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Some random thoughts of the Cure of Ars January 28, 2015

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There is a little book of short quotes from St. John Vianney from TAN.  The quotes seem random, so there is no real topic examined below.  Just some quotes I found edifying and thought might interest readers:

Life is given us that we may learn to die well, and we never think of it!  To die well we must live well.download (6)

With the thought God sees me, we should never sin.

If you cannot give alms yourself, you can pray that God will inspire someone else to do so.

We may well be astonished that God was obliged to make a commandment to forbid us to take His Name in vain.

We can do nothing by ourselves, my children, but we can do everything with the help of God

We love God truly in so far as, when finding ourselves with people who differ from us, we behave graciously to them, speak charitably of them, are willing to meet them again, and to do them a kindness…

When you hear Mass, do you come in the same frame of mind as the Blessed Virgin at Calvary?  Because it is the same God, and the same Sacrifice.

O My child, use your voice always for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.0804-vianney

Sometimes, temptations are useful in making us recapture our lost sense of the Presence of God by means of an act of love or aspiration.

There are some people who, under an exterior of piety, take offense at the slightest insult……..The way to overcome the devil when he excites feelings of hatred against those who injure us, is immediately to pray for their conversion.

Jesus on the Cross said to the disciple whom He loved: “Behold your mother!”  How sweet are those words to the Christian who is able to understand what depths of love they contain!

Often in the course of the day, ask for the light of the Holy Spirit.

It is by battles against Hell and by resistance to temptations that we give God proofs of our love. 

Our greatest cross is the fear of crosses.  Saint_John_Vianney_Saint_Philomena

My children the three acts of faith, hope, and charity contain all the happiness of man upon the earth.

I love St. Joseph so much because he had the care of the Blessed Virgin.

People will go to three or four leagues to earn thirty pence, while they will not take thirty steps to hear Mass on a weekday.

Humility is like a pair of scales: the lower one side falls, the higher rises the other. Let us humble ourselves like the Blessed Virgin, and we shall be exalted.

One ought always to be ready to give up one’s own will to do what God wants

There are two ways of uniting ourselves with Our Lord…..prayer and the Sacraments.

Oh, how I like those little mortifications that are seen by nobody!

If your religion is belittled by others, listen to what is said, but take no notice whatsoever of their criticism and laughter.  Be sorry for those people…….and say a prayer for them.

When we give alms, we should think that we are giving to Our Lord, and not to the poor. We often think we are relieving a poor person, and we find it is Our Lord.

Prayer is the conversation of a child with its Father; of a subject with his King; of a servant with his Lord; of a friend with the Friend to Whom he confides all his troubles and difficulties.

People talk about Lazarus who had the joy of entertaining the Divine Savior in his home; but Lazarus only had Him by his side, while we, if we will, may have Him in our heart just as often as we wish.

My God, You have given me all; behold the little I give You. Give me the strength to give more.



1. TG - January 28, 2015

Thanks for this. I love this saint. I can’t quote exactly what he said but I remember reading how he told off an actress of his time – something like I could smell the stench of your soul. It always makes me smile when I think about it.
“We love God truly in so far as, when finding ourselves with people who differ from us, we behave graciously to them, speak charitably of them, are willing to meet them again, and to do them a kindness…” – does this mean it was okay for the Pope to meet the transgender?

Baseballmom - January 28, 2015

Was that St. John V who said that? I thought it was a female saint, but I could be wrong…. Catherine of Sienna I thought… But then, I cannot recall what i said five minutes ago…. So there’s that.

Love the Cure’ d’Ars – awesome example of humility in action.

2. Baseballmom - January 28, 2015

So it was bugging me, here is what I found…

Did You Know that… St. Catherine’s ability to see into the souls of others enabled her to assess even a stranger’s spiritual condition? When she encountered such people, writes Raymond of Capua, either she could not “look them in the face while they were speaking to her” or they were unable to look Catherine in the eye. After one such encounter, with the mistress of a prelate, Catherine remarked, “If you had smelled the stink that I could smell while I was talking to her, you would have been sick.” (05/01/11)

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