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Rare and unseemly descent into avarice February 24, 2015

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A new full size two door SUV, a new Ford Bronco you say.

Oh, me wantee.




Too bad it’s fake.  Ain’t gonna happen.

Instead, they’re going to give us this freakishly ugly thing:


Oh, great, an ugly Jeep made by Ford.  Some of us have already had the real thing, and this ain’t it.  At least it’s 2-door, short wheel base and has a live rear axle.  I don’t like the new long Jeeps.  That’s not what you want for off-road, really.  Still, ugly:


Can you get it without all the plastic frou frou?  Needs to be replaced with a real bumper, anyway:


Yeah baby, made in Shiner, TX, I am a huge believer in Ranch Hands, not only because I’ve had three collisions and it didn’t even dent the bumper, but also because I’ve had one on my truck for 10 years, parked outside every day, and there is still zero rust on it.  That is rare for an aftermarket accessory.  Look them up.

That’s no joke about their powder coat/paint.  Their coatings literally lasts forever, or nearly so.

Still more Catholic awesomeness – pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador February 24, 2015

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Sadly, many Catholics today are not familiar with the awesome apparitions of Our Lady in Quito, Ecuador which took place 400 years ago.  This apparition led to the devotion to Our Lady of Good Success, and also contained prophesies which trouble many Catholics today, so well do they seem to describe the current crisis in the Church.

A very good traditional priest led a pilgrimage to Quito some weeks ago, and the excellent JMJHF Productions, which produces so many great videos, went along to capture events.  They have posted photos from the first day of the pilgrimage – which included a fair number of readers of this blog! – with much more to come.  From just the first day’s photos, it looks like it was one jam packed pilgrimage!  How edifying!

Thanks to the good reader who alerted me to the photos. You can see much more at the link.


Basilica of the National Vow, largest neo-gothic baslica in the Americas

Conceptionist monastery housing the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success

Conceptionist monastery housing the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success


Miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success.  It is available for veneration only three times a year.

Miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success. It is available for veneration only three times a year.

Side altars at Conceptionist church. Incredible.

Side altars at Conceptionist church. Incredible.


Glorious.  Churches like this speak of  great faith.

Glorious. Churches like this speak of great faith.


I really appreciate JMJHF productions taking the time to take these photos. There will be much more to come (and there is much more at the link).  I know how difficult it can be at times to try to both exercise one’s devotion in a situation like this, but also document events for others to share.  You want to be engrossed in devotion, but know how much others would benefit from sharing things like this, and you also don’t want to disturb others in an environment such as this most holy site.  So I am really thankful that JMJHF took time out from this pilgrimage to take these well done photos so many others – so that I – could share in the experience.

Who knows, if the priest is able to continue leading pilgrimages like this, maybe these photos will encourage me more to attend?


More Catholic Glory – Solemn Professions of Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles February 24, 2015

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Well a reader and friend very dear to my heart sent me a link to a page showing photos from the recent solemn profession of vows made by three sisters of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles on February 2, Candlemas.  Bishop Finn, as usual, presided, with assistance from a large number of traditional Catholic priests. See how many you recognize!  I peaked out at 5, I believe.  Photos of this most auspicious, wonderful event below.

If you receive the Benedictines of Mary’s newsletter, and have followed them for some time, you know how close Bishop Finn is to this community of devout, traditional nuns.  To me, this fact argues very strongly against all the calumnies and smear campaigns against Bishop Finn that have run rampant ever since his consecration as ordinary of Kansas City-St. Joseph.  While Bishop Finn is surely far from perfect (as are we all, in our own particular ways), the opposition he has faced since his installation has had more to do with his relative orthodoxy and attachment to Tradition as it has to any alleged failings in specific instances of judgment.  That is to say, he has had enemies from the start, who seized on his handling of a (in the grand scheme of things) relatively minor abuse case in order to discredit him.  Unfortunately, that campaign has had at least some success, as Bishop Finn, incredibly when compared to the much more grievous sins of modernist prelates like Mahony and Lynch, is the only bishop in this country to receive a criminal conviction and now faces potential sacking.

Sorry to mix in some downer with such a joyous event, but I feel Bishop Finn has been unfairly maligned for years and deserves a strong defense.  He is being persecuted much more for his beliefs than his alleged actions.





Surely such a man needs a good sacking!

Surely such a man needs a good sacking!




Such beauty, such hope, such fervor.  Truly, these young ladies were ready for the Bridegroom’s call.

Congratulations to these solemnly professed nuns.  What a glory for them and our Holy Mother Church.  May there be many more like them!  I do not think we can fathom in this life the immense spiritual power of young women like these, whose influence on the Church will be out of all proportion to their still-too-small numbers.  Deo Gratias!

And so now we know why we had no Candlemas this year!

PS – Please keep the Benedictines of Mary in your prayers.  Regular readers know why, but for those who may not, while Bishop Finn has given them all the canonical “assurances” he can, if he is dismissed as bishop and replaced by a bishop less friendly to the traditional practice of religious life, the Benedictines could face a difficult future.  The longer he remains as bishop, the better for the Benedictines of Mary, really (and humanly speaking).

Local priest leads public Rosary walk throughout Lent February 24, 2015

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Fr. Jason Cargo, pastor of Immaculate Conception parish in Corsicana, TX, has been leading a Rosary walk throughout the city of Corsicana since Lent began.  He has led it come rain or shine, and has attracted growing crowds.  The walks start in different locations every day, so please check his Facebook page if you’d like to join.  These walks are taking place on public streets and are a tremendous form of witness to our glorious Faith.  I have known Fr. Cargo since he was a freshly ordained priest serving at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Plano and he is, as they say, one of the good ones.  While Fr. Cargo is not overtly traditional in the sense most readers would understand the term, he is really a very good young priest who gives much hope for the future.

We also have to understand the limitations under which priests in this diocese operate, and the great pressures on them.

Again, since the walks have different start points, if you want to join, please check Fr. Cargo’s Facebook page for a given day’s location.  If we have time, we hope to join one of these walks.  I think this is a really great idea, incorporating key elements of Lenten practice (prayer, penance) while also making the timeless practice of our Faith more public, which is itself another spiritual work of mercy.  The plan is to expose most all of Corsicana to this witness to the Faith over the course of Lent.

God bless Fr. Cargo, and I pray his example may encourage other priests in the Diocese of Dallas to make similar efforts!