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Sermon on the Syllabus and Liberalism’s attack on the priesthood April 9, 2015

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Very good sermon below via Sensus Fidelium (the former Video Sancto).  The subject matter is the opposition the Church held for 150 years to the diabolical errors espoused by the French Revolution (the first leftist government in modern history), as best encapsulated in the Syllabus of Errors of Blessed Pius IX.  Of course, long before he undertook the office of Supreme Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI called Guadium Et Spes the “Counter-Syllabus.”  Thus it is that a growing number of pious Catholics look on Vatican II with something resembling exasperation.

The sermon starts by exposing the errors of the French Revolution, especially the liberal notions that purport to exalt the “rights of man” over the rights of God. The French Revolution first instilled the idea in many souls that man could should be his own king, even his own “god.”  Even in the early 19th century, there were many in the Church, including a good number of priests and some bishops, who were calling on the Church to reconcile Herself with this new view of man as god, or near-god.  Liberal revolutionaries have long demanded that the Catholic Church adapt Herself to changing times in order to continue to remain “relevant.”  Christ has been reduced in the modern left-liberal mindset to be little more than a social justice warrior, rabble-rousing for left-wing causes 1800 years before there was such a thing.  Talk about anachronism!

The priest then describes how Blessed Pius IX condemned all these errors in great detail in the Syllabus.  That great Pope most attacked false notions of liberalism arising within the Church.  St. Bernadette feared nothing but bad, liberal Catholics.  And we have had a boatload of those in recent decades.  Michael Voris interviewed Catholics attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Perversion in Sodom NYC this year, asking them whether they thought so-called gay marriage was a good idea.  Probably 90% of those so asked answered in the affirmative that they fully supported the notion. Of course, Sodom on the Hudson is one of the most liberal places in this country, but the fact remains……there are a lot of really, really bad Catholics out there.  So bad, in fact, that they cannot possibly remain within the bosom of Holy Mother Church, but have cast themselves out through their heresies, so numerous they border on outright apostasy.

Key takeaway, which Dietrich von Hildebrand argued as I quoted  yesterday:  liberalism (leftism) and Catholicism are completely antithetical to each other.  The two cannot coexist or be reconciled to each other in any way.  Liberalism was founded in large part as a way to attack the Church and to undermine Her authority in the world.  It has been constructed as a vehicle to usurp the rights of God and replace them with human wickedness.

The priest then goes into modern attacks on the priesthood and their basis in liberalism, including attempts to ordain women, etc:


Everybody sing along – the Spirit of Vatican II song! April 9, 2015

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Or as I think it might otherwise be called, Vatican II, beyotch!

I think I’ve made clear my affinity for the blog Unam Sanctam Catholicam clear many times in the past.  Boniface, Noah, and the rest write awesome stuff.  But my appreciation has zoomed to new heights with this song performed by Boniface, putting Vatican II in its rightful place:

Oh the picture and lyrics @~0:28 are just perfect.  Hi, I’m Novus Ordo!

Does this song not just nail it?  Who cares if the voice is a bit flat?  Gram Parsons wasn’t much of a singer, either, but he wrote some awesome songs.  Great pics at the end.

“modernist hypocrisy” indeed.  Thanks for such a fun video, Boniface, no, it doesn’t make me depressed.  Franky makes me depressed, not the song. Who knew you were so multi-talented?  A real Renaissance man.  We need to smile and laugh sometimes.  This song does that for me.

If I have one regret in life, is that I laid down the guitar way too early. I can scratch out a couple of chords, and knowing my tendency to take things to the Nth degree maybe getting better playing would have been a dangerous thing, but I could have a lot of fun if I could play better.  Kind of too late, now.

I think Boniface should write and record more music.  What do you think?

Hey, at least I’m putting him in pretty good company:






Fake campus rape “epidemic” rooted in feminine guilt over promiscuity April 9, 2015

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Fellow Texas Ex Kevin Williamson, as part of a much broader article examining how the left has consistently used false moral panics in the culture to advance their sexular pagan agenda, formed a very interesting argument on the strange panic surrounding day care centers and alleged satanism and child abuse that occurred in the early 1980s.  I quote him below framing the argument, noting how preposterous those claims were even at the time, and, most importantly, his understanding of the reasons why so many people were willing to accept such outlandish claims:

In retrospect, the social psychology at work is embarrassingly obvious: The divorce tsunami that peaked in the late 1970s left a great many American parents partly or entirely estranged from their children. The resulting guilt and anxiety sent an entire generation of parents — and the professional scolds and political opportunists whose livelihood greatly benefits from national moral panics — searching for a villain…….

……Anxiety about wayward adolescents is eternal. But widespread anxiety about toddlers was, at the time, a relatively new phenomenon, the tykes of Generation X having been the first generation of Americans to have been entrusted to professional daycare services in such large numbers……

……The criminal cases brought against those accused of carrying out theatrical episodes of ritualized sexual abuse within the walls of American daycares look absolutely unbelievable in retrospect. The phenomenon of “recovered memories” that drove many of these cases is pseudoscientific poppycock, and the details of the abuse suffered by the children in these cases is obviously the result of adult anxiety filtered through the juvenile mind: Little girls insisted, for example, that they had been sexually violated with butchers’ knives, while others told of being buried alive, being flushed down toilets, etc. There was no physical evidence that any of this happened, of course — and even in the happy era before toilet capacity became a federal obsession, flushing an entire child down the commode was a physical impossibility — but that did not seem to matter very much. The nation was convinced — not in its mind, but in its always-unreliable heart — that there were monsters afoot, that somebody, somewhere, was doing terrible things to our teenagers and children. The parents of that paranoid time were, of course, absolutely right: Somebody was doing something terrible to the children.

It was them.

The place that a child is most likely to experience physical abuse, and particularly sexual abuse, is not in a daycare run by Satanists, or in a church youth group overseen by a pedophilic priest, or even in a classroom run by one of those hot-to-trot teachers who periodically dot the news. It is at home, when that home includes a male to whom the child is not biologically related.

This is not news, and it wasn’t really news 20 years ago, either. There was not an epidemic of musically propelled Satanism in the United States in the 1980s. And there was no shadowy network of occultists infiltrating the nation’s daycare centers, either. There was an epidemic of divorce and a great deal of stress as Americans attempted to manage the emergence of what we now euphemistically call “blended families” in unprecedented numbers. The actual face of villainy — absent fathers and neglectful mothers — was too terrible to contemplate. [Boy that is what I saw in the 80s and early 90s, in spades]

——–End Quote——–

I think that is a fascinating and astute analysis.  For those too young to remember, there was a brief flurry of absolutely outlandish claims of serial sex abuse in day care centers, particularly those along the West Coast.  There were several lurid trials, and amazing claims of ritualistic abuse of hundreds if not thousands of children.  It was all, 100%,. completely made up by overeager prosecutors, quack psychologists, and easily impressionable children.

And yet, as Williamson notes, every single adult charged with these crimes was convicted.  Many spent years in jail before their convictions were overturned, with great prejudice (meaning the appellate judges were hopping mad at the convictions), on appeal.

I think Williamson has diagnosed the mass psychology exactly: millions of parents with latent guilt over either their shattering their children’s lives through participation in divorce, or mom desiring to work and the kids going to daycare, or both, found themselves with much less than optimal relations with their own children.  Their children were frequently acting out in destructive ways.  Someone had to be to blame, and it sure couldn’t be mom and stepdad and their terrible choices. No, it had to be the daycare center.  And so it went.

Williamson then segues to the moral panic receiving the most publicity today, the completely made up campus rape epidemic.  His purpose was not to analyze the psychology of this latest mass movement, but I will, and to me, its as obvious as the 80s day care satanist panic.  The psychology to me is equally obvious.  I mean, really………the generation of young women who have made giving away their virtue at fire sale prices to any random dude they meet after five minutes of conversation is going to suddenly develop a moral panic about rape, and especially on college campuses, where this sterile rutting is focused?  Isn’t it rather obvious what’s going on here?  This is classic transference.  Young women feel empty and used by these pointless couplings, and harbor resentment towards the men who use them and lose them.  Duh.  From there the feelings of being used and abandoned snowball into a veritable mass consciousness (since millions of young women have experienced this) of being so used and abused it mentally transmogrifies, weeks, months, or years after the fact, into rape.  Thus the equal perpetrators of this amoral rutting (at least 50% responsible) get to take on the noble halo of victimhood, reclaiming their “purity” and casting men as the sole responsible party.  Quite a nice trick, really.

Goodness, I know how hard it is, but if ever there were a time for young women and men to remain celibate until marriage, this is it.  And this is yet another reason not to send your son or daughter off to a distant college to live full time.  Maybe local colleges and living at home would be a much better option.  It is absolute Russian roulette for young men on these college campuses today, and all it takes is one slip up, one moment of weakness, with the wrong girl, and your life is irrevocably ruined.  Never has strongly inculcating the absolute necessity of the virtue of chastity in your children been as important as it is now.

I know, like we needed another reason. Unfortunately, I’ve been surprised how many even faithful/traditional Catholic parents seem to have problems in this regard.

Thank you for your prayers – first prayer outside strip club a success April 9, 2015

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I just wanted to give a quick report of last night’s prayer vigil outside a strip club in Dallas.  First, I wasn’t alone, a few folks turned out, and I was most gratified that they did.  I thought the effort a great success.  Next month, May 6, I plan on doing it again.  But this time there will be an e-mail sent out many local men.  I found that most people I thought likely candidates to come did not even know what I had planned.  So the first step is to improve communication.  That is being addressed.

I guess we may have to come up with a name for this group if this effort does continue and more men join it.  In Philadelphia, there is a group called The Kings Men (it has spread far beyond Philadelphia now) that has apparently had some success in shutting down sexually oriented businesses in various locales.  This is an already existing organization, but I’m not sure I’m looking to either join it or set up something so big.  I wouldn’t mind getting some info on how to make this prayer effort outside strip clubs more efficacious for souls, though.  At present, I plan on keeping this a strictly prayer effort. If more men attend later on, we can start branching out to “protesting” with signs and possibly trying to reach people with literature on porn, self-abuse, chastity, and all the rest.

I am still thinking of a name for the group. It’s really too early, yet.  I will see how the spirit moves me as things begin to develop.

I will say picking The Men’s Club was a good choice.  While Northwest Highway is busy as all get out, we have a safe place to park and pray.  We are also directly across from the entrance to the strip club cum whorehouse (what do you think “VIP rooms” are for?) and slightly up a rise so we are quite visible to all those coming and going.  I noted last night a large number of women coming and going from the place.  It was after 8pm, I don’t know if it was shift change time or what.  Kind of disturbing, to be honest.

I will post more reminders and information in the next few weeks regarding the next prayer event.  Thank you again to those who attended, and for the prayer support of those unable to do so. I have asked St. Joseph for his intercession and protection for this endeavor. As always, he came through last night.  Deo Gratias!


The hellish life of the transgendered April 9, 2015

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There is a long post at Life Site News by a post post-op transexual man (born as a man, decided he was a woman, had is body mutilated, now living as a man again) who describes the hellish life suffered by those who fall into gender dysphoria.  As is so often in such cases, it is a tale rife with emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of family members, deep childhood trauma, and a shattered identity.  It seems a grandmother this poor soul was close to really wanted a granddaughter, and not a grandson, and acted out on the poor child.  Then there came sexual abuse by an uncle.  A failed marriage, devastatingly bad (is there any other kind?) sexular pagan psychological advice, and a substance abuse problem completed the fatal mix.  I excerpt quite a bit below, but there is much more at the link, if you’re interested:

…..But I also had a secret. After thirty-six years, I was still unable to overcome the persistent feeling I was really a woman. The seeds sown by Grandma developed deep roots. Unbeknownst to my wife, I began to act on my desire to be a woman. I was cross-dressing in public and enjoying it. I even started taking female hormones to feminize my appearance. Who knew Grandma’s wish in the mid-1940s for a granddaughter would lead to this?

Adding alcohol was like putting gasoline on a fire; drinking heightened the desire. My wife, feeling betrayed by the secrets I had been keeping from her and fed up by my out-of-control drunken binges, filed for divorce.

I sought out a prominent gender psychologist for evaluation, and he quickly assured me that I obviously suffered from gender dysphoria. A gender change, he told me, was the cure. Feeling that I had nothing to lose and thrilled that I could finally attain my lifelong dream, I underwent a surgical change at the age of forty-two. My new identity as Laura Jensen, female, was legally affirmed on my birth record, Social Security card, and driver’s license. I was now a woman in everyone’s eyes.

The gender conflict seemed to fade away, and I was generally happy for a while.

It’s hard for me to describe what happened next. The reprieve provided by surgery and life as a woman was only temporary. Hidden deep underneath the make-up and female clothing was the little boy carrying the hurts from traumatic childhood events, and he was making himself known. Being a female turned out to be only a cover-up, not healing.

I knew I wasn’t a real woman, no matter what my identification documents said. I had taken extreme steps to resolve my gender conflict, but changing genders hadn’t worked. It was obviously a masquerade. I felt I had been lied to. How in the world had I reached this point? How did I become a fake woman? I went to another gender psychologist, and she assured me that I would be fine; I just needed to give my new identity as Laura more time. I had a past, a battered and broken life that living as Laura did nothing to dismiss or resolve. Feeling lost and depressed, I drank heavily and considered suicide……. [suicide and substance abuse are almost inseparable from those associated with “gender dysphoria.”  The suicide rate for transgendered individuals, especially those who undergo genital mutilation, is sky high, orders of magnitude higher than the general population, and this has nothing to do with suffering from “prejudice,” as the rates are the same even in wildly liberal countries like Holland and Belgium]

…….During an internship in a psychiatric hospital, I worked alongside a medical doctor on a lock-down unit. After some observation, he took me aside and told me I showed signs of having a dissociative disorder. Was he right? Had he found the key that would unlock a childhood lost? Rather than going to gender-change activist psychologists like the one who had approved me for surgery, I sought the opinions of several “regular” psychologists and psychiatrists who did not see all gender disorders as transgender. They agreed: I fit the criteria for dissociative disorder.

It was maddening. Now it was apparent that I had developed a dissociative disorder in childhood to escape the trauma of the repeated cross-dressing by my grandmother and the sexual abuse by my uncle. That should have been diagnosed and treated with psychotherapy. Instead, the gender specialist never considered my difficult childhood or even my alcoholism and saw only transgender identity. It was a quick jump to prescribe hormones and irreversible surgery. Years later, when I confronted that psychologist, he admitted that he should not have approved me for surgery. [We can see the devastating effect of what the man aptly terms “gender activist psychologists” have had on this man’s lives. And on how many others? Just yesterday a writer in the NYT called for Christians to surrender 2000 years of belief directly revealed by God because we supposedly know so much better now.  But how much of what we “know” is really just sexular pagan activism masquerading as “science,” just as “climate change” leftist activism does the same.  In reality, more and more, what passes for science is just activism, and this extends all the way back, at least, to the highly dubious “science” of evolution (it actually goes back to Descartes, but that’s for another post)]

Coming back to wholeness as a man after undergoing unnecessary gender surgery and living life legally and socially as a woman for years wasn’t going to be easy. I had to admit to myself that going to a gender specialist when I first had issues had been a big mistake. I had to live with the reality that body parts were gone. My full genitalia could not be restored—a sad consequence of using surgery to treat psychological illness. Intensive psychotherapy would be required to resolve the dissociative disorder that started as a child.

———–End Quote———–

I feel great compassion for this individual.  This man is still lost if he trusts in psychotherapy and has no relationship with Jesus Christ.  That is not to say all psychology/psychiatry is necessarily bad, but much of it is, and anyone living without a strong relationship with Jesus Christ in the Church He founded is leading a much less than optimal life, at best, and almost certainly still disordered in some regards.  Hopefully, due to this man’s advanced age and prior trauma, he will never relapse, but it does happen.  A lot of these poor tormented souls, often victims of abuse and with unresolved substance abuse problems, vacillate back and forth from one sex to another.

I wanted to include the man’s photograph as a woman. It might be a bad photo, I don’t know (I kind of doubt it), but I think it reveals a great deal:


I have some pretty strong thoughts on both photos, but I’ll let those be for now.  What I will say is that the people lost in this nightmare of confusion and self-loathing need a great many prayers, and since “transgenderism” seems to be the next big thing, we’re going to see even more souls fall into this sad life of destitution and heartache.  This is the human cost of the sexular pagan agenda, an agenda that far from providing liberation from constraint and a path to enlightened happiness, instead always ends in misery and death.  With the left seemingly waxing to a peak of influence at the moment, I fear there will be much misery and death to go around.

Lord, have mercy on the poor souls who fall into this affliction, and on us.