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Take the endless, painful, and frustrating survey for the 2015 Synod February 6, 2015

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So, the Diocese of Dallas (ht MJD) has on their website a Survey for the 2015 session of the Synod on the Family.  46 questions, all worthy of a multi-paragraph it not a multi-page response. I did not go that far, but I bet I just spend 5000 words on that thing if I spent one.  What a nightmare.  My spleen feels well vented, I can tell you that.

So, I guess this thing is the “official” survey.  Many probably saw some of the questions from last year when this thing was first trotted out. They are every bit as bad and misleading as I feared.  The diocesan website, upon completing the survey, doesn’t say “your results will be forwarded to Rome,” but something like “we’ll look over what you had to say, and then decide whether to include much or any of it.”  So, I probably am only going to bore some flunky at the chancery for a few minutes, until they hit delete, but I feel I did my ecclesiastical duty.

Man are those questions bad, though. I agree with Cardinal Burke and others, the questions really drive towards a conclusion as the survey goes on.  Much of it is in stilted, obtuse, academic language, but you can tell a point is being subtly driven home: “wouldn’t it be merciful to grant the Blessed Sacrament to those in disordered/sinful/abusive relationships?”  I had copied down some of the questions to share, but then I lost them!  But, the problems with the survey questions, and their leading/disordered nature, was discussed a great deal already last year.  They did not appear to be any different in this case.

So, if you want, take the survey.  They do ask for your address, but I suspect it wouldn’t be impossible to spoof if you live outside the Diocese. I frankly doubt to many kasual katholycs are going to bother sitting through 46 interminable questions.  But then again, given how many of those same folks work for parishes and probably the chancery, who knows?  So, it might be a good thing to balance out the rah-rah for the revolution crowd, if they’re present.  It would be pretty funny to have some cardinal scratching his head about why Dallas is such a bunch of radical neo-pelagian promethean rabbits.

Yeah, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 3 hours with no posts.


1. c matt - February 9, 2015

How did you find the Dallas survey? Was it linked on their website? The Houston-Galveston diocese does not mention the survey on their website – even though Cdl DiNardo is slated to attend. Seems they don’t care to hear from us – I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

2. The Bear - February 10, 2015

Even worse that I expected.

3. Bai Macfarlane - February 10, 2015

Hi Larry,

If you are not already aware, I imagine you would be interested in seeing what the Catholic canon law says about separation and divorce. As director of “Mary’s Advocates” a non-profit organization upholding marriage, I prepared a document for bishops before the October 2014 synod and have received warm thank you letters from Cardinals Raymond Burke, Timothy Dolan, and George Pell; Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, and John Nienstedt; and Bishop Frank Caggiano.

Document is titled: “Mary’s Advocates Observations: Separation, Divorce, and Annulment, The Pastoral Care Described in the Catechism, and The Canon Law and the Prevalent Pastoral Practice in the United States”

If you provide me with your shipping address, I’d be pleased to send you a paperback version with big fold-out flowcharts. Or you can find text on our website. http://www.MarysAdvocates.org.

Thank you,
Bai Macfarlane

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