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Flightline Friday: the incredible Thud January 23, 2015

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I’ve read both of Ed Rasimus’ books about his two tours of duty in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.  He flew one tour in F-105s during Rolling Davis 30Thunder (April-September 1966), and another in F-4Es during Linebacker I and II (July 1972 – ? 1973).  It makes for more than slightly interesting reading, though I must admit I was dismayed to read that he succumbed to the same collapse in morals in his second tour that were afflicting the entire culture in that timeframe. Enough said.

I have long been enthralled of the Republic F-105 Thunderchief.  In Air Force circles, it is legend, for many reasons.  It was incredibly tough.  Thuds survived battle damage over North Vietnam that would have left a WWII B-17 crew shaking.  One reason it was so tough was because Republic GANGBUSTER XIhad always built very heavy, strong birds.  Even with water injection increasing takeoff thrust to nearly 27,000 lbs, a heavily loaded Thud in a hot and humid environment like Southeast Asia often needed over 10,000 ft to takeoff.

It was also very capable. I was surprised to learn that Rasimus found the F-105 NASARR R-14A radar far more capable than that in his F-4E (APQ-120), especially in ground attack and terrain avoidance modes.  The F-105 radar was one of the very first with a fair terrain following/avoidance capability.  He generally found the Thud to have better avionics, at least for ground attack, than the F-4E – and aircraft developed over 10 years later. Though, the F-4Es inertial navigation system and vastly improved bombing computer did allow some modes of attack that were unavailable in the Thud and which sometimes – when it worked – made bombing a point target a relative snap.foundit

But it was in the area of flight performance that I found his reminiscences most revealing. I had long read that the needle-like Thud was very fast down low. I have read reports of Thuds topping 800 kts (~930 mph) on the deck after they had dropped their ordinance and were “clean.”  In Rasimus second tour, his main duty especially during the incredibly intensive bombing of Linebacker II (which finally ended the war) was to escort “Wild Weasel” F-105s in attacking SAM sites.  They really nailed a few.  In Wild Weasel, specially equipped F-105Gs would use 6338753841_da86e2a7c7_zsensors to detect the presence and location of SAM sites, and operate in conjunction with F-4Es carrying cluster bombs as a hunter-killer team. The Wild Weasels would find the SAM sites and sometimes shoot a missile at them (which rarely worked, back then – all the North Vietnamese had to do was to turn off their SAM radar and the missile would lose lock and fall to the ground), but then they would call in the F-4s to drop their cluster bombs, which really did the trick. They absolutely pasted a few SAM sites.

Anyways, the Phantom did not lack for thrust.  With two J79-GE-10 turbojets making 17,900 lbst each, they actually had about half again as much thrust as the F-105.  But the 105 was much more aerodynamic.  It has been said of the Phantom that it is an object less that with enough thrust you can get even a brick to fly.  The Phantom was a very high drag aircraft and was especially so when carrying ordinance.  So on these SAM F-105_tail_damagesuppression missions, when the F-4s would be operating with the F-105s (generally a few thousand feet above and behind the Thuds), Rasimus often found he had to engage afterburner to keep up with the Thuds traipsing along at 600+ kts in military power.  That with two drop tanks and a couple of missiles hanging on the rails.  The Phantom, with ordinance, wanted to cruise at about 450 kts, while the Thud wanted to be at more like 550.  That makes a huge difference in a country that was wallpapered with not just SAMs, which were exciting but could be beaten, but also with every caliber of gun from pea shooters up to 100 mm radar guided cannon.  Even with radar guided AAA, it is pretty hard to hit an aircraft jinking and diving at over 600 kts, but at 450 hit probabilities go up tremendously.

700x391xKeith-Ferris-F-105s-strike-the-Paul-Doumer-Bridge-11-August-1967_jpg_pagespeed_ic_0_v2SeRD1dUnfortunately, due to incredibly stupid rules of engagement that literally had aircraft attacking the same often worthless target, coming in at the same time of day and from the same approach vectors, day after day, a lot of Thuds were lost.  In fact, over the course of the war, 395 of the 833 Thuds built were lost.  The Air Force wanted to build a lot more Thuds, they preferred the Thud to the Phantom for ground attack, but McNamara insisted all the services use the same fighter (which led to the F-111, and now, the F-35, debacles), and so F-105 production was terminated in 1961.  It’s a shame in some respects, because it is  likely a goodly number of aircrew would not have been lost had they been in F-105s rather than F-4s.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Phantom and am not knocking it at all, it was an is a heckuva plane, but it wasn’t a Thud.

Rasimus' unit, 421st TFS, Korat RTAFB, 1966. Could be Raz himself, but unlikely

Rasimus’ unit, 421st TFS, Korat RTAFB, 1966. Could be Raz himself, but unlikely

There is a dirty joke in the tail codes.  SH means Sierra Hotel in the phonetic alphabet, but also means S--- Hot, a common expression used during Vietnam for a stellar performance.  I think this tail code was used at Takhli late in the war.  The wing is declaring their stellar qualities.

There is a dirty joke in the tail codes. SH means Sierra Hotel in the phonetic alphabet, but also means S— Hot, a common expression used during Vietnam for a stellar performance. I think this tail code was used at Takhli late in the war. The wing is declaring their stellar qualities.

My man Karl Richter. This is his statue at the Air Force Academy.  He deserves it.

My man Karl Richter. This is his statue at the Air Force Academy. He deserves it.

Why not some more Richter photos. He deserves it, Mr. 200+ missions:



Alright, there might be a bit of a man crush going on.  But Richter was a hoss.

Uh……..no. Just no. January 23, 2015

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Via CMR, the Governor of Pennsylvania promoted a new Physician General for that yankee state.  He selected ummm……a very sad creature with obvious problems.  Formerly Doctor Richard, but now Rachel, Levine.

I’m sorry, but you’re not a “woman” trapped in a man’s body, and no amount of estrogen or silicon is going to fix this:


This is getting out of hand.  Like sodomy generally, this “gender dysphoria” is becoming a fad, a hip thing to do, a way to get unconditional praise and attention from the culture, all for making an ass out of one’s self.  That dude is no more a woman than George Foreman, whom a rather large part of me wishes would take Dr. Levine out back and straighten him out.

Oh yes yes yes, people like me, the suffering, oh the agony, the secret longings, the depression, the psychological treatment and the psychotropic meds……it’s all a rich tapestry, but I am sorry, I do not believe there are just scads of men and women running around who really are totally convinced they were born in the wrong sex.  They may be very unsettled people who fall under diabolical influences or they may simply be so desperate for attention they’ll do this or anything else, but people who suddenly “out” as another sex at age 60 or whatever simply are not well.  It’s all so sad, a sign of the perpetual adolescence in which millions remain mired, of which this kind of behavior is just one particularly bad manifestation.

I am hard on these folks because a) this is the next big thing, after the “normalization” of sodomy is complete (we’re close), and b) because I knew some of these people in the rooms and they were universally not well.  There is a lot of psychosis with this phenomenon but it is not really based in having been born in the wrong sex but in much deeper underlying issues that manifest in all manner of ways.  That is why the “trans” community is afflicted with the single highest rate of severe psychological problems, drug abuse and addiction, destructive behavior and suicide of any “demographic group” (if they are one) out there.  Cultural recognition and being given privileged positions by a left that is seeking to destroy the last few remaining elements of traditional morality is not going to make these people any more well or happy.  In fact, it will worsen their lot immeasurably.

And don’t tell me this kind of behavior is not being hyped. There is a show on Amazon right now about just this kind or weirdness, last year’s Academy Award winning movie was on this subject (or, it was central to the plot), and there are hundreds of other manifestations of the lionization of this sad and confused state.

But the Sexual Left has decided this is the next thing they are going to shove down our throats, the cost to these people’s souls be damned, so on it will go.

Another thought: to what extent does radical feminism’s demonization of masculinity and basically all things discernibly male play a role in all this?  There are men out there who, for whatever reason, have so absorbed the message of radical feminism that they develop a loathing for themselves.  And then there is the impact of millions of boys being raised without fathers.  As I said, a rich tapestry…….

Pro-lifers! Stop being wh-res for the Republicans! January 23, 2015

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I must say, I agree with just about everything in this piece at Redstate, which now commits itself to opposing Republican  politicians who portray themselves as pro-life to get elected and then reveal their pro-abort inclinations once they are safely in office.  And I agree, Renee Ellmers should be defeated in 2016 at just about any cost:

I know there are many angered by the title of this post, but the truth hurts. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been to political events where a politician kisses babies and talks Jesus so the pro-lifers in the crowd get thigh sweats and send the politician to Washington. When the politician takes up with his mistress or pays for an abortion or, as Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), undermines the pro-life cause, they are just horrified.

But still they return predictable to the GOP for more abuse and disappointment.


Maybe it is time for a third party to give the GOP competition. Yesterday, the GOP threw its base under the bus. The Republicans who claim to support the pro-life movement, including Rep. Renee Ellmers  who claimed she’d vote for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act after she ensured it would not pass, need to be beaten. Rep. Renee Ellmers , in particular, must be ruined politically even if it means the pro-life community sends a pro-abortion Democrat in her place. They’ll still have improved the seat by replacing Ellmers with someone who is not a damnable liar.In short, the pro-life movement must stop being the whores of the GOP. The Republican Leadership knows the pro-life movement is in its pocket. They have nowhere else to go. They have no one else to vote for. As much as Republicans look at black voters and tut-tut that they are being taken advantage of by a Democratic Party that knows black voters will not go anywhere, the Republicans are doing precisely the same to pro-life voters.

He’s right.  That’s exactly what Republicans are doing, and they’ve been doing it for over 30 years, ever since the pro-life movement solidified as a serious political movement.  Pro-lifers have proven time and again we can and do make substantial gains at the local and state level.  But there has been almost no progress at the national level, and that is entirely due to the unwillingness of the Republican party to make pro-life initiatives a priority. Heck, worse than that, they do nothing more than pay lip service to pro-life concerns and often take actions like this recent ones that are positively destructive of pro-life matters.
This country’s political system is broken.  It is all about keeping the wealthiest and most powerful happy, and gradually squeezing the middle class into non-existence.  The elites do what they want to do, and the concerns of the “little people” who elect them don’t really matter a whit.  They’ll tell us pretty lies to get elected, and then once they are do what they darn well please.  I don’t see any real solution to this – we’ve veered wildly from one party in power to another over the past 15 years and nothing at all has changed, our political system has become a kabuki theater – other than some truly unlikely 3rd party movement or broad-based and threatening independence movements from states like Texas and possibly a bunch of others.  Threatening the Union with dissolution might get the pols to behave but at this point I’m skeptical their capable of putting their self-interest aside for more than 30 seconds.