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“Catholic” Marquette University to fire last conservative professor? February 11, 2015

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That’s what the university president said.  Marquette University, a university in the Jesuit tradition of modernism, left-wing identity politics, and obfuscation, has apparently decided tenure is only inviolable when it applies to those who toe the progressive line.  For conservatives/faithful Catholics, it is quite capable of being violated:

The Dean of Marquette University has told conservative professor John McAdams that the university has begun the process of revoking his tenure and firing him.

In a lengthy letter, Dean Richard Hotz told McAdams, “…your conduct clearly and substantially fails to meet the standards of personal and professional excellence that generally characterizes University faculties. As a result, your value to this academic institution is substantially impaired.”

For years McAdams has been a conservative thorn in the side of liberal Marquette. On his Marquette Warrior blog, he has chronicled the liberal foibles of Marquette faculty, staff and students.

At issue this time was a blog post McAdams published last November 9th in which he described a classroom situation where Cheryl Abbate, a junior faculty member, shut down a student who wanted to discuss his opposition to same-sex marriage because she considered it an unacceptable topic in her ethics class and would be on par with a discussion favoring racism or sexism. She also said such a discussion would offend any gay students in class.

The student confronted the teacher after class, secretly recording her as she confirmed her belief that opposition to gay marriage and adoption was not an appropriate topic for classroom discussion. She said, “You can have whatever opinions you want but I can tell you right now, in this class homophobic comments, racist comments, and sexist comments will not be tolerated.” She then suggested he drop the class.[How long before we are thrown in prison over being Catholic in public?  How long until the Obama administration, or some other one, declares this blog hate speech and has internet providers shut it down?]

On his Marquette Warrior blog, McAdams wrote, “Abbate, of course, was just using a tactic typical among liberals now. Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong, and are not to be argued against on their merits, but are deemed ‘offensive’ and need to be shut up.”

That’s because their arguments have few if any merits, and can only be enforced by naked force. Welcome to the Brave New World of liberalism in action!  I tell you, I used to think it a goofy fantasy, but now I believe there is a very good chance something very much like Huxley’s World Government will come into being in my lifetime.

Professor McAdams was further quoted in the piece as saying that the university professor basically made up a bunch of calumnious, false accusations against him to ram this revocation of tenure and firing through.  I think there is something to his claim that the university just wants to shut this conservative critic the heck up.

Over the past 100 years or more, we’ve seen a steady progression of what were first kooky academic ideas become mainstream orthodoxy.  Increasingly in the academy, voices in opposition to extreme leftism are declared illegitimate, without rights, and are summarily exorcised.  This trend, already well-advanced in academia, is becoming more and more prevalent in the broader culture.  I do not think it a wild claim at all to state that major tenets of Catholicism will be declared illegal hate speech in our lifetimes.

The only question, to what degree will the Church, in the form of its visible leaders, oppose that trend?  How many bishops and priests will be jailed in some future socialist police state over their willingness to preach the Truth.

If the last 50 years are any indication, it won’t be very many.  So we can expect to be excoriated by the Katholycs in the Church for giving witness to the Faith, should we be blessed enough to do so.

In the meantime, I will be praying for strength.

The lives of the Saints contradict the model of “mercy” being promoted to advance an agenda February 11, 2015

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I wrote the previous blog post with the idea of following it with another one, on a different subject.  We are hearing constantly in the Church – exclusively from those with an agenda to drive, an ideology at stake – that the Church “must” extend “mercy” to those in “unusual situations.”  Every single one of the quotes is either just a bald assertion with no basis in fact, or else is demonstrably false.  For one, adultery through divorce and remarriage without an annulment is not unusual in the slightest, it’s as common as water.  The “must” is coming from those who have sought to change inconvenient aspects of the Church’s Doctrine for decades, and generally (or entirely?) for prurient, worldly motives.

As to whether mercy is being extended – I do not think it merciful to tell souls lost in sin, and utterly unrepentant about it (which is very different from “feeling bad” about it, or maybe recognizing they’ve fallen short of an ideal), that they should heap sin on sin by receiving the Blessed Sacrament unworthily, adding sacrilege to adultery, sodomy, fornication, or whatever else they’re doing.

I said in the previous post that I find the statements and actions of Marx, et. al., to be very alien to my Catholic sensus fidei.  While not will achieve heroic levels of visible sanctity in this life, all are called to be saints, and I drew comparisons between the lives of some Saints and the conduct of the lives of many progressive leaders in the Church.  I find the distance between those Saints and so many leaders today unbridgeable.

As an example, I’ll quote a bit from The Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, whose entry into religious life took place, incidentally, on the Feast of Saint Louis and 300 years to the day before my birth.  Yes, this is a great Saint, given prodigious gifts by God, but what struck me most about reading the below was how it  this Saint’s life represented a living contradiction to the form of “mercy” being broadcast today.  Saint Margaret Mary, as with so many other Saints, lived self-denial to heroic levels and did not clamor for the Church to change Dogmas handed to us directly by the Second Person of the Trinity in order to cover over her own transgressions. I dare say, the Saint would have been completely mortified at the thought:

“Her actions corresponded to her words.  The plainest and coarsest food that could be found in the convent appeared to her too delicate for a sinner such as herself; so she seasoned it with ashes to render it more unpalatable. She deprived herself of every kind of beverage; and at one time she took the resolution not to drink anything from Thursday until Saturday of every week.  Reproved by her superiors, and obliged by them to slake her thirst, she resorted to a thousand inventions to do so only with water tepid and unpleasant to the taste.  At night she put planks in her bed, and even strewed it with fragments of broken potsherds.  “Had she been permitted,” wrote her superioress, Mother de Daumaise, “she would have martyrized her body with vigils, disciplines, and other mortifications, although during six whole years I saw her in the enjoyment of health for only five months.” [Indeed, Saint Margaret Mary, even before she entered the Visitation convent, so severely disciplined herself that blood ran down her back and she was rarely without great red scabs/welts]

…….Margaret Mary’s sole happiness was to kiss the wounds of the sick, and press her lips to the most disgusting ulcers. Once, in particular, when nursing a Sister dying with cancer of the stomach, and who could not retain anything upon it, she wished to clear away her vomit.  She did it with her lips and tongue, saying to Jesus Christ: “If I had a thousand bodies, a thousand loves, and a thousand lives, I should wish to sacrifice them all, in order to be Thy slave.”  “And,” she added, “I found so much delight in this action that i longed for daily occasions to teach me to overcome myself in the same manner, and to have God alone for witness.” ”

———–End Quote———–

If I had a thousand bodies, a thousand loves, and a thousand lives, I should wish to sacrifice them all, in order to be Thy slave.

Obviously, Saint Margaret Mary received such enormous Grace that even something as unnaturally revolting as cleaning someone else’s vomit with her own mouth was possible for her.  Not all of us will necessarily receive such enormous Grace, and even fewer would have the ability to cooperate it with it so selflessly.

But that’s not the important point. The important point is the quote – I would wish to sacrifice myself to be Your slave, Lord.  That should be the mentality all of us have, to the degree that we possibly can.  It goes without saying, this mentality of self-sacrifice and death to self is the utter opposite of what is being encouraged by the false notions of mercy that are being promoted with a Madison Avenue pitch and fervor. It is mercy in the sense the world understands it, not in the sense God does.

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, pray for us.


A brief rebuttal to Cardinal Marx: Romans hated Catholic “extremism,” too February 11, 2015

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Cardinal Marx made news of late with his statements to American audiences that traditional Catholicism was dangerous because of its “black and white” view of the Faith, which would lead to sentiments that bread terrorism.

So I was thinking about that last night, and I recalled how often in reading about the lives of the Saints, they were castigated, tortured, and killed by Roman authorities for being so black and white, narrow-minded, and extremist in their views.  That was the major Roman complaint about Christianity: not that it was another religion.  They had no problem with that at all. Their problem with it was that Christianity preached an exclusive Faith, a Faith that would allow no other.  The Romans had a great pantheon of “gods,” and were happy to insert Jesus Christ among them, so long as Christians recognized the other pretend gods, and especially the god-hood of the emperor.

Hasn’t this always been “the trouble with Christians?”  Our exclusivist views, our demands for conversion, our refusal to pretend that other gods are efficacious of anything holy?  Did not Saint Paul say “All the gods of the gentiles are devils?”   And hasn’t there always been – at least since Constantine recognized the Faith and stopped persecuting it – a strong temptation among many in the Church to go along to get along with the world?  How else should we view Cardinal Marx’s comments, then?  He pretends not to touch doctrine, but his comments are rife with reference to the world, to those fallen away, to those who, for whatever reason, fail to accord their lives in major ways to the belief of the Church.  His rhetoric, his objectives – which are also those of Cardinal Kasper, Baldisseri, Rodriguez, and too many others to list – are exactly the kind of thing so many martyrs died to prevent.

Saint Agnes died rather than allow herself to be corrupted even slightly in morals. Saint Barbara was killed by her own father because she refused to sacrifice the virginity she had consecrated to Christ. St. Margaret Mary Alocoque turned down numerous offers of marriage and worldly honors and riches in order to spend her life serving Christ in a cloister.  The world, in its false wisdom, looks on these young lives lost to death or “waste” and thinks they are crazy, deluded.  But Catholics know better.  Or did.  And I could literally go through thousands of other examples.

But today, the German Church, with plenty of allies from other regions, is pushing to destroy the entire moral edifice of the Faith in the pursuance of their own worldly interest – in this case, filthy lucre.  Or, at least, that’s certainly how it appears to all the world, all the talk of mercy notwithstanding (and which is utterly denied to those who fail to pay the “sacred” church tax).

I know virtue demands we not make sweeping judgments of other’s character, but I cannot help feeling that men like Cardinal Marx have lost the Faith, or never had it in the first place.  They simply do not get it.  I’m a convert, and I know I have a lot of holes in my understanding of the Faith, and even more putting that understanding into practice, and yet even I recognize Marx, Kasper, and all their ilk seem to have truly lost the plot. Heck, my non-Catholic parents and family recognize that.  There is not even a remote sense of the kind of passion and intense love in these political creatures as there was in the great Saints of the past – or the present, for that matter.  Although ours is a time noted for its paucity of Saints, a few notable exceptions excluded.

I know I’m restating the obvious for many folks, but I think this does need to be said over and over and over again.  So many of these leaders pushing for the final, irrevocable revolution in the Church seem just utterly cut off from the example of the Apostles they are called, and duty bound, to uphold.

May God have mercy on them, and us.


UN figure admits: global warming scare just a tool to “transform……economic model” February 11, 2015

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And I don’t think she means they’re going to push for a distributist model.  No, I think it’s safe to assume she means socialism:

At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said. [I’d say it’s pretty clear she is referring to capitalism]

Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”

Gee, not much hubris there.  Because 12 billion people over hundreds of years just have to have gotten it wrong.  Of course, only the new aristocracy can get it right.

I understand many traditional Catholics have grave reservations with the current economic model of corporate-government capitalism.  I share many of those reservations, and outrage at certain immoralities in the system.  Having said that, it is certain Ms. Figueres is not advocating distributism and is in fact pushing for even more socialism or even communism.

She certainly appears to have a communist mindset.  “The task we have given ourselves……” is exactly the same task the nomenklatura of the communist party of the Soviet Union gave to itself to “transform” the economy of Imperial Russia into communism. And how did that work out?  It was a disaster.  Communism has been a disaster everywhere, because it’s fundamental assumptions and understandings of the working of all economic systems is false. But it fails mostly because 100,000, 1 million, or even 10 million bureaucrats  – no matter how disinterested, no matter how smart (and they are rarely either) – cannot possibly make economic decisions of the same quality as 6 billion people perhaps a lot less smart than they are, but who have a far more intimate understanding of their own needs.

I know this post belongs in the “water is wet” category: anyone with a brain has been able to see for over 20 years that after communism failed, many communists simply migrated to the environmental movement and continued pushing the same destructive policies they always have.  Still……statements like this, which tip the hand more than a little, should be marked and remembered.  The broader scandal is the willingness of the scientific community to prostitute itself so nakedly in favor of an incredibly dubious theory in order to get more government funding, and, most likely, advance their own progressive views.  Still, with increasing evidence of data tampering and absolutely no true growth in global temperatures for nearly two decades now – and much higher temperatures at many points in the past  – one thinks that eventually the lid must be blown off this scandal.

I really do hope that day comes, because I for one am exhausted with the dominant tendency in our society to regard science as a religion.  I would hope that yet another enormous scientific scandal (there is another ongoing one regarding the disastrous nutritional advice scientists have been dispensing for decades through the government) might start to shake people out of their faith in this false religion.

Another matter is the scandal of the Church’s involvement in the endorsement of this error.  We are to get an encyclical on this very subject shortly, and we have seen the USCCB and many other bureaucratic organs in the Church supporting the gerbil worming agenda wholeheartedly since its inception. Which only goes to show the inevitable tendency for all bureaucracies to become havens of left wing advocacy over time – yet another reason to smash post-conciliar novelty of episcopal conferences and massive lay bureaucracy in the Church.

But I shan’t hold my breath on any of the above.  Global warming has become a huge industry, tens of thousands of scientists and technicians are dependent on funding associated with it for their livelihoods (and many lucrative perks, like those glorious conferences in Cancun, Copenhagen, Paris, and Davos), and it is an article of faith among the sexular pagan left.  I pray sanity prevails, but I do not count on it.  In fact, I foresee us having to fight this monster for decades to come.