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With the “gay”lobby, it’s head we lose, tails they win April 14, 2015

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Readers will recall that various Christian businesses around the nation are being persecuted out of existence due to their refusal to violate their most sacred beliefs by providing goods and/or services to celebrations of perversion, such as the so-called “gay marriages” that will soon be legal, under force of federal law, in every part of the land.  The disastrous reaction to the very mild Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would have given very modest protections to Christians to express their conscience, whipped up even more persecuting fervor.

In reaction to that fervor, however, some Christians decided to see if the shoe would fit on the other foot, as it were, and approached both muslim-owned businesses, and those owned by “out n’ proud” types, to see if they could refuse to provide goods or services that violated their consciences.  If you had any doubt that this persecution is all about Christianity (as leftism has always been about), I think you can put those doubts to rest.  Not only was it just fine for both muslims and those embracing perverse lifestyles to refuse service to those they found objectionable, in the latter case, the one who sought the service to make a point is now under threat of legal action:

The latest skirmish in an ongoing battle between Christians and gay rights campaigners began when pastor Josh Feuerstein called Cut the Cake in Longwood, Florida to request a sheet cake with the slogan “We do not support gay marriage” written on it.

Sharon Haller, owner of Cut the Cake, who took the call, asked Feuerstein whether the request was a prank (it took place on April 1st), before refusing to bake the cake saying “We wouldn’t do that, sorry”. She then hung up without explaining her reasons…….

……“Have we gotten to the point in America where the left is so ‘open minded’ that they’re close minded to anybody that doesn’t agree with them,  [Absolutely, yes we have. Look at Europe, where traditional views are treated as pariahs]  or is America big enough for different points of view? Christian bakeries should never be forced to do something that violates their Christian principles. That’s not American……

……Haller [the lesbian bakery-owner] told local media that she had received intimidating calls and even death threats from people all over the country who had seen the video. “People (are) telling us that we need to kill ourselves and all kinds of stuff, and we’re just afraid for our business and our safety,” she said. Local police stepped up patrols in her area. [There was no supporting evidence provided to support this claim.  I hope it is false.  Behaving like the leftist thugs persecuting us will not help at all, in spite of the enormous temptation to do so.  We must rely on Grace, and leave the response to Our Lord, Who says “Vengeance is mine.”]

She has also threatened to take Feuerstein to court, and is reported to have already reached out to the FBI to investigate whether charges could be brought against Feuerstein for a hate crime. [So now it’s a hate crime to even show up the massive double standard, or to embarrass a Gomorrist?  See what I mean about not just seeking equality or tolerance, but demanding adulation and constant elevation above their perceived enemies?]

But Feuerstein has taken to Facebook to inform fans that he too has received death threats, and that he and his wife had been forced to “leave town” for a few days after Haller lied to News 13, a local media outlet, which reported her as saying: “He gave credit card information and he said he wants written on the cake, ‘I hate gays,’” The video is evidence to the contrary.  [So she has lied once already.  This damages her claims of being persecuted greatly.  Recall that the left, under the inspiration of the foul Saul Alinsky, has precious little scruple over lying, stuffing ballot boxes, using mob action and general thuggery to get their way.]

Feuerstein told Local 6 that he had never intended harm to Cut the Cake or Haller, saying “I never asked people to call, be hateful or boycott them.” Rather, his intention had been to highlight the double standard applied to Christians in the debate over gay marriage……

[This is important….]…..A Go Fund Me page set up by supporters of Memories Pizza to help them cover the costs of their business being closed raised more than $842,000 in just eleven days. The Connors, who own the small pizzeria, told the Daily Mail that they intend to share the money with disabled children, a women’s help group, fire fighters, police trusts, Christian churches and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, 70, who was fined after declaring she would not serve a gay wedding.

Sharon Haller has also set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover the costs of Cut the Cake being inconvenienced, as she hasn’t been able to take any phone orders thanks to the number of calls coming in from protestors. [Again…….who knows?  Whatever] She implored supporters to “Please help put a stop to people like Joshua Feuerstein.” In what is perhaps an indication of American feeling on the matter, the page has raised just $14,714 in ten days[Now it is $14814 in 12 days.]

I added that last bit because it highlights something we should always keep in mind.  The left – the government-media complex gone wholly over to left-wing activism, including far too many self-styled conservatives – wants us to feel isolated, alone, vastly overpowered. In fact, creating such an impression and deeply instilling it in the minds of observant Christians is absolutely vital to their success in all their diabolical enterprises.

While I believe this advance of the perverse agenda not only will be, but is, the vehicle of the persecution, we should keep in mind that there are still tens of millions of Americans who oppose this monstrosity, and after its ugly reality is unleashed in another disastrous Supreme Court decision this June, and as little mom and pop places like Memories Pizza get creamed as a result, a backlash could build.  It’s not impossible.  I think there is some significance that Memories Pizza out-raised this other place by a factor of about 60 in a similar time frame.  We have to keep in mind that the sodo-lobby is the tiniest of minorities – 1 or 2% of the population – and the hard left overall doesn’t even make up 15% of the population.  They do control the government and media, however, and that’s an incalculable advantage, but this matter of redefining marriage could finally result in a significant response.

But then again, the American Christian has shown himself to be amazingly able to accommodate himself, and even his beliefs, to the steady advance of immorality over the past 100 years, so I could be very wrong.  We’ll see.  That’s one reason why I hope and pray for all faithful Catholics to band together, turn around, and direct their fire outwards, rather than inwards.  We are a very small minority of a minority, and need to keep our focus on the most dangerous enemies facing us, instead of the click-bait internecine warfare.

Upcoming TLM in Morgantown, WV!! April 14, 2015

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A man sent me a very kind note recently, asking me to publicize an upcoming TLM to be offered at St. John University Parish in Morgantown, WV, home of the West Virginia Mountaineers.  The Mass will be offered Friday, May 1 at 7p.  That is absolutely awesome.  Details attached:

TLM flyer 20150501

I believe the hope is that this first(?) TLM will grow into a regular TLM.  A Benedictine priest is offering the Mass.

Please let me know how it turns out!  If you send pics, that’s even better, readers love seeing pics of a beautiful, reverent Mass.

Thank you, JV, for your very kind words – that is why I started blogging.  If I did play the role you describe, I am truly blessed.

I pray the church is packed to overflowing!



A brilliant prayer from Saint Alphonsus April 14, 2015

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I’m not sure if the below is really meant to be a prayer or an exhortation, but whatever it is, it works.  I found it very moving.  I’m only copying part of it because the whole meditation/prayer/exhortation was about 3 pages long.  Here is what I thought the best bit, from The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ:

My crucified Jesus!  From Thy cross Thou didst foresee the offences I should commit against Thee; and , at the same time, Thou were procuring my pardon.  Thou didst foresee my destruction, and didst prepare the remedy.  Thou didst vie with me to see which should conquer – I, in offending Thee, or Thou, in redoubling Thy graces to me……..When, my God, shall I have overcome all things to please Thee, who hast given Thy love for me?  When shall I see myself detached form all, to be united to Thee and to Thy Holy Will?  I desire it, and wish to perform it; but Thou must enable me to do so. I have not the strength to put it in effect. Thou hast promised to hear those that pray to Thee; I beseech Thee, with all my heart, not to let me live and die ungrateful for so much goodness….[Saint John of the Cross says our attachments are the strings that hold us down to earth, preventing us from flying to Heaven]

…My beloved Jesus, who urged on by the bowels of Thy mercy, didst come to seek us lost sheep, do not cease to seek me in my misery till Thou hast 32-alphonsusvxeprovfound me!  Remember that for me also Thou didst shed Thy blood.

O my Jesus, who for my love didst deign to be sacrificed on the Cross, there to die consumed with grief, I love Thee; and I desire to sacrifice myself entirely to Thy love. Stretch forth one of Thy pierced hands, and raise me from the mire of my sins; heal the many wounds of my soul; burn, destroy in me all those affections which belong not to Thee.  Thou canst do this; grant it, then, for the sake of Thy Passion.  This do I hope.

Because Thou hast loved me, Thou hast not denied me Thy Blood and Thy life; I, because I love Thee, will deny Thee nothing Thou dost require of me.  Without reserve Thou hast given Thyself all to me in Thy Passion and in the Sacrament of the Altar; I, without reserve, give myself all to Thee.  Tell me what Thou desirest of me, and by Thy help I will do it all.

O ye damned souls!  Speak, and say, from the prison in which you are, what torments you most most in hell – the fire that burns you, or the love which Jesus Christ has borne you?  Ah, assuredly the hell of your hell is this: to see that a God came down from heaven to earth to save you, and you, shutting your eyes tot he light, have chosen of your own free will to be lost, and to lose this infinite good, even your God, who will be yours no longer, nor will you ever be able to regain him.  [The thought of never being able to regain God’s mercy, to converse with Him, terrifies me]

Ah my Jesus!  My treasure, my life, my consolation, my love, my all!  I love Thee; and I fear nothing but to lose Thee, and to see myself deprived of the power to love Thee.  Grant that I may love Thee, and then do with me what Thou wilt. [That should sound familiar from Stations!]

My crucified Jesus, break the chains of my inordinate affections, which prevent me from being wholly united to Thee, and bind me by they golden links of Thy love; but bind me so tightly, that I shall never be able to loose myself from Thee….My love, despise me not as I have deserved.  Remember how much my soul has cost Thee, and save me.  My salvation is to love Thee, and to love none but Thee.

My Jesus, I wish for none but Thee.  Thou hast said that Thou lovest those that love Thee.  I love Thee, do Thou also love me.  There was a time when I saw myself hated by Thee for my sins; but now I detest them more than any other evil, and I love Thee above all things. Do Thou also love me, and hate me no more.  I fear Thy hatred more than all the pains of hell.

———-End Quote———-

St. Alphonsus is my favorite.  So many writings, such great wisdom and grace!

Thank you Lord for giving Your Church such inspiring Saints to guide us.

673331662 - Copy


Funny, I thought they both happened here….. April 14, 2015

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……great cartoon, but, really, they could both be labeled “America”:


It’s just as I and many others have been saying for a long time – the Church and Her faithful are being inexorably squeezed between the irresistible force of leftism and the immovable object of militant islam.  There will be much pain ahead, but also much glory, if we are faithful.  Persecutions are a great way to escape Purgatory, or to have time there dramatically lessened.  But that’s because the suffering will have been transferred from the next life to this one.  Many Saints attest to the fact that it is much better to make that atonement now, than it will be after our deaths, as the pains of Purgatory are worse than anything that can afflict us on earth.

So even though we know a glorious outcome awaits all of those who cooperate with Grace and remain true to the Church, the suffering in the interim will be beyond intense.  There won’t be words for it.  May God have mercy on all of us, and may He give us the strength we will surely need.

h/t JP Sonnen

Comments problems – again April 14, 2015

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Sorry, guys, I guess the commenting problem has reared its head again.  And I’m doubly sorry, because apparently it’s been going on for a while and a ton of valid comments have been blocked.  I had been negligent in checking the spam folder.  Almost everything there was valid going back weeks. I have released many comments and will be doing more.  My apologies, again, I have very little control over this and it’s been a pain in the neck for years.

If you are a commenter who has my e-mail and you post a comment that doesn’t show up, please e-mail me and let me know.  That’s one of the best ways for me to know that akismet has gone spasmodic again.


As the persecution builds, we must obey God rather than men April 14, 2015

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The progressive enemies of the Church tipped their hand a bit last week when a writer in the NYT informed observant Christians they must be converted to the new sexular pagan orthodoxy or face dire consequences.  The progressives probably feel so confident at this point they can just broadcast plans that would have been shocking and elicited a vigorous response 20 years ago without fear of much response.  And that indeed seems to have been the case.

So, it’s going to get much rougher.  I don’t think I even need to elaborate on how the culture will increasingly pressure faithful Catholics to reject Church Doctrine and accept the prevailing sexular heresies.  But we will also – and this is as certain as the need for oxygen – have large numbers of Catholics, including many in leadership positions, who will encourage accommodation with the culture on various matters, especially the new shibboleths surrounding sodomy.  That’s the popular sin, now.  But also on marriage, divorce, receipt of Communion…….it will be a full-court press. And there will be many Charles Currans and Hans Kungs and Karl Rahners and Walter Kaspers in the Church to tell us how wrong, how uncharitable, how unmerciful we are to continue to cling to the Truth the Church has always believed.

Fortunately, as in all things, Our Blessed Lord knew this would happen.  He knew there would be many times in the life of His Church when there would be enormous temptation to abjure sacred revealed Truth and embrace the lies and false dogmas of the world and its master.  And so, Our Lord, through the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, showed us how to respond and stand fast in the Truth we have received even in the face of enormous pressure coming from within the Church to reject that truth.  This revelation has come both in the form of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

The Epistle from last Sunday, Low Sunday and the Octave Day of Easter, from I John, seemed particularly suited to our times.  In light of the progressive program to try to force the Church and faithful Catholics to abjure the Truth of Jesus Christ, this seemed particularly apropos:

Dearly beloved, whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory, which overcometh the world, our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God? This is He that came by water and blood, Jesus Christ: not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit which testifieth that Christ is the truth.

And there are three who give testimony in Heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that give testimony on earth: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three are one. If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater: for this is the testimony of God, which is greater, because He hath testified of His Son. He that believeth in the Son of God hath testimony of God in himself.

Which argument above absolutely obliterates the self-serving claims of the NYT columnist who advanced, completely from a materialist, will to power perspective, that because belief in the evil of sodomy or the indissolubility of marriage are unpopular today, they not only can, but must be disregarded.  He tried to dismiss the truth revealed by Scripture as just the ramblings of some “ancient text,” ignoring the fact that the veracity of that Scripture and its wholesomeness in the lives of men has been attested to and verified by thousands of years of Tradition and experience.  What was proposed in the Times was simply the old temptation of satan, “I will give you all these kingdoms if you will but fall down and worship me.”

This is the key point in the above: all Frank Bruni at the Times and other leftists can point to in support of their cherished sexular pagan shibboleths is the testimony of men.  Catholics can point to an infinitely higher testimony, that of God, and not just one Person of God, but the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity.  The triune nature of God is critical, because Scripture further reveals that upon the testimony of three men the truth of a matter shall be established.  In Sacred Scripture, then, we have such a verifiable, irrefutable source of Truth.  Even more, we have the immovable testimony of Tradition, which in some respects is even greater than that of Scripture, as the Tradition predated it.

Not that I expect souls lost in sexular pagan apostasy to recognize any of the above.  They are lost and possessed of a reprobate sense.  Reaching any of them, let alone converting them, would require a moral miracle.  But for the faithful, I pray the above is useful and consoling. I certainly found it to be just that.