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Quick reminder for locals: Bishops Annual Appeal upcoming February 2, 2015

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Locals will already be aware, but you will be asked to make a pledge for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal AND separate “capital campaign” next weekend (Sunday Feb 8).  This annual appeal comes immediately after a 5 year fundraising effort that was as heavily promoted as any this area has seen.  When capital campaign was announced as “being the first of its kind in the 125 year history of the Diocese” I wondered if the Diocese could get along for so long without one, why does it need one now?

But the main point of the post is this:  when you are asked to donate to such causes, never forget that they are inextricably bound up with all the incredibly problematic things we see in the Church from the most local to the highest level.  Not all money stays local.  The Diocese has to kick up to the USCCB, Catholic Relief Services to Caritas Internationale, and all that.  It may not be much, but some of your money will wind up the social justice office at the USCCB.  Or locally.  Some of it might even wind up in the hands of Dallas Area Interfaith and other Alinskyite groups.  It is for that reason I have refused to support any of these appeals, or any USCCB organization, for several years.

And there is more than a bit of gamesmanship involved.  Bishop Grahmann infamously allowed the cathedral to deteriorate badly in order to try to lower the judgment that would be made in the Rudy Kos case.

Every soul has to make their own determination how they will approach moral quandaries like those the appeal cause.  Certainly some or even much good work results from these fund-raising efforts, but some or even much evil, as well.  For one thing, lavish funding is needed to keep the lay-dominated post-conciliar model of the Church running (a model with which I have profound problems).  I bash Catholic Charities and other organizations quite hard for being so dependent on government funding, but with the destruction of religious life their costs have skyrocketed, as well, which only furthers their love for ever-increasing, every reliable government $$$.  And as we know how evil and corrupt the US government has become, and how stringently it insists those organizations it supports adhere to its immoralities, Catholic Relief Services and other organizations so reliant on government funding have been corrupted beyond all measure.  When one sits back and observes, it is amazing how diabolically thorough is the progressive program for the deconstruction of the Church.

But I can understand that souls can feel torn as to whether to donate or not.  While the matter is crystal clear to me, it may not be to everyone.  And then there is the matter that parishes are basically demanded (extorted?) to cough up a certain amount every year.  When a parish comes in way under-budget, the bishop tends to look askance at the pastor. That can afflict your local TLM parish as much as any.  The diocese will get their money, by hook or crook. The only real question is whether they get yours willingly, or not.

As for me, I have decided the answer is not.  And I am always looking for ways so that they don’t get any at all, as harsh as that may sound.

On a related topic, if you like local Catholic scuttlebutt, at least among the hoity-toity set, you might check this link out.  That’s where I found this gem:

IMG_2096-Martin-Short-and-Annette-Gonzales-Taylor (1)

They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t they?  That is Dallas Diocese Director of Communications Annette Gonzalez-Taylor with Martin Short, who apparently ain’t.  I should add, I’ve spoken with Gonzalez-Taylor once or twice and she was never anything but gracious.


1. Joanne S - February 2, 2015

This is all news to me. Stunned! Here’s a recent mainstream media post about CRS as well in the Washington Timeshttp://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/29/catholic-relief-services-graphic-sex-ed-course-inc/?page=all

Joanne S - February 2, 2015
2. Camper - February 3, 2015

The Fraternity needs the money and we are going to give it to the Diocese?! Who are we kidding?

3. TG - February 3, 2015

We had ours in December. I weakened and gave a small amount that I hoped stayed locally. I wrote a letter and told them I was giving the majority of what I would like to give them to the local maternity shelter and to the National Organization for Marriage, who is more vocal about marriage between a man and a woman than the Catholic Church. I didn’t mentioned the FSSP even though I donate to them because I don’t want bishops to start a retaliation against them.

4. David - February 3, 2015

I told the Dallas Diocese that mine went to the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA. The military archdiocese receives NO government funding, and its priests in uniform have permission from their ordinary or religious superior to serve. Catholic priests are only given Reserve commissions, not regular commissions, and must have three years of priestly ministry after ordination before being accepted to Army, Air Force, or Navy Chaplain school.

5. skeinster - February 3, 2015

This is a wretched decision.

I’m torn between being simon pure and giving nothing to the diocese (I’m technically in Fort Worth, anyway), and at the same time, not endangering the parish by non-compliance and with the understanding that we do owe something to the diocese for its work.

Which, I admit, sounds a bit selfish, but twenty years crammed into the Carmel’s chapel will do that.

New Bible reading plan had me in John 3, which speaks to this:

“You will do well to send them on their journey as befits God’s service. For they have set out for His sake and have accepted nothing from the heathen. So we ought to support such men, that we may be fellow workers in the truth.”
3 John 6-8

If for “heathen”, read “government”, that would be a good guideline.

6. Dennis Hogan - February 7, 2015

I no longer give money to any cause that specifically names the US bishops as promoters or recipents. As a group they have failed the Church.
The last straw for me was the recent despicable shenanigans of the bishop of Ft. Worth.
There are plenty of worthy causes to which I can donate and fulfill the commandment to give to the support of the Church.

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