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The manifest modernism of Cardinal Walter Kasper February 25, 2015

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Joe Sparks at the Catholic Household site has done a great service in reviewing a number of Cardinal Walter Kasper’s early works.  Never repudiated, excerpts from the works of the “Pope’s theologian” reveal a man steeped in leftist-modernist “higher criticism” and gravely detached from a Catholic understanding of Sacred Scripture and the Tradition that informs it.  In fact, he is at many points in direct contradiction to solemn points of Dogma, the import of which I don’t think I have to tell you.  And yet this is the man, more than any other, guiding the direction of the Church under Pope Francis, and especially the attack on the moral Doctrine of the Faith.

Some select quotes below, it is useful to read the whole article, which I encourage:

A number of miracle stories turn out in the light of form criticism to be projections of the experiences of Easter back into the earthly life of Jesus, or anticipatory representations of the exalted Christ. Among these epiphany stories we should probably include the stilling of the storm, the transfiguration, Jesus’ walking on the lake, the feeding of the four (or five) thousand and the miraculous draught of fishes. The clear purpose of the stories of the raising from the dead of Jairus’s daughter, the widow’s son at Naim and Lazarus is to present Jesus as Lord over life and death. It is the nature miracles which turn out to be secondary accretions to the original tradition.

“The result of all this is that we must describe many of the gospel miracle stories as legendary…….The probability is that we need not take the so-called ‘nature miracles’ as historical.

This is nothing more than straight-up modernism.  The very concept that Christ’s Life and miracles could be “theologically true,” or “true in a sense of faith,” but historically false, as if they never occurred, is a heresy condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis.

Furthermore, it is highly convincing circumstantial proof of Arianism, meaning Kasper views the real living Jesus Christ as just a man, separate from God and the “Jesus Christ of faith.”  And yet we more traditional Catholics are the Pelagians now.

[Mark 16] begins with a definite improbability. The wish to anoint a dead body, which has already been put in its shroud in the tomb, three days later, is not given any explanation, such as being a custom of the time, and is unintelligible in the climatic conditions of Palestine. The fact that the women do not realize until they are already on the way that they would need help to roll back the stone and enter the tomb betrays a degree of thoughtlessness which is not easy to explain. We must assume therefore that we are faced not with historical details but with stylistic devices intended to attract the attention and raise excitement in the minds of those listening….

In addition to the repetition and amplification of the heresies noted above, Cardinal Kasper -mind, he has never publicly changed his stance on these writings – also reveals the sneering contempt of the modernist left for anyone but themselves.  Everyone else is dumb, everyone else is silly, everyone else needs wild eyed tales and imagined miracles to convince them of the reality of Jesus Christ as God Incarnate.  This especially applies to those of earlier historic periods, who are almost always presented by modernists as bumbling simpletons wowed by fantastic stories. But isn’t it odd how the modernist contradicts himself – while the early Church allegedly made up these fables to win converts, we are told by these same modernists that the earliest Mass was the purest, and thus we must emulate it in the Novus Ordo (even if many if not most all the claims regarding the conduct of the earliest Mass either do not apply to the Church today, or were complete fabrications).  Which is it….was the early Church closest to the Truth revealed by Jesus Christ or was it filled with lying fabulists who told tall tales in order to sway the slobbering, stupid ancient masses? We see here as evidenced in so many other areas the double dealing of the modernist-leftist academia. BTW, the historical evidence contradicts this view, Christianity appealed at least as much, if not more, to the well-educated and very sober, even cynical elites of the Roman Empire as much as it did to the “peasants” of the day.  I would argue that in many respects, the elites of that time were probably better educated that their contemporaries today.

The final quote does not concern Scripture.  It is quite long, so bear with me, but it is incredibly important.  By now it should be clear that Cardinal Kasper – how on earth such a man was even ordained, let alone made a prince of the Church, is only for God to know – is an intellectual heir and ally of the extreme end of the modernist-leftist cabal that dominated Vatican II, Hans Kung, Schillebeeckx, Cardinal Alfrings, and all the rest.  But in the below, he directly states that the Council did not achieve the full flowering of modernist dreams due to a reaction from “antimodernist” elements and thus remains an imperfect realization of the progressive left’s vision for the Church (which is becoming completely irrelevant episcopals).  Yes Cardinal Kasper is a modernist, yes he holds views that I cannot describe other than heresy, and yes he has a dog in the fight, but given that he is such a scion of the extreme progressive wing of the Church (if they can be called “of the Church), and given that he was so close to such major players, should not his description of the Council as being one oriented towards departure from the Church’s 2000 year belief and practice seriously?

An influential minority [of Council Fathers]…remained captive to the structure of neoscholasticism and defended the post-Tridentine tradition in a one-sided manner. [Gee……you mean they were Catholic?  And the progressives didn’t defend their novelties “in a one sided manner!?”] Pope John XXIII’s successor, Pope Paul VI—unjustly a too much forgotten pope—was in principle inclined toward the concerns of the majority but also sought (in accordance with the ancient conciliar tradition) to achieve, if at all possible, a united consensus on the passing of the council documents. He succeeded: all sixteen documents were passed almost unanimously. But that came at a cost. In many places, as in previous councils, there were found compromise formulations in which the position of the majority often stands directly side by side with the position of the minority with their concern for demarcation. [Well that latter half is just BS.  Certainly, there was division in early councils and theological formulations were not always as precise as they could be in the very early Church, but there were always as clear a definition of orthodoxy and error as humanly possible (in cooperation with Grace).  This is a self-serving and doubtful, at best, claim.  Later councils, in particular, were exceedingly clear in their formulations and condemnations, especially Trent]

So the council’s texts contain enormous conflict potential; they open the door for a selective reception in one or the other direction… So the question arises: In which direction does the compass of Vatican II point, and where is the church heading in this still young third millennium? Will it maintain the confident trust of John XXIII [hyper-montanism, exalting a pope over Dogma and Tradition.  the image presented of John XXIII as the scion of progressive dreams is highly doubtful, as well.]  and the renewal from the sources or take the path back to defensive antireform and antimodernist attitudes? That is the question facing post-conciliar reception. (Address at the University of Notre Dame, April 24, 2013)

So Cardinal Kasper plainly admits he is on the side of modernism, does he not?

How many serious figures from Vatican II, on both sides of the theological divide that has riven the Church, do we have to read before serious consideration can be given to the possibility that they may be right, and that Vatican II is, or was intended by the dominant faction to be, a radical rupture with the preceding Magisterium?  I am not the one to answer that question.  No blogger is.  I have my personal beliefs, but they count for nothing. However,  I agree with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Msgr. Brunero Gherardini, and many others, that the time is very long since past for a critical examination of the documents of Vatican II in the light of Tradition, and their clear explication purely in that light.  Anyone with a brain can see a huge tension between a number of statements of Vatican II and the pre-conciliar Magisterium.  Just wrapping them in the warm blanket of denial and saying “continuity” over and over is not cutting it.  Those statements – and I have no idea how many there are – are a source of huge amounts of tension in the Church, and the obvious “restatement of doctine BUT some novelty” or vice versa formula of so many statements of Vatican II, which Kasper describes above (one thing he gets right) is an enormous temptation to abuse.

The way Vatican II is written, especially in its novel parts (which is the distinct minority), progressives and faithful Catholics can argue literally forever on their correct interpretation and implementation.  That was what it took to get the cherished “unanimity” in the conciliar votes (otherwise, a number of the documents would not have passed with the requisite majority). But the damage this see-saw formula of many conciliar statements is plain to see.  I do pray we may finally get a Pope firmly grounded in the traditional practice of the Faith to either pass over (which I don’t think is possible), or re-examine Vatican II on the basis of the Church’s perennial belief.

But I shan’t hold my breath.  “Serene theology,” and all that.

Sorry for such a long post!

An Lenten exegesis on death and acceptance of suffering by Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque February 25, 2015

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The following excerpt from the Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque comes from a memoir she left shortly before her death.  The Saint knew her death was near.  She who had been the recipient of such incredible, almost unthinkable gifts from God in the form of repeated apparition, close conversation and spiritual guidance from God, especially Our Lord’s emphasis on devotion His Sacred Heart, was still very cognizant of her (very slight) sins and failings and the fact of facing a dread Judge.  I thought this exegesis very timely not only for Lent, but also to refute both protestant heresies and the mma2predominant error in the Church today, the idea that God is just a big ‘ol ball of fluff and that essentially all men are saved.  Saint Margaret Mary is having none of that, and I would ask readers that if a soul, a Saint, given such incalculable graces by God, should fear her judgment, with what trepidation should not we?  Of course, that very fear and the Saint’s deep understanding of the reality of God assured that the outcome of her judgment would be a most happy one.  May we be blessed to do the same:

On the first day of my retreat my chief care was to think whence could come to me this great longing for death, since it is not usual for criminals, such as I am before God, to be so easy about appearing before their judge, and a judge the sanctity of whose justice penetrates even to the marrow of the bones. How, then, my soul, canst thou feel so great joy at its approach?  Thou thinkest only of ending thy exile, and thou art enraptured at the idea of soon going forth from thy prison.  But, alas! take care that temporal joy, which perhaps proceeds only from the blindness of ignorance, plunge thee not into eternal sadness, and that from this mortal and perishable prison thou hqdefaultfallest not into those eternal dungeons where there will be no more room to hope.  [This mentality, once commonly held at least by deeply devout Catholics, is utterly foreign to almost all souls today, even those in the Church.  I suspect the vast majority of people today would, if they could, choose to remain in this life forever if such were possible.  They have no real desire to be with God.]

Let us, then, O my soul, leave this joy and these desires to die to holy and fervent souls for whom great rewards are prepared. [Think on just who is saying this.  What humility!] For us whose works leave us nothing but chastisements to hope for, if God is not St.-Mary-Alacoquemore good in our regard than just, let us think what will be our fate.  Canst thou, my soul, endure for all eternity the absence of Him whose presence fills thee with desires so ardent, and whose absence causes thee pains so cruel?

My God, how difficult it is for me to render this account! I feel it impossible to nerve myself up to it, and, in my impotence, I know not to whom to address myself unless to my Adorable Master.  I have remitted to Him all the points on which I shall be judged, namely, my rules, constitutions, and directory. [Of the Order of the Visitation]  It is on them I shall be justified or condemned.  After confiding to Him all my interests, I felt admirable peace under His feet, where He held me for a long time abyssed, as it were, in my own nothingness, and there expecting that He would judge me, a miserable criminal.

……..Put me in prison. I consent, provided it be in Thy Sacred Heart.  There keep me fast captive, bound by the chains of Thy love, until I shall have paid Thee all that I owe Thee; and as I shall never be able to do that, I shall never come forth from that prison.

————End Quote———-

Ours is truly a glorious Faith, filled with souls of indescribable piety and sanctity.


Without Christianity, the West is powerless to defend itself against Islam February 25, 2015

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Mark Steyn has an article about the incredible duplicity of the Obama administration in its approach to worldwide muslim extremism and acts of barbarity, which they blithely call “violent extremism.”  To Mr. Steyn, this moral cowardice is simply indicative of a much broader cultural trend (I agree), in which post-Christian elites lack the moral conviction to stand against this existential threat.  While he doesn’t make the point explicitly, my firm belief is that without Christianity (re: Catholicism), the former Christendom will be defenseless against an increasingly militant (and ignorant) islam.

This article contains some material from a letter Mark Steyn received from a reader, asking how other religions might react if they saw Western culture cowering before their demands and making all kinds of special provisions for them.  There is no reason, at present, for muslims to stop making demands and stop their campaign of violent conquest, so long as the West’s leaders behave as neutered ninnies more beholden to cultural marxism than they are to defending their own people and the work of millenia they inherited.  What I found most interesting in the letter was the litany of accommodations already made to islam, and the portents for the future:

  • No shopping laws on muslim holy days are being introduced in some European regions
  • Public schools allow the offering of muslim prayers but not Christian
  • Offensive comments about the “prophet” are condemned, even excoriated
  • Other religions are persecuted or driven from the public life as islam is extolled as part of “the fabric of the nation.”
  • Cultural leaders, including academia, media, politicians, etc., are driving to support insitution of islamic customs in the culture while Christian customs are often summarily blocked from public practice
  • Muslims should be allowed to offer prayer to allah during citizenship ceremonies, when other religions are not permitted to do so
  • Sharia is being de facto enforced in increasing swaths of Europe, including much of England, including requirements for women to wear the hijab and generally cover themselves from head to foot
  • There are rampant cases of muslim child rape that go on with government compliance and rarely any criminal charges.  Grooming of young non-muslim girls to be targets of male muslim lust are increasing rapidly.
  • Governments constantly apologize to their muslim citizens for attacking radical muslim sects in the Mideast and other locales
  • Governments (like our own) seem far more concerned about muslims being victims of some kind of prejudice than they are about the attacks muslims perpetrate

That’s only a very partial list.  In fact, even that partial list reveals that the sway Catholicism held for centuries in terms of being recognized as the One True Faith and being deserving of special treatment is now being accorded islam.

More and more, islam is becoming the de facto official religion of the West, or at least, that which receives deference and approbation from its political and cultural elites.  Meanwhile, belief in Christianity is basically non-existent in most of Europe, and is often weak and ineffectual even in the Western Hemisphere, at least as regards understanding religion as being the sole moral force capable of motivating the decaying remains of Christendom to stand in opposition to the muslim threat.  This fact is simply never discussed.  Liberalism is a belief set, and becomes a false religion in many (especially on the left, but also on the “right”), but it is not a sufficient grounds to resist the kind of moral firepower religious belief – no matter how erroneous – can inspire. That is the prime reason behind why tens of thousands of youth, even non-muslims, have flocked to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS.  They see in islam, more than in the weak, limp-wristed Christianity to which most have been exposed (if they have been exposed at all), something real and cohesive to believe in.  Liberalism is, at root, the exaltation of the self, but God did not create us to be endlessly selfish creatures, and the natural law written on our hearts causes many, probably even most souls awash in sexular pagan materialism to feel empty and devoid of meaning.  A muscular islam offers these disaffected souls what they are looking for, which is an answer for their longing for something larger than themselves, faith in god (however deformed), and something more than just acquiring more and more things.

But islam is especially well disposed to be attractive to materialist Westerners.  Islam is a far more materialist religion than Christianity (especially Orthodoxy or Catholicism), and promises the kinds of earthly rewards (virgins, feasts, cold, clear fountains of water, etc) that appeal to people lost in a materialist mindset.

What doesn’t appeal to many people (especially young men of fighting age) is the watered down, worldly, very nearly equally materialist, and feminized version of Christianity to which most Westerners have been exposed.  And in this sense, the revolution that has afflicted the Church in the past several decades plays a huge part in seeing souls walk away from a Catholic Christianity that does not move them, and seek something more “real” to them in libertine or muslim materialism.  It is absolutely incredible, but at the same time perfectly true, that millions of Catholics have walked away from the bland, unfulfilling post-conciliar practice of the Faith for something as empty as atheistic materialism or as deranged as islam. Certainly, the adoption of the latter is in its nascent stages and many other Catholics do seek out a more meaningful practice of Christianity in the evangelical sects (and, it must be said, from the point of view of horribly catechized former Catholics, the more robust evangelical-type sects are more meaningful in their practice of Christianity than most “large, suburban parishes” they have experienced), but to one who knows what the Church is, and what She alone can provide, seeing any souls fall away is simply incredible. And yet the badly disordered if not outright faulty practice of the Faith over the past several decades has led to tens, if not hundreds, of millions doing just that.

The Church, and the West, will not be able to stand against islam long-term until traditional Catholicism is once again the predominant practice of the Faith.  I am not overly optimistic at the prospects of this at present, and am much less optimistic than I was a little over two years ago.  This modernist resurgence ongoing since March 2013 is only going to delay the absolutely vital return to traditional Catholicism for more long years, if not decades.  And the Church increasingly faces grave threats from militant sexular paganism, so the future does not seem to bold well for us, in a worldly sense.  God is obviously displeased (gee…..I can’t imagine why, what with child sacrifice in the billions, exaltation of the grossest perversion, materialism and lust for power run amok, etc), and His Church is going to be made to suffer for a good, long while.  I am skeptical anything resembling the pre-conciliar Church on a mass basis will return in my lifetime, and so we can continue to expect islam to continue its long advance into the historic Christian areas.  I would say there is at least a 1 in 3 chance that even Rome may be, if not conquered, subsumed in a majority muslim population.  It will probably take a century or more, from now, to recover from the great modernist revolution of the mid-20th century.

I really don’t think I can stress enough the absolutely vital need for prayer in circumstances such as these.  Without a very strong prayer life, we shall not stand the storms that will buffet the Church for the rest of our lives.  One key area for prayer, is to pray that the blood of the many Catholic martyrs in the Mideast, Nigeria, and elsewhere will lead to this great flowering, this great restoration the Church so desperately needs.  We have great experience that the blood of martyrs will water the Vine of Christ and make it grow and bloom anew.  There have been so many martyrs……may their sacrifice redound to God’s glory!

And, I know much of the above is obvious to many long-time readers, but there are always new ones, some folks are just starting to figure this out, etc.



Awesome video: St. Pio of Pietrelcina offering Mass, 5 May 1956 February 25, 2015

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In Italian and Latin, and really gratifying to see –  Padre Pio offering the TLM on Saturday 5 May 1956, Feast of St. Pius X?

The only bad part is the obvious and poorly done overdubbing. At the very beginning, I believe we are hearing Padre Pio, but then the overdub begins and carries on most of the time.  Still…….we get to see Padre Pio consecrating the Most Blessed Sacrament, and in living color!  Very nice.  Many thanks to Video Sancto for posting this.


Another cool video – from ~2:45 – 5:00 see Padre Pio offering his very last public Mass.  The video notes he received an indult to offer the Mass in Latin and check out all the chapel veils on the women assisting at the Mass.  However, it is sad to see Padre Pio collapse after the Pater Noster.  His stigmata had miraculously healed by that point.


I assume you know……it’s Ember Week! February 25, 2015

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Sorry I didn’t give a reminder yesterday.  I had actually forgotten, thankfully, Dom Prosper Gueranger reminded me.

Just a quick reminder – Ember Days are special days of fasting and abstinence.  Wednesday and Saturday are days of fast and partial abstinence, Friday is a day of partial fast and total abstinence. By partial abstinence, you can have one full meal with meat and two snacks/small meals that don’t equal a full meal without.  So, I guess I’ll have to forego my usual foray to The Big Texan for a nice 64 oz sirloin for lunch with leftovers for dinner.  Oh, the pain, the pain of it all!

I pray we all take full advantage of the great Grace penitential seasons like Ember Week provide!  Such a shame they have been excised from virtually all non-traditional corners of the Church.

Much more info on Lenten Embertide if you are interested at Fisheaters.



Exorcist claims women preferred targets for demonic infiltration February 25, 2015

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My wife saw this and sent it to me.  A prominent Italian exorcist has claimed that women are special targets for satan and his minions when it comes to demonic possession. This is not due to any particular fault in women, but due to satan’s special hatred for them as being of the same sex as Our Blessed Mother, who we know has, does, and will continue to crush satan under her foot.  See what you think of this:

There really is something about Mary – and all other women – and the devil does not like it.

“I am quite familiar with Satan’s hatred toward Mary and therefore, toward women in general on account of Mary,” said Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, a Rome-based theologian and exorcist who has assisted the legendary Fr. Gabriel Amorth, former chief exorcist of Rome.

Fr. Iannuzzi explained how Satan is humiliated by the Blessed Virgin because she – someone so humble and pure  — is the one assigned by God to defeat him.

Quoting Fr. Amorth, he said, women are more “easily exposed to the danger of the devil” and that statistics show, more women are possessed by evil spirits than men. [I think this statistic is correct.  But what do you think of the explanation?]

Fr. Iannuzzi testified to personally encountering numerous cases where women were forced to prostitute themselves because of demonic possession.

He said, the devil particularly likes preying on women who are “young and pleasing in appearance.” [Unfortunately for all involved, Fr. Euteneur may have run afoul of that tendency, if it be one]

Other seemingly progressive developments like supposed women’s rights seem to trace their roots to something hardly human.

Since it is the devil’s plan to “ape God, to mock God,” according to Fr. Iannuzzi, he also “employs the woman in the destruction, the breakdown of the family nucleus.” [An interesting claim, and I can see some reason behind it]

According to Filipinos for Life president AJ Perez, abortion, for example, is the antithesis of the Eucharist.

“In the Eucharist, God said, ‘This is my body, which will be given up for the salvation of all.’ [Well, He actually said for many, because will refuse the Gift, but……..] In abortion, it’s opposite. The woman says, ‘This is my body, I alone have the right to it, I will not make that sacrifice, therefore someone has to die,” Perez explained. [I certainly believe abortion is a demonic inversion of both the act of creation and of the Eucharist.  I think women are specially targeted due to that aspect alone]

While explaining that he is not putting the blame fair and square on women because of some intrinsic flaw, Fr. Iannuzzi said, these findings point to a diabolical loathing by substitution.

[Satan] is like a mad man. He can’t get to Mary; she’s confirmed in grace, she defeated him. So he looks for other women,” said the priest, who was talking to more than a thousand at the Marian auditorium in Miriam College last Saturday.

Fr. Iannuzzi described demonic possessions of women as Satan “avenging himself” because of Mary’s role as described in the Protoevangelium or the first announcement of the Gospel.

As I said, it’s an intriguing claim. And I believe the statistics are right, both anecdotal and formal data does point to women being more likely to fall into demonic obsession/oppression/possession than men.  I think that has many causes, including psychological, but I think it quite possible satan does have a special ire for women and a special desire to avenge his humiliation on them.  And, satan likely knows that in many cases, by corrupting a woman, many other souls can be led into sin or at least have their faith lives made weak and deficient, in other words, perfect targets for him.

But this is the kind of topic that I enjoy hearing from others on, so fire away.  Do you think this claim makes much sense, or is it just another episode of the hideous misogyny that runs rampant through the burly Bunyon-esque male-dominated (hah!) Catholic Church?

Washington state crushing elderly woman financially for refusal to serve perverse marriage February 25, 2015

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A 70 year old florist who had provided services to a man fallen into the sodomite lifestyle for years has been sued by him for refusing to provide flowers for his state-recognized simulation of marriage.  Under current Washington law that crushes religious belief in preference for the desires of those with these perverse inclinations, the case was a slam dunk for the man and the woman incurred serious fines.  As a result, her financial future (at a point in life where recovery is nearly impossible) is tossed into turmoil and she will likely lose her business.

A judge in Washington state ruled this week that a 70-year-old florist who declined to make flower arrangements for a gay couple’s wedding violated the state’s anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws. [Consumer protection laws?  Really?]

In a phone interview with The Daily Signal, Barronelle Stutzman said the decision—and its accompanying fines—will put her flower shop out of business, or worse.

After the fines and legal fees, “There won’t be anything left,” Stutzman said.

“They want my home, they want my business, they want my personal finances as an example for other people to be quiet.” [And I suspect that is exactly the case. Early opposition towards the imposition of the demands of sodomites (because, really…..does anyone have a right to a florist, or to demand anyone provide a service for them? Only this group, the sodom-gomorrists, are so narcissistic that they would actually believe they are owed someone else’s services as a right) over the rights of religious believers to freedom of conscious must be crushed if the new cultural orthodoxy is to succeed, and so examples have to be made.  A few dozen examples like this, and the vast, vast majority of people will get the message and quietly knuckle under, no matter how much they might be personally opposed (and most won’t be, at all).  This is beyond scary, it is positively Orwellian]

…….But in March 2013, when Robert Ingersoll asked Stutzman to design floral arrangements for his same-sex wedding to Curt Freed, she declined, citing her Christian faith.

“I put my hand on his and said, ‘I’m sorry Rob, I can’t do your wedding because of my relationship with Jesus Christ,’” Stutzman said. “We talked a little bit, we talked about his mom [walking him down the aisle]…we hugged and he left.”

Stutzman enjoyed a close relationship with Ingersoll, serving him for many years, and never expected what would happen next……..[she got sued by her long-time “friend.”]

…….“Religious freedom is a fundamental part of America. But religious beliefs do not give any of us a right to ignore the law or to harm others because of who they are. When gay people go to a business, they should be treated like anyone else and not be discriminated against,” said Sarah Dunne, American Civil Liberties Union of Washington legal director…….[Please, a florist turning someone down “harms” someone?  Give me a break. The fact of the matter is, this customer was not discriminated against, until he came to this woman and said “I want you to endorse by your actions my selfish act destroying marriage and helping obliterate right moral conduct in this country.”  If anyone is being discriminated against, it is the florist, who faces the poisonous choice of violating her religious convictions or being crushed economically. So, what the above really means is that leftists place next to zero value on religious conviction, and hold sexual affiliation as being infinitely more important. As our culture continues its long, strange slide into leftism, religious conviction (save for islam, the de facto religion of the Left) will be crushed under more and more onerous limitations]

…….In the meantime, Stutzman faces a fine of up to $2,000 for violating Washington’s anti-discrimination law and a separate fine of $7.91 (which Ingersoll and Freed say is the cost of driving to find a new florist).

What’s likely to cripple her, though, are attorney costs and fees, which Alliance Defending Freedom estimates to be seven figures…….

Stutzman’s lawyer told The Daily Signal that the ruling violates her client’s right to free expression and speech.

“She’s having to use her heart, her mind and her hands to create something that’s unique to celebrate same-sex marriage,” said Waggoner, adding:

The government telling you that you have to be quiet is one thing. It’s not a good thing. But the government telling you that you must speak—that you must express a message—that is frightening. And it will affect everyone whether they’re religious or not.

And that is the point, and the truly chilling part.  Business owners and Christians generally around the nation are being told, through myriad, always coercive ways, that you will endorse this perversion no matter what you claim to hold dear. This is the officially approved orthodoxy (though virtually always opposed by a majority of voters) and you will toe the line, or we will crush you by hook or by crook.  And it is amazing how insidious these means can be.

Take, for example, a corporate policy that formally endorses the sodomite lifestyle, provides benefits, etc.  Policies like that are almost always written to say that the corporation in question also will not do business with anyone who offends against the policy.  So you run a medium sized business, you’re a faithful Christian of some stripe, and somehow you gain notoriety for being opposed to government recognition of fake sodomite marriage.  Well, you can watch your business fold, as former corporate clients drop you because you now violate their policy.  These policies are so universal, they extend down to even very small operations.  They all tend to come from the same legal boilerplate dreamed up by pro-sodomite activist groups.

You can see how the above would quickly proliferate to create a situation where those holding to traditional religious conviction – which everyone but extreme zealouts and sodo-partisans held until 10 or so years ago! – will be forced to become impoverished, second class citizens. And that is the very point of seeing these policies adopted, which is why the so-called Human Rights Campaign and so many organizations of the sodomite cause go to extreme lengths to pressure, even bully companies into adopting them.  That adoption, coupled with government coercion, can easily cause 90% or more of people to acquiesce, at least publicly, no matter what they may believe in private.

A final point: tension between religious practice and the concerns of the state were more or less cooked into this nation at its founding under the Constitution.  Were the Constitution as written literally adhered to, it would not be too great a problem, but leftists have spent the last century-plus getting legal decisions and writing laws the deliberately contradict the plain meaning of key elements of the Constitution.  So now we have a situation where “freedom of religion” in this country comes to mean less and less, and affords less and less protection.  This end was probably inevitable, in that this country was not founded as a deliberately, visibly Christian – it should be Catholic – country.  Even then, problems would likely remain, but with the Constitution we actually have, it was probably almost inevitable we should come to this point.

Get your knees good and calloused.  It’s going to be a long, tough ride.