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Vatican spokesman Fr. Tom Rosica calls Cardinal Burke a “dissenter” February 19, 2015

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I mentioned in my previous post that it was possible some recent activities by the progressive faction in the Church might be coordinated.  The bit below, also via Vox Cantoris (yes, I am trying to support them as much as possible), I think dramatically increases the likelihood of a coordinated response.

Fr. Rosica re-tweeted Cardinal Wuerl’s blog post denouncing Cardinal Burke, and straight up called Burke a “dissenter,” which is rich, coming from him:

rosica again

Some commentary from Vox Cantoris:

Father Tom Rosica is a spokesman for the Vatican. One would presume that someone in such an important and sensitive and influential position would be prudent with his personal opinions and the use of social media. It leaves one to ask an honest question; Is this his own opinion? Is it that of Father Lombardi’s and the Office of Social Communication? Is it the Holy Father’s? Or is it an attempt to smear and obfuscate the truth. I’ve written elsewhere that the tactics of Saul Alinsky are not unknown to this cleric.

……..How disingenuous is it of Cardinal Wuerl to suggest that Cardinal Burke is a dissenter, which would include your writer and probably you as well. There was a time when the word meant someone that dissented from the truth of the faith. Now it seems to mean that it is someone who upholds it.

Well isn’t that the very point of it all?  Is that not the traditionalist critique, boiled down to a nutshell?  The critique is this: at and after Vatican II, a modernist cabal aided (or permitted) by the popes in charge conducted a literal coup against the Church, turning doctrine and practice inside out, elevating error and novelty to Doctrine, and rendering the 2000 year old Doctrine down to maligned heresy, or at least “out of date” practice.  No, this was not really codified by “changes” to Doctrine (although there are plenty of problems with the documents of VII themselves), but in practice, emphasis, promotions, demotions, ordinations made and ordinations blocked a new order was installed in a frighteningly short period of time.  The media played an immeasurably important role in this process, which is why former Pope Benedict XVI alluded to “a council of the media.”

These guys are just telling us the way things are, to them.  After a long interregnum of 35 years when they had to be somewhat cagey about their ambitions to remake the Church into a church of man, for man, worshiping man (I’m not saying the pontiffs of 1978-2013 were totally hostile to that vision, but they toned some excesses down while encasing others in the stone of long, approved practice), they have apparently felt liberated like no time since the mid-70s.  They are telling us who they are, who they think we are, and what they think they have accomplished, or very nearly have. And Vox is right, in this new paradigm, faithful Catholics are the dissenters.  They seek to put us outside the Church, while installing their errors, heresies, novelties, abuses, etc., as the normative, required belief and practice of the Church.

Anyone who lived through that trial of 1965-1980 or so knows that is exactly how things were portrayed back then.  Back then, to be a faithful Catholic who desired the Traditional Latin Mass and doctrinal cohesiveness (with the past) was to open oneself up to harsh rebukes and claims of even being a “heretic” or unfaithful.

Are we not hearing some things like that today?  No, the trend is not nearly so advanced as it became in, say, the 70s, but it is still around, and it seems that the likes of Fr. Rosica and Cardinal Wuerl want to resurrect it in full force.  I’m sure readers have been told they are “disobedient” for refusing to put their kids in parish CCD for Confirmation or for using the Baltimore Catechism for First Communion.  Or that they are just trying to call attention to themselves by wearing a chapel veil.

The fact that we’re building towards the second session of the Synod on the Family adds meaning and emphasis to rhetoric like “Cardinal Burke is a dissenter.”  I have a hard time seeing this denunciation as incidental, I think it almost certainly part of a broader plan.

If I am right, rhetoric of this kind will be repeated and amplified in the months to come.

One more point – as Vox notes, Fr. Rosica is a man with a high profile office at the Vatican.  He is the English-language spokesman for the Vatican.  When he says something, it is generally taken as speaking for the Vatican and even the Pope.  Is that what he meant to do here, imply the Vatican and Pope Francis view Cardinal Burke as a “dissenter” from the new progressive orthodoxy?  Or was he implying nothing, is that the “Vatican’s” (and even Pope Francis’) view of Cardinal Burke?  Said another way, is this an underhanded way to attack a faithful prelate’s credibility?


1. Dismas - February 19, 2015

Different religion.

Tantumblogo - February 19, 2015

See, it’s those simple mantras that over time sink in.

John c - February 19, 2015

No doubt.
Just last week a guy called me “not in union with Rome” because I told him I go the TLM.

Sadly, I think I might agree with him…

2. TLM - February 19, 2015

The situation at this point has gone even further. The poor man that writes the Vox Cantoris Blog has been served up threatening law suit papers from Fr. Rosica’s Lawyers. Michael Voris had this on his ‘Special Report’ today. According to the ‘pending law suit’ unless the ‘disparaging’ statements about Fr. Rosica that are ‘defamatory and not true’ are not taken down with a public apology to Fr. Rosica, they will see him in court.

Hmm… yes indeed Saul Alinsky at his best.

Tantumblogo - February 19, 2015

Scroll down! I got it.

3. Mike Malone - February 19, 2015

It’s a sad day indeed when someone of Cardinal Burke’s standing and faithful adherence to truth is labeled a dissenter.

4. Magdalen - February 19, 2015

The pope and a number of his minions seem to enjoy name calling quite a bit. Next thing you know the pope will be suing some faithful Catholic in court too. We are sinking to new lows. And all this court junk shows no trust in God at all either. These are unholy actions.

5. Woody - February 20, 2015

In the comment box of Wuerl’s blog post, the second comment is by our own bishop kevin. “Excellent. Thank you.” says he. Two peas in a pod?

Dismas - February 20, 2015

Same religion.

Tantumblogo - February 20, 2015

Wow. Just wow.

6. Baseballmom - February 20, 2015

“Is that what he meant to do here, imply the Vatican and Pope Francis view Cardinal Burke as a “dissenter” from the new progressive orthodoxy?” Yes.

Shafterian - February 22, 2015

Burke is schismatic.

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