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How to kill vocations in your diocese January 28, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, disaster, episcopate, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, priests, sadness, scandals, secularism, sexual depravity, sickness, Society, the return.

Reader Steve asked last week what I felt would be a good program for liturgical and spiritual restoration in a diocese.  I had a few suggestions, but didn’t really explore the topic. A book could be written on that subject, and many already have.

However, starting from the conclusion Anthony Esolen has apparently reached – that in many if not most dioceses, priestly vocations are being deliberately killed and valid ones blocked, to serve the modernist agenda of reducing the Church down to the level of a lay-run protestant sect with no sacramental priesthood (which was also the conclusion of Michael Rose in Goodbye, Good Men) – you could probably make a pretty fair run at a liturgical and spiritual restoration in a diocese by doing the exact opposite of what he describes below.  Esolen describes many ways to kill vocations – if you do the opposite, vocations will tend to bloom, and the priests will be overwhelmingly orthodox, or at least not hostile to the Faith.

So below is Esolen’s list.  See if you don’t find that this may not be a good basis upon which to restore the priesthood, and from there, the liturgical:

Dilute the faith. Fighters want something to fight for. Make sure there is nothing to fight for. Do not preach the full doctrine of the Church. Never speak about the terrible sins of our age. Be more sensitive about offending a couple of the people who still show up for Mass, than about offending God. Cut the sixth commandment out of the ten. While you are at it, cut out the second, the third, and the ninth too.

Equate Christian “charity” with rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s, God’s, your own, your children’s, and your community’s. Assume that everybody who is not named Hitler is going to heaven, because some middling bit of natural pleasantness is enough to please the Almighty……Never suggest that the faith is a matter of eternal life or death.

Turn the Sacrament into snack time. Get rid of any remaining altar rails. Make sure that everybody takes the Sacrament into his hands, like a fortune cookie. Tell the people to stand afterwards. Go as far as you can to prevent people from kneeling during Mass. Make it as difficult as possible for people to receive the sacrament of confession. Treat it as insignificant. If somebody does want the sacrament, roll your eyes and make sure that the penitent knows how much it annoys you. Don’t take the penitent’s sin seriously. In fact, give the penitent the impression that he can go on and commit the same sin with impunity…….

Strip the altars. Are there paintings in your church? Cover them with whitewash, or take them down. Is there an old high altar in the back of the sanctuary? Chop it up and use it for fuel. Better still, tear down two or three old churches and build a new one in the shape of a gymnasium. If you place the stations of the Cross on the side walls, make them so small and ambiguous that no one can tell what they are from more than ten feet away…….Sing twaddle…..wet, sloppy twaddle.

Shut down your schools. Give them away to the government to manage, as they have done in Canada. Hire secularists to teach there, or, better, Catholics who hate the Church……Put RCIA into the hands of laymen of dubious learning and piety. Do the same for religion classes in school. Try to make sure that your classes in history or English will be just like those taught anywhere else. Make Catholic education into public education with holy water…….

Be effeminate. Get rid of every single hymn that has anything to do with Christian soldiership. Castrate the rest of the hymns. Or, better, favor hymns that make Jesus into a kind of safe sweet Boyfriend…… Let the music be led by women, especially women who like to be seen and heard performing it. Put the hand-raising cantor up front, to upstage the priest and Christ. Let girls do silly dance routines up and down the aisles. If you can, have five or six girls do that, in the company of one boy whose mother has obviously compelled his attendance, and who stands there gritting his teeth and fuming…….Use as many altar girls as possible. Discourage the boys from joining. Give them nothing important to do. Use as many women lectors as possible. In fact, once Mass has become too bland for girls themselves, use the old ladies as acolytes……

Never suggest that the Church needs men for anything. Make “man” into an obscenity. Never suggest that fathers and mothers play complementary roles in the family. Never suggest that Jesus had something important in mind when He chose twelve men as his brothers. Suggest instead that to be a genuine Christian, a man has to stop being a man. Buy the silly feminist notion that Christian women have been “oppressed” for nearly two thousand years.

Then pray for vocations, after you have done your level best to make sure that you will never have any.

———-End Quote———

Then watch this pagan worship service, uh………Mass?:

Good commentary by Esolen (please do read the rest), who is by no means a trad.  He is a very mainstream conservative, and if he is concluding that vocations are being deliberately blocked in order to kill the Church, that’s significant.  It is incredible to have to admit that, but the evidence is also overwhelming.

One element I would emphasize even more, and it is huge: admit obviously effeminate or at least non-masculine men to the priesthood.  Or, do more than that, block vocations from normal men and encourage those from the perverse, as certainly occurred here in Dallas and around the country for decades (and, I’ve been seeing scattered little warnings, is starting to happen again). I know there are certainly masculine men drawn to sodomy through various means (though they always, always have a tell), but I am amazed at the different caliber of men in the traditional communities (and who are drawn to the traditional Mass) as opposed to most non-traditional priests.  Especially those over age 45 or so (the younger ones are definitely way better, but as not as overtly just regular dudes as the traditional priests I have known), though even there, there remain exceptions.


1. Baseballmom - January 28, 2015

Oh dear Lord…. That “dude” in white….. So flaming I could not stand it. Sick perversion. I believe that is in Oakland diocese….

2. MFG - January 29, 2015

Good read. He gave a talk at Mater Dei back in 2011.

3. richardmalcolm1564 - January 29, 2015

This is actually the Newman Center at U. Berkeley – as you can see from the video, the chapel is a particularly gloomy piece of industrial brutalism from the 70’s, with a mossy “Land of the Lost” vibe to it. Someone I know who used to be a student there referred to it as “St. Cthulhu’s.” Perhaps this is a poor way to characterize a place where our Lord resides, but it must be said that they built a very ugly and oppressive place for Him to reside it.

Judging by the website, however, their sacred architecture and art (and performance art) appears to be the least of their problems.

4. Marguerite - January 29, 2015

How about banal banners like the one just put up at my local church; “We are the church, with Jesus too!” What does this mean–Jesus is a member of OUR church?

5. David - January 29, 2015

Being in junior high and high school during the late 70s through the mid-80s, what contributed to a lost vocation was reducing our Sunday night “CCD” to social hour and snack time. In junior high we did the sacraments, but the presentations and small groups were kept short. The last 30 minutes of the 90 minutes was normally snack time.

I actually remember more of the high school presentations being more about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, sexual issues, and suicide.

c matt - January 29, 2015

After watching that video, spending some time on suicide prevention makes sense.

6. TG - January 29, 2015

When I see videos like these, I think – do I belong to the crooked church that Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich talks about in her visions. At least nothing like that happens in Temple.

7. TG - January 29, 2015

Tantum, you are right that some homos are masculine. I’ve been in the company of one thru an acquaintance. I would never have guessed.

8. Lynne - January 29, 2015

The SSPX is going strong. They’re building a large seminary in Virgina.


Tantumblogo - January 29, 2015

I know they are growing. A kind soul sent me a video of their new seminary. That was very nice of them. Blogging about the SSPX is difficult for me at present. It is a very hot political item at our parish. I receive a great deal of unsolicited advice. The priests are sadly very opposed to the SSPX. They have gotten twisted off beyond reason about the Society.

I have warm regard for the Society, while recognizing problems or difficulties. There is really no perfect place in the Church right now.

9. David - January 30, 2015

The clock ran out on my post about high school CCD in the 1980s. Several of our presentations were more about peer pressure, responsible dating, friendships, etc., and hardly anything on teaching the faith. While these presentations helped with our formation, many of us never learned “why are Catholics different?” That was the main deterrent to vocations.

Also, as a man, I recall most of the younger male volunteers (with some exceptions) being very immature and wanting to be friends with the high schoolers. Quite a few were college dropouts and had problems in their personal lives. I think in the long run the example set by these few did us men a disservice.

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