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Faithful French bishop punished for being……..Catholic March 31, 2015

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The Revolution is in an uproar in France, since Bishop Luc Ravel said somethings that are markedly Catholic.  Can’t have that.  Via Tancred at Eponymous Fowler:

His Excellency, Bishop Luc Ravel,a Catholic bishops in the French Military Ordinariate is to be “punished” by the French Ministry of Defense, for his writings. He has also been told to cease using any emblems identifying himself with the army. The bishop apparently in his words and actions, contradicts “republican values”. No doubt, as a good Catholic he does. But then, so did the thousands who were slaughtered by the Revolution… 

The bishop wrote:

“...Christians feel shackled between two ideologies. On the one hand an ideology that is a caricature of God, which has contempt for man. [That would be islam] On the other hand, an ideology that manipulates man, despising God. [That would be leftism] On the one hand, we have those who are declared and known: the terrorists of the bomb, the Prophet’s avengers. On the other hand, we have terrorists of thought, the proponents of secularism, the admirers of the Republic. In what camp is a Christian to find himself”? 

“We do not want to be held hostage by Islamists, but we also do not want to be slaves of correct thought. Islamic ideology has led to 17 victims in France, but the ideology of thinking correctly [political correctness] creates annually two hundred thousand victims in the womb of the mother.  Abortion has become a fundamental right and a weapon of mass destruction “

I don’t know much about Bishop Ravel, but it sounds like he’s figured out the cultural predicament facing Catholics at the moment, squeezed more and images (5)more tightly between the vise of leftism and the immovable object in islam.  He also rightly understands that abortion is absolutely vital, it is the keystone of the Republican war to return our culture to the days of pagan hedonism and barbarism.  Without abortion as the backstop, the great left-wing trade (we give you sexual hedonism, we take everything else) falls apart.  They know that only too well, which is why they will trade virtually anything and everything before giving up abortion.  With abortion, they maintain control.

But I think leftism does reveal its grave weakness in that it cannot tolerate any competing or contradictory thought.  So rather than argue the point on the merits (such as they are), they choose to shoot the messenger.  That’s been a dominant characteristic of the revolution since it burst on the scene in 1789.  Political opponents are not to be out-argued or even out-maneuvered, they are simply to be done away with.

But, remember, it’s we Catholics and other Christians who are the real extremists to worry about.  Goebbels would be proud.

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1. Baseballmom - March 31, 2015

Glad to know there is at least one faithful Catholic in the French hierarchy… Did not know that 🙂

2. Tim Thunell - March 31, 2015

Let’s not forget that revolution by the “boys of ’76” was the “dry run” for the French Revolution. Just as the gutting of the FI by Rome is the “dry run” for the FSSP.

3. steve - April 1, 2015

The “dry run” on the FSSP doesn’t make sense as Pope Francis has declared his support for the TLM. His Holiness has also declared that the Traditional Rome Mass is a “treasure” for the entire Church.

Pope Francis also wishes to regularize the SSPX.

Pope Francis has made clear his support for Summorum Pontificum and the Traditional Roman Mass.

Therefore, I don’t find the slightest reason to believe that Rome is determined to gut the FSSP.



Tim Thunell - April 1, 2015

With all due respect, where are you getting that impression? The pope has verbally attacked those “attached” to the True Mass nearly from day 1. No pope will be able to reguarize the SSPX while still clinging to the heresies of Vatican 2. If your position is accurate, then why the unjust and criminal attack on the FI?
Have a Blessed Eastertide

camper - April 1, 2015

I’m not trying to be rude, Steve, but you must be on drugs. That is nuts! The bishops in Paraguay and Italy, hello? Maybe the Pope won’t touch the FSSP, but that’s only because he can’t. This Pope is a monster!

4. steve - April 1, 2015

The SSPX could very easily obtain regularization from the Holy See. But they have exempted themselves from the Church;s rules.

So be it if they wish to continue to play games with Rome.

The last time that I checked, the FSSP, for example, enjoyed peace with the Holy See. The ICK enjoys peace with Rome.

In numerous dioceses throughout the Church, the TLM is offered by diocesan priests populated by the Faithful who enjoy 100 percent peace with the Holy See.

Funny how they and Rome enjoy peace in light of so-called “Vatican II “heresies”.

Vatican II heresies…yeah. Right.

Sorry, but that “Vatican II heresy” nonsense is old, old, old hat. It’s terribly old and tired.

The folks who cling to the tired, old “Vatican II heresy” nonsense are as tired, old and relic-like as liberals who cling to their 1960’s image of the Church.

Everybody else within the Church has moved on.



Observer - April 1, 2015

Well, I guess I’m a hopeless fossilized relic! What really helped me see the light was reading the encyclical ‘Pacem in Terris’. To say it was a product of the 1960’s would be a mistake, it is a carbon copy of ‘rights of man’ stuff from the 1760’s.

Tim Thunell - April 1, 2015

It is the Novus Ordites that have exempted themselves from the rules power grabs and changing the rules to suit their needs. It was Rome’s playing games with Archbishop Lefebvre that forced him to act out of necessity to keep the Traditional Faith alive.
One of MANY examples: Vatican 2 says the we worship along with Muslims the one merciful God….that is BLASPHEMY and HERESY.

5. steve - April 2, 2015

The True Church has taught authoritatively that the Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical is the 21st Ecumenical Council of the Church.

That is the reality of the Catholic Church.

If Vatican II is heretical, then the Holy Catholic Church is heretical.

The Vatican-II-Is-Heretical fossilized nonsense belongs with the same fossilized Eastern Orthodox nonsense as “invalid” Ecumenical Councils conducted by Holy Mother Church.

Are there parts of Vatican II that are worthy of serious debate? Yes.

Are there parts of Vatican II that are relics of the pro-non-Catholic/pro-let’s-open-up-to-the-world hysteria that surrounded the Council? Yes.

Is Vatican II heretical? No. Not unless the Holy Catholic Church is heretical.

But if anybody wishes to remain a “hopeless fossilized relic” in regard to Vatican II’s supposedly “heretical” status, then so be it.

They can always turn to the Eastern Orthodox to support the old and tired argument that the Catholic Church has conducted various “invalid” Ecumenical Councils.



Tim Thunell - April 2, 2015

Even the fathers of Vatican 2 openly professed that it was merely pastoral. No dogmas declared…..that is the proof that the Holy Ghost was at work. How can what was true for 1960 years all of a sudden be false???
No disrespect intended here, but you are delusional or completely ignorant on this subject. “Religious Liberty” was dogmatically condemned multiple times by various popes and then…..”poof”…..all of a sudden it is somehow the cornerstone of Catholicism. No, Steve, that dog won’t hunt. How did the Church survive all those centuries without the “movers & shakers” of Vatican 2?…..utterly amazing! FYI….I know several FSSP priests that believe that Vatica 2 is chock full of errors.

6. Tim Thunell - April 2, 2015

Hey Steve,
Can you provide a list of the dogmas and doctrines that the SSPX denies? We look forward to your extensive list on the errors of these “enemies of the Church”.
Again, have a Blessed Eastertide.

7. steve - April 2, 2015

Hey Tim,

Could you provide any comment of mine in which I declared that the Society of Saint Pius is an enemy of the Church?

I have followed the Society since the early days of it’s canonical establishment. I have for years and years read SSPX publications and been edified often by their contents.

I have noted here that as Pope Benedict XVI declared, along with “distorted and unhealthy elements within the SSPX, there is a love of Jesus Christ and the strong desire to proclaim him to the world.

The SSPX is neither the Garden of Eden, 100 percent perfect, utterly blameless group portrayed by its apologists, nor is the Society the monstrous, schismatic, heretical group portrayed by its “enemies”.

As Pope Benedict XVI noted, and as anybody who has followed the SSPX closely is aware, there are sick and disturbing elements with the SSPX.

That is beyond question.

There are priests (and laymen who were attached to SSPX chapels) who bolted from the Society to return to regularized status with Rome.

The priests and laymen bolted from the SSPX’s sick side.

Conversely, there are priests (and one bishop) who have bolted from the SSPX to form “true” Traditional Catholic societies as they have claimed that the SSPX is filled with “modernists”.

My position on the SSPX is that of the Holy See’s. I recognize that along with the SSPX’s sick elements are many holy elements.

The SSPX as a whole is not the Church’s enemy.



8. steve - April 2, 2015

Hey Tim,

Now, to follow up my last comment…

To return to my original points:

1. I don’t find a shred of evidence to support your claim that Rome plans to gut the FSSP. Not one shred of evidence.

9. steve - April 2, 2015

Camper, I disagree with your claim that Pope Francis “is a monster”.

You have your opinion…I have mine.



10. steve - April 2, 2015

Tim…”I know several FSSP priests that believe that Vatica 2 is chock full of errors.”


There are SSPX priests (and so far, one bishop) who believe that the SSPX is chock full of errors.


11. TG - April 2, 2015

It’s Holy Week. Shouldn’t we all be more charitable and not call our church leaders names. We should pray for them. Tomorrow many people are praying the rosary.

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