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Pro-abort VP Biden comes to Dallas, advocates for perversion, receives Communion May 5, 2015

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Saint Thomas Aquinas is one of the most beautiful parishes in the artistically bereft Diocese of Dallas.  It is located near the fashionable M-streets and Lakewood neighborhoods in east Dallas.  It is generally viewed as one of the more orthodox parishes in the Diocese.  Indeed, the pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas was generous with the TLM community here for some time, hosting daily TLMs for a number of years before Mater Dei acquired its own property and became a personal parish.

Unfortunately, an all too common, and all too disturbing incident occurred at the parish this past Sunday.  Vice President Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biden was in town, speaking to a group of pro-sodomy advocates.  Vice President not only indicated his support for this sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance by his presence and affirming remarks, but also causes grave scandal and harm to the Faith through his heretical views on abortion, contraception, and many other grave moral evils.  VP Joe Biden is one of many katholyc American politicians who continue to receive the Blessed Sacrament in spite of being plainly outside the Faith due to their embrace of error.  The bishops who have tolerated this sacrilege for decades have turned both Canon Law, and the Blessed Sacrament, into a laughingstock for these radical pro-aborts and have offended God in a manner to terrible to contemplate.

Sadly, it has been reported to me by independent sources that VP Biden received the Blessed Sacrament when he showed up for Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas on the 4th Sunday after Easter.  Complaints have already been forwarded to the pastor and, I believe, the Diocese.

Now, Biden’s trip was well publicized and certainly known in advance.  It is a metaphysical certitude that both the Diocese of Dallas and the parish knew Biden would be at Mass on Sunday via the Secret Service, at least. So this was a golden-opportunity to defend the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament, prevent grave scandal, and serve Our Lord in His Church (let alone His Person in the Sacrament) instead of the golden calf of political aggrandizement and material interests like maintaining tax exempt status.  Not for the first time, this Diocese and a local parish failed in its duty, and most horribly.

I probably shouldn’t even bother, but bishop, pastor, what do you have to say for yourselves?  Is this what we should expect from our Church leadership as the country continues frollicking, out n’ proud, towards Gomorrah?  The faithful left scandalized and without defense, our Lord re-crucified, while the overwhelming focus remains on insuring Church leadership can maintain their fantasies about influence and “a place at the table?”  And yet you know all too well how much that place depends entirely on the suffrage of the political class, who have made it quite clear that if you cross them even once, they will come after you with savage intensity.  I know…..let’s have another “Fortnight for Freedom!”……..that’ll solve everything!

Well…….guess what?  It’s happening anyway.  You can continue to pretend there isn’t a savage persecution already in the offing in the hopes of maintaining your privilege for a few more years (or is it months……or weeks?) or you can start to be shepherds to your flock and use what influence you do have to publicly chastise a few of the ravening wolves.  You could at least control what you can control – who counts as Catholic, who is allowed to receive the Blessed Sacrament, who is allowed to use the Church’s good name for their political advantage, and the like.  But even that trifling service to duty appears beyond your capacities.  You leave both Christ in the Eucharist and the dwindling number of the faithful cruelly exposed to the rapacious ministrations of those who spit on Our Blessed Lord by serving satan and mammon while claiming the sacred name of Catholic.

100 years later, nothing changes, only the places.



Not  many like this anymore.  Miguel de la Mora.

Not many like this anymore. +Miguel de la Mora.



1. Peter - May 5, 2015

what are the photos of?

Cristero - May 5, 2015

La Cristiada.

2. Rex - May 5, 2015

Wow, Texas has been in the Devil’s eye recently:

Blaspheme movie against Our Lady in the Undermain Theathre in downtown Dallas.
Business leaders advocating for sodomite laws for Texas.
Mahometan attack in Garland
Biden receiving novus ordo communion in uptown Dallas.

What’s next?

3. Paul Zimmermann - May 6, 2015

I have posted the following on Facebook, I even have a picture of him at the St. Thomas. I can not believe the Eucharistic Minister or Priest gave him Communion, considering his comments at the LBGT meeting. I realize the main reason for the meeting was to get contributions to his Campaign. However, I am having server issues with my personal faith, because of our Bishops & Priest in their inaction. If the Priest tells me one thing and then they do, they say, and they ignore the facts when it comes to bigoted Liberal Politicians, it gives me reason to question their intents. The idea that our Church leaders ignores this kind of indiscretions by a supposed Catholic tells me the Leaders of the Church don’t really care. Our Church leaders have failed the Catholic Community.

“Vice President Joe Biden recently spoke to a Dallas GLBT group, pushing acceptance of GLBT rights, & gay marriage, which according to the Catholic Church is against God. Vice President Joe Biden attended Services at St Thomas Aquinas, and the VP had the unmitigated audacity to present himself to receive Communion at Mass. He did receive communion. According to the Cathecism of the Catholic Church he is violating the teachings of the Catholic Church, by promoting the GLBT life style. Also, according to the Cathecism of the Catholic Church (Cathechism of the Catholic Church 2246) Catholics should speak out and make moral judgements on Political issues. If the Church tells me it is wrong, and the Cathecism tells me it is wrong, then why do Catholic Leaders look the other way when politicians like Joe Biden present themselves for Communion? I can only hope he has renounced his sin, and was worthy of Communion. However, the Democrat Party’s Platform supports both Abortion & Gay Unions. It is scandalous to support the Democrat Party’s platform, and those who Promote it.”

Cristero - May 6, 2015

Not to despair. The fact that nearly all priests, bishops, cardinals and popes of the last fifty years express views foreign to the Catholic Faith says nothing about the Catholic Faith and everything about them. We must stay the course and pray for them, but we must not emulate or fawn over them.

MFG - May 6, 2015

Paul – do you have a link to the photo of Biden at STA?

Paul Zimmermann - May 6, 2015

I have an e-mail from a friend with the picture, that was taken by someone at St Thomas.

MFG - May 6, 2015

Have you considered asking permission to post it or to have Tantumergo post it ? Seems it would help draw attention to the matter further.

MA Nolan - May 6, 2015

I hope you have the one with him posing with the girl scouts out front. I heard he bought cookies and we know what perverse agendas the GSA has embraced over the last decade. Double down on evil.

Paul Z - May 6, 2015

The photo was taken at the street by the curb, as he’s walking to his vehicle. Looking at the photo, Biden Was surrounded by 5 guards, in his left hand at least 3 zip lock bags of cookies. If it wouldn’t be for the name signature on the e-Mail I wouldn’t be positive the photo was taken at STA, the Subject and Sender affirm it was at STA.

Tantumblogo - May 6, 2015

That would be really helpful. Guys, CMTV is interested in covering this story but they need absolute confirmation he was there. If you have material confirming his presence (my source of confirmation cannot be used due to sensitive position) please contact me at larryr103@gmail.com. A photo would be enormous. Thanks and God bless.

4. Baseballmom - May 6, 2015

Excuse me, this is news? Um, this has been going on for 40 years…. Since Kennedy after Roe….

Cristero - May 6, 2015

Thanks Baseballmom. As usual, you pitch a clean strike.

MA Nolan - May 6, 2015

So we give up the fight then for Christ’s precious body?

Baseballmom - May 7, 2015

Oh no, I was not saying that at all. I was simply saying that this evil has gone on for decades, that it is not new. Yes, we MUST do all we can to protect Him and give Him great honor and adoration, absolutely.

5. Paul Zimmermann - May 6, 2015

I believe they are from the Mexican Revolution. Father Miguel de la Mora de la Mora was gunned down by bullets on noon August 7, 1927. During the Mexican Revolution they started persecution of Christians & Catholics. The girls were Catholic girls stripped and crucified for their beliefs. I have a photo of some young girls hung from the telegraph polls by a rail road station. I saw a movie about it, and have read some about it an I must admit I was never taught anything about the true history of the Mexican Revolution. It is truly unbelievable how bad it actually was!

Cristero - May 6, 2015

Not the revolution, precisely. The Cristiada.

Paul Zimmermann - May 6, 2015

I stand corrected, I thought the Cristiada was the tail end of the Mexican Revolution. Found some interesting reading about it. Regardless it was some unbelievable persecution of Catholics. I learned virtually nothing about it in history classes.


Cristero - May 6, 2015

You are quite correct. Mexico has had a series of revolutions and the most recent preceded the Cristiada by just a few years, but they were, at least for the most part, considered separate events. The Cristiada is something all serious Catholics should study very carefully. A real story of bishops’ betrayal, masonic hatred for the Church, and immense errors in judgment by an otherwise very good pope. Lots to say about the Cristiada. It is not even mentioned in history classes in Mexican schools – including the Catholic ones my godchildren attended.

Paul Z - May 7, 2015

My family settled in Texas in the very early 1800 from Alsace-Lorraine. We have lived in Texas ever since. The World History I was taught, never covered that History. You would have thought, having been part of Mexico they would have taught some of it. The Mexican Revolutions and wars went on for close to 30 years, 1910 to 1929. Both the Revolution & the Cristiada were pretty hard on lay Catholics, Catholic Priest, & Catholic Nuns. I need to start reading about it again. Thanks for the inspiration.

6. Paul Zimmermann - May 6, 2015

Here is a web page concerning the persecution of Catholics in Mexico. http://college.holycross.edu/faculty/vlapomar/persecut/mex.html

Cristero - May 7, 2015

The first Mexican Revolution began in 1810, or thereabouts. It was a revolution against a Catholic monarchy and, interestingly, Miguel de Hidalgo, who was one of the most famous revolutionaries, was himself a Catholic priest. And although the original Mexican constitution pays lip service to Catholicism, the entire history of that country, from a governmental perspective, has been one of dismantling the Church.

Benito Juarez, who is lauded as one of Mexico’s greatest heroes, was a tremendous enemy of the Church. The “Emperor” Maximilian, who was shot before a firing squad of Juaristas, for whatever else he may have been, was a Catholic and had a love for Catholic Mexico.

Today when you wander Mexico many of the government buildings you see were stolen by the government from the Church. If you are in a cathedral, basilica, or with rare exception in a parish church, you are in a government building.

This pattern is quite common from Mexico to Patagonia.

Of course we never heard of the Cristiada in school and of course the Mexicans today, in the vast majority, can tell you nothing about that. It is a topic that goes against the agenda of the day. We never hear of the Ninos Heroes either (although the Mexicans do) because it goes against the agenda. We never hear of St. Patrick’s Batallion where Irish and German Catholic soldiers deserted their protestant masters and took up arms on the side of the Mexicans whose country we were unjustly invading.

7. Paul Zimmermann - May 6, 2015

Why do Catholics vote for Democrats, their Platforms supports 2 big agenda items: Abortion, LBGT agenda. The Priest Preach against both, and than supposed Catholics go vote for the Democrats. It is totally unbelievable, and Hypocritcal!

8. Theresa - May 6, 2015

Should Holy Communion be refused for political leaders or anyone with microphone (columnists, bloggers) who support the death penalty? or those who condemn abortion and speak far more about the wrong compared to the outreach and direct help and support to the suffering women and men who need financial, medical, employment, education support?

Cristero - May 6, 2015

Am I dreaming?

Rex - May 6, 2015


Maybe to your surprise, the death penalty has been and is totally OK with church teachings and tradition. Abortion is a horrible crime where an innocent human being is killed not a convicted criminal. The two don’t go together. See below:

“The power of life and death is permitted to certain civil magistrates because theirs is the responsibility under law to punish the guilty and protect the innocent. Far from being guilty of breaking this commandment [Thy shall not kill], such an execution of justice is precisely an act of obedience to it. For the purpose of the law is to protect and foster human life. This purpose is fulfilled when the legitimate authority of the State is exercised by taking the guilty lives of those who have taken innocent lives. In the Psalms we find a vindication of this right: “Morning by morning I will destroy all the wicked in the land, cutting off all evildoers from the city of the Lord” (Ps. 101:8). (Roman Catechism of the Council of Trent, 1566, Part III, 5, n. 4

In Christ.

Paul Z - May 6, 2015

I concur with Theresa. The Catechism of the Catholic Church 2266 & 2267: 2266 -“Legitimate public authority has the right and the duty to inflict punishment proportionate to the gravity of the offense.” 2267 – “Assuming that the guilty party’s identity and responsibility have been fully determined, the traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor.” I would recommend you go read the Cathecism 2266 & 2267.

Rex - May 7, 2015

Don’t need it. Thank you Paul. Theresa said “Should Holy Comunion BE REFUSED for those who SUPPORT death penalty? As I have proved, the death penalty is not a matter of support, agreement or disagreement in order to receive the sacraments.

The death penalty is not in question in regards with Church magisterium. The quote you brought is from the new modern catechism. Hence, it tries to narrow the frame in which it can be applicable but However, it can not deny it. Otherwise, it will contradict 2000 years of Church’s tradition. Keep in mind, the modern version of the CC can in no way contradicts what the Church has established through a valid Council of the Church (akaTrent).

Abortion is a sin, the death penalty is not. The state has the right and the duty to provide if it sees fit for the grievous of the crime committed. Whether Theresa, you or anyone else feels in favor or against the death penalty has nothing to do with allowing the faithful to receive Holy Communion much less to put it side by side with a mortal sin such abortion.

9. Paul Zimmermann - May 6, 2015

The wrong of Abortion, an the wrong of the Gay Style out weighs not out reaching to help suffering women. Killin a defenseless child in the one place they should be safe in its mothers womb. I definately wrong. However, it is not a sin to not support forcing tax payers to pay tax dollars to help people in need. The poor will always be among us. It should be voluntary to help the poor, not forced by the Government. I am against using my tax dollars for killing millions of children. Abortion has killed more children than the Germans killed Jews in WWII. As far as the death penalty, that is not on either the Democrat or Republican platform. However, the Democrats to whole heartedly support killing innocent children.

10. Theresa - May 6, 2015

My apologies for not being more clear. Im fervently ProLife. I’ve seen too many choose abortion who were desperate, poor, homeless, without work or transportation. I do believe that if we equaled the talk with support to those suffering who knows how many glorious lives would be born. Additionally, I did not bring political party into the conversation about death penalty but curious if Holy Communion should be withheld for supporters of the death penalty. Peace.

Cristero - May 6, 2015

Thanks, Theresa. We see that you do not conflate the issues. That has been done by the purveyors of confusion (modernists) who would like for us to stand down on abortion and birth control and who use the old hackneyed “seamless garment” argument – a topic far too involved to discuss here other than to say it is a poster child for modernist gobbledeegook. Abortion is INTRINSICALLY evil. Evil by its own nature. The argument is a phony one and appealing to those whose goal is to change Church teaching and confuse the unwary.

Tim - May 6, 2015

“but curious if Holy Communion should be withheld for supporters of the death penalty.”
NO…why would It be? Supporting the death penalty is not sinful.

Theresa - May 7, 2015

Please help me understand why someone with a varying viewpoint on Church teaching is acceptable while the another who contradicts would limit the sacraments? We respect sanctify of life for all whether it be in the womb, at end of life or in prison. How is dissenting on one accepted (death penalty) but the other is not. I Want to understand. Not trying to incite so please refrain from condescension or hyperboles and break it down clearly. Thank you.

Paul Z - May 7, 2015

The life in the womb is innocent life that has done noting to harm anyone, taking that life is a sin.

The death Penalty although bad, it is totally different. The life that is being taken is far from innocent, the criminal has perpetrated a heinous crime and probably took the life of someone elses life. If the criminal can not be put into prison, with a guarantee that he will no longer harm anyone or another innocent person, then to protect others from his threat of recommitting a crime. It is somewhat acceptable to protect others.

Cristero - May 7, 2015

Sure. Pretty simple, really. The key word is intrinsic. Never, ever, under any circumstances can murdering a baby in the womb be considered a good thing – even if that baby has horrible genetic defects and is the product of a depraved man raping his thirteen-year-old daughter. Abortion is intrinsically evil. On the other hand capital punishment may well be evil in some, or even in most cases. It is open to discussion. But it is not intrinsically evil. It is not evil by its very nature. Society does have the right to protect itself from wanton murderers.

The argument only seems to get muddied when one considers it from the standpoint of secular humanism. But when considered from a purely Catholic perspective, while capital punishment is an awful thing and good arguments can be made for eliminating it, it is not intrinsically evil.

This is by far not even a good treatment of it, but it might provide some insight. I have read far better explanations.

Tantumblogo - May 7, 2015

Theresa –

Whoever said support for the death penalty was against Church Doctrine?

You are badly confused, and I can understand why. The Church has always held, going back 2000 years, that the state has the power of the sword – the power to take life. This includes using death as a deterrent or punishment for crime. You can read lengthy justifications of this from Augustine, Aquinas, and many other great Doctors/Saints.

But in the late 20th century liberal opinion began to spread even within the hierarchy of the Church. Whether influenced by that opinion or not, late 20th century Popes, in a completely unprecedented move, began to condemn the use of the death penalty as at least imprudent. Some even implied some immorality in its use. This is yet another area of novel development of doctrine in the Church in the past 50 years where what is being purported for belief today stands in CONTRADICTION to what was always held for 2000 years. This obviously causes massive confusion, just as you are experiencing now.

Look, the Church has never said you HAVE to endorse the use of the death penalty, you just have to recognize that the state has that right to inflict the ultimate punishment. If you think the death penalty is wrong for prudential reasons they preach it, sister. That’s fine. But you cannot castigate those who think the death penalty is fine because:

1. even the condemnations the recent popes have made have been on the basis of prudential judgment, meaning, they don’t think the DP fit for use anymore at this point in time, not that its use is intrinsically evil (they cannot argue the latter)

2. even with the condemnations you’re obviously thinking of, they really don’t matter, those were not Magisterial pronouncements and are counteracted or outweighed by 2000 years of previous pronouncements in favor of the death penalty from numerous other Popes, Saints, Fathers, etc. Those who support the DP are actually on much more solid doctrinal ground than you.

Yes, matters of Church Doctrine can unfortunately get complex since the revolution afflicted the Church 50 years ago. We live in unprecedented times when error is amok especially in the hierarchy and extends all the way up to the highest levels of authority. Trust in the Saints and Doctors (Tradition)

Rex - May 10, 2015

The knights of Christ can fight the battles of their Lord with complete tranquility of conscience, fearing neither sin if they kill the enemy, nor the danger of being killed themselves. For to inflict death or to suffer death for Christ has nothing criminal about it, but rather brings an abundant claim to glory. By the first he gives glory to Christ, by the latter, he gains Christ Himself. The Lord, without a doubt, gladly accepts the death of the enemy as punishment; and yet more gladly gives Himself to the fallen knight as consolation.

The knight of Christ may strike with confidence and die yet more confidently, for he serves Christ when he kills, and serves himself when he dies. Nor does he bear the sword in vain, for he is God’s minister to punish the evildoers and to exalt the good. When he kills an evildoer, he is not a murderer, but, if I may so put it, a killer of evil. It is necessary to see him as both the avenger at the service of Christ and the protector of the Christian people. Should he be killed himself, however, we know that he has not perished but has achieved eternal glory.

Therefore, the death he inflicts is to Christ’s profit, and the death he receives is for his own gain. The Christian rejoices in the death of the pagan because Christ is glorified; while the death of the Christian gives the King occasion to show his liberality by rewarding the deserving knight. In the first case, the just man shall rejoice when he sees the punishment of the evil man. And in the latter, he will say, “Truly there is a reward for the just. Truly it is God who judges the earth.”

Certainly pagans should not be killed if there is any other way to prevent them from oppressing and persecuting the faithful. But it is much better to kill them than to have the just ones forever under the yoke of the wicked, and bending their knees to the iniquity of the pagans.

St. Bernard, De Laude Novae Milititae,
Migne, P.L. vol. 182, col. 924

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13. Paul Z - May 6, 2015

Well my Grand Knight is not in agreement that VP Biden’s actions are worth worrying about. I am definitely disapointed with his response.

Tantumblogo - May 6, 2015

Paul, I’ve seen your e-mails. Thank you for keeping me abreast of the matter as it progresses. I sent a reply to your Grand Knight. He is confusing public sin and private and is apparently unaware of Canon 915. Unfortunately when I replied to him I forgot to hit reply to all so you won’t get that. He’ll probably wonder who in the heck this strange e-mail is coming from. He’s probably never heard of several things that I brought up in the e-mail: Canon 915, the US bishop’s refusal to enforce it, the US bishops “killing with silence” Pope Benedict’s letter to them of 2005 demanding they do enforce it, 1 Corinthians 11:27-29, and other points. In point of fact, all this “mercy” allowing pols like Biden to eat and drink condemnation on themselves is positively cruel, piling the gravest of sins upon sin as they go merrily along causing scandal and wounding the unity of the Church.

MA Nolan - May 7, 2015

The high ups in the KofC are predominantly old men who do not want to the rock the boat and get their hands dirty. They are a turn off to younger Catholic men who would add to their ranks but don’t want to be part of the good old boy insurance selling drinking club. What good is the 4th degree (patriotic) if there is nothing left of the USA to be patriotic about? Or if religious organizations (pretty much Christians) are driven under ground because the First Amendment has been disregarded or destroyed as we are witnessing the current administration (of which of course the VP belongs to, that sell out Catholic) attempt thru unconstitutional executive action? Why can’t they see the evil in their mists when it actually presents itself? When a man engages in the battle between good an evil and chooses indifference then that is a win for the devil not for Jesus. How can we even face the clear and present danger of jihadist in the US if Catholics cannot be unified under doctrine and Cannon Law and defending our Lord? Catholics like Biden, Pelosi, O’Malley etc (it’s sadly a long list of pols like this) are pretty much 5th column agents of Islam.

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