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A good movie and some quick hits February 17, 2015

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Over three years ago, I recommended the Russian movie Ostrov for viewing.  I have not seen it in a long time. I bought a copy, but it came without subtitles!  So, it was a little hard to understand.

However, there have been copies on Youtube for some time.  The one below has the movie complete and with subtitles. Thanks to reader D for sending me the link.  Many readers may already be familiar with the movie, but for those who are not, it is a very interesting and watchable meditation on sin, redemption, and Eastern monastic life.  There is much of value in the movie that I hope you may appreciate, if you take the time to watch it.  The movie is fit for the entire family except perhaps for a brief scene of violence at the end:

On a totally different note, feminists like to say that “only 8% of rape accusations are false.”  That’s an utterly ridiculous statement, unprovable prima facie.  The statement is actually derived from the statistic that only 8% of rape cases that go to trial are found for the defendant.  That ludicrous statistic says a great deal more about our justice system, perhaps, than it does about the prevalence of false rape allegations. As to how many women out there claim to have experienced a rape that never occurred…….only God knows.  It is impossible to see into the hearts of individuals to tell if they are really telling the truth or lying.  But there is growing evidence that the left wing feminist moral panic over an ostensible epidemic of rape on college campuses is simply false.  Even more, it seems that many of the most high-profile cases used to establish the reality of this claim are equally false, or so full of holes there is a very serious reason why few if any of these women ever pursued a criminal case against their supposed attacker: the cases are so weak they would have failed to even get an indictment, let alone a conviction.

Ann Althouse, who I rarely read, has a horrifying anecdote about a young man terrorized on a college campus because he happened to look somewhat like the man who (may have) raped a woman thousands of miles away.  The college that conducted this brutal violation of rights should rightly be sued and made to pay a steep price for such unjust treatment.  But maybe if enough of these cases proliferate, colleges might take steps to stop the out of control drinking and fornication on campuses by reinstituting single-sex dormitories and much stricter supervision in loco parentis, which they did as a matter of course up until the worst decade ever – the 1960s.   Right now, young men would be very well advised to not wind up alone with any young woman in a dorm room somewhere.  It will always come down to being her word against his, and the deck is at present stacked in her favor.  Would it not be bizarre if this feminist witch hunt against men wound up being the vehicle by which colleges returned to some semblance of upholding moral behavior?

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath.  The two things colleges are most steadfast in avoiding in this crisis are doing anything real to curb binge drinking and stopping the perverse hookup culture that dominates on campuses these days, and is all too often even instigated by young women. Heck, if they stopped John Belushi levels of partying and soul-corroding sex, half of all young people would lose any interest in going to college, and they can’t have that! Not when there are hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money at stake!

Finally, reader D also sent a report detailing (surprise!) the fact that CCHD is still funding radical left wing Alinskyite groups in most dioceses.  The Dioceses of Las Cruces, NM is investigated in this report (with almost half of all monies donated going to left wing groups opposed to Church Doctrine at one level or another), but what is most important to keep in mind is that it is not just CCHD. All these alphabet soup organizations constantly cross-pollinate in terms of personnel and constantly funnel money back and forth to each other, creating an intricate web of financial dealings that is designed, at least in part, to be nearly impenetrable to outside (faithful Catholic) scrutiny.  That’s not a bug, it’s a feature, and often involves Catholic Charities and “Bishop’s Annual Appeals” (ongoing in Dallas right now), as noted below:

$216,000 worth of CCHD grants went to various Catholic Charities offices, which have good, working relationships with the local Alinskyian network affiliates. Catholic Charities of Buffalo, for example, received a $46,000 CCHD grant for “education.” [hopefully not this kind].

But the diocesan director of Catholic Charities of Buffalo is also the diocesan director of CCHD who oversees local CCHD-funded organizations.1 This is also true in the Diocese of Springfield, MA, where the Director of Catholic Charities – which received $50,000 grant – also directs the CCHD. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Metuchen, which received a $55,000 grant, is also the coordinating body for the local CCHD, evaluating, monitoring, funding and assisting “community-based organizations who have submitted proposals of grass-roots community organizing and anti-poverty initiatives”

Oh what a tangled web we weave, right?