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Four tips for visiting large families January 30, 2015

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Kevin Kukla has an entertaining post up regarding what to do when visiting large families (this would be for those who don’t). Good stuff for a Friday.   I copy a bit below, go read the rest, and make your own suggestions!

1. It’s a Given at Least One Child Will Be Crying at All Times

You’re grown up now, so you probably do not remember. But as a child, you had a heightened radar detector for fairness. It was your sixth sense. Any perceived injustice earned your tears. And you sought an immediate remedy from the closest authority in charge (i.e., your parents).

This is the mindset of most little kids you may run into. And if you are visiting a large family, then there likely with several little kids there.

Inevitably, at least one of them will be crying for mom or dad. This may even interrupt your conversation.Please, extend some patience.

4. You Won’t Be Able to Deny How Much Love is in the House

After spending some time at a house with a big family, I am confident you will not be able to deny the great love being displayed. Family members talking to each other. Family members actually enjoying, not merely tolerating, each other’s company. Who knew such things were possible?


I’m out.  I pray you have a blessed weekend.  Sunday is Septuagesima Sunday!  Time to start getting geared up for penance!  Have you formed a plan for what penances or other acts of self-denial you might perform during both Septuagesima and Lent?  Now is a great time to start thinking about it!


1. kuklakevin - February 1, 2015

Thanks for recommending the post!
-Kevin K.

2. skeinster - February 3, 2015

What a great blog! We are teh talented parish, I guess.
Thanks for the link, I am adding it to the blogroll.

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