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Terrible scene of Catholic strife caught on tape February 1, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, episcopate, fun, General Catholic, Papa, shocking, Society.

When will this internecine fighting stop?  Can’t we all just get along?

We should actually be thankful for this awesome and unifying meme we’ve been given?


1. Observer - February 1, 2015

The territorial imperative….Robert Ardrey had a lot to say about that 🙂

2. Woody - February 1, 2015

These are either two girl rabbits or….?

Woody - February 1, 2015

could you photo shop a miter on each one?

3. glmcreations - February 2, 2015

“Can’t we all just get along” was the camel’s nose under the tent and the wedge that has brought us to liberal absolutism and the tyranny of relativism-with its corollary-the tyranny of toleration: we tolerate everything, except that which we say is intolerable. Where is it going: Can’t we all just get along with incest? Can’t we all just get along with bestiality? And necrophilia? Can’t we all just get along with folks in grave sin publicly together receiving communion, until they achieve the “fullness of Christian marriage?” [and help the German bishops receive millions more Euros in tax dollars?] Guy McClung, San Antonio

4. Camper - February 2, 2015

Hey Guy, do you go to the Latin Mass or OL Atonement? I’m in SA now too…

5. glmcreations - February 2, 2015

We go to OLA-it is THE MASS. We worship God; no happy clappy worship of ourselves; all face the altar; communion kneeling at a communion rail; choir [not broadway performers] in the rear of church singing adoration not heresy; and a priest who is there in persona Christi facing the altar. And quiet and reverence throuout. A hint of heaven here on earth. Guy McClung, San Antonio guymcclung3@yahoo.com

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