox.  He may well be, he may be the second Leo the Great and he may be the most misunderstood Pope in history, but with God as my witness, it makes no difference. So long as he keeps saying outlandish things, his personal sanctity and orthodoxy don’t matter a whit from the point of view of the broader Church and world.  And then we have the matter of the concrete actions, from the support given to Kasper, et. al., at the Synod (and before), to the persecution of the FIs and Cardinal Burke.

I would caution against being an optimist in the present crisis. We have seen a lot of good people over the past 50 years enter the fight to restore the Faith, only to eventually give up and retreat into privacy, or maybe even leave the Faith.  Rod Dreher is someone who comes immediately to mind. There have been many others.

The important thing is not to depend upon good news, or a lack of bad news.  Relying on spin to feel good about things can be dangerous.  Eventually, something will come along that can’t be spun. And then what?  I know this is a very difficult thing to advise, we are speaking of fundamental personal outlooks, things as deeply ingrained as anything in our consciousness.  But try to be cognizant of your outlook and orientation in that regard and guard against it.  It might be better for those with the need for a perennial sunny disposition not to enter the struggle, at all.  I don’t say that as a criticism in any way, but as a recognition of reality.  This fight, critical as it is, is not worth your losing your faith.

This is not to say that being a maximal realist is easy or fun, either.  It is not without drawbacks.  And I’m not saying I’m anything as strong as Stockdale, Risner, or any of the other 400 odd POWs.  I’m speaking of an outlook.

Tantumergo’s program for liturgical and spiritual restoration January 22, 2015

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Commenter Steve made the following request, and I thought it worth turning his request and my response into a post:

Suppose that you could enact a liturgical/spiritual renewal program for the Dallas Diocese. Please outline at least a few ways in which you would act to renew liturgy/spirituality within our diocese.

Have at least one TLM in every deanery every day, and one TLM in every parish every Sunday. 2 hours of Confession in every parish virtually every day. I have prayed for that for years. The TLM will instill a vastly improved understanding and appreciation of the Liturgy in all those who participate, and the priests who offer it will grow tremendously in faith and reverence for the Mass. Many priests have started offering the TLM, and they find it makes their offering of the NO much more reverent and edifying. But the TLM itself is really the key, whatever the spillover effects may be in the NO, as more and more souls get exposed to the TLM more and more will come to appreciate and value all the traditional aspects of piety and belief that have been lost over the past several decades. It’s not a magic cure, there could still be abuse and many people will refuse the Grace that is offered them in the TLM, but overall it would be a huge step in the right direction.

That is what is so frustrating about the “ghettoization” of the TLM in this and m any other dioceses, yes it is wonderful that we have a TLM parish but it is in an awkward location and many many people like yourself are too far away to avail themselves of it. As such, even with its phenomenal growth, its impact is limited. I fear liturgical and even spiritual renewal in the Church will be limited until the TLM is truly widespread. It may take the TLM becoming dominant form of the Mass. That may sound strange, even elitist, I don’t mean it to be so, but I think the TLM is really what the Mass should be.

I have long thought the absence of Confession, and the way that this great Sacrament has been de-emphasized almost to the point of irrelevance in the lives of most Catholics, is perhaps the key source of the weak spiritual lives of so many Catholics and even their tendency to abandon many Doctrines of the Faith.  Where Confession is emphasized, it tends to grow.  There have been several parishes in the area that have expanded their Confession times and there are long lines as a result, whereas previously when they had only 1 hour a week or so there would be only a handful of people receiving Confession.  The TLM, with its emphasis on our fallen, sinful natures and paramount need for sanctifying Grace to lead a virtuous life pleasing to God, strongly emphasizes the vital role confession plays in the lives of Catholics.  There seems to be a synergistic effect, where the TLM and generous Confession times reinforce each other to vastly aid souls in the practice of virtue and the acceptance of all the Church believes.  But having a good, faithful confessor is paramount, as is a willingness to preach the hard truths from the pulpit.  Generous Confession in a parish with a weak priest who abuses the Mass and fails to teach all the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church will likely not be terribly effective.  But when coupled with strong, orthodox priests who are willing to delve deeply (or at least somewhat) into those “forbidden” topics like contraception, divorce, fornication, self-abuse, pornography, gluttony, lust for power and wealth, and all the rest, it can have a startling effect on converting the souls of the parishioners.

In this day and age, there will likely almost always remain some hardcore disaffected Katholycs in the pews, but it is amazing what an orthodox priest can do to a parish – if he offers the TLM (or a very reverent NO), emphasizes Confession, and preaches those hard truths.  The pastor of St. William in Greenville has done that successfully for years, even though he is barred from offering the TLM as he would like.  He has changed the thinking of many souls.  But even he has some “recusants,” if you will, who sit there frumpily, unhappy with their faithful pastor and closed to the Grace that could flood their souls if they cooperated a bit more.

You can argue for all kinds of plans and programs, as the USCCB has tried to introduce repeatedly over the past 40 years, but the Sacraments are the key to Grace and the Mass is the Source and Summit of our Faith. Get those right, and the rest will follow.

I guess one final “fix” would be to encourage use of all the old Sacrament Rites that were associated with the TLM but have been replaced by newer, often very bad Rites in recent years. The new Exorcism Rite – not a Sacrament, but very serious – is a joke.  Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage…….encourage use of the beautiful and so efficacious “old Rites” and that will also help.