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Texas Senate passes “Pastor Protection Act;” tries to provide legal protections for pastors to refuse sodo-marriages May 12, 2015

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Thanks to reader skeinster for the link.  The Texas Senate has apparently “tentatively” passed a bill that clarifies clergy’s right to refuse taking part in a fake marriage for “same sex” couples.  The bill would increase legal protections for clergy who find themselves in such situations, making it much more difficult for an aggrieved perverse couple to take legal action against them.  Please do read the justifications of the bill’s demonrat opponents, it is incredible in light of the events of the past year that they would still trot out these pathetic arguments:

The so-called Pastor Protection Act — a bill that clarifies clergy members’ right to refuse to marry same-sex couples — tentatively passed the Texas Senate on Monday.  [Right off the bat, the quite left of center Texas Tribune stakes out their ideological position on this bill – dramatically opposed]

After a brief debate in which several Democrats questioned the necessity of the measure, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 2065 along nearly party lines with a 21-10 vote. State Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., D-Brownsville, sided with the chamber’s 20 Republicans. Final passage is expected Tuesday.

State Sen. José Rodríguez, an El Paso Democrat who voted against the measure, questioned whether it could be used to justify a refusal to perform interracial marriages — shielding religious officials from prosecution “no matter how extreme [their] views are.” [Please.  Can he cite one instance in the past 25 years when a religious figure has refused a marriage on racial grounds?  This is just a wicked calumny masquerading as a “concern.” I wonder what role this Rodriguez character played in the drama that has played out in El Paso regarding sodo-marriage and the persecution of a certain priest?]

Pointing out that same-sex marriage is banned in Texas, state Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, asked what problem the bill was trying to fix.

Whitmire said it was “unheard of” that a same-sex couple would try to force a pastor to perform a wedding ceremony if that pastor did not accept their marriage.  [Really?!?  REALLY?!  They have shown an unrelenting cruelty and desire to see their opponents not just beaten but crushed to the point of homelessness and abject misery.  They have tried to wipe out the existences of florists and bakers and bed and breakfast owners, all related to their attempt to foist the ultimate affirmation of their perversion on the rest of us, their false, damnable “marriages.”  In fact, this is so”unheard of,” that right now a Christian “pastor” is being cruelly persecuted in Coeur d’Alene Idaho because of his refusal to take part in this mockery of marriage.  The city has declared all pastors “must” perform such false simulations of marriage.]

“They just want to be left alone to love their partner. They want to get married with clergy in a setting that embraces that union,” he said.   [so that’s why they’ve tried to destroy any baker, pizzeria owner, florist, or anyone else who doesn’t give them the affirmation they so desperately crave? Pour encourager les autres?]

It’s time like these that I wish Lex was still around to comment. His searing wit would have torn this self-serving movement apart much better than I can.  God rest his soul.

How many instances of Alinskyite tactics can you find in the above?  Massive misrepresentation of fact, mockery of valid concerns of others, routine use of double standards, and always always always pushing for the progressive cause.  The only really heartening bit in the above is to note that the dems are outnumbered over 2:1 in the Senate.  But for how long?

So Fr. Z is pumping JPII as a Doctor of the Church now?!?  Should we just make every Saint a Doctor and be done with it?


1. skeinster - May 12, 2015

When I wrote my senator, I pointed out that prior evidence shows we can’t trust SSA couples to not insist on their “rights”.
Nice fisking of the article.

2. Elizabeth - May 12, 2015

“So Fr. Z is pumping JPII as a Doctor of the Church now?!? Should we just make every Saint a Doctor and be done with it?”

Pretty much what I thought when I saw him recently pushing hard for everyone to join him in his “let’s petition the Pope” silliness. Good grief. There’s a good reason why I only read (and never comment anymore) on Fr. Z’s site.

H-town - May 12, 2015

At least he took down the “reading Francis through Benedict” nonsense. Although this isn’t much better.

Elizabeth - May 12, 2015

Agreed. Man, I was getting so sick of his endless “just wait and see ~ it’s all fine” posts.

3. Dismas - May 12, 2015

Who is Father Z?


4. Dismas - May 12, 2015

Yeah. Well, I am not a betting man. But this one I’ll bet on.

Anybody want to wager that this bill will still be in effect five years from now?

Tantumblogo - May 12, 2015

100:1 against. It’s mostly kabuki, but might help a few before it gets overturned by judicial fiat. Unless, of course, we Texans decide to do something drastic about the advancing evil around us.

Dismas - May 15, 2015

Gotta’ admit. I’m one of “them.”

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