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Saint Anthony Marie Claret on feminine modesty February 12, 2015

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I don’t know how many readers are familiar with the life of Saint Anthony Marie Claret, or have read his biography, but he was one mighty Saint.  A Spaniard, he truly had that Apostolic fire we so desperately need nowadays.  Such a great leader and restorer of the Faith was he, after he had StAnthonyMaryClaretbrought the diocese of Santiago de Cuba back from the abyss of laxitude and error, those lost in sin tried to have him murdered.  The murderer almost succeeded – the Saint’s face was badly gashed – but that did not deter Saint Anthony from continuing his mission.  He later served in a very difficult position as confessor to the Queen of Spain, at a time when Spain was terribly divided between the French revolutionary leftist faction, and the faithful traditional Catholic faction – the same conflict that has afflicted Spain from 1806 to the present day.

His native Spanish blood, the egregious abuses he had seen at the hands of the liberals, his strength of Faith, and the trial of bitter conflict all contributed to a man who saw the truths of the Faith as clearly, and as starkly, as any.  I give this description as a bit of preamble to the Saint’s exhortation in favor of feminine modesty below, because it’s a pretty strong statement.  But I think that strength and clarity is needed in our own time even more than it was in Claret’s day (via Fr. Peter Carota):

“Now observe, my daughter, the contrast between the luxurious dress of many women and raiment and adornments of Jesus… Tell me: what relation do their fine shoes bear to the spikes in Jesus’ feet? The rings on their hands to the nails which perforated His? The fashionable coiffure to the crown of thorns? The painted face to That covered with bruises? Shoulders exposed by the low-cut gown to His, all striped with Blood? Ah, but there is a marked likeness between these worldly women and the Jews who, incited by the devil, scourged Our Lord! At the hour of such a woman’s death I think Jesus will be heard asking: ‘Cujus est imago haec et circumscripto—Of whom is she the image?’ And the reply will be: ‘Demonii—of the devil.’ Then He will say: ‘Let her who has followed the devil’s fashions be handed over to him; and to God, those who have imitated the modesty of Jesus and Mary”

The problem with our age, unique in the history of Christendom, is that people have forgotten about God, yes, but they’ve especially forgotten about their particular judgment. Or they think “judgment” is just high-fiving Saint Peter as they sashay through the Pearly Gates.

The devil loves that.

098_StAntonioMarieClaretIn our egalitarian time, I should probably add that the same criticisms could be directed at men, as well.  I was looking at some pictures of fashions from the late 1500s earlier today, and male fashions were in some respects even more over the top in luxury and pomp than were women’s.  That’s generally not too often the case today, but there are $10,000 Saville Row suits, silk shirts, and all that for men, too.

Another factor to keep in mind is the historically unprecedented comfort in which virtually all of us are ensconced today.  Even the relatively poor among us have practically instantaneous access to levels of comfort even the wealthiest of the past could not even dream of.  Chilled air?  Who ever heard of such a thing?  Magical beams that bring the entire world of knowledge (and debauchery) to our fingertips?  1452

And we are of course in the midst of Sexagesima week.  Lent starts in earnest next week.  This is a time for all of us to start making our plans for prayer, PENANCE, and almsgiving for this most penitential season of the year. Hopefully most have already begun some acts of penance.

Remember, penance does not have to mean strictly taking away things we like. It can also mean doing more things that aren’t our favorite, or that we actively dislike. Maybe you find meditation difficult – you could try to do more during Lent.  Or  you could eat a lot of the things you dislike, and less of those  you do. You could take up more exercise.  You get the drift.

The key thing to remember is that Lent is a time of great Grace.  It is our yearly tithe of penance to the Lord.  It’s also a time when we are able, through God’s immense love, to actually unite our own slight sufferings to those of His Son, Jesus Christ.  Take advantage of it.


How to destroy the West (in pictures) February 12, 2015

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Kind of.  I found two interesting pics I wanted to share, one via Fr. Carota containing some of Lenin’s plans to destroy the capitalist West, and another that shows locations where islam attacked Christianity, and vice versa.  Since our Faith is being crushed between the irresistible force of militant islam and the immovable object of sexular paganism, I thought these were not just relevant, but conveyed ideas of great import succinctly (and easily – such a virtue to me!).

Of the two, I think the latter much more significant and informative:



why the crusades

The upper picture actually excludes a great many other battles, attacks, and raids that occurred in northern Europe, as well as China and other parts of Asia (including some truly horrid wars in India).  Of course, many muslims would say that European colonial efforts were also wars of aggression, even if religion had essentially nothing to do with those at all (especially the later scrambles for Africa and the Mideast in the 19th century – those were all about exploiting natural resources, developing lucrative markets, and expanding military suzerainty).

However, both maps also leave out other muslim campaigns towards Southeast Asia in its early history.  That’s one main reason why Indonesia and some other SE Asian nations have large muslim populations.  Islam exploded out of the Arabian peninsula at just the wrong time, when many other powers were exhausted or in a period of marked decline, including the Byzantine Empire, the Parthian/Persian Empire, Imperial China, many powers in India, etc.

In sum, it is factually correct to state that islam has attacked Christianity orders of magnitude more often and more severely than vice versa.

With respect to the present day, Christians are being killed – mostly by muslims – at the rate of tens of thousands per year. There is very little in the way of reprisal, at least so far.  Yes the US is bogged down in Middle Eastern wars still, but I think we all know quite well that has absolutely nothing to do with defending or spreading Christianity.  Goodness, our muslim in chief would have to retire to his fainting couch were anyone to claim that!  Even if one counted every casualty inflicted in the US/Western wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, the number of muslim deaths at the hands of Christians would still not rise to even 10% of those being inflicted by muslims on Christians.  Not that this is a tit for tat game where one tallies the score at the end, but hopefully you get my meaning.

How long will – or must? – Christians take this without any kind of vibrant defense?

Francis’ “insult my mother, get punched” quote used by muslims in demonstrations against criticism of islam February 12, 2015

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Many readers will be aware that one of the most noted (possibly) off-hand comments – the famous, or infamous, “who am I to judge” – has already been Moslem-Kundgebung-in-London-Papst-Zitat-300x196 (2)seized on by many long-time opponents of the Catholic Faith and the beliefs of the Church.  That comment got Pope Francis named as “Person of the Year” for many secular publications, including those that represent certain disordered groups like The Advocate.  An offhand comment has become quite a cultural touchstone, used by those inside and outside the Church to advance various agendas, few of which are ideally aligned with the constant belief and practice of the Faith.  Most have, in fact, been in marked opposition to that practice.

In response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Pope Francis also famously described limitations on free speech with regard to criticizing various religions (which seemed to convey an equivalence in validity in those religions) by describing a scenario involving a friend derogating his mother and Pope Francis responding with a punch in that hypothetical situation. Some saw in this statement at least some rationalization for those attacks, as the Pope seemed to say that while violence in the name of religion is inherently bad, people being human, one should expect some kind of response to repeated provocations.

Irrespective, and whether intended or not, angry muslims in England have seized on Pope Francis’ quote at rallies that were organized to oppose speech upsetting to muslims:

Thousands of Muslims protested last Sunday in London in front of the residence of Prime Minister David Cameron in Downing Street. They were protesting against the left-wing satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which published cartoons about Islam. [And also egregiously offensive cartoons directed at Catholics.  But even though Christ is ostensibly revered by muslims, they haven’t complained at all over that, but only the insults directed at their “prophet.”] The rally participants condemned the abuse of freedom of expression by the satirical magazine. The right to freedom of expression of Charlie Hebdo , so say the Muslims, is  used as an excuse to insult Mohammed, who is “holy” to Muslims. [Again, they were even more blasphemous towards Christianity] Above all, the cartoons against the “prophet”   was called an “assault on the norms of civil society”. Their publication in the satirical newspaper was “a violation of Islamic law.” [See how sharia creeps into the discussion once muslim populations reach a certain level, as they have in Britain?] As an added point it was noted among the protesters that the weekly newspaper was owned by the Jewish Rothschild family since 2014. [Yes, well, Jews have long done things that were inimical to their own long-term interests.]

Among the slogan boards of Muslims many had a quote from Pope Francis,  that said after the Paris terror attack: “Insult my mum and I will punch you (Pope Francis) “(” insult my mother and I will punch you” )This is what the  Pope is quoted as saying on the flight from Sri Lanka to the Philippines. “When Doctor Gasbarri [the papal trip’s marshal], who is my friend, insulted my mother, he gets one with my fist,”  is what Pope Francis said jokingly to the show the limits of free speech, is literally being claimed  ​​by the Muslim protesters.

Certainly, muslims have had a long history of seizing on papal comments and finding something to aggrieve them.  Pope Benedict’s very reasoned and dispassionate discourse in Regensburg is only one of the more notable examples.  But I cannot recall too many times in recent years when muslims would seize on a papal quote in a positive sense to support their cause.  It appears an unchecked tongue can lead to all kinds of surprising developments!

Maybe this quote could serve as the biggest advance in inter-religious dialogue with muslims in decades?


Mohammad “gave light to the dark ages.”  More like islam caused the dark ages, by cutting off virtually all Mediterranean trade (including most contact with the Byzantine Empire) and the constant attacks along the entire southern European littoral.

But reason and fact has never been the mohammadan’s strong suit.

A Storm is coming, be not afraid February 12, 2015

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The sermon below is from the great solemnity of the Holy Family, and deals with the attacks on the family coming from the sodomite lobby.  I think many of us recognize that a storm against the Faith is not just coming, but is already here. The wind is rising, and the sky darkening.  But many feel that far worse days are ahead.

The priest relates an interesting anecdote. Back during the controversy over Chick Fil A and its stand on sodomy and the pretend rites of those afflicted with that perverse lust to marry, you will recall a huge outpouring of support for Chick Fil A from many who support traditional marriage.  Father participated in that support, and while waiting in a very long line, was approached by a protestant woman who sort of welcomed these Catholic priests to the fight.  Father notes it was impossible for her to do so, because, being a protestant, she is actually part of the enemy’s camp.  He then listed all the ways that the protestant sects have abandoned the defense of the family and embraced grave sin after grave sin: divorce, contraception, fornication, etc.

It is in fact the protestant culture’s acceptance of divorce and these other evils that have precipitated the destruction of marriage and its present low state.  Protestant acceptance of divorce on demand has destroyed the notion of marriage being indissoluble.  Protestant acceptance of contraception – formal, “doctrinal” acceptance (to the extent they have formal doctrine) – has destroyed the prime purpose of marriage, which is procreation.  Protestant toleration of fornication in many sects has destroyed the notion of monogamy (coupled with divorce).  So after decades of these attacks, all that is left of marriage is an empty husk, and protestants haven’t a leg to stand on in their opposition to sodomite marriage.

Father then notes that those lost in the sins of sodom and gomorrah make up perhaps a percent or two of the population, and yet, by putting all their effort into their various causes, they have shifted the preponderance (temporarily, perhaps) in their favor.  Meanwhile, Catholics, making up 20% of the population in this country (nominally), and much more in others, can’t seem to accomplish much of anything.  Why?  We lack the same fervor and conviction.

But the part I take away most from the sermon, and the main reason I post it, is due to the conclusion.  Yes, a storm is coming.  That is utterly, blindingly clear.  But if we just sit back and fear the storm, worry about it, and do nothing  to prepare ourselves to meet it, can we expect to survive when it breaks?  Satan loves to keep us in fear.  We must have faith that Christ will sustain us and His Church, no matter how bleak things look.

I don’t want to steal all this thunder, so I’ll shut up now.

Logo for second session of the Synod on the Family unveiled February 12, 2015

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I thought it might be a little more professionally done:



It’s like they didn’t spend much time on it at all.  What, were they doing this on their phone?

Heh.  I had an idea, but I could either spend all my time for days working on that, or half-ace it and continue with regular programming.  I chose the latter.