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Oh yeah……..this had to die (FFI persecution video) February 2, 2015

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Rorate has posted an amazing video apparently captured on the very day the Apostolic Commisioner installed by Pope Francis, Fidenzio Volpi, had the seminary of the Franciscans of the Immaculate closed in December of 2013.  As Rorate notes, and I have had directly relayed to me by suffering members of the FIs, the ongoing persecution has been terrible in its severity and has resulted in, if not the outright destruction of the order, at least it being gravely wounded.  Prospects for the future of this once flourishing order are now decidedly dim.

What is incredible in the Rorate report below, and which I have gleaned from a few brief contacts of my own with FIs, is the scope of the persecution, its invasiveness in the daily lives of these religious, and the totalitarian regime that has been set up in place of the former leadership. As such, the video below had to be literally “smuggled out” and hidden for the past year-plus, until it could finally be shared below.  It’s like a communist regime persecuting the Church, but this situation is doubly-heartbreaking (and troubling) in that the persecution comes from within.  The message is certainly being sent: if you ever examine Vatican II in a critical light, and show that diabolical “drift,” you’ll be crushed, and mercilessly.  We can only imagine the chilling effect this will have on honest theological and even pastoral discussion in the Church going forward under this pontificate.  Matters like the insulting demotion of Cardinal Burke (for that was the intent) indicate this effect is intended for the entire Church, and not just one sadly hounded order.  Comments from Rorate below:

With all the problems and scandals in the religious life in our times, which seem to be deemed praiseworthy by the highest authorities, what you’ll see in this video is what they find so unacceptable, so horrific, so dangerous that it had to be stomped out and crushed as “specifically ordered by the Vicar of Christ,” Pope Francis.
Punishment and suppression — and with no trial. [And there was really no investigation, either.  As described to me, a survey was sent out, but that was it.  Whatever the survey results said really doesn’t matter, the fix was in from the start and the order was going to be “reformed” and the original leadership removed.  That is the very essence of a totalitarian environment.  Of course, the Church is not a democracy nor should we want it to be, but justice must always be observed, and in this case, it certainly does not seem to have been.  In fact, the treatment of the FIs makes a mockery of justice in the eyes of many]

But perhaps our Lady, on her feastday, is offering a vision very different to that which seems to dominate presently in the Church — a vision of the consecrated life which is, as Simeon says of Christ, a sign of contradiction.

A great number of the friars seen in this film have had to flee after the closing of the seminary, having found themselves in a new atmosphere of doctrinal corruption and moral relaxation, of the disintegration of the religious observance they had avowed themselves to maintain on pain of grave sin. [I cannot imagine how painful that process of disintegration must be for those who feel called to serve God in such a total and intimate capacity.  There really aren’t words to adequately describe their suffering]

We say “flee” because it’s true. We hear from numerous FI saying how they are in danger, how another Friar they know will speak with us “once they’re safe” meaning in a new diocese with a friendly bishop. You’d think they were fleeing 16th Century England and the Tower — but this form of priest hunting is so much more dangerous as it comes from within.

The video:

Damnable promethean neo-pelagian rabbits!  Yeah, that needed to die.

You know, it is said, and generally holds true, that there are two sides to every story.  But in this case, the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence has constantly shown that this “intervention” is an ideological witch-hunt against an order that had the temerity to be drawn towards the traditional practice of the Faith, and which felt bold enough under the prior pontificate to critically examine some aspects of Vatican II. I really think the latter aspect brought down the heavy hand of authority in this case, but the persecution has gone well beyond what was needed to block further examination and protect the “super-dogma” of Vatican II, but has had a much broader impact against many aspects of the traditional practice of the Faith generally.  And that latter part appears to be driven by an ideological animus against that timeless practice of religious life.

I also side very heavily with the “persecution interpretation” of events surrounding the FIs due to the reaction of those who are arguing in favor of it. You know who I mean, I don’t mean to name names, there is only a handful in favor and they have all stood to benefit directly from the intervention.  That small group has been waging a jihad against a simplistic, straw man construction of “traditionalists” for years, going back well before the intervention.  I also reject the argument that the investigation began under the previous pontificate and was thus somehow justifiable……..nothing of any substance occurred under the previous pontificate. But literally within a few scant months of the new pontificate, we’ve seen an order crushed in a manner more severe and draconian than anything seen in the post-conciliar period, while other orders, dying in a sea of heresy and error, continue along their merry path of destruction. I am nearly totally convinced had Pope Benedict XVI not abdicated, this investigation cum witch hunt would have gone nowhere.

The ideological viewpoint of those in favor of the intervention aligns too closely with both the focus points of the investigation – and the heavy-handed steps taken to insure the order as it existed prior to the intervention will never be able to resurrect itself – to be mere accident. This includes suspending, a divinis, Franciscan Friars who attempted to find shelter and re-establish the order on its old footing under friendly bishops, and the threats and reprisals meted out against those same bishops.  We haven’t seen anything remotely like this in the Church in decades.  And it all comes down to the decades old struggle regarding Vatican II as all-trumping super-dogma (demanding, it seems, endless novelty) and its compatability with the 2000 year practice of the Faith.  That struggle has taken a decisive turn in the past 22 months, and the Franciscans of the Immaculate (and the Sisters) are suffering for it.


1. Magdalene - February 2, 2015

I do not agree that the prospects are dim….for the moment perhaps… but this incredibly beautiful charism is carried in the hearts of many and in a different climate in Rome, it will resurface.

The pope knew the FI in Argentina and was not a fan. He does not forget things…

Baseballmom - February 2, 2015

I think you nailed it Magdalene… He does not forget things… But this vindictiveness (forgive me Lord) may well be his undoing…

Tim Thunell - February 3, 2015

Be careful! The Council of Voris has dogmatically declared that anything that remotely resembles criticism of the pope is an “unforgivable” mortal sin. Poor Mr. Matt, Mr. Venarri, and Mr. Ferarra, cast into outer darkness! All the “nasty” “rad-trads”(Catholics) best be careful!

Baseballmom - February 3, 2015

Well, on the CMTV News yesterday there was some criticism of the upcoming encyclical on Climate Change… I think the eyes are beginning to be opened…

2. steveesq - February 2, 2015

I hope you don’t mind, but I reblogged this on my blog so that many more can know about this.

3. Lynn Kuenz - February 2, 2015

The FFI survey, the pre-synod survey and now the women’s “survey” are aids in pushing the modernist agenda. Beware of “surveys”.

4. Murray - February 2, 2015

I remember that in the very early days of the persecution, there were a lot of assurances (by Fr. Z among others) that there was another side to the story that would help explain what was going on. But with every day that passes, the likelihood diminishes that there was ever another “side” that would justify the persecution, and it’s telling that today, no-one apart from the (putative) instigators is still trying to sell this line.

Tantumblogo - February 2, 2015

I agree. I had a lot of thoughts in my head, I re-wrote much of the post about 5 times, but it basically came down to sharing some additional things I’ve been told that are really damning for the “yay for the intervention” side. But I decided I couldn’t really share that. But you are right on, to the extent there is an opposing argument to what I’ve presented, the more time goes by, the less that position seems tenable.

Which makes me ask: is this really what some of those persons want to be hitched to? I get it, you really, really hate this caricature of bogeyman traditionalists you’ve created in your mind, but don’t you see what you’ve hitched your wagon to? Do you really want the FIs to become like Brother Moonbeam and his new age claptrap? Because that seems to be the alternative offered. There really isn’t much of a middle way.

5. richardmalcolm1564 - February 2, 2015

Counting down until Fr. Geiger posts his counterattack in 3,2,1…

richardmalcolm1564 - February 3, 2015

And sure enough, he’s dropped his sabbatical to post a lengthy refutation, as he sees it, of the Rorate post.

Tantumblogo - February 3, 2015

I’m shocked, shocked to find gambling going on in this place!

6. Anonymous - February 3, 2015

When Vatican III happens and it will soon, very soon. All the voices have been neutured.

Franciscans silenced
Legion of Christ castrated
FSSP neutured
SSPX bought thanks to ¨Cardinal¨ Fellay
(deal was made ergo Apolstolic Visitors are
not just whistling dixie)

Only one group is left standing who as a whole can maybe, just maybe stop this madness, sigh, they are more akin to the JBS, look
talk and do nothing. Gird your loins and come along the Via Dolorosa to Calvary where the Church is headed to Her Crucifixion.

Some need to get their facts straight the FIs Investigation began under Pope Benedict not Pope Francis. The Curia licked their chops if their weren´t some abuses ongoing Benedict would have tried to stop it problem is the Curia is corrupt the fix was in.

Maggie - February 3, 2015

Yes, the so called investigation started under B16 but without a doubt no Volpi would’ve been assigned as a commissioner to destroy the Institute under that Pope. It is a moot point now.

Tantumblogo - February 3, 2015


richardmalcolm1564 - February 3, 2015

The Legion of Christ deserved to be castrated. And they weren’t traditional.

7. Marietta - February 3, 2015

SSPX castrated itself by turning down Benedict XVI’s call to come home, the “preamble.”

Augustine Thomas - February 4, 2015

How do you feel about all the modernist heretics who are left unscathed while they continue to pollute the Church from within??

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