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Still more Catholic awesomeness – pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador February 24, 2015

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Sadly, many Catholics today are not familiar with the awesome apparitions of Our Lady in Quito, Ecuador which took place 400 years ago.  This apparition led to the devotion to Our Lady of Good Success, and also contained prophesies which trouble many Catholics today, so well do they seem to describe the current crisis in the Church.

A very good traditional priest led a pilgrimage to Quito some weeks ago, and the excellent JMJHF Productions, which produces so many great videos, went along to capture events.  They have posted photos from the first day of the pilgrimage – which included a fair number of readers of this blog! – with much more to come.  From just the first day’s photos, it looks like it was one jam packed pilgrimage!  How edifying!

Thanks to the good reader who alerted me to the photos. You can see much more at the link.


Basilica of the National Vow, largest neo-gothic baslica in the Americas

Conceptionist monastery housing the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success

Conceptionist monastery housing the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success


Miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success.  It is available for veneration only three times a year.

Miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success. It is available for veneration only three times a year.

Side altars at Conceptionist church. Incredible.

Side altars at Conceptionist church. Incredible.


Glorious.  Churches like this speak of  great faith.

Glorious. Churches like this speak of great faith.


I really appreciate JMJHF productions taking the time to take these photos. There will be much more to come (and there is much more at the link).  I know how difficult it can be at times to try to both exercise one’s devotion in a situation like this, but also document events for others to share.  You want to be engrossed in devotion, but know how much others would benefit from sharing things like this, and you also don’t want to disturb others in an environment such as this most holy site.  So I am really thankful that JMJHF took time out from this pilgrimage to take these well done photos so many others – so that I – could share in the experience.

Who knows, if the priest is able to continue leading pilgrimages like this, maybe these photos will encourage me more to attend?



1. Margaret Costello - February 24, 2015

Thank you for posting such a lovely pilgrimage idea:+) I would love to go one year and just immerse myself in Our Lord and His Church:+) On a side note, what do you make of this?:


If Pope Francis elevates a schismatic to the level of Doctor of the Universal Church, what does that do to the legitimacy of making John XXIII and JPII saints? Thought it was interesting:+) God bless~

2. Dismas - February 25, 2015

Not only did JMJHF Productions take the pictures, they also served as a mini-schola and edified many people. They are fine young men and I urge folks to support JMJHF Productions.

3. steve - February 25, 2015

The photographs from this post as well as the photographs from your post on the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles are uplifting beyond belief to me.

The photographs make clear the direct link of the mindset of Catholics that the Traditional Roman Mass forms.

Look at the magnificent and proper mindset that the Traditional Roman Mass imbued ( and continues to imbue) into the hearts, minds and souls of Catholics.

Conversely, visit, for example, any Novus Ordo Era-constructed parish of the Dallas Diocese and you won’t observe anything akin to that which is found in the photographs in question.

The photographs in question demonstrate the manner in which Catholics formed by the TLM understood their relationship to God via dress, posture and sacred architecture.

Today, we construct “worship spaces” that are about as inspiring and beautiful as Protestant meeting halls.

Let us pray that each parish of the Dallas Diocese will offer regularly the Traditional Roman Mass.


4. Kim - February 25, 2015

And if you get to go, be sure to go out for guinea pig. I ate one in Peru — even saw my host family dad kill one before he threw it in the pot. They are delish and popular also in Ecuador.

The main basilica in Cusco, Peru has a last supper painting painted by a 16th c. Incan trained in the style of the European masters. As guinea pigs are often served for an honored guest in Incan culture, Jesus is depicted with a nice plump guinea pig on his plate.

Tantumblogo - February 25, 2015


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