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Scandal!? Vatican official intercepted orthodox book at 2014 Synod? February 26, 2015

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The report below is getting wide coverage.  Something may come along to refute or cast doubt on it, but, then again, we have seen apologias for pretty much iron-clad events for the past two  years solid.

The book Remaining in the Faith of Christ, an anthology of contributions from relatively orthodox sources such as Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Muller, and others, which was intended to be distributed to all Synod members this past October, was apparently intercepted by Pope Francis’ hand-picked Synod administrator, Cardinal Baldisseri, who asserted that the book would “interfere” with the conduct of the Synod.

The source for the below is the generally reliable Edward Pentin.  If true, this is utterly amazing, and rather puts the lie both to the talk of “mercy” we’ve been hearing as well as the calls for “open and honest” discussion.  Apparently, “open” discussion can only be had from one side:

A Vatican department allegedly intercepted over a hundred copies of a new book written by five cardinals to prevent it being read by the majority of participants of a synod last October called by Pope Francis.

“Remaining in the Truth of Christ,” a commercially successful book reaffirming Catholic teaching on marriage and the family, was mailed to all the synod fathers in the Paul VI Hall, where the meeting was taking place.

Reliable and high level sources allege the head of secretariat of the synod of bishops, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, ordered they be intercepted because they would “interfere with the synod.”
A source told me that Baldisseri was “furious” the book had been mailed to the participants and ordered staff at the Vatican post office to ensure they did not reach the Paul VI Hall.

Those responsible for mailing the books meticulously tried to avoid interception, ensuring the copies were sent through the proper channels within the Italian and Vatican postal systems. The synod secretariat nevertheless claims they were mailed “irregularly,” without going through the Vatican post office, and so had a right to intercept them.

The book’s mailers strongly refute this, saying they were legitimately mailed. Some copies were successfully delivered…….
…….Sources say it’s not clear where the intercepted copies of the book ended up, but believe they may have been destroyed. Asked in December about the claims, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said he “knew nothing” about the allegations and said the sources did not seem to him to be “serious and objective.”

Since then the allegations have become more widely known and have been corroborated at the highest levels of the church.

My goodness.  We’ve learned a fair amount of Cardinal Baldisseri, of late, including his arguments with groups defending the family that they need to get with the modernist program.

Is this not stunningly similar to the “lost votes” scandal of Vatican II, when a progressive apparatchik deliberately misplaced the requests of many more orthodox council fathers regarding concerns over the document that became Dignitatis Humanae?  Several hundred interventions were made, but then claimed to be lost, later found, after the deadline for submittal had expired?  Am I remembering that right?

Is this not the kind of thing that occurs more when you have a predetermined outcome you’re trying to arrive at, rather than during “open and honest” discussion?  And is it not strongly indicative that maybe many Synod members, even, are not terribly well formed in the Faith, that this book would be considered dangerous enough to block?

Amazing. Just amazing.


1. deaconmike51907 - February 26, 2015

Reblogged this on News With a Catholic View.

2. Brian Springer - February 26, 2015

I just read about this. I wished I founed this revelation more depressing than I do now, though I supposd this pontificate has numbed my senses with all its scandals.

Anyway, I pray that that book gets into as many hands as possible. Our prelates need to see these abominable heresies for what they are.

3. Baseballmom - February 26, 2015

IP guys worked overtime to get it out in time… Just another boot on the neck of the Orthodox Roman Catholics… Is ANYONE surprised? I thought not….

4. Richard M - February 26, 2015

“Am I remembering that right?”

You may be thinking of Cardinal Felici’s proposed amendment to Gaudium et Spes, condemning communism. There were 334 Council Fathers signing the petition for the amendment; it was delivered on Oct. 9, 1965, the last day when emendations could be submitted, by Bishop de Proenca Sigaud and Archbishop Lefebvre. Somehow, the peitition, it was claimed, did not arrive until after the deadline. There is considerable evidence, as Roberto de Mattei notes, that Cardinal Tisserant, who opposed the amendment – “Anathemas have never converted anyone” – was behind the amendment’s apparent delay in transmission.

But it was clear from the meeting with the Pope to determine the fate of the amendment that Paul VI did not desire a condemnation of communism, either. Ultimately, then, while certain prelates may have acted in unscrupulous fashion, the condemnation of communism went nowhere because that was the will of the Pope.

Tantumblogo - February 26, 2015

That’s it. Not Dignitatis Humanae, communism. Thanks.

5. christsfaithfulwitness - February 26, 2015

I saw an article before the synod that Pope Francis himself did not want that book distributed to synod fathers before the synod. Really think about it. It more or less tried to do the work of the synod for it. And if I were pope and wanted everyone to go through a conversion process on the issue of the family, I would want them to pray and think about it for a year, and then draw conclusions, not read a handy dandy all-the-right-conclusions book. Let the Holy Spirit work. We have to trust Jesus Christ. He promised He would be with the Church until the end of time. What the liberals did in twisting the interim report toward communion for divorced remarried and toward the homosexual agenda was a lack of trust in God. Handing out a right thinking conclusions book before the synod was a lack of trust in God. Wait and see what happens. I think that’s what the pope is doing. God bless you. Susan Fox http://www.christsfaithfulwitness.com

skeinster - February 26, 2015

But Kim, what if the plain purpose of the Synod seems to be trying to change teachings that cannot, for the good of souls, be changed?
I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think the two situations are identical. Why couldn’t Baldiserri let them read the book, and weigh both sides- wouldn’t that prove his trust in God? But he didn’t.

Branch - February 26, 2015

As if this should even need to be explained to a Catholic, there are some matters on which the Holy Spirit has already “worked”; marriage and the inter-relatedness of the sacraments are two of them.

TG - February 26, 2015


richardmalcolm1564 - February 26, 2015

“…not read a handy dandy all-the-right-conclusions book.”

In which case we’re left to explain the promotion of Cardinal Kasper’s book before the Synod by these same parties.

Perhaps what the Synod managers wanted was to get rid of only “all-the-wrong-conclusions” books.

Tantumblogo - February 26, 2015

Sorry, I think this a bit silly. The Church in general and many that comprised the Synod in particular had been subject to a months long campaign of rhetoric from predominately one side of the issue, that being the Kasperite position. That some others thought to counter that baleful influence by providing catechesis from a much more faithful perspective was not only wise and charitable it was very fair. What are you proposing? That everyone step back, form a circle, start praying, and wait for inspiration from the Holy Spirit? That’s not how things went at Nicea, nor at Chalcedon, nor at Trent, nor at VII. All kinds of polemics on both sides were distributed and argued over at all of those Councils, and all the other ones. It is in fact the process of that arguing and the consideration of well thought out points of view that is – we pray – the action of the Holy Spirit. But deliberately blocking one point of view, and that being the one in line with the Church’s constant belief and practices (why do you seemingly denigrate it as “all the right answers”?), using underhanded means…….that seems pretty difficult to reconcile with some inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

6. Kim - February 26, 2015

Don’t blame Baldi. He was just doing his master’s bidding.

7. skeinster - February 26, 2015

Depressing as this is, what’s even more depressing are the comments at the article. God bless good faithful priests who soldier on in the face of so much pure-d ignorance.

Tantumblogo - February 26, 2015

Didn’t read them. Newsmax is dominated by extreme evangelical protestants, I’m sure there was a lot of lunacy in the comments.

8. Michael Jarman - February 26, 2015

Huh, “irregular relationships” may nevertheless “have some good elements,” but “irregular mailings?…strictly verboten!

Tantumblogo - February 26, 2015

Touche’. Nice.

9. Kathleen - February 26, 2015

What about faithful Catholics mailing copies of this book to their bishops?

Does anyone here have any thoughts about it?

I know it may have little effect, but with the timing of it in the news and if even a decent number of Catholics did so that would be a pretty good numbers of books distributed to men that CAN do something at a “teaching moment” potentially.

What I’m most curious about is fellow Catholics’ thoughts on whether sending a book like this to one’s bishop is appropriate conduct. If it is, and I tend to think so myself, perhaps it could be a good idea?

The book is available both at Amazon and at Ignatius Press.

The title is actually “Remaining in the TRUTH of Christ” — there was a typo in the article.

Tantumblogo - February 26, 2015

Do it. Just say you found it a really good study on the subject and you thought your local bishop would find much of value in it. I don’t think it’s inappropriate.

10. RC - February 26, 2015

I have to wonder that with the revelations about what happened at the Synod last year, the things Cardinal Kaspar said at the synod, all the things Cardinal Baldissari has said, the apparent loss of the popularity of Francis, now this with the books being stolen coming to light. I have to wonder if this is God’s way of exposing all that is happening in the Church and at the Vatican, and Hos was of bringing them down. If something similar happens at the synod this year, I wonder how big the revolt will be from the orthodox prelates, and all the orthodox laity. Last year I think we expected it but were by and large taken by surprise by how bad it actually was. Now we have had time to actually tell what is coming. There was a good article at Rorate about how Synod 2015 will be a fight between Christ, and the Anti-Christ, and I have to agree with the article. I hate that this is happening, it causes me a lot of distress, so much so that I have given up reading any news pertaining to the Church for Lent, I just came on here to post this; but I am glad all this is happening and coming to light, it’s finally exposing what we already knew, and it’s showing us who the actually prelates/laity/clergy are who REALLY belive what the Church teaches. There’s no more secrets anymore.

11. Camper - February 26, 2015

Sending a book to your bishop isn’t wrong, but it might be a waste of your money. Sorry to be discouraging, but bishops aren’t like congressmen. They probably aren’t going to be swayed by your opinion.

richardmalcolm1564 - February 26, 2015

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

But a book accompanying your letter – especially a book like this, authored by reputable names, from a reputable press – will make it more likely to get noticed.

It can’t hurt, if you can spare the money.

Camper - February 26, 2015

No, I respectfully reassert that it would be a waste of money. Bishops have been around the block a thousand times. They’re highly intelligent. The Fraternity needs money all over the place. Chapels need to be built in Houston, Nigeria, and no doubt other places. Please save your money for that. Ditto with respect to Fr. Z’s plan for buying custom armor for the Swiss Guards.

12. steve - February 26, 2015

“…the apparent loss of the popularity of Francis…”

Pope Francis has experienced a loss of popularity?

Not among Catholics.

Pope Francis enjoys massive popularity among Catholics.

For that matter, the same applied during the Pontificates of each Pope during my lifetime (I go back to Pope Saint John XXIII).

There are “liberals” and “Traditionalists” who dislike this or that Pope.

The “liberals” dislike supposed “Traditional” Popes (in the view of a liberal, that would be Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI.)

The “Traditionalists” dislike supposed “liberal/modernist” Popes (in the view of a Traditionalist, that would be Saint John XXIII, Venerable Paul VI, Saint John Paul II and Francis).

(Pope John Paul I…peace to you. I guess that you failed to reign a sufficient amount of days to have gained a label as Pope.)

But in between the above two “wings” of the Church are the vast majority of Catholics who simply love and hold in high esteem a reigning Pope.

My experience with the majority of my brothers and sisters in the Church — the ones who do not belong to the “liberal” and “Traditionalist” wings of the Church — is that Pope Francis enjoys monumental popularity among them.



13. Kathleen - February 28, 2015

Thanks for the thoughts from those that took the time — I really appreciate it.

I sent the book. As long as no one sees anything improper, it is my hope that with prayer it does some good.

Perhaps there will be others that do the same.

The book only costs $20 and is shipped free via Amazon Prime.

I used this note, which met the length restriction, if it is helpful to anyone else considering sending a book.

Your Excellency, My prayers are with you & I pray the strong defense this book makes of the Church’s teachings on marriage is of use to you during this year of the Synod of the Family.
Kissing the Sacred Ring,

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