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Are leftists never satisfied? Now they hate Mother’s Day May 13, 2015

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Wait, I know the answer to that question. The answer is no, it is the very nature of progressive “thought” to never be satisfied.

Final quick wrap-up post.  Good news, the House did pass the 20 week abortion ban, though the Senate will be a much tougher nut to crack.  It is especially in the Senate that the substantial Repubnik majority has proved not just useless, but positively craven in its willingness to cooperate with the dems in just about anything.  It’s been nothing but kabuki theater from McConnell, et. al., since they got their sacred majority.  I said a quick prayer that they’d get heavy pressure to grow a spine and do at least something to prove the Repubniks are not worse than useless.

Onto the material for this post.  A radical feminist (there isn’t any other kind) exploded in a fit of self-loathing bile over Mother’s Day, of all things, because mother’s aren’t special and women shouldn’t be made to feel they have to be mothers feminists have way too much time on their hands and are nothing but self-obsessed Victorian scolds who have to constantly cast about for new ways to feel special persecuted:

I did not raise my son, Sam, to celebrate Mother’s Day. I didn’t want him to feel some obligation to buy me pricey lunches or flowers, some annual display of gratitude that you have to grit your teeth and endure. Perhaps Mother’s Day will come to mean something to me as I grow even dottier in my dotage, and I will find myself bitter and distressed when Sam dutifully ignores the holiday. Then he will feel ambushed by my expectations, and he will retaliate by putting me away even sooner than he was planning to — which, come to think of it, would be even more reason to hate Mother’s Day. [Can you not just feel the tortured self-loathing and constant hand-wringing this woman has warped herself into?  Progressive thought leaves one all tied up in paralyzing knots of self-doubt and -hatred, which then tends to get projected onto ostensible villains (non-progressives), the better to ease their self-imposed psychological burden.]

But Mother’s Day celebrates a huge lie about the value of women: that mothers are superior beings, that they have done more with their lives and chosen a more difficult path. 

Oh please.  Just shut up already.  How do you get from “thanks, mom” to “all childless people are worthless.”  I mean, who thinks like that?  Having said that……parents should be thanked, in moderation, for the sacrifices they make for the good of us all.  The selfishness that drives modern childlessness is leading the entire developed world into economic and moral ruin.

What is ironic, is that Mother’s Day actually has its roots in an earlier group of upper class white Victorian scolds who also probably had too much time on their hands, the late 19th century women’s progressive movement (including suffrage):

Another precursor to Mother’s Day came from the abolitionist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe. In 1870 Howe wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” a call to action that asked mothers to unite in promoting world peace. In 1873 Howe campaigned for a “Mother’s Peace Day” to be celebrated every June 2.

Now someone will see that, and immediately jump to the conclusion I am saying women should not be allowed to vote, at least at the upper levels of government.  Actually, it’s funny, but I have heard far more women relate their opinion that they should not be allowed to vote, than I have men.  And some of the reasons presented are not without merit.  I do wonder whether the women expressing those opinions follow their own advice.  I would be leery to take a strong stand on that, because at present, I would bet there are at least as many very moral Catholic women who should be working their admittedly small influence on our failing liberal political process, as there are men.

Anyone familiar with any traditional Catholic arguments on this subject?

I didn’t have time to read one other blog today!

Humility, by Saint John of Avila May 13, 2015

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Of the souls named Doctor of the Church in the past few years, or proposed to be named as such, John of Avila is to my mind by far the most worthy.  No offense to St. Hildegard and Gregory of Narek, but to me, Juan de Avila’s works and influence extend far beyond theirs.

Unfortunately, this great Saint is not too widely known in the Anglosphere.  There is a book I’m reading containing some of his letters that goes some ways to dispelling that unfortunate reality.  This book is even better, but neither receives quite the traditional translation/interpretation I’d prefer.  But, they are a good start.

From the first book, Finding Confidence in Times of Trial, St. John first divides humility into five different grades, and then into 12 degrees.  The two different divisions could be viewed as building one on the other. The excerpt below is not long, but I think will provide much fruit for meditation.  I tell you, I do think blogging and humility are not very conducive to each other:

Five Grades of Humility

The first grade is that, recognizing his own baseness, a man should treat his own will with contempt

The second is outwardly to show this self-contempt both in dress and manners, and by choosing work of a mean and servile character

The third is to be patient when despised by others.

The fourth is to rejoice in being despised.

The fifth is to desire with the whole heart to be despised by others [I think this is how the early martyrs heaped coals of fire on the heads of their Roman persecutors and worked such enormous miracles of conversion.  Their incredible cooperation with Grace and suffering probably powered the subsequent conversion of Empire and Europe to a large degree. We may be blessed to have a similar opportunity!  Are we ready?!?]

Twelve Other Degrees of Humility

The first degree is the fear of God

The second is to deny our own will

The third is obedience

The fourth is patience

The fifth is the confession of sins

The sixth is contempt of oneself

The seventh is to prefer others to self, esteeming them more highly

The eighth is to avoid singularity in outward things

The ninth is to be silent unless spoken to

The tenth is not to be prompt to laughter

The eleventh is to speak little and with gravity

The twelfth is to prefer a low estate and occupation

These lists were compiled for consecrated religious, whose existence and correspondence with humility is different from those with lay vocations, but nevertheless, I think the guidance is just right.

Humility is one of those great, forgotten virtues, but it is absolutely vital.  Humility leads to self-denial, which leads to charity, which leads to sanctity, which leads to Grace and salvation.  Humility really precedes all.  And yet, as I said, I am quite convinced blogging is probably fairly opposed to its right practice.

That is why your prayers are so appreciated.  God bless you all!


Are sex offender men “transitioning” genders to continue sexual crimes? May 13, 2015

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RS McCain has a most interesting, and potentially most important post discussing several cases where men convicted of serious sexual crimes against women and children are undergoing hormone therapy and other efforts to change their outward sexuality (you’ll always have a Y chromosome no matter how much you mutilate yourself, bearded lady), potentially as part of an effort to establish a new identity and get out from under sex-offender ID laws.  [BE FOREWARNED THE LINK IS VERY EXPLICIT] They are petitioning to have their previous names expunged from public record so that they will be essentially untraceable.  Some of these are receiving hormone treatment in prison – at taxpayer expense, naturally.

Allison Woolbert was one of the most militant transgender activists on the Internet. Woolbert was executive director of “Transgender Human Rights Institute” (THRI), a founder of the “Transgender Violence Tracking Portal” (TVTP) and the website “TERF Tracker.” The acronym “TERF” (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist) is a slur invented by transgender activists to demonize radical feminists who are critical of the transgender movement. (See “What Is a Woman? The Dispute Between Radical Feminism and Transgenderism,” by Michelle Goldberg, the New Yorker, Aug. 14, 2014.) One of the “abuses” for which Woolbert and her allies condemned their radical feminist critics was the practice of “dead naming,” i.e., identifying transgender “women” by their original male names. Radical feminists say that discovering and exposing the male identities of these “women” is important because, in many cases, the transgender activists who most vehemently attack feminists have histories of violence against women. Such transgender “women” may be dangerous criminals whose female personas are used to conceal their violent past.

“TERF Tracker” Allison Woolbert is, in fact, Dennis Wayne Woolbert, 51, who was convicted in 1992 of repeatedly raping a 14-year-old girl. This female family member was apparently Woolbert’s stepdaughter and, during a period of two months in the summer of 1991, Dennis Woolbert assaulted her [in ways too grievous to mention.  Moving on]…….

When Woolbert’s criminal history was exposed in January 2015, feminists at the site Gender Identity Watch called for enactment of “Allison’s Law,” which would prohibit “legal change of sex demarcation and name for rapists and violent offenders.”

The need for “Allison’s Law” was highlighted this week by the Virginia Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Robert Floyd Brown Jr. Brown is a 32-year-old inmate in federal prison in Petersburg, Virginia, who obtained a diagnosis of “gender identity disorder” and sought to change his legal name to Alicia Jade Brown. [So who is this Brown character?  A repeat child pornographer serving 40 years in prison, and implicated in unspeakable abuse of infants as young as 9 months old.  He used his fake female identity to learn many underage boys into traps.  So his gender swap played a direct role in committing his crimes]

In case you’re saying that’s just two examples, there are many, many, many, many more.  Whether these men are undergoing genital and bodily mutilation in furtherance of their criminal activities is not clear in every case (it was definitely part of Brown’s MO).

However, what is clear, and which only confirms my own limited knowledge, is that those afflicted with so-called gender dysphoria or who are confused about their gender are virtually universally (I would say universally, but one never quite knows) also afflicted with severe, unrelated psychological disorders and tendencies towards violent, destructive behavior.  Severe psychological imbalance, coupled with a pronounced penchant for serious drug abuse and occasional random violence and abuse is pretty much par for the course. That does not mean all trannies are criminally violent, but it does mean they are just about all profoundly screwed up.  And no, they didn’t get that way because of any “persecution” they suffered – as many of the cases above and at this site demonstrate, these men were committing crimes years before they discovered they were really “women.”

And lest anyone get the wrong idea, butch lesbos who try to mimick men, and even so loathe themselves as to undergo irreparable mutilation to better fit the part, are among the most violent individuals on the planet.  A really informative article, hilariously entitled Attack of the Killer Dykes, describes the rampant abuse that goes on within lesbian couples.  These crimes often go unreported, but the best estimates (they may be exaggerated) indicate that the large majority of lesbian women will be physically harmed/attacked by a partner, and not just once, but repeatedly.  Of course, rates of partner abuse are also sky-high for sodomites, just not as high as those of the lesbians.

Back before this culture entered its drug-induced dementia several decades ago, things like this used to be known.  They may have been a bit harsh and cruel about it back then, but people knew that sodomites and gomorrists were not well.  They knew they were sick, and most often quite dangerous – most of all, to themselves.  Such universal knowledge/conventional wisdom became verboten starting in the 70s through a very concerted and deliberate campaign to normalize the objectively disordered and perverse and smite down with furious anger all those who objected, all those who held on a bit too long to objective standards of morality (entirely discernible from reason and the natural law, but also, of course, informed by sacred belief dating back thousands of years).

That doesn’t mean the right course is to be cruel and dismissive towards these souls. We must stridently oppose their efforts to spread and further normalize their evil while they attack the healthy and non-perverse as being somehow “bigoted” and hate-filled.  In truth, they see hatred everywhere because it resides so deeply within themselves, and is directed at themselves.  It will take heroic virtue, but we must maintain charity for these poor lost souls even as we speak the truth with utter clarity and precision, never giving into one of their false claims and diabolical cultural conceits (including calling men women and vice versa, or labeling the depraved as “gay”).  These people are sick, they hate us, they will attack us, and while we can fight them on what they do and what they claim to be, we have to keep love in our hearts – much easier said than done.

There is of course good Catholic help for these souls. Courage is a very good apostolate that inculcates the Truth of Jesus Christ and the natural law in these souls with great care and love.  Courage deserves far wider support that it receives, from both lay Catholics and especially the bureaucratic hierarchy of the Church.  They are virtually ignored at the parish and diocesan level in most regions of the country (it does exist here in Dallas, however, thankfully).

Which, go figure, right?  I can’t imagine why that would be, can you?

US ranks with N. Korea, China in allowing late term abortion May 13, 2015

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At present, the US House of Representative is debating again whether to allow a bill banning abortion beyond 20 weeks to go to a vote.  The measure was shot down by quivering RINOs earlier this year, but pro-lifers have kept the pressure up and have gotten a floor vote scheduled for today.  We’ll see what happens as a result.  I wouldn’t hold my breath on its passing.

Nevertheless, Marjorie Dannenfelser has a piece at National Review that indicates the US is one of only 7 countries, including China and N. Korea, that allow abortions past 5 months.  Copious scientific evidence indicates babies are able to feel pain quite well by that point, so we have been torturing to death millions of babies these past 42 years.   No wonder our country seems so cursed by God.  We’re down among the most amoral, godless, socialist countries in the world.

The bill does provide a number of improvements to this ongoing scandal:

Improvements include:

Protections for babies born alive: A second physician is required to be present at an abortion to provide care to the baby and transport the child to the hospital, ensuring that any child born alive is given the same type of care that any other preemie would receive.

Informed consent: Women considering late-term abortion deserve relevant information about the procedure……

……Statistical reporting: The law requires that all post–20 week abortions be reported to the National Center for Health Statistics, which will issue an annual statistical report (without personally identifying information) providing information about abortions carried out after five months.

……..The sad reality is that in many parts of the country, if Dr. Gosnell had simply killed those babies in utero moments earlier, instead of outside the womb, his acts would have been completely legal. A few inches separates cold-blooded murder from a perfectly legal procedure. [It may separate legally, but it is murder either way]

The legality of these late-term abortions puts the United States on the fringe internationally, as we are just one of seven countries to allow elective abortions after five months of pregnancy. In doing so, we are standing with countries such as China and North Korea, not exactly known for being champions of human rights.

Obviously, the only truly moral response is to outlaw all abortion and all murderous medical treatments, including euthanasia, immediately.  But this bill, if it passes, would represent a significant step in the right direction.  However, when we see things falling apart around us……is it any wonder?  Can we be surprised at the state of this nation, morally, when we see atrocities equal or worse to those of pre-Christian Rome on a daily basis?  This country, supposedly “under God,” has been spitting in His eye and telling Him how much it hates and disbelieves in Him for decades. We’ve been killing the children He miraculously creates.

It is thus absolutely no wonder at all that we are in this depraved, fallen state?  This nation – not all of us, but most – has behaved like a new Canaan, barbecuing our babies to death with saline solution and sacrificing our children on the forbidden altar of satan.  So go figure we’re in the state we’re in.  We’re frankly blessed to even still be around, and not be a smoking hole in the ground.  That’s what we’re tempting with our current atrocities against God, all this sodomy.  The Talmud says it was when the people began to pretend that men could marry men, and women marry women, that God unleashed the Flood.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for less.   How long God will let this stand is not ours to know, but I don’t think it will be much longer.



The perverse agenda for your kids (WARNING: GRAPHIC) May 13, 2015

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I don’t think “perverse” fit it anymore, more like fireball satanic nightmare straight outta hell.

So, roughly 1000 Iowa teens had been propagandized by the media to believe that there is an epidemic of persecution against so-called “gay teens” in their schools.  Being decent kids, if ignorant, they thought they should try to help these poor oppressed “gays” out.  So they attended a conference that was supposed to be about “anti-bullying” strategies. What they got instead was a day full of satanic sodomite propaganda, including lessons in analingus, methods for women to appear to like men, fisting, and other such delightful topics.  Probably most of these kids, even in this day and age, were introduced to many of the sick topics discussed for the first time at this conference. Innocence can only be lost once, these kids will never be quite the same again (LAST WARNING BAD TOPICS FOLLOW):

They thought the Iowa Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth was about anti-bullying. Instead, about 1,000 teenagers from more than 100 Iowa communities were treated to a profanity-laced performance by a drag queen along with graphic conversations on oral sex and a transgender tutorial on how to make fake testicles.

Some parents were furious about some of the sexually explicit comments from paid speakers – including a comedian who told the high school students how “pleasurable it is for gay couples to eat each other’s behinds and how to use different flavors of (oils) to make it taste better.”

Bullying is a terrible thing and it is a very real problem in American public schools – for both gay and straight students. Many of the young people who attended the Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth did so because they cared about their classmates. They wanted to learn how to stand in the gap for others. [Look, bullying is an issue. It’s not good. But it also a canard, it’s being used as an excuse, as a vehicle, to advance the perverse sexular pagan agenda.  And I do think a lot of what is called “bullying” is really just super Special Snowflakes unable to deal with any of life’s little bits of unpleasantness.  That’s not to say there are not occasional outlandish acts of cruelty, but I think those are much more rare than we are being led to believe]

“We were absolutely flabbergasted,” one father told me. “It was graphic and pornographic. From a parent’s perspective I cannot think of anywhere this should be an acceptable conversation.”

The parent, who agreed to talk with me provided he was not identified, has a teenage daughter who attended the conference. The 18-year-old is a member of her school’s student support group that helps bullied teens.

“She though the conference would give the group better ideas on how to deal with bullying issues,” the parent told me. “But there was hardly anything about that.”

The parent described sessions about where discussions were held on how to clean yourself before anal sex “and the pleasure you can get from eating your partner’s backside.”

Television Station Local 5 News obtained cell phone video filmed by a student at the conference – where an attendee asked,“Is anal painful?” [Yes. And unnatural, disgusting, and very, very messy.]

“For paid speakers to be in front of a group talking about how to avoid choking during oral sex – I cannot fathom where that would be an appropriate conversation,” the father told me.

……..Iowa Safe School posted additional information on its Facebook page and website – blasting The Family Leader and accusing them of distorting the conference and misquoting the speakers.

They said The Family Leader has tried to “bully, intimidate and take away a special event for Iowa’s students, parents and educators.”

It should be noted that Iowa Safe Schools does not specify how The Family Leader distorted the conference or which speakers were misquoted.

Of course not.  As with the situation with the New Jersey Catholic school teacher who was creamed for criticizing the sexular pagan agenda, none of the attacks were on the merits of her criticisms, they were just blatant ad hominems like we see above.  That’s because they know their actions and their entire agenda would be viewed very negatively by a large majority of people in this country, even at this point.  So they shoot the messenger and engage in savage tactics in order to destroy their opponents and dissuade others from voicing concerns.

It is truly amazing the degree to which totalitarianism has crept into the thoughts and actions of so many in this country.  This totalitarianism is almost exclusively seen among the radical left today.  And the left is becoming increasing radical, and thus increasingly totalitarian.  There are few efforts by the left today to even argue points on merit, they simply attack, attack, attack. And with a compliant, incredibly biased media, their attacks are amplified out of all proportion to their true numbers, which remain quite small in the grand scheme of things.

We have to be living through the ultimate tail wagging the dog scenario.  The most perverse, lost 1-2% among us are telling the rest of us how it’s going to be.  Sacred beliefs and the very foundation of society is being sacrificed to this noisy, sickened 1%.  I would not believe it were it not happening so clearly before my eyes.  Incredible.

“The best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity,” indeed.