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Rising opposition? Open-letter from bishop-emeritus strongly denounces direction of Church February 10, 2015

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A very important exclusive from Rorate below, an open letter from Archbishop Emeritus Jan Pawel Lenga, formerly ordinary for the Diocese of Karaganda, Kazakhstan.  I suspected that the very strong defense of the Faith given by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, also of Kazakhstan, was indicative of a relatively strong episcopal backing in his home country.  This letter seems to confirm that at least to some degree.  I only wish Archbishop Lenga was still ordinary, and not retired (mandatory episcopal retirement being another innovation of Pope Paul VI) – his words would have that much more effect.

The crisis in the Faith has been going on for 50 years.  But the potential for further revolution, which in many respects seemed to have slackened under Benedict XVI, has accelerated of late, or at least the threat of it doing so.  Perhaps that is why this archbishop chose now to make his statement.  Is this a sign of a growing opposition to the potential for further radical change in the Church?  I pray so.  Unfortunately, the experience of the past 50 years has also shown that prelates willing to honestly describe the crisis and the errors that are driving it are far too rare.  It could be a matter of too little, too late.  Again, I pray not, but we’ll see.

I basically copy the whole thing below. I was originally only going to copy the best bits, but the whole thing is really surprisingly good and also very rare from a bishop.  He touches on a number of taboo subjects, including how bishops are selected and the politics that have predominated over the past several decades.  The whole piece is a must read.  I add emphasis and comments:

These are my convictions and they are dictated by my love of the Church and by the desire for her authentic renewal in Christ. I am forced to resort to this public means of expression because I fear that any other method would be greeted by a brick wall of silence and jpldisregard. 

I am aware of possible reactions to my open letter. But at the same time the voice of my conscience will not allow me to remain silent, while the work of God is being slandered. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church and showed us in word and deed how one should fulfill the will of God. The apostles to whom He bestowed authority in the Church, fulfilled with zeal the duty entrusted to them, suffering for the sake of the truth which had to be preached, since they “obeyed God rather than men”.

Unfortunately in our days it is increasingly evident that the Vatican through the Secretariat of State has taken the course of political correctness.  Some Nuncios have become propagators of liberalism and modernism. They have acquired expertise in the principle “sub secreto Pontificio”, by which one manipulates and silences the mouths of the bishops. And that what the Nuncio tells them appears as it would be almost certainly the wish of the Pope. With such methods one separates the bishops from one another to the effect that the bishops of a country can no longer speak with one voice in the spirit of Christ and His Church in defending faith and morals. This means that, in order not to fall into disfavour with the Nuncio some bishops accept their recommendations, which are sometimes based on nothing other than on their own words. Instead of zealously spreading the faith, courageously preaching the doctrine of Christ, standing firm in the defense of truth and of morals, the meetings of the Bishops’ Conferences often deal with issues which are foreign to the nature of the duties of the successors of the apostles. [Boy ain’t that right.  That is the prime reason why I would like to see episcopal conferences abrogated, they have become centers of not just matters foreign to the right conduct of the Faith, but frequently positively opposed to it.  Bureaucracies are deadly for vigorous piety. The Church bureaucracy, through the conferences, absolutely exploded after VII]

One can observe at all levels of the Church an obvious decrease of the “sacrum”. The “spirit of the world” feeds the shepherds. The sinners give the Church the instructions for how she has to serve them. In their embarrassment the Pastors are silent on the current problems and abandon the sheep while they are feeding themselves. The world is tempted by the devil and opposes the doctrine of Christ. Nevertheless the Pastors are obliged to teach the whole truth about God and men “in season and out”. [My response to the hours long survey for the Ordinary Synod on the Family could be boiled down to “preach the Faith!”  Which hasn’t been done in decades, by and large.  The above is a very good description of the infection of worldliness in Church leaders and rot it causes]

However, during the reign of the last holy Popes one could observe in the Church the greatest disorder concerning the purity of the doctrine and the sacredness of the liturgy, in which Jesus Christ is not paid the visible honour which he is due. In not a few Bishop’s Conferences the best bishops are “persona non grata”. Where are apologists of our days, who would announce to men in a clear and comprehensible manner the threat of the risk of loss of faith and salvation? [There are a few, mostly laity with a few priests. Some of those priests have sadly fallen and given grave scandal.  As for the best bishops being persona non grata…….that’s so very, very true.  They frequently get torpedoed by their modernist brethren, as is occurring to Cardinal Burke and Bishop Finn right now]

In our days the voice of the majority of the bishops rather resembles the silence of the lambs in the face of furious wolves, the faithful are left like defenseless sheep……In today’s world the bishops must liberate themselves from all worldly bonds and – after they have done penance  – convert to Christ so that strengthened by the Holy Spirit they may announce Christ as the one and only Saviour. Ultimately one must give account to God for all that was done and for all what wasn’t done. [Dang right. But the vast majority of bishops conduct their office as if they will never be judged.  Then again, that diabolical error of universal salvation – if they even believe in God anymore – is as widespread among bishops – if not more so – than it is among the laity]

 wyd.Lenga   In my opinion the weak voice of many bishops is a consequence of the fact, that in the process of the appointment of new bishops the candidates are insufficiently examined with regard to their doubtless steadfastness and fearlessness in the defense of the faith, with regard to their fidelity to the centuries-old traditions of the Church and their personal piety. In the issue of the appointment of new bishops and even cardinals it is becoming increasingly apparent that sometimes preference is given to those who share a particular ideology or to some groupings which are alien to the Church and which have commissioned the appointment of a particular candidate.   [This is all so very true.  And these are subjects that even the best bishops – Burke, Schneider – almost never address. This is deep into Church politics and the inner workings of how the revolution perpetuates itself. This letter is a goldmine, and I think we all recognize how frightfully accurate it is]  Furthermore it appears that sometimes consideration is given also to the favour of the mass media which usually makes a mockery of holy candidates painting a negative picture of them, whereas the candidates who in a lesser degree own the spirit of Christ are praised as open and modern. On the other side the candidates who excel in apostolic zeal, have courage in proclaiming the doctrine of Christ and show love for all that is holy and sacred, are deliberately eliminated. [Thus, the episcopate we have today, which is so shocking and scandalous.  The best are eliminated as a matter of course.  Now, there are some relatively good bishops, there was some improvement in the previous pontificate (along with some shocking exceptions, like Tagle), but the Catholic episcopate today – and this is key – is a shadow of its former self. Even the very best bishops today would have been on the mediocre side 70-80 years ago or more.]

…..At the beginning of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, I wrote a letter to him in which I begged him to appoint holy bishops……

……Unfortunately, it is obvious that, Pope Benedict XVI has often not succeeded in this issue. It is difficult to believe that Pope Benedict XVI freely renounced his ministry as successor of Peter. Pope Benedict XVI was the head of the Church, his entourage however has barely translated his teachings into life, bypassed them often in silence or has rather obstructed his initiatives for an authentic reform of the Church, of the liturgy, of the manner to administer Holy Communion. In view of a great secrecy in the Vatican for many bishops it was realistically impossible to help the Pope in his duty as head and governor of the whole Church.  [Archbishop Lenga apparently feel,s as I do, that there was far more to the story regarding Pope Benedict’s abdication than what we have been told publicly. I know even considering that possibility upsets some people, but growing evidence indicates he was coerced, and perhaps even tricked, into abdication.  One day, possibly, the story will be told.]

————End Quote———–

by noting the masonic plan to infiltrate and corrupt the Church through their control of the culture from which the Church comes.  Thus, without often even knowing it, younger generations of priests and prelates brought revolutionary liberal ideas into the Church.  However, the Church quite successfully resisted this infiltration – under the guidance of very holy Popes – for at least a century or more.  But after St. Pius X, perhaps the popes were not as vigilant, or preoccupied with great matters like the two world wars and the subsequent suicide of Europe, and allowed these ideas to flourish, even mostly underground in the Church.  Whatever the case, there can be no doubt the “counter-syllabus” burst into reality at Vatican II, and hasn’t been even remotely rolled back, since.

But it will take many more prelates, and those still actively administering dioceses, speaking the Truth with charity and clarity as above, for things to start to change. I do think Pope Francis is starting to bring some opposition out of the woodwork, that fear over the direction of the Church is causing some orthodox prelates who would normally go along to get along to speak their mind.  We’ve seen growing evidence of that of late, if most of the statements have lacked the clarity and force they really need.  The above……..that should be more or less the standard for what we see from all manner of prelates in the Church, who maybe try to voice their opinions privately, only to see them blocked from having any real effect.

The public expose’ is really the only way to get this kind of critical examination of the crisis to be heard, then.  It may cause scandal, it certainly afflicts the comfortable, but I think it is also extremely necessary and way, way past due.

Good on Archbishop Lenga.  And, naturally, he wears a cassock, as he should.



1. TG - February 10, 2015

I read the letter on Lifesite News. I hope it gets more exposure. Tantum, this is off topic but I need advice. My parish has an envelope to give to World and Home missions- what do you think of it? Is it safe to give? Right now I don’t want to give to anything the church recommends unless it’s local. Let me know what you think, please.

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4. Baseballmom - February 10, 2015

His description of how prelates are chosen fits the Cupich promotion to a “T”….. May God bless this courageous Archbishop.

5. John - February 11, 2015

Wonderful post. God bless you.

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