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Terror comes to Texas……. May 4, 2015

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……..and fails miserably.  But one must wonder whether the attack carried out in Garland last night will not serve to dampen enthusiasm for such events aimed at slowing the steady adoption of shariah islam as the de fact religion of the West.  This is a most important point, because even in the media response to the attack, the conference, which awarded prize money for cartoons which were critical of islamist violence, has been widely reported as an “anti-islam” event.  But why is it “anti-islam,” when the same media sources certainly did NOT find such atrocities like the “piss Christ” to be anti-Christian, but simply expressions of free speech.  They can only view last night’s cartoons as “anti-islam” because, on one level or another, the media have accepted the muslim dogma that the “prophet” is never to be depicted visually in any way.  And that is how islam is becoming the de facto official religion of the West.

Long intro aside, most readers are probably aware at this point that two deranged islamists attempted to attack a free speech conference organized last night for the purpose of raising money to be used to promote “moderate” islam, if any can be found.  This conference was held in Garland, TX, just a few miles from my former home.  Two men, one from Arizona, had apparently planned this attack for at least some days.  They were fortunately set upon by the police presence called out for the controversial conference.  Both men were killed, but only after lightly injuring an unarmed security guard.  There was also strong suspicion that the attackers had brought explosive devices along with them, but even after detonating their car, I don’t believe any were found.

News coverage in the Dallas area has ranged from fair to heinous, with the Belo properties WFAA TV and Dallas Morning News leading the highly biased coverage.  There is tons of coverage here, from one of the participants.  For those few who are unaware of what transpired, here’s a decent rundown:

A free speech event organized by conservative writer Pamela Geller in Garland, Texas came under attack yesterday evening when two armed men opened fire on a security officer……Shortly after the attack began, the shooters ran into Texas law enforcement who provided a short, terminal lesson in what happens when you try something like this in the Lone Star State.

A search for explosives continued into the night Sunday after two men were shot and killed outside a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

The event took place at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland.

The two suspects drove up and opened fire near the center hitting a Garland ISD officer. Garland Police shot and killed the two men.

There is one bit of good news coming out of the incident. The security officer who was attacked, Bruce Joiner, was treated at a local hospital for a gunshot wound to the leg and released. He is expected to make a full recovery. The shooters… not so much.

While it’s an initial report and will need further confirmation, ABC News is reporting that one of the shooters has been identified……His name is Elton Simpson………

…….A number of Twitter messages were discovered (in addition to the ones from Simpson) from Islamic – and possibly ISIS related – sources which hinted at the coming attack. The subject of the event was a contest for artists creating displays which depict the Prophet Muhammad, a topic which has drawn terrorist attacks in the past. We’re going to have to wait, possibly for quite a while, before any definite conclusions can be drawn as to whether the shooters cooked up this plot on their own or if there are co-conspirators out there waiting to be discovered.

I don’t think this is a case of sudden jihad syndrome. This attack was announced well in advance and planned for at least a few days.  At least one attacker traveled nearly 1000 miles to conduct the attack. Now they are finding out whether islam’s promises to its militant martyrs have any value, or not.  I am certain those are two cosmically disappointed and disillusioned souls at this point.  Pity.

I am very far from a free speech absolutist.  I am gravely offended by blasphemies directed at Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.  But as always with regard to the Church and other religions, and there is a huge amount of theology to support this claim – error has no rights, and the Church/religion of Jesus Christ really are radically different and deserving of not just special, but highly preferential treatment. Conversely, all other religions, according to very well developed Catholic belief, can be tolerated at best but certainly can never be put on an equivalent footing with the Church in terms of law or cultural preference.  So there is no hypocrisy in being quite happy to see islam receive the ridicule is richly deserves, while maintaining that such efforts directed at Our Blessed Lord would be gravely offensive and hypocritical.  And for any outsiders, no, the Church’s arguments are not founded on preference, they are founded on very strong arguments dating back to Aquinas and well before.

Not that I want to get into those now.  As someone with a bit of a memory, I am absolutely floored at the degree to which people just accept periodic muslim attacks on US soil as just sort of a ho-hum thing.  Can you imagine how people would have freaked out and reacted in, say, 1980 over something like this?  Back then terrorism was something that happened in other countries thousands of miles away.  Not anymore. And much of the media in its coverage has quite strongly implied the people at this event had it coming to them for daring to transgress against the “prophet!”

You can file this as exhibit number 87594 why the left will not fight islam but will gladly don the burqa and erect minarets when the time comes. No, not all, but most, and especially those who believe they hold any power or influence.


1. Woody - May 4, 2015

I read this but cannot say it is accurate. The two moose limes show up in body armor, fire 20 shots at unarmed security guard, hit him in the ankle. One Garland PO comes upon the scene and fires two shots killing both moose limes. Mental note to ISIS, let’s not plan any more jihads in Garland Texas.

2. Brian - May 4, 2015

Re: “You can file this as exhibit number 87594 why the left will not fight islam but will gladly don the burqa and erect minarets when the time comes”.

I do not expect the left or anyone else to fight Islam until those who should know better are ready and willing to fight Islam.

I am speaking of our Church; our Pope, Bishops and Priests (with blessed exceptions) who lead the flock to sacrifice and present the Light of the Gospel to a VERY dark world that hates them and their message of salvation.

On the USCCB web site right now is a graphic in honor of “50 years of Nostrae Aetate”. It shows our blessed Cross of Jesus Christ sharing the world with the star of David and ….. the islamic crescent. Yes, three supposedly great religions spanning the globe equally.

Our brothers and sisters are being tortured and slaughtered by Muslim hordes, (now not just in Africa but also right here in my neighborhood in Dallas) while the Pope recently hosts a muslim to pray muslim prayers from the Koran (!!!) in the Vatican gardens. I saw video of this and it made my skin crawl. Muslims are offered up as dialogue partners; exemplars of a great world religion; equals? (!)

As a convert to Catholicism I am having a REALLY hard time with our Bishops and Pope not making a compelling case, or ANY case for conversion away from the existential threats of atheism and the bloody crescent. These religions are leading souls to hell and destroying the foundation of Judeo-Christian civilization. Who better than the guardians of the Deposit of Faith to say so? Franklin Graham can. James Dobson can. Bishop Kurtz?

I can only say that the USCCB web site should remove the crescent and star and call muslims to conversion to the Cross. Period. Call the crescent what it is. Make the case for the gospel. Islam is heresy. Atheism is apostasy. Until then we can hardly expect the “left” to make the case for us.


3. MA Nolan - May 4, 2015

That was not the only thing happening in our area yesterday….the VP showed up for 9am Mass at St Thomas Aquinas just day after giving a pro LGBT speech in Dallas the day before….from all accounts, the diocese was made aware that he was in town and would go to Mass ‘somewhere’ in Dallas. I think STA was caught off guard.

Woody - May 4, 2015

Really. Did he receive communion from a priest, deacon or EM?

Tantumblogo - May 4, 2015

Yes, this is most significant. Can you elaborate any on this report? Thank you!

MA Nolan - May 5, 2015

Yes, he did in fact receive communion. I don’t know from whose hands. Most of my info is coming thru Knights who were at that Mass. Some are planning on penning a letter to either the Diocese or parish or both. However, in defense of my parish, I have heard that STA did not expect this visit to Mass by the VP. If I learn more I will post.

MA Nolan - May 5, 2015

This was what he was up to the day before attending the 9am STA Mass

“You’ve freed decent ordinary Americans, who the vast majority were not homophobic,” he said. “The vast majority just ignorant, unsure and not knowing.”

4. MA Nolan - May 5, 2015

The following was sent out by a very good KofC Knight…….Vice President Joe Biden recently spoke to a Dallas GLBT group, pushing acceptance of GLBT rights, & gay marriage, which according to the Catholic Church is against God. Vice President Joe Biden attended Services at St Thomas Aquinas, and the VP had the unmitigated audacity to present himself to receive Communion at Mass. He did receive communion. According to the Cathecism of the Catholic Church he is violating the teachings of the Catholic Church, by promoting the GLBT life style. Also, according to the Cathecism of the Catholic Church (Cathechism of the Catholic Church 2246) Catholics should speak out and make moral judgements on Political issues. If the Church tells me it is wrong, and the Cathecism tells me it is wrong, then why do Catholic Leaders look the other way when politicians like Joe Biden present themselves for Communion? I can only hope he has renounced his sin, and was worthy of Communion. However, the Democrat Party’s Platform supports both Abortion & Gay Unions. It is scandalous to support the Democrat Party’s platform, and those who Promote it.

Tantumblogo - May 5, 2015

I assume it’s OK if I post this? This is most significant at the parish and diocesan level.

Tantumblogo - May 5, 2015

So, I heard from someone else at STA. They saw it, too. So I am going with a post. Thank you again.

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