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100 “prominent” Crisco Catholics call of Pope Francis to remove Archbishop Cordileone April 16, 2015

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Back in the 60s, US troops returning from Vietnam called the SF Bay area “Crisco Bay.”  I’m sure if you use your imagination you can understand why.

That silliness aside, several dozen people I’ve never heard of, but who the left-wing SF area paper is calling “prominent,” took out an ad in the local paper calling for Archbishop Cordileone’s removal by Pope Francis, for having the temerity to try to reinstate just a tiny shade of doctrinal certainty into the disastrously heterodox Catholic schools there.  The vehicle for accomplishing this is the insertion of “morality clauses” into teacher’s contracts, requiring them to sign an oath assenting to the Doctrine of the Faith.  Hardly surprising for a Catholic school to require of ostensibly Catholic teachers, but, as we know all too well, things have gotten to the point in the Church today that a bishop daring to ask his teachers to assent to the Faith they purport to profess is now such an affront that he should be removed over it.  There are not words to describe the lunacy that has afflicted the Church in the past several decades:

In an unprecedented move, more than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members signed a full-page ad running Thursday in The Chronicle that calls on Pope Francis to replace San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone for fostering “an atmosphere of division and intolerance.”

The plea follows months of dissent within the archdiocese over Cordileone’s emphasis on traditional, conservative church doctrine — including asking high school teachers and staffers at Catholic schools to sign a morality clause that characterizes sex outside of marriage and homosexual relations as “gravely evil.” [Ummm……because they are!  But not in Sodom on the Bay, apparently]

In their open letter to the pope, Cordileone’s critics say his morality-clause push is mean-spirited and “sets a pastoral tone that is closer to persecution than evangelization.” 

The ad drew swift condemnation from the archdiocese, which said those who signed it don’t speak for San Francisco’s Catholic community.

The list of signatories includes Brian Cahill, the retired executive director of Catholic Charities, former city commissioner and Boudin Bakery executiveLou Giraudo, retired Swinerton Builders Chairman David Grubb, businessman and former political consultant Clint Reilly and his wife,Janet, San Francisco attorney Michael Kelly, and Charles Geschke,chairman of Adobe Systems and former head of the University of San Francisco Board of Trustees. Also on the list is Tom Brady Sr., father of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady[These are the people who will jeer us all the way to the gallows, for being what they are not: faithful Catholics. A fair number of these folks are former deep Church insiders who have been given posh assignments within the Archdiocese for decades.  They are as upset to now be on the outside of the circle of power (see below) as they are about Cordileone’s orthodoxy.  In fact, there is a huge amount of inside baseball going on here, a power struggle between a newer generation of more orthodox priests and the rapidly aging (and dying) progressive old guard]

Among their complaints, they say Cordileone:

•Picked a pastor for Star of the Sea parish in the Richmond District “who marginalizes women’s participation in the church by banning girls from altar service” and who provided elementary-school children with a pamphlet about sexuality that asked whether they had masturbated, engaged in sodomy or undergone an abortion.[It’s a quite orthodox parish.  So we can see this is not just about this silly “morality clause” issue, but it’s about re-instilling a modicum of orthodoxy to the Diocese overall, which these progressives – whose (by and large) real religion is leftism, not Catholicism – cannot abide.]

•Disregards the advice of his own priests and retired priests in favor of “a tiny group of advisers recruited from outside (the) diocese and estranged from their own religious orders.” [As I said, this is the former insider elite being more than piqued at their exclusion from influence.  To which I say, viewing the Archdiocese of SF for the past 10 years – good riddance]

•Threatens the long-term health of the archdiocese by adopting a “single-issue agenda” against same-sex marriage. [Really…….that’s the best they’ve got.]

[I like the response by the Archdiocese……] A statement by the archdiocese provided to us Wednesday called the ad “a misrepresentation of Catholic teaching, a misrepresentation of the nature of the teacher contract, and a misrepresentation of the spirit of the archbishop. The greatest misrepresentation of all is that the signers presume to speak for ‘the Catholic Community of San Francisco.’

“They do not.” [Can you see the kind of Church these ranting progressives would like to have?  A Church that is pointless and almost useless when it comes to the one thing that matters – salvation.  They want just another NGO that confirms their sacred left-wing shibboleths and never, ever challenges them. A Church that will be as dead as the Episcopalians or the Unitarians in a few short years.  Really, for all the sodomite fury, I fear these rotten Catholics far more than I do the other.  We can also see just how much universal salvation has infected the Church – that is one of the key errors that underlie the broader Katholyc heresy]

Keep praying for Archbishop Cordileone.  He is revealing himself to be a rare prelate.  The vast majority would have caved at the first sign of criticism from the left.  Very few would continue to wage this kind of battle over months.  Good for him.  I am not saying he’s perfect, but he has shown he’s got some stones in this matter.  We need many, many more bishops like him – which those who took out this full-page temper tantrum know only too well.  Even if they can’t get rid of Cordileone, they will try to make such a ruckus there won’t be many more like him.

Am I the only one who sees the hand (or the prayers) of the Traditional Carmelites across the Bay in Oakland in much of this strength Cordileone is displaying?  He is quite close to that community.  Having a holy group of nuns at your back is a source of enormous spiritual power.  May they keep praying for him, as well.

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1. Frank - April 16, 2015

Amen! Thanks for continuing to beat the drum for Archbishop Cordileone. Maybe, just maybe, his example will awaken some courage and fortitude in the hearts of other Ordinaries in the US and Canada.

2. Lynne - April 16, 2015

Here’s some info on how one can help the Carmelites in Oakland…


Please delete if you don’t feel it’s appropriate.

3. Brian - April 16, 2015

In reference to your comment on the Carmelites of Moraga, CA ( I apologize for the length of this but you may find it of interest):

I witnessed the founding of this Monastic Community above Moraga, CA.

I count it as one of the greatest priviledges of my life to be allowed to attend the arrival of those young cloistered nuns from their previous monastery home in Valparaiso NE to their new home in the hills above Moraga CA, east of SF Bay. I was invited to attend as an observer with my Priest, who had personal connections to the event.

I can tell you that the serene joy emanating from these young women was palpable. I am not just saying this. They were in possession of a spiritual quality that I could feel in the air; a confection from heaven. Strange to say, but true. I will never forget it.

I can also recall at the social hour after the subsequent Mass, presided over by newly installed Abp Cordileone; I observed him and Mother Agnes, the Order’s Superior, sitting alone at a table in private conversation. I will NEVER forget the eyes of that holy woman as she briefly glanced at me. There was a depth and holiness to her eyes that I cannot describe. A brief glance from this ancient of days woman literally took my breath away. I cannot describe it except to say I felt holiness, godly love and power; deeply. I just KNEW.

Installation of this new Monastery in Moraga was among Abp. Cordileone’s first acts. I feel that is quite significant. He has carefully, prayerfully chosen the proper terrain for the battle on which he will fight the coming war. Victory over evil in this community, State, Nation and World will be won in the cloister and in the privacy of our own prayer closets.

The Spirit of God is a source of great joy and consolation, life itself even, to His chosen people. It is equally a source of hatred, anguish and anger to His enemies. This is why if we find ourselves at peace with the world, receiving accolades and Bravos!, we should be very, very afraid. As the “prominent citizens” of SF rail against him, I consider it a defining spiritual moment just to be present at Mass with him.

God does not need quantity. He needs quality. God is winnowing out the chaff from His Church. His victory does not depend upon us and our plans and schemes, nor will it be lost to clever, calculating men. He will remove from His holy places evil men who don’t belong, and He will win His victory through the lives, prayers and actions of His faithful.

I am quite certain that Abp Cordileone knows this better than you or I. He knows quite well what he is up against and it causes him little concern. He lives with one foot in Heaven and his battle is already won. I see this relatively small man, back ramrod straight, face firmly set and serene, and I know that this is a man I can follow into paradise. God grants us consolation in Bishops like him, and there are many, in addition to the many Godly Priests of parishes like those of Mater Dei. I am becoming much more confident as time goes by as Godly men and women take their place in the lines of battle for our God.

God bless you in your work

4. TG - April 16, 2015

I will keep the good Archbishop in my prayers. (I’m so disgusted by some Catholics right now. The Evangelical Christians are putting us to shame.)

5. J Rebecca - April 16, 2015

Along with our parish priests and Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Cordileone is on our family’s posted prayer list where we can be reminded at every meal or every time we pass by to keep them in our prayers..

6. glmcreations - April 16, 2015

Nuns who’ve got your back . . .much more effective than the non-nuns on the bus. Guy McClung, San Antonio

7. Patricia Owens - April 16, 2015


8. Peter - April 18, 2015

The 100 threw the Pontiff’s words back at him, quoting “who am I to judge”. Perhaps now the Pope will see how his Jesuitical phrasing is sewing confusion and dissension.

Peter - April 18, 2015


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