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Religious life, then and now (then was better) March 17, 2015

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I was going to make this a post about the greatness of our Catholic patronage – and it is – but as I was watching the videos below I began to wonder what became of the nuns of Ladywell in England after these videos were made in 1962 and 1965.  Well….like so many orders, the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood have fallen on hard times, and now use the beautiful convent and chapel seen below primarily as retreat center. At least the retreats they offer seem to be more Catholic than many.  I did not detect too many outwards signs of new agism or neo-paganism on their website, but the photo on the bottom – a recent group shot – does not fill me with great hope.  Certainly, with regard to outward signs of the Faith, the nuns of Ladywell have fallen quite far.  It appears they are rapidly aging, as so many other communities are.

In sum, they come across as just one of many particularly female religious orders who have adopted secular dress and a greatly modified (and generally much less strict) rule and have experienced rapid aging and loss of numbers as a result.  Just one tragedy among many.  I wonder how many of these women, especially the elderly sisters, would argue passionately that Vatican II positively demanded the changes they introduced?  Of course, Vatican II demanded no such thing, but that made no difference once the revolution spun out of control.

Thanks to JP Sonnen for the videos.

Both videos are by the British Pathe’ news service.  First, from 1962:

And then 1965……not too many obvious indications of the revolution that was afflicting consecrated religious life even then:

Here they are today:

multigroupThank goodness for the Africans.


Lenten spiritual almsgiving – praying for the forgiveness of others March 17, 2015

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I read this Preface from the Roman Pontifical for the Fourth Monday in Lent in The Liturgical Year yesterday, and thought it made a very beautiful Lenten prayer for the forgiveness not of our own sins, but of others.  It is so easy to fall into the temptation to condemn others for thier sins, sometimes even the same sins we beg the Lord to forgive of us.  Praying for other in charity goes a long way towards changing that kind of thinking, while also earning some Grace of forgiveness for ourselves.

It’s not a long prayer, I hope you find it helpful (and since it is a Preface, it has a certain structure common to all Prefaces, which are the Prayers which immediately precede (preface) the start of the Canon):

It is truly meet and just, right and availing to salvation, that we should always and in all places give thanks to Thee, O holy Lord, almighty Father, eternal God, through Christ our Lord: Whom Thou, O almighty Father, didst will to be born among us by an ineffable Birth, that so he might pay to Thee, His eternal Father, he debt contracted by Adam, and put our death to death by His own, and bear our wounds in His own Flesh, and cleanse away our stains by His Blood;  hereby enabling us, who had fallen by the envy of the old enemy, to rise again by His mercy.  Through Him, O Lord, we suppliantly beseech and pray Thee that Thou graciously hear us making intercession for the sins of others, who are not worthy to plead for our own.  Do Thou, O most merciful Lord, recall to Thyself, with Thy wonted goodness, these Thy servants, who have separated themselves from Thee by their sins.  For neither didst Thou reject the most wicked Achab when he humbled himself before Thee, but didst avert from him the punishment he had deserved. So, likewise, didst Thou graciously hear Peter, when he wept, and didst afterwards give to him the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; and thou didst promise the reward of that same kingdom to the thief when he trusted in Thee.  Therefore, O most merciful Lord! mercifully welcome back these for whom we offer to Thee our prayers, and restore them to the bosom of Thy Church, that the enemy may not triumph over them, but that they may be reconciled unto Thee by Thy coequal Son, and by Him be cleansed from their guilt, and graciously admitted by Him to the banquet of Thy most Holy Supper.  May He in such wise refresh them by His Flesh and Blood, as to lead them, after this life’s course is run, to the Kingdom of Heaven.

———End Quote———

Another thought came to me as I was typing the above, this prayer is also a very good one to pray for shepherds in the Church who have lost the way or even become wolves in sheep’s clothing.  There is no shortage of them today.  But we want to be very careful not to let prayers like the above become like the Pharisee’s prayer in St. Luke XVIII:9-14, wherein we thank God for not being like all the bad people around us, while ignoring our own sins.  That’s a huge temptation now because remaining faithful is a trial, especially when we see so many people engaged in such wild orgies of immorality around us, and sometimes they appear “fun” to our fallen human nature (but those of us who have been down that path know much, much better), and there may be a tendency to develop some resentment to those folks.  We do need to pray for their conversion, we do need to identify evil when we see it, but as for final judgments on the state of their soul or their eternal destiny, we must leave that in the hands of God.

If we are to truly practice charity, we must pray for their conversion and warn those we have spiritual authority or influence over away from their path of destruction. Aside from that, may God have mercy on us all.


The sins of the German episcopate, vol. 955: complicit in mass acceptance of Nazism March 17, 2015

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I am reading Dietrich von Hildebrand’s My Battle Against Hitler, a collection of unpublished notes from his memoirs dealing with the rise of Nazism and von Hildebrand’s constant opposition to it.  While I am not entirely comfortable with von Hildebrand’s thinking at times, his reaction to Adolf Hitler and Nazism was entirely appropriate and thoroughly Catholic.  Von Hildebrand is very thorough in establishing that Nazism viewed itself and was viewed by the people of Germany as another authoritarian, LEFT WING movement in competition with Bolshevism and the like.  The leftist, repressive nature of Nazism was very, very clear to von Hildebrand, which was one of the major reasons for his rejection of it (that, and all its evil).

Also clear, is his fear that merely remaining present in a country with such an evil government would cause Catholics to make horrible moral compromises.  This, in fact, happened, and the bishops were the first to compromise, and most cravenly.

I take the text below from pp. 81-87, cut and paste and re-order to show the action, and then the result.

But much sadder and worse than this radical intellectual and cultural decline was the letter of the Catholic bishops gathered in the town of Fulda. [In addition to this episcopal letter, shortly before this, in the Abbey of Maria Laach, home of the revolutionary and disordered liturgical movement, a conference was held singing the praises of National Socialism and hoping for it continued growth.  This also disgusted von Hildebrand] Contrary to all tradition, the bishops took a position toward the government.  They began by listing all the things within National Socialism to which they spoke a full, approving “yes!” We affirm the spirit of authority, we affirm the commitment to the German nation, we affirm, etc., etc.  All this affirmation was a shameful betrayal, quite apart form the fact that the bishops after World War I did not take a similar position toward the Weimer Republic, so that taking an official position in the present context was unnecessary.  Terms such as “authority,” “nation,”and the like were used equivocally, when it was clear to everyone that what the National Socialists understood by these terms was something the bishops could never affirm. [Hmmm…..maybe they could] Besides, the fact that the affirmation of many points was very much in the foreground created the impression of a primarily affirmative stance toward National Socialism as such.  It is true that the bishops in an appendix stated that they could not accept racism in certain forms, [but some forms are OK?]  yet the impression remained that the overall tenor was one of joyous affirmation.  No word about the heresy of a totalitarian system, no protest against the innumerable crimes and the terrorism, no real condemnation of racism and the whole ideology of National Socialism!  Two weeks before Hitler seized power, membership in the Nazi Party still entailed excommunication, and now this affirmation!   [mere months later. Mind, the Church had not been threatened, there had been almost no threatening action taken, this was voluntary surrender of the most craven kind.  It turns out even the tepid rejection of Nazi errors the letter contained were forced by a few faithful bishops.  Most of the German bishops were perfectly happy to reach some kind of accommodation with the Nazis.]

[So, how did this letter influence German Catholics……]  In general, the directive from German bishops and priests was this: one may participate in everything that does not violate the Faith and the Commandments of God.  In other words, on can join the SA or SS, continue teaching at the school that has conformed itself to National Socialism, one ought not to give up one’s position where one can at least prevent what is “worst” in small things, continue to do good, and so forth. With the bishops and priests adopting this stance, it is hardly surprising that young, naive Catholics, particularly those who were only Catholic culturally, should merrily sing the Horst Wessel Lied and be filled with enthusiasm for the Fuhrer. I was of course horrified by such a friendly and benign attitude toward the Nazi regime, and I expressed my total rejection of National Socialism and my disdain for Hitler in very clear terms.

——–End Quote——–

How do we see the Church, in the form of Her human leadership, compromising today?  Too many ways to count, I should say.

My only remaining question, after examining the above, and bearing in mind that virtually every satanic idea that has afflicted the culture in the past 500 years has a very heavy German influence, from protestantism to Hegel to Heidigger (von Hildebrand’s competitor) to Marx to Luther to Hitler …….why on earth is anyone listening to what they have to say demand regarding marriage and the family, or anything for that matter?

12,000,000,000 dollars. Oh……that’s why.

BTW, Cardinal Marx was asked whether he had any guilt over the German church’s obscene wealth:

Well……at least it’s ladies.

Not signing up for organ donation insufficient to prevent organ harvesting (and being killed to get to them) March 17, 2015

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If you are like me, you were probably under the impression that if you did not sign on your driver’s license that you are willing to be an organ donor, that meant you were more or less from being put to death by having your still-beating heart or still-breathing lungs removed if you happen to fall into a coma.  According to Life Guardian Foundation, however, recent changes in federal and state law have changed the default legal “setting” from an assumption one does not want to be forcibly disemboweled, to an assumption of willingness to “donate organs.”  You now have to take positive legal steps to prevent being a harvest candidate.

This all apparently dates to a 2006 federal law “United States Anatomical Gift Act,” the implications of which are discussed in this medical journal article from 2007.  Many, perhaps most, states, have adopted the provisions of this act, which, again, switches the default assumption with regard to organ “donation” from a no to a yes.

From the Life Guardian website:

Your “refusal” for organ donation must be documented.

Upon registering at the DMV your verbal decline, stating “no” when asked whether or not you wish to be an organ donor, is not honored. According to the language of the law, Revised Anatomical Gift Act (2006), you must “opt-out,” documenting your “refusal” in writing using “explicit language,” otherwise, it is “presumed” that you have consented to be an organ donor to be utilized for the purpose of “organ transplantation, education and research.”

Document your decision of “refusal” for organ donation, make known your wishes to have your life protected and preserved and ensure, that in the event that you cannot speak for yourself, your family and loved ones will speak on your behalf. It is a matter of life and death


The Life Guardian website also has an article from Bishops Bruskewitz and Vasa, and various moral theologians, regarding the licitness of organ donation.  Fundamentally, all organ donation (but theft might be a better term) that requires the death of the donor is essentially murder and thus gravely immoral.  Donations such as kidneys or corneas that do not necessarily entail death are not immoral and may be wonderful acts of charity, but all other organ donations are morally illicit and unsound.  The act of killing people to obtain their organs is the objectively mortal sin of murder.

Make sure you protect yourself thoroughly in all end of life decisions.  More and more, the medical establishment looks on souls in comas or a “persistent vegetative state” as being little more than fertile soul for the very lucrative cash crop of organ harvesting.  More generally, the health care industry in this country is becoming increasingly comfortable with causing death whenever a doctor or even a nurse decides someone has lived long enough, will have to suffer “too much,” or is just taking up valuable bed space.  We see in many other countries already that “voluntary euthanasia” has quickly degenerated into involuntary killing of old and sick people.  So be very clear to have a will and other clear legal documentation that DOES NOT include any terms like “no heroic measures,” “do not resuscitate,” and all the other permissions for killing.  Make sure it DOES specify that you want all medically viable treatment, that you are NOT an organ donor, and that you DO NOT want the plug pulled, so to speak.

It is an indicator of how satanic this culture has become that people have to go to extensive legal means to prevent their doctors from killing them, but that’s what you get in a post-Christian world.  May God protect and defend us all.

Oh dear Lord……everything that is wrong with sexular paganism in one post March 17, 2015

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This post is for mature readers only, and those whose consciences are not easily upset.  This below is atrocious, and signifies the horrid self-serving (while at the same time, self-destroying) sickness that pervades the current day amoral sexular pagan ethos.

Again……children and those with sensitive consciences should not read.

In many respects, the story below is heartbreaking.  Lack of faith in God leads to a childless, empty existence, which then leads to unhappiness in marriage, which then leads to a casting about for “answers” to that unhappiness.  The marriage is reduced down to nothing but the satisfying of the most base sensual pleasures.  When that fails, too, infidelity, and all the rest.  There is a “twist” at the end of the report that is as unexpected as a freight train winning a contest with a small car at a railroad crossing, and the result is about the same.

If this is what the elite of our culture is up to, I want out (final content warning.  This is pretty sick):

[Setup – childless 44 year old woman is bored after 18 years of marriage.  Cue dramatic music…..]  Stuck in a rut — our once-a-week sex life was loving, but lacked spontaneity and passion — I was craving seduction and sexual abandon. I was having a midlife crisis and chasing this profound, deeply rooted experience of being female. [Can I pass over the strange understanding this woman has of “being female?”  Does she understand how unnatural it is for a woman to define being female as being a slattern?]

Before then, starting a family had felt like one route to this elusive state of feminine fulfillment. But Scott had made it absolutely clear he never wanted a baby, and even had a vasectomy. [As the article progresses, the shallowness, the barrenness of this woman’s existence becomes increasingly oppressive]

Many people will find this hard to understand, but, as the door to motherhood closed, I found myself rushing towards this whole other outlet of heightened female experience — taking lovers. [Or maybe it was revenge on your husband for denying you motherhood?  Did you ever think of that?]

I’d always been “the good girl,” and had slept with only three guys before getting involved with Scott at the age of 26. I was pretty conservative. [I will just repeat here – and it certainly has great bearing on this sordid tale – that statistics show that a woman with 4 lifetime partners has a 60% chance of getting a divorce – in 10 years!  When that increases to 5, the likelihood jumps to 70%, and when you get over 10, the likelihood is over 90% (mind that is only over a 10 year period.  The lifetime divorce rate for women with more than 10 lifetimes partners is essentially 100%). A woman who marries as a virgin has a less than 20% chance of divorcing in her lifetime, and women who are faithful Christians who pray regularly have essentially a nil divorce rate]

Sexually, I was experiencing what happens to a lot of women in their late 30s and early 40s. I was approaching my sexual peak and was relaxing into myself.

I broke the news to Scott that I wanted an open marriage in early 2008, a few months after his vasectomy. “I won’t go to my grave with no children and four lovers,” I told him repeatedly. “I refuse.” [This is a really strange juxtaposition – either I become a mom (which would almost certainly have required heroic, and often gravely disordered, efforts at here age), or I become a wanton whore.  Sorry……there is no other word for it.  Who thinks like this?  I really do think this was about revenge.]

Against the idea at first, he eventually relented. According to our deal, I’d rent a studio apartment during the week and come back to our home on weekends. Both of us could sleep with whomever we chose as long as we used protection. It was a case of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

[So, at this point, there begins a long interlude describing her period of infidelity.  It is as sordid as it is predictably banal. I will skip that, naturally, and move towards the conclusion.  Understand, her husband has been similarly unfaithful during this entire period.]

…….But, by the end of the 12-month project, moving back home full time proved more difficult than I had thought. [Gee, you think?!  After you’ve willfully broken every vow you ever made, after you rejected the marital bed for sickening displays with total strangers, now you’re surprised that you find your marriage shattered?  Who could imagine?!?]  After you open up a marriage and experience a whole range of sexual variety and aspects of yourself you’ve never had before, it’s hard to put everything back in the box. 

You’re changed. [I’ll say, and not for the better.]

I slept with a total of 12 people (including two women)  [nice]  during the Wild Oats Project……

And so she divorced her husband and took up with one of her lovers from the “project.”  She claims they are still together, though I have my doubts that will last the notoriety of this book she’s written.  Oh, yeah……all this soul-sharing is in promotion of her book recounting the details of her period of ultimate self-indulgence.  Some may argue much of it may be made up.  But I doubt it, not in this world.

So, let’s sum up:

  • Godlessness, leads to….
  • …..a childless, sterile existence, which produces
  • a shallow, failing marriage where the husband unilaterally takes steps that devastate the wife……
  • …..who in a fury of scorn lashes out by embarking on a course I’m quite certain she knew deep down would end their marriage, and does so in the most outrageously flamboyant way possible, even demanding her husband’s acquiescence in the project…..
  • …..and now is attempting to cash in on the experience, further humiliating her ex and, in true feminist fashion, gaining ascendancy over him in the process.

Wow.  What despicable people.  Note there is not the slightest care given to the damage her behavior inflicts on marriage as an institution  or to the negative effect her “project” may have had on the partners involved (perhaps some of them were injured in the process?  They were all certainly morall wounded).  It was all about glorious me, me, me.  I think it actually quite a blessing they did not have children.

This woman needs a mountain of prayers.  As a priest said about a husband who has abandoned his wife recently, “satan has him.”  And satan has her, and that is a terrible, terrible thing.

The saddest part is, while this woman may have had the unmitigated gall to proudly trumpet and try to cash in on her infidelity, this kind of thing happens all the time, by both men and women.  People like this are a dime a dozen.  There is nothing special at all in marital infidelity.  Quite the contrary, it is those who honor their vows and maintain their marriages for a lifetime that are truly rare and special.

Well……I hope this woman enjoys her cat-filled future.  Not too many men are going to want to hang around with a wrinkled up old feminist shrew at age 70.

Thus, the glory of sexular paganism.  Gee, that’s just so incredibly awesome compared to Catholicism.

I wonder if she took her ex to the cleaners after they divorced?  Hell hath no fury, and all that.