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Cardinal Marx produces a torrent of error and dubious statements while visiting US February 10, 2015

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Hilary White at Life Site News has a blockbuster headline on Cardinal Reinhard Marx, clearly one of the most influential prelates over the current pontificate (hoarding billions of state-funded Euros being a pretty powerful source of influence): “Cardinal hits young traditionalists who want to “be clear in their positions'” calls it the beginning of terrorism.”

It is certain Cardinal Marx makes a number of troubling statements below, seemingly oriented towards spreading confusion and doubt.  I’m not 100% convinced he meant to denounce traditional Catholics as terrorists, but see what you think. I’m going to skip White’s summation and jump right in to some of Marx’s quotes:

He added, “The church says that a gay relationship is not on the same level as a relationship between a man and a woman. That is clear. But when they are faithful, when they are engaged for the poor, when they are working, it is not possible to say, ‘Everything you do, because you are a homosexual, is negative.’” [There is such a huge conflation going on here.  Certainly, on the human level, those in perverse lifestyles who do what is apparently the holiest of holies – “engaged for the poor” – aren’t doing anything negative, necessarily.  But this completely excludes any understanding of sanctifying Grace and our eternal end.  This is an incredibly confusing statement of basically no import whatsoever, but it is phrased to sound important.  So he is saying: “homosexuals can do good works.”  Yeah, so can satanists.  So can any sinner. But that doesn’t mean those works are efficacious of Grace, which is, or should be, what a Catholic Cardinal talks about.  We will see this same tendency to confuse as we go along]

In his Stanford lecture, Cardinal Marx said, “I had a discussion with some of the students,” before the lecture, who asked him, “‘Cardinal is it true that the younger people are more traditional?’ And that’s true. [Interesting to see that fact acknowledged]

“But that is not dangerous,” he said. “I have no problem with tradition. But we have also the tendencies that the people want to be clear in their positions. Black and white populism is growing in Europe. And that is the beginning, perhaps, of populism, of terrorism, that’s clear.” [Is he saying that traddies are a step away from terrorism?  Or did he switch topics midstream and start thinking/talking of things like nationalism and even fundamentalist islam?  When I first read this, I thought the latter, but re-reading it several times, I think he is trying to lump in the traditional practice of the Faith with any fundie movement. This is also a heckuva swipe coming from the nation that gave us Marx, Engels, Nietzsche, and National Socialism]

“The atmosphere of reducing the complexity of the world, to give simple answers, to give black and white answers, is growing, and I think that is very dangerous,” the cardinal said.  [Well, modernists love shades of grey, fuzzy answers, and confusion.  They hate theological clarity. Pope St. Pius X and the experience of 100 years make that clear]

…..“The centre of the message is, ‘Heaven is open. Look, heaven is open. You have free entrance.  [Is it just me or is this all but saying all are saved?] Come. That is the first sermon of Jesus…Convert yourself and be confident to the Gospel. To the good news. And from this, we are celebrating. That’s the main topic. We are celebrating this in our Eucharists, and in our gatherings.” [But see how he does that?  How he goes from “Heaven is open” to Christ’s command: repent/convert and be saved.  Those are not equivalent statements.  Marx, and many like him in the Church, are pulling the biggest and worst bait and switch in history: “All are saved!”  Except they’re not. Is that what we look for in Catholic leadership today? Is that not what Archbishop Lenga denounced?]

“But the very special point in the New Testament is that Jesus is not saying, ‘When you are good to God, God is good to you.’ No!” Marx said, “God is giving his love to you. Come. Be embraced by the Lord, and then you will live in a different way.” [That is not what Christ said.  He said “Your sins are forgiven (after true repentance). NOW GO AND SIN NO MORE.”  What Marx, et. al., want to have the Church say is: “Your sins are forgotten.  So don’t worry about them and keep partyin’ like hell.” Literally]

…..On the subject of the divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receiving Communion, Marx said, “I am astonished that some can say, ‘Everything is clear’ on this topic. [yes they are, in spite of your cheap shot at Cardinal Burke.]  Things are not clear. It is not about church doctrine being determined by modern times.”  [Literally, watch this. We go from…..it’s not about church doctrine being determined by modern times, to……]

It is a question of aggiornamento,  [!!!]  to say it in a way that the people can understand, and to always adapt our doctrine to the Gospel  [declaring, at present, it is not “adapted” to the Gospel] , to theology, in order to find in a new way the sense of what Jesus said, the meaning of the tradition of the church and of theology and so on. There is a lot to do.”….. [ONLY IF YOU SEEK TO REDEFINE THE FAITH AND CONTRADICT THE PLAIN WORDS OF CHRIST.  Otherwise, there is nothing to do.  This is just incredible double-speak, I’m sorry, I have a very hard time not seeing this as nothing but pure, unadulterated modernist prevarication]

…….“Some bishops at the synod said, ‘They are living in sin.’ But others said, ‘You cannot say that somebody is in sin every day. That is not possible. [Oh bullshit. I bet every single one of you super-lefty prelates would happily say that Adolf Hitler lived in sin every single day he was having Jews exterminated. Do prostitutes who lay with a dozen different men and spike up 5 times a day “sin every day?”  You are just seeking to explain away an utterly unCatholic, impermissible move you want to make for the sake of cultural acceptance and the sake of the almighty $$$.  And as a recovering addict, I can assure you, it is very possible to sin every day, and I was married to the same woman the entire time, too!]  You see, there are questions we must speak about.” He said it is important the Synod does not have “the spirit of ‘all or nothing.’ It is not a good way.” [They continue to seek ways to obliterate doctrine while pretending it still exists]

We must find ways to welcome them.  [Why?  Who says? Did a third stone fall from Heaven with a new, 11th Commandment, saying “thou must welcome the adulterer and sodomite?  What you mean is, I/we demand that it be so.  This is entirely about will to power and, as you will see, money]  We have to use our imagination in asking, ‘Can we do something?’ Perhaps it is not possible in some situations. That is not the question. The focus must be on how to welcome people.”

[And now for the reveal……]   The German bishops’ have repeatedly stated, in the face of opposition in the past from Pope Benedict XVI and now from the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, that they will simply defy the teaching of the Church and her norms of practice and start offering divorced and civilly remarried Catholics Communion. [So this almost certainly has much less to do with Truth, or mercy, or anything else, but the continuation and perpetuation of what the German bishops think will bolster their precious Church tax.  The funny thing is, German Catholics are not falling away – read that as failing to pay the Church tax – over whether they can receive Communion as adulterers or not. They are falling away, and say so, because they feel the Church in their country is irrelevant and corrupt.  And who could argue?]

———–End Quote————

But they always fail to mention, that they automatically excommunicate, and even refuse Church burial to, those who refuse to pay the Almighty German Church Tax.  So they have unlimited mercy for sodomites and adulterers, but those who object in conscience to paying a tax to support a corrupt and obscene administration are kicked out of the Church.  Some mercy.   Actions like that appear as Machiavellian as the very worst Renaissance Borgias.


1. Baseballmom - February 10, 2015

The advance man for the pope’s visit in Fall….

Tantumblogo - February 10, 2015

Correct. Getting the talking points out

2. Rebecca Joan - February 11, 2015

I guess ‘the just man falls seven times a day’ doesn’t count as someone being able to sin every day. What a load of heretical modernist trash. These people don’t even know what the bible says, much less what Catholic teaching is.

3. TLM - February 11, 2015

Oh, I beg to differ Rebecca. I think they know EXACTLY what the Bible says, and they know EXACTLY the teaching of the Church. They just want to ‘reinterpret’ true Catholicism. Baldissiri said it perfectly before the start of the 2014 Sin-Od: they would look at the current interpretation of natural law to see if it fits in 2014. That to me said it all.

4. TG - February 11, 2015

As Mundabor would say “me smells a fag”.

Baseballmom - February 11, 2015

Needed a good chuckle this morning…. Thank you! 🙂

TG - February 11, 2015

This is mild. Mundabor was really, really harsh in his blog toward this Cardinal. The language was x-rated so fair warning.

5. c matt - February 11, 2015

Well, modernists love shades of grey

50 shades, to be precise.

6. Camper - February 11, 2015

Most of our bishops have the morality of the rabble. They are little.

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