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Guns don’t kill people……. January 30, 2015

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…….leftist policies do.  That’s the major argument of Bill Whittle below.  I only post this video because I sense a little bit of gun-leariness from some faithful Catholics, and because my hometown is featured prominently in the video.  I think Whittle is a bit over the top in his description of Plano, TX……we never had a gun in the house the entire time I grew up, and my dad had a hard time convincing my mom to let him get a .30-.30 lever action a few years ago.  Since, he’s put all of about 50 rounds through it.

To me, a gun is a tool like any other.  You can kill someone just as dead with a car as with a gun, and many people do every year, either through malice (rarely), neglect, or accident.  Many nations with strict gun control laws have murder rates far in excess of that in the United States, and as Whittle notes, most of the top-murder cities in the US also have strict gun control laws.  Social and moral factors are far more related to murder than availability of firearms.

I need my guns to go all Branch Davidian when the government comes to take my guns away.  And to give me that enlarged sense of self-worth I so desperately crave.


1. c matt - January 30, 2015

Your parents sound just like me and my wife – took me forever to convince her to let me get a firearm about two years ago. Since then – been to the firing range a whopping 3 times.

2. c matt - January 30, 2015

Social and moral factors are far more related to murder than availability of firearms.

That, and most criminals are not stupid. The ones who should really be mad about the NYC “gun owner outing” are not the gun owners, but those who don’t own. Convenient map of which homes may be armed, and those that may not be.

3. c matt - January 30, 2015

Based on the brief stats he showed, the most accurate that can be said about legal gun ownership and crime is that there is no correlation. Caught a glimpse of Austin being in the top of the low-list (featuring Plano). Austin is about as liberal as there is, and its rate is pretty low. Yet it is not, as far as I know, “gun ownership” central. Guns may not necessarily make us safe – but they don’t make us “unsafe” either.

Tantumblogo - January 30, 2015

It’s liberal, but they don’t have separate local gun control laws. The laws are essentially the same as all over Texas. And while Austin is liberal in part, it’s not entirely liberal. There are a lot of good conservative-types there.

Tantumblogo - January 30, 2015

I agree with the last point – I’m not one who thinks having every citizen armed will necessarily lead to a much safer society. In places like Detroit, it might not, because the people there are so lost, by and large. But I also think as a tool guns should generally be available for those who need and/or want them.

4. Baseballmom - January 30, 2015

I never saw or had a firearm in the home until I met the better half…. Then…. Well…. Seven boys and a girl named Annie…. Yeah…

5. Observer - January 30, 2015

I recently had an argument about ‘gun control’ with fellow guests at a dinner party. My position is that natural law gives a man / husband / father the right to protect his home and family. These rights can sometimes be devolved to trained people such as police, but there are many occasions where a man must act as protector and access to fire arms is necessary for this purpose.
In Canada and Australia, not to mention most countries in Europe, it is now difficult or almost impossible to own any sort of fire arm. That is very worrying.

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