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How to kill vocations in your diocese January 28, 2015

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Reader Steve asked last week what I felt would be a good program for liturgical and spiritual restoration in a diocese.  I had a few suggestions, but didn’t really explore the topic. A book could be written on that subject, and many already have.

However, starting from the conclusion Anthony Esolen has apparently reached – that in many if not most dioceses, priestly vocations are being deliberately killed and valid ones blocked, to serve the modernist agenda of reducing the Church down to the level of a lay-run protestant sect with no sacramental priesthood (which was also the conclusion of Michael Rose in Goodbye, Good Men) – you could probably make a pretty fair run at a liturgical and spiritual restoration in a diocese by doing the exact opposite of what he describes below.  Esolen describes many ways to kill vocations – if you do the opposite, vocations will tend to bloom, and the priests will be overwhelmingly orthodox, or at least not hostile to the Faith.

So below is Esolen’s list.  See if you don’t find that this may not be a good basis upon which to restore the priesthood, and from there, the liturgical:

Dilute the faith. Fighters want something to fight for. Make sure there is nothing to fight for. Do not preach the full doctrine of the Church. Never speak about the terrible sins of our age. Be more sensitive about offending a couple of the people who still show up for Mass, than about offending God. Cut the sixth commandment out of the ten. While you are at it, cut out the second, the third, and the ninth too.

Equate Christian “charity” with rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s, God’s, your own, your children’s, and your community’s. Assume that everybody who is not named Hitler is going to heaven, because some middling bit of natural pleasantness is enough to please the Almighty……Never suggest that the faith is a matter of eternal life or death.

Turn the Sacrament into snack time. Get rid of any remaining altar rails. Make sure that everybody takes the Sacrament into his hands, like a fortune cookie. Tell the people to stand afterwards. Go as far as you can to prevent people from kneeling during Mass. Make it as difficult as possible for people to receive the sacrament of confession. Treat it as insignificant. If somebody does want the sacrament, roll your eyes and make sure that the penitent knows how much it annoys you. Don’t take the penitent’s sin seriously. In fact, give the penitent the impression that he can go on and commit the same sin with impunity…….

Strip the altars. Are there paintings in your church? Cover them with whitewash, or take them down. Is there an old high altar in the back of the sanctuary? Chop it up and use it for fuel. Better still, tear down two or three old churches and build a new one in the shape of a gymnasium. If you place the stations of the Cross on the side walls, make them so small and ambiguous that no one can tell what they are from more than ten feet away…….Sing twaddle…..wet, sloppy twaddle.

Shut down your schools. Give them away to the government to manage, as they have done in Canada. Hire secularists to teach there, or, better, Catholics who hate the Church……Put RCIA into the hands of laymen of dubious learning and piety. Do the same for religion classes in school. Try to make sure that your classes in history or English will be just like those taught anywhere else. Make Catholic education into public education with holy water…….

Be effeminate. Get rid of every single hymn that has anything to do with Christian soldiership. Castrate the rest of the hymns. Or, better, favor hymns that make Jesus into a kind of safe sweet Boyfriend…… Let the music be led by women, especially women who like to be seen and heard performing it. Put the hand-raising cantor up front, to upstage the priest and Christ. Let girls do silly dance routines up and down the aisles. If you can, have five or six girls do that, in the company of one boy whose mother has obviously compelled his attendance, and who stands there gritting his teeth and fuming…….Use as many altar girls as possible. Discourage the boys from joining. Give them nothing important to do. Use as many women lectors as possible. In fact, once Mass has become too bland for girls themselves, use the old ladies as acolytes……

Never suggest that the Church needs men for anything. Make “man” into an obscenity. Never suggest that fathers and mothers play complementary roles in the family. Never suggest that Jesus had something important in mind when He chose twelve men as his brothers. Suggest instead that to be a genuine Christian, a man has to stop being a man. Buy the silly feminist notion that Christian women have been “oppressed” for nearly two thousand years.

Then pray for vocations, after you have done your level best to make sure that you will never have any.

———-End Quote———

Then watch this pagan worship service, uh………Mass?:

Good commentary by Esolen (please do read the rest), who is by no means a trad.  He is a very mainstream conservative, and if he is concluding that vocations are being deliberately blocked in order to kill the Church, that’s significant.  It is incredible to have to admit that, but the evidence is also overwhelming.

One element I would emphasize even more, and it is huge: admit obviously effeminate or at least non-masculine men to the priesthood.  Or, do more than that, block vocations from normal men and encourage those from the perverse, as certainly occurred here in Dallas and around the country for decades (and, I’ve been seeing scattered little warnings, is starting to happen again). I know there are certainly masculine men drawn to sodomy through various means (though they always, always have a tell), but I am amazed at the different caliber of men in the traditional communities (and who are drawn to the traditional Mass) as opposed to most non-traditional priests.  Especially those over age 45 or so (the younger ones are definitely way better, but as not as overtly just regular dudes as the traditional priests I have known), though even there, there remain exceptions.

+Fulton Sheen on comparative religions January 28, 2015

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I saw this on Video Sancto last night, and found myself a bit torn.  I like the ending – it certainly confirms the supremacy of the Catholic Faith highlights Jesus Christ as the author of the Church of God – but I found some other parts a bit less……fulfilling?  I don’t know, I just kind of get a whiff of that ecumenism that was starting to  assert itself in a big way by the mid-50s (this aired in early 1956).  It may not be wrong to say that other religions possess aspects of good, and that those may (he says the definitively DO) come from God.  I find that a bit problematic, not so much for saying they may have some good, but because it is again so very, very different from the approach so many great saintly missionaries of the past made to these religions, which is that they were wrong, savage, backwards, and even diabolical.  That’s painting with a broad brush, there was a range of opinions and there was some recognition of positive elements depending on the religion in question, but, overall, there was quite a bit of condemnation of the other religions as highly erroneous and dangerous for souls.  Which, to me, sort of makes sense if you are trying to talk tens or hundreds or thousands of people out of those religions and into yours.

See what you think.  Maybe I’m just too dang picky, too stereotypically trad:

Or maybe I should read less, or not let it influence me so much.

But in your heart, you know I’m right:

Actually, Goldwater was a social lib in many respects.  He was a super-hawk militarily, especially in that timeframe, but socially, he was a big lib, or would be considered so today.  He was a pro-abort.

Head of Synod on Family reacts angrily to lay input defending Church Doctrine, says doctrine has always evolved January 28, 2015

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One of the most glaring aspects of the ultra-clericalism that has been rampant in the Church since the last Council, is that many statements purporting to encourage lay input and involvement in the Church are suddenly forgotten when the laity don’t uphold the progressive-modernist line.  It seems, as in so many areas of Church life, some laity are more equal than others. The input of the radicals at the National Heretic Reporter are eagerly sought; that of the most faithful and involved Catholics are rejected, sometimes angrily, for the inconvenient things they sometimes say.

There has been some rather strong evidence of this trend of late.  Recently, in preparation for the second session of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, the Vatican held a conclave of numerous lay family organizations from around the world. They were asked for their input for the various proposals being discussed.  When they almost unanimously called for the upholding of the constant belief and practice of the Faith, Synod Secretary General Cardinal Baldisseri apparently reacted angrily, even stating that “doctrine” has always evolved and that it was ridiculous to have a Synod that only confirmed what had already been said before. I think that last statement right there tells us more than the Cardinal intended regarding the ultimate impetus behind this extraordinary Synod.

The article below is a translation from the German site Katholisches by Tancred at Eponymous Flower. I have taken the liberty of cleaning up some of the Germ-lish:

Preparations continue for the Synod of Bishops on the family in 2015. The Pontifical Family Council has invited  the leaders of the world’s most important Catholic laity to Rome to hear their views on the 46 questions of the new questionnaire from 22 to 24th January, which will be the basis of the Instrumentum laboris  of the Synod. But the result was not as Cardinal Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops had planned.  The cardinal, who acted as an extended arm of Pope Francis at the Synod of Bishops in 2014, was angry and broke out with rage in his statements against the lay representatives.

Everything went down very discreetly. The communicative Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, appointed by Pope Francis, made no public announcements.  This seems to have to do with the fact that the outcome of the conclave did not meet the expectations of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops. The priest Santiago Martín, founder of the Franciscans of Mary conceived the opinions of lay associations in an essay titled: “Catholic Laity: Discount, No thanks!”

“Virtually all lay movements represented in Rome have spoken out in favor of retaining the traditional doctrine.” The outcome of the hearing “could not have been made clearer. Practically the whole of those present in Rome, about eighty movements, including the most important and those with the most membership, have spoken in favor of retaining the traditional doctrine…….”

…….Accordingly,  Cardinal Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops reacted angrily to the opinions of the laity. He defended the “right” of Cardinal Kasper against criticism of the laity, to require the approval of adulterers to communion. Cardinal Baldisseri spoke not of adulterers, but of “divorced persons who live in relationships unrecognized by the Church.”

Baldisseri contradicted the lay representatives, and they should “not be surprised”, because there are theologians who oppose the teaching of the Church. What was understood by those present was that the Cardinal wanted to say that the Church’s teaching is not so clear on the point.

Finally Baldisseri claimed that the dogmas of the Church “evolved” and that “there is no point to hold a synod, if you then just repeat what was always said.”

But indignation among those present broke out into the open upon Baldisseri’s final assertion: “Just because a certain understanding 2000 years ago was in place that does not mean that it can not be called into question.”

The lay representatives could not wait to give their  ​​reaction. Patrick Buckley, the international representative of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children commenting on the statements Cardinal Baldisseris, said:

The Church’s teaching on the indissolubility of marriage is based on the words of Jesus Christ. These words may have been spoken 2000 years ago, but remain an immutable law of God for the Catholics, nothing more and nothing less.

Mary Madise, director of Voice of  the Family said: “Cardinal Baldisseri has publicly corrected one delegate, who protested the attacks against the Catholic doctrine. Unmistakably, the same thing did not happen not so shortly afterwards, where another delegate denied the Church’s teaching on contraception. One had the impression that there is only one sin today, the defense of what the Church has always taught. [I don’t believe this lady is alone in thinking that.  Seeing what the Cardinal said himself is quite revealing. It becomes extremely indicative of a course of action to be pursued when coupled with the failure to challenge statements that are opposed to that constant belief and practice of the Faith.]

About the overall climate regarding the hearing from   the Roman position, Madise said: “It seemed as if one could discuss just about everything at this conference, including  questions that have already been clarified by the Magisterium of the Church. Such a debate distracts from the task of finding real solutions to the problems encountered by the families really face. The serious evils such as abortion, euthanasia and the attacks on the rights of parents was barely touched on in the discussion. These are some of the key issues that were incidentally also ignores the final report of the Synod in 2014. The suffering  of families is not helped by the subtleties of professional dissenters, whether these are church leaders or laity. “

Voice of the Family called for, considering the “shocking experience” a few days ago in Rome, all Catholics to unite in prayer so the Catholic doctrine affirms marriage and family in any document of the Pontifical Family Council in the wake of the conference and when the Synod of Bishops is formulated in the fall.

———End Quote———-

I haven’t much else to add.  This is just another data point, among many.  Take it for what you will.

BTW, on a somewhat related topic, I keep getting little bits of input here and there on the sufferings of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  Please keep them in your prayers, I cannot discuss what I am being told publicly, but let me just say that the persecutions ongoing behind the scenes exceed, and seem more coldly vindictive, than even the rather horrifying things already made public.  They are being very deliberately, painfully crushed.  It reminds me of the treatment Catholics got at the hands of the totalitarian Elizabethan government as much as anything.

It is amazing how all that mercy talk goes out the window when it becomes inconvenient.

Some random thoughts of the Cure of Ars January 28, 2015

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There is a little book of short quotes from St. John Vianney from TAN.  The quotes seem random, so there is no real topic examined below.  Just some quotes I found edifying and thought might interest readers:

Life is given us that we may learn to die well, and we never think of it!  To die well we must live well.download (6)

With the thought God sees me, we should never sin.

If you cannot give alms yourself, you can pray that God will inspire someone else to do so.

We may well be astonished that God was obliged to make a commandment to forbid us to take His Name in vain.

We can do nothing by ourselves, my children, but we can do everything with the help of God

We love God truly in so far as, when finding ourselves with people who differ from us, we behave graciously to them, speak charitably of them, are willing to meet them again, and to do them a kindness…

When you hear Mass, do you come in the same frame of mind as the Blessed Virgin at Calvary?  Because it is the same God, and the same Sacrifice.

O My child, use your voice always for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.0804-vianney

Sometimes, temptations are useful in making us recapture our lost sense of the Presence of God by means of an act of love or aspiration.

There are some people who, under an exterior of piety, take offense at the slightest insult……..The way to overcome the devil when he excites feelings of hatred against those who injure us, is immediately to pray for their conversion.

Jesus on the Cross said to the disciple whom He loved: “Behold your mother!”  How sweet are those words to the Christian who is able to understand what depths of love they contain!

Often in the course of the day, ask for the light of the Holy Spirit.

It is by battles against Hell and by resistance to temptations that we give God proofs of our love. 

Our greatest cross is the fear of crosses.  Saint_John_Vianney_Saint_Philomena

My children the three acts of faith, hope, and charity contain all the happiness of man upon the earth.

I love St. Joseph so much because he had the care of the Blessed Virgin.

People will go to three or four leagues to earn thirty pence, while they will not take thirty steps to hear Mass on a weekday.

Humility is like a pair of scales: the lower one side falls, the higher rises the other. Let us humble ourselves like the Blessed Virgin, and we shall be exalted.

One ought always to be ready to give up one’s own will to do what God wants

There are two ways of uniting ourselves with Our Lord…..prayer and the Sacraments.

Oh, how I like those little mortifications that are seen by nobody!

If your religion is belittled by others, listen to what is said, but take no notice whatsoever of their criticism and laughter.  Be sorry for those people…….and say a prayer for them.

When we give alms, we should think that we are giving to Our Lord, and not to the poor. We often think we are relieving a poor person, and we find it is Our Lord.

Prayer is the conversation of a child with its Father; of a subject with his King; of a servant with his Lord; of a friend with the Friend to Whom he confides all his troubles and difficulties.

People talk about Lazarus who had the joy of entertaining the Divine Savior in his home; but Lazarus only had Him by his side, while we, if we will, may have Him in our heart just as often as we wish.

My God, You have given me all; behold the little I give You. Give me the strength to give more.


What role does abortion play in the feminization of the culture and diminution of fatherhood? January 28, 2015

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Judging by the response of a congressman quoted below, quite a lot.  CNS News, via CMR, asked Congressman Xavier Becerra whether a 20 week child in utero is a human being.  His response is typical non-sensical pro-abort boilerplate, but I think reveals far more than the Congressman intends:

Becerra said, “You know my wife’s an OB/GYN, and I know having watched as we raise our three daughters, there is no one who knows more about what’s in the best interest of a child than the mother — and I say that as a very proud father and I have total faith when my wife makes a decision. [Sooo…..your wife makes the decisions regarding children in your family?]She does it in the best interest of her family and her kids and obviously me as well.” [And you’re just an outsider standing there waiting to receive direction?]

So when a woman has to make a decision, I have full faith in what that woman will do because my sense is that, over the millennia, women have had to deal with these issues far more than men,” said Becerra. “And so, when someone says to me that you’re going to put at risk a woman’s health to make a political, social point, it’s just not — I don’t believe we should be legislating what a woman should do. We got to believe that our mothers and our sisters and our daughters know better than a politician in Washington, D.C.” [Typical leftist evasiveness, they cannot possibly answer the question even remotely truthfully because they know a large majority of even today’s Americans would be appalled.  So they have to pretend it’s about government dictating to women what they can do with their bodies, rather than about the murder of a child]

CNSNews.com followed up asking, “But that question aside, just simply, if a child 20 weeks into pregnancy is a human being or not?”

Becerra responded, “I think I’ve given you the answer that a woman’s going to make a decision on what to do with her body. I think she knows far better than I do, especially if she’s pregnant and if she’s going to have a baby.” [Which is to say, fathers have no rights over their children at all, at least in utero, or at least until it comes time to pay child support?]

“I don’t think we should be legislating what a woman must do especially when it might harm her health, that to me seems to be a tragic result of politicians trying to get in the way of the privacy of an individual, an American,” said Becerra.

“To me–not that most men have a great track record on some of these things when it comes to rearing kids–but I have, as I said, the confidence that most women make the right decision when it comes to what happens with the future of our country,” said the congressman.

What a bunch of pathetic boilerplate. Pure DNC talking points.

I count at least 4 different statements that men basically have no right to involve themselves in the fate of their children and should constantly defer to women in those decisions.  Writ large, and believed by tens of millions of people, what impact does that kind of thinking have on the image of fatherhood in our culture?  Is it any wonder fathers are more and more reduced to mere donors of genetic material, and then sources of revenue, with none of the behaviors, rights, and responsibilities typically associated with fatherhood?

It is interesting to note that the constant and really effective attacks on the roles and nature of fathers began in the early 70s, just about the same time abortion was legalized.  I’m not saying abortion led directly to this attack on fatherhood – but the rhetoric that has always surrounded and informed the pro-abort position has.  As we see above.

Certainly, this was just one part of a much broader overall trend.  There has been decades of radical feminism, decades of feminist-inspired sitcoms and other media that basically assert that fathers are bumbling idiots, decades of divorce and children being raised with little or no male influence…….and there has also been decades of men taking advantage of the cultural climate to shirk their duties as fathers and play the field very, very widely.  I’m not saying men are without fault.  I was just struck by how the rhetoric above seemed very much in line with radical feminism’s attacks on fatherhood generally, and given abortion’s still far too wide support, I have to wonder the degree to which that rhetoric has resulted in the diminution of fatherhood in the eyes of millions.

A post of thanks January 28, 2015

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A group of pilgrims is in Ecuador right now, visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Quito.  I have such a devotion to Our Lady, and Her apparitions at Quito have incredible relevance to our time.  Thank you so much for the prayers and for remembering my family.



I am also thankful for the, apparently, hundreds of thousands (I have seen estimates of anywhere from 200-500,000) at the March for Life.  I like the sign at 0:50:

The only way abortion will be made illegal and unwanted is for the younger generations to stop contracepting and to lead moral lives.  I am gratified to see so many young people and pray the conduct of their lives matches their pro-life stand in all respects.

Interesting video below.  Pro-aborts apparently tried to stop the March for Life and engaged in their usual left-wing tactics of using megaphones to shout people down, drawing on diabolical influence to cow their opposition, and generally bullying those anyone opposed to them.  A small number apparently blocked the March for a short time:

Another interesting March for Life video, pro-lifers responding to the news that the Republicans in the House had spiked the bill banning abortion after 20 weeks. I was actually surprised at how low key the responses were.  Good thing they didn’t interview me.

I like the statement the woman makes: if we don’t stop abortion, we are going to lose our country.

Over forty years on, it may already be too late.