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A Storm is coming, be not afraid February 12, 2015

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The sermon below is from the great solemnity of the Holy Family, and deals with the attacks on the family coming from the sodomite lobby.  I think many of us recognize that a storm against the Faith is not just coming, but is already here. The wind is rising, and the sky darkening.  But many feel that far worse days are ahead.

The priest relates an interesting anecdote. Back during the controversy over Chick Fil A and its stand on sodomy and the pretend rites of those afflicted with that perverse lust to marry, you will recall a huge outpouring of support for Chick Fil A from many who support traditional marriage.  Father participated in that support, and while waiting in a very long line, was approached by a protestant woman who sort of welcomed these Catholic priests to the fight.  Father notes it was impossible for her to do so, because, being a protestant, she is actually part of the enemy’s camp.  He then listed all the ways that the protestant sects have abandoned the defense of the family and embraced grave sin after grave sin: divorce, contraception, fornication, etc.

It is in fact the protestant culture’s acceptance of divorce and these other evils that have precipitated the destruction of marriage and its present low state.  Protestant acceptance of divorce on demand has destroyed the notion of marriage being indissoluble.  Protestant acceptance of contraception – formal, “doctrinal” acceptance (to the extent they have formal doctrine) – has destroyed the prime purpose of marriage, which is procreation.  Protestant toleration of fornication in many sects has destroyed the notion of monogamy (coupled with divorce).  So after decades of these attacks, all that is left of marriage is an empty husk, and protestants haven’t a leg to stand on in their opposition to sodomite marriage.

Father then notes that those lost in the sins of sodom and gomorrah make up perhaps a percent or two of the population, and yet, by putting all their effort into their various causes, they have shifted the preponderance (temporarily, perhaps) in their favor.  Meanwhile, Catholics, making up 20% of the population in this country (nominally), and much more in others, can’t seem to accomplish much of anything.  Why?  We lack the same fervor and conviction.

But the part I take away most from the sermon, and the main reason I post it, is due to the conclusion.  Yes, a storm is coming.  That is utterly, blindingly clear.  But if we just sit back and fear the storm, worry about it, and do nothing  to prepare ourselves to meet it, can we expect to survive when it breaks?  Satan loves to keep us in fear.  We must have faith that Christ will sustain us and His Church, no matter how bleak things look.

I don’t want to steal all this thunder, so I’ll shut up now.


1. Margaret Costello - February 12, 2015

Yes, we lack fervor and conviction but it’s also a heck of a lot easier to destroy than to build…easier to sin then pursue virtue…and then it’s also difficult to fight against this evil and filth when you’ve been born, raised and live in it due to the people in your life i.e. the Church, parents, elders not doing their duty to teach the truth and fight it themselves. It’s like telling a morbidly obese person who has grown up in a society that extols obesity that they need to win an Iron Man competition as the purpose for their life.

God’s grace can do anything…and once we surrender to Him fully, our spirits soar at being alive and growing in Him…but it takes time and Godly leadership to get to the point where we can be true soldiers of Christ and not obese addicts housebound and dumber than hair.

Our Lord is calling up His army, but like in WWI it will take a bit of time to train the American troops before unleashing them like the Marines in the forests of Germany…the devil dogs indeed!

Thank you for sharing such wisdom with us…you are a part of that army…doing your duty and honoring the King:+) God bless~

Margaret Costello - February 12, 2015

Whoops…not the forests of Germany…the forests of France…they were fighting the Germans:+) Battle of Belleau Wood in 1918:+) God bless~

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