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Raving anti-Christian persecutorial group targets Air Force general for speaking of his faith in public – UPDATED May 18, 2015

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UPDATE: Just a quick thought.  Mr. Weinstein is demanding court martial under criminal charges.  That means penalties up to and including jail time for Gen. Olson.  Tell me again how he doesn’t hate Christians and isn’t persecuting them?

This sicko Mikey Weinstein has got to be called out for what he certainly appears to be –an anti-Christian bigot.  As I’ve blogged before, Weinstein says that as a cadet at a service academy in the 70s, he was so traumatized by exposure to Christians that he, as an admittedly atheistic Jew, felt compelled to send his sons to the Air Force Academy in the 90s.  Surely a strange reaction to such terrible trauma.  For the past 20 years, he has waged an unrelenting war specifically against the Air Force, once strongly populated with convicted Christians, seeking to re-make that military branch in his self-loathing sexular pagan image.

His “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” – not much more than him and a fax machine – is now attempting to destroy the career of Maj. Gen. Craig Olson for having the temerity to give a speech that touched on his faith in God to a pro-family group. That speech was broadcast and can be viewed on the internet.  This was apparently such an egregious violation of the false doctrine of “separation of church and state” that Mr. Weinstein very nearly blew a gasket, and, in the process, revealed just a bit too much what really motivates him.  See if you can figure it out:

An Air Force general who recently spoke about how God has guided his career should be court-martialed, a civil liberties group is saying.

In a speech at a National Day of Prayer Task Force event on May 7, Maj. Gen. Craig Olson credits God for his accomplishments in the military, and refers to himself as a “redeemed believer in Christ.”

The Air Force Times reports that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has taken issue with Olson’s remarks, is calling for the two-star general to be court-martialed and “aggressively and very visibly brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions.” [Speaking publicly in uniform about his Christian faith constitutes “unforgivable crimes and transgressions?”  How unhinged do you have to be to say that?]

The group authored a letter to Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Walsh, arguing that Olson’s speech violates rules within the Air Force, which prohibits airmen from endorsing a particular faith or belief. [Rules that Weinstein, with his threat of lawsuit after hassling lawsuit, more or less foisted on the Air Force, but they are not quite so clear as he pretends]

The letter, posted on the group’swebsite, begins, “This demand letter is sent to you on behalf of countless members of the United States Air Force[“countless” to keep you from knowing how few they are.  I bet Weinstein couldn’t find 1/10 of 1% of Air Force members who would be bothered by this] who are utterly disgusted and shocked by the brazenly illicit and wholly unconstitutional, fundamentalist Christian proselytizing recently perpetrated, on international television(“GOD TV”), and streaming all over the Internet and in full military uniform, by USAF Major General Craig S. Olson on Thursday, May 7, 2015 during a VERY public speech for a private Christian organization……[As I said, unhinged.  “Shocked,” “utterly disgusted?”  In reality Weinstein is terrified that this bit of pushback by Gen. Olson might unravel what his decades of lawsuits have achieved, a military where even the slightest outward expression of the Christian Faith is totally forbidden.]

………During Olson’s 23-minute talk, the Air Force Times reports, Olson spoke of “flying complex aircraft; doing complex nuclear missions — I have no ability to do that. God enabled me to do that.”

Heck yes, and that’ a beautiful thing to relate to others.

Mikey Weinstein, a house divided against itself cannot stand, but you are pitting the legislative branch against the executive branch in your bid to hassle Christians out of the military.  Gen. Olson was invited to speak at that prayer event by Rep. Aderholt of Alabama.  Not everyone shares your understanding of the separation of Church and state or Department of Defense policy – policy your close relationship with Gen Welch has certainly helped advance tremendously in recent years.

You can see Gen. Olson’s speech below.  As I’ve commented many times, to some degree I counsel young Catholic men to totally avoid military service, but a sizable part of me doesn’t want to give little bullies like this Weinstein character the satisfaction of having driven us out.

To be honest I watched only a bit of it, and while he comes across on the protestant evangelical side and thus you can sense the creeping errors in his understanding of the Faith, it’s hardly something to have go into a fist pounding spittle flinging profanity laced rage as Weinstein is known to do.

So I looked up a bit on Mr. Weinstein, and you can see him below describe his worldview and tactics to a group of secularists masquerading as Christians below (I mean, c’mon, they’re unitarians, the very descendants of the Puritans, now not so puritanical).  I say that, because Weinstein ID’s his crowd as “good Christians,” meaning those who are totally indifferent to doctrine and utterly ambivalent about winning converts.  I mean, that’s literally his argument: “good” Christians are those who leave others just about totally alone, never seeking to even begin to approach them with the faith, because of the 1st and 2nd Commandments something something, which Jesus obviously intended to mean ‘thou shalt never hassle anyone ever with things that put them out, even slightly.”  He compares the indifferent leftists to the “bad Christians” who accept the Great Commission, which he more or less dismisses out of hand with some rhetoric about the Great Commission being a “violation” of the American social contract.  It’s all just talk, will-to-power, I don’t like what you have to say so shut up.  It’s couched in language to make it seem “reasonable” but that’s the main point. I don’t like what you have to say so I am going to manipulate the power of the state to shut you up [warning, there is profanity in this video. In a church, even a Unitarian one. Stay classy, Mikey]:

There is a broader point here that I hope I can address quickly since this post is already getting long. The point is this: I do encourage you to watch the first few minutes of the Weinstein video above, because it illustrates the degree to which the enemies of Christendom take advantage of the noxious heresies introduced by the protestant revolutionaries to advance their libertine endarkenment agenda.  See how he takes Scripture out of context to pretend that Christ would prefer we not evangelize and just “all get along.”  See how secular he is as to equate the very Word of God, spoken by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, with, of all things, the juvenile Prime Directive from Star Trek (which basically argues that it is better to leave people in ignorance, poverty, misery, and darkness, than to share all your wonderful life-saving technology with them, denying them, in a sense, salvation).  General Olson’s speech wasn’t proselytizing in the slightest, it was one man sharing his faith experience in uniform. But Weinstein can easily find thousands of self-described Christians, and even Katholycs, who express horror at such gauche, because these bad “Christians” are in actuality sexular pagan religionists who keep a patina of Christianity for reasons of convenience, family, comfort, etc.

Think on it this way.  Mikey Weinstein is literally a persecutor of Christians.  He persecutes them on exactly the same basis that Romans persecuted us 1800 years ago – not for believing in Christianity, but for propagandizing for the Faith and refusing to accept the false shibboleths of the dominant society as the highest, and essentially religious, doctrine to be observed by all. His religion, and the religion of those “Christians” supportive of his aims, is actually secular liberalism.  Weinstein is as fervently religious as they come, he simply belongs to a religion intractably hostile to Christianity.  He’s a particular devotee, since he has taken his secularism to full-on God-hatred in his self-professed atheism and his obsessive knowledge of Scripture (it is always revealing to see just how much atheists and satanists study Scripture, they claim, to find its “weaknesses,” but I think they doth protest too much).

In addition, he uses errors introduced by protestants as weapons against believing Christians, which is ironic, because most of those he persecutes are protestant themselves. There’s actually a bit of delicious irony there that probably goes unnoticed by those protestants on the receiving end, they are simply experiencing the destructive effects of their own rejection of the Dogmas of the Faith revealed through the Church Christ founded in Saint Peter,  and their own penchant for taking isolated bits of Scripture dramatically out of context.  In Wine-stain’s case, he pits the 1st Commandment against the Great Commission, which is asinine on its face (Christ told us that our evangelizing would make the Weinsteins of the world hate and persecute us), but he’s simply taking protestantism’s own abuse of Scripture to its logical conclusion.  They are being hoisted on their own petard, and it doesn’t feel very good.  He is also a walking demonstration of secular libertinism’s fundamental incompatibility with Catholicism – only one can survive, and all those in the Church who attempt a compromise are only serving to advance the liberal cause – which is in reality probably quite intentional for many who do so.

The tragedy is that there are certainly good Catholics in the military getting caught up in this persecution, as well.  I pray for their strength of faith, and I thank Mr. Weinstein for showing us the two faces of our persecutors, who on one side try to appear so “fair” and “reasonable,” and on the other, in their crazed tirades, reveal their true motivation – unyielding hatred for Christ and His Church.

It’s only going to get worse.

PS – Why hasn’t Mikey Weinstein sued the Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces, President Hussein Obama for his numerous religiously-tinged speeches and his taking the oath of office which ends with “so help me God.”  Olson is hardly the first military man ever to reference God and His necessity in the life of any nation.  Witness the terrible religious extremist and raving fundy Dwight D. Eisenhower below:

Without God, there could be no American form of Government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first — the most basic — expression of Americanism. Thus the Founding Fathers saw it, and thus, with God’s help, it will continue to be.

Well, Ike, this nation turned its back on God and brought down His justly deserved wrath on itself when it started killing its own young, and allowing creatures like this Weinstein to have any influence at all.  You were very right, but this nation, or at least its self-anointed elites, decided they didn’t need God anymore.

What next? Waco outlaw biker shooting May 18, 2015

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9 bikers reported dead, and 18 injured, after a biker gang meeting went seriously wrong yesterday in Waco.  This is not my usual fare (I’ll class it as non sequitur), but it’s so violent and random – and potentially indicative of societal breakdown a la the late 60s – that I thought I’d post it.

Apparently, two heated rivals among the “1%er” outlaw motorcycle gangs – the Bandidos and the Cossacks – had been experiencing increasing tensions and violence over the past few months.  The Bandidos, based in Texas and apparently Texas’ largest outlaw motorcycle gang, felt the Cossacks were invading their turf and refusing to pay dues to the older, established Bandidos.  Whatever that means.  So what is apparently a regular bi-monthly meeting of motorcycle gangs to…….discuss whatever it is they discuss…….turned into a free-for-all brawl with over 170 arrested and potentially facing murder charges.  Over 170 have been charged with involvement in organized crime (seems difficult to prove?), while some will apparently face capital murder charges:

About 170 suspects arrested after a shootout between rival biker gangs and police Sunday at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine dead and 18 injured were ordered held in lieu of $1 million bonds Monday while investigators continued the painstaking process of gathering evidence at the crime scene.

By early afternoon about a third of the suspects had been booked into the McLennan County Jail.

All 170 will be processed into the jail, Sheriff Parnell McNamara said Monday, although some may later be transferred to other facilities.

Affidavits and arrest warrants totaled more than 500 pages, an official said.

At least some and technically all of those in custody could be charged with capital murder because of the number of victims, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

All of those killed and injured were bikers, police say

No officers or bystanders were hurt.

I saw a news clip that said there were dozens of bikers – along with regular patrons – in the restaurant when the fight broke out. It quickly degenerated from fists to knives and then guns, and subsequently spilled outside.  Non-biker patrons and employees fled to the freezer to escape the gun fire.  Once the fight spilled outside, Waco police, pre-positioned due to past problems and intelligence that this meeting could go bad, began to approach the brawl. The bikers then allegedly opened fire on police, leaving several vehicles bullet-ridden but striking no officers. The police then opened fire and apparently re-established order quickly.  No idea how many of the killed and injured died as a result of biker violence, and how many were due to the police.

Twin Peaks is a seedy, Hooter-esque place In fact, though I’ve never been, the female staff at these restaurants apparently wear even less than the Hooter’s girls.  Thus it is quite possible the derangement of faculties driven by exposure to scantily clad young women could have helped precipitate this brawl.  I’m sure alcohol and meth played their role, too.  Because nothing honors the Lord on the Sabbath like burning some crank and then setting out for an R-rated skin joint with violence in mind.  So wrong, on so many levels.

Silly me, I knew there were real, criminal type motorcycle clubs still around, but I had no idea their membership numbered in the thousands in this state alone.  And here I thought all the rather rotund dudes with silver ponytails I see driving around on Harley’s were just mid-life crisis types trying to re-live their glory years.

Such a sad scene.  By some miracle, all the victims were apparently members of the gangs themselves.  No police and no passersby were even injured, let alone killed.  That speaks to at least some level of fire discipline, and it seems a high percentage of the members of these gangs are former military.  The woman in the video below makes clear, however, that patrons had experienced intimidation from the Bandidos at this restaurant before (0:45 – 1:00):

The Twin Peaks chain has pulled the franchise for the restaurant that had been hosting regular biker days and other events for bikers in spite of increasing concerns from law enforcement.  I would imagine the franchise holder is in for a mass of legal problems.

I pray for the souls of the deceased  Eternal rest grant to them O’ Lord.  May those who remain be converted. May this kind of madness cease.  It seems a good number of those present were from the DFW area.

And, yes, Waco is a strange place.  It’s been the center of a disproportionate number of bizarre acts of violence.  I could tell a story or two of interaction with some Wacoites from my bad old days but I’ll skip for now.


Super-progressive promoter of sodomy promoted to Pontifical Council May 18, 2015

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A well-known British Dominican apologist for perverse lifestyles has been promoted to a highly influential Vatican post as Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  Fr. Timothy Radcliffe has formerly offered Mass for the out n’ proud group in the Soho district of London on numerous occasions.  But he has gone far beyond that in his advocacy for this atrocious lifestyle.  While this news may be old to many, it is of such great significance it bears repeating:

The Vatican Bollettino for today reports that Fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP, has been appointed by Pope Francis [this was a deliberate papal act] as Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. The former Master General of the Dominican Order is a prominent supporter of the Kasperite proposal in favor of communion for the “divorced and remarried”. He has also spoken out in favor of the ordination of women, if not to the priesthood, then at least to the diaconate (see this.) However he is more famous for his frequent public interventions pushing for greater acceptance of homosexuality, having been a frequent celebrant of the infamous “gay Masses” in Soho, London…….

…….It is true that Radcliffe has “opposed” “gay marriage”, but his farcical “opposition” rests on grounds entirely contrary to those of the Church: Radcliffe opposes it because, in his words: “‘gay marriage’ ultimately, we believe, demeans gay people by forcing them to conform to the straight world.[Right, they should be out there abusing themselves and others with abandon!  Get back to the “glory days” of 10, 20, even more partners in a night like the San Fran bath houses of old]  His support for civil “same sex unions” and his lavish praise of homosexual “love” are a matter of public record, and led to repeated attempts last year by good and devout Catholics to prevent him from talking at the Divine Mercy Conference in Ireland (see this and this) and in San Diego, California (see this report on the Wanderer), as well as in the Flame 2 Youth Conference this year in London (read this). All these attempts failed — and Radcliffe’s acceptability has just received a major upgrade with this latest appointment. A tremendous slap to the face of so many good Catholics who had opposed him out of fidelity to the faith…

A few choice quotes from Radcliffe, demonstrating his heterodoxy, via Church Militant news:

And in 2012, in the liberal U.K. paper The Tablet, he praised same-sex civil unions:

This is not to denigrate committed love of people of the same sex. This too should be cherished and supported, which is why church leaders are slowly coming to support same-sex civil unions. The God of love can be present in every true love.

In 2006, Radcliffe delivered a keynote speech in Los Angeles titled “The Church as Sign of Hope and Freedom,” and challenged Catholics to “stand with” homosexuals.

We must accompany them as they discern what this means, letting our images be stretched open. This means watching “Brokeback Mountain,” reading gay novels, living with our gay friends and listening with them as they listen to the Lord. … We are not a sign of God’s freedom until we can dare to belong to each other across every theological boundary. [It’s not only a question of theology, it’s a question of morality.  Certainly we should reach out to them…… in order to convert them from their lives of sin!  This man and his ilk, so wanting to be loved by the world, leave people mired in sins that will merit damnation.  I have to wonder whether Fr. Radcliffe does not have a personal interest in this matter?  Like so many other priests, he apparently refuses the concept of judgment or damnation……save for those who adhere to the Faith of the Father!  This appointment is so emblematic of this papacy]

And in a 2005 Tablet article, Radcliffe strongly advocated for thepossibility of homosexual priests, in contradiction to Church practice forbidding homosexuals entry to the priesthood:

I have no doubt that God does call homosexuals to the priesthood, and they are among the most dedicated and impressive priests I have met. … And we may presume that God will continue to call both homosexuals and heterosexuals to the priesthood because the Church needs the gifts of both.

I would conclude with two profound hopes. That a way will be found to welcome divorced and remarried people back to communion. And, most important, that women will be given real authority and voice in the church. [The Pope] believes that the ordination of women to the ministerial priesthood is not possible, but decision-making in the church has become ever more closely linked to ordination in recent years. Can that bond be loosened? Let us hope that women may be ordained to the diaconate and so have a place in preaching at the Eucharist.  [Because that has helped the Anglicans so much, right?  I mean, there was a mass exodus going on but when the Anglicans started pretend-ordaining women, that just stopped it cold!  Remember when that happened?! Remember how Anglicanism in England was hemorrhaging membership, then they started “ordaining” women, and the sect burst into full flower?  Yeah…….neither do I]

So, another ancient leftist ideologue rehabilitated and given a high Vatican position.  And liberation theology was “never condemned.”  The entire career and papacy of Joseph Ratzinger is going down the memory hole.  It just never happened!  Reset back to 1978.

Because everyone remembers how awesome the 70s were!

Darwin and Marx – the anti-Christian shapers of our culture May 18, 2015

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Another excerpt from Diane Moczar’s book The Church Under Attack that examines the thought of both Charles Darwin and Karl Marx, the two men probably most singly responsible for the disastrous state of the world today in terms of moral collapse, creeping totalitarian statism, and the steady erosion of the influence of the Faith.  Much below may already be known to you, but I think by tying the two together you may come to a greater appreciation of their continuing evil influence, AND the influences that worked upon them to arrive at their deliberately anti-Christian philosophies (from pp. 135-139, I add emphasis and comments and do condense a little bit of text):

Darwinism and Marxism are both continuations of the Enlightenment  craze for science as well as of that current of Enlightenment thought known as determinism.  This is the approach to reality that denies free will and assumes some underlying, non-rational mechanism to account for what happens in the world.  For Darwin it was evolution, for Marx the class struggle, for Freud….subconscious drives within the psyche. [Where did this denial of free will come from? From protestantism, of course, in particular Luther’s and especially Calvin’s deterministic, unrelenting God]

To start with Darwin, then, the myth about him is that, through his scientific observations, particularly on his famous expedition to the Galapagos Islands, he acquired data that led him to think that one species could “evolve” into another………Like Luther with his new religious principles largely worked out long before he posted those theses [on the door of Wittenberg Cathedral in 1517] Darwin had thought up his evolutionary theories before he ever set foot on the Beagle to being the famous voyage, on which he “discovered” the evidence to support the theory, as ideologues are fond of doing.  He himself was also the first Social Darwinist, categorizing the various human races he encountered on his travels as more evolved or less evolved, using various criteria………for Darwin and his well-heeled followers, the summit of evolution was the Victorian English gentleman. [Amazing that!  So convenient. First I do away with God, then I appoint myself and my friends in His place.  Nice trick! Moczar does not mention above that not only did Darwin first create his theory, then selectively find evidence to support it, but he formed his theory deliberately as a means to attack Christianity at its very core, Sacred Scripture. He knew if he could convince people he had “disproved” Scripture, especially the Creation account of Genesis, he could gravely wound the Christian Faith and peel many, many followers away.  Mission accomplished!]

….Darwin’s thought is not free from contradiction and incoherence……[Darwin realized early on…] if all biological change comes about by chance, there is no room for God. If there is no creator guiding the development of life, then life just emerged on its own.  Something, in short, came from nothing.  A modern analyst of Darwin’s works has remarked on how often Darwin insists that “God would not have done it this way,” in order to argue his case for blind chance against God’s Providence.  He seems to have been haunted by God, insisting, for example, that the excessive production by plants of seeds hat will never germinate is too wasteful and disorderly to be part of a divine plan.  Certainly, a tidy, thrifty, Victorian God would “not have done it this way.” [It is from the prim Victorians that we get the theologically ridiculous phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”]……..

We need not go into a refutation of Darwin’s theory, which has been amply accomplished from many angles by many competent writers, with new ones turning up all the time……..[explains Marx’s admiration for Darwin]…….Darwin had postulated not only the “struggle for survival” and the “survival of the fittest,” but their inevitability – and implicit denial both of Providence and of human free will.

……..Marx capitalized on the ongoing craze for all things “scientific” by calling his new system “scientific socialism” and studding his explanations of it with supposedly scientific examples……His other inspiration was the work of Hegel, the German idealist philosopher whom Marx so admired that he joined the Young Hegelians at his university when he was a student.  Hegel had a theory of Idea as the prime force in history, with one idea (the thesis) being challenged by an opposite idea (the antithesis) and the conflict eventually resulting in a synthesis that would become a new thesis, and so on. [It must be stated that Hegelian dialectics are the driving force behind the poison, anti-Christian philosophy of modernism.  Look at Kasper’s attempts to alter (in reality, destroy) the moral edifice of the Faith through his proposals on marriage.  There is a “thesis” – the Church’s existing Dogma.  The “antithesis” comes from the radical sexular pagans in the world today.  He seeks a “synthesis,” a sort of middle ground between the two, with the Church, naturally, being the one to give.]

[Follows an explanation of Marx’s theory.  I’ll assume your familiar enough with that, and simply note Mozcar’s great rhetorical question – if history is nothing but the class struggle in action, and the process has gone on from the beginning of time, why should the process of class struggle stop simply with the forced imposition of the “dictatorship of the proletariat?”  He never even attempted to explain that. Communist systems are some of the most rigidly classist, hierarchical societies the world has ever seen, with the “nomenklatura” enjoying great privileges, and varying levels of privilege being dolled out according to caste all the way down]

The whole system is rife with contradictions.  Man hos no free will, according to Marx the determinist, but somehow he will respond to the Communist Manifesto’s call to the workers to throw off their chains.  How can he, if he lacks the freedom to decide on an action in the first place?  Never mind, it sounds good.  Religion, of course, is “the opium of the people,” merely one of the tools the exploiting class uses to keep the proletariat in their place…..

Marx’s philosophy was profoundly atheistic, but long before he wrote Das Kapital, his compendium of communist ideas, he expressed a very different view in the horrific poems he wrote to satan – apparently a very real person to Marx – breathing a fanatical hatred of God and mankind.  “I want to avenge myself,” he wrote, “on Him Who reigns above us.”  God must have been real to him, at least as the object of his hatred.  Other poems reveal a demonic rage and desire to destroy the whole world if he could.  Taking the role of God, he screams, “I shall howl gigantic curses at mankind.”  Once he had thought up communism, he remarked “What do I care if three-quarters of the world perish, provided the fourth that is left is communist?”  This creepy versifier was no humanitarian; he had no care for the individual suffering worker and objected when a socialist organization to which he belonged was to be called a “brotherhood.”  “There are many men,” sniffed Marx, “whose brother I do not choose to be.”  A thoroughly nasty man, he also bullied his wife, had an affair with her servant, and seems to have had unhappy daughters, both of whom later committed suicide. [This hatred of God and desire to wreak vengeance on mankind was a trait quite common to many of the endarkenment philosphes and leaders of the French Revolution.  Voltaire, Robespierre, Fouqier-Tinville, Hobbes, all had twisted and dark views of humanity, which informed the perverse philosophy they developed.  The world has suffered ever since for their embrace of the satanic.  I did not know Marx was so warm towards satan until reading the above, but it is hardly surprising – his system is probably the most evil ever invented, being the perfection of the libertine, anti-God and anti-Church ideas developed in the 18th century.  Note that many of these men, especially Marx, were epic failures in life, thoroughly nasty men in both habit and outlook, who sought to avenge their failures on the world. Lenin was much the same way until the Germans, in a damnable act, shuttled him on a sealed train to St. Petersburg in order to drive Russia from WWI.  But what does it say of human society that their perverse ideas have been allowed to be so influential?]

——–End Quote——–

I once heard a good priest give a sermon to a wedding party.  Unfortunately, it was not recorded and has never been posted online, so I cannot share it with you.  The souls to be married were then traditional Catholics – now apparently both fallen away, please pray for them – but their families were made up of soft protestants and sexular pagans.  The sermon traced the sad development of these libertine ideas so destructive of souls and the entire society from Luther’s screeds to the present day. It’s a very easily discernible line of thought if one shakes off the blinders we’ve all had carefully installed over our eyes by the schools and constant propaganda we are exposed to.  It goes from protestant denial of free will and so many allied matters, which informed rationalism, which informed endarkenment liberalism/libertinism, which informed Hegel, Heidigger, and Nietzche, which informed communism, Nazism, and other evils, along with modernism, which inevitably to the resurgence of un-Christian sexular paganism today.  All of these ideas or philosophies, whatever you want to call them, had at their heart an attack on Scholastic reason but even more the Church and Her Doctrine.  They have each been the natural, virtually inevitable outcome of its predecessor, and they have each advanced the culture further and further away from its Christian center.  We are now out on the periphery of the spinning wheel as I noted earlier, more and more souls are being thrown off into the darkness, and it seems inevitable that the entire culture will be joining them shortly.

After that, nothing but bedlam, barbarism, naked power, and enormous suffering.  We should be doing all we can in terms of prayer and penance to steel ourselves, and our children, for the time ahead.


Girl Scouts to admit “transgender” boys May 18, 2015

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Do you sense the same acceleration I do, the whirling twirling growing faster and faster the further we, culturally, get from our Christian center, the hub of Western and even worldwide civilization where virtue and reason reign?  It seems as we approach the peripheries of heretofore unimaginable immorality and unspeakable evil, the process simply accelerates towards even greater barbarity and amoral evil?  How many souls already have been flung off the spinning wheel?  How many more must before we can plot a course back to the center?

I thought the above might have some value for readers. As for the quotes below, big surprise, the same organization that makes abortion into a hallmark of “womanhood” and teaches girls how to become sexualized objects for the porno-state will now admit boys who think they are girls.  A crafty, highly sexed, unscrupulous boy could probably already come up with some ways to take advantage of this policy.  The thing is, a good number of male “transgenders” are not attracted to men, they still like women.

Yeah, this is going to end well:

A new Girl Scouts of America (GSA) policy states it will extend membership to boys who identify as girls.

The group says on its website, “If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.” [You can never guarantee perfect safety.  This is a situation that will be prone to grave abuse.  So the Girl Scouts are sacrificing the safety and well being of young ladies on the altar of sexular paganism, as they have done for decades.  Film at 11]

This means girls in the organization will be forced to recognize and accept transgenderism as a normal lifestyle. Boys in skirts, boys in make-up and boys in tents will become a part of the program. This change will put young innocent girls at risk. [That’s putting it mildly. It’s yet another way to normalize the perverse and dangerous]

Adults are willing to experiment on our kids – both the boys who are confused and the girls who will wonder why a boy in a dress is in the bathroom with them. [Or, they may not wonder at all……to their horror]

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre” indeed.  The Girl Scouts are one of dozens of formerly politically and morally more or less mainstream, fairly virtuous institutions that have gone over to hardcore leftist activism.  Buckley’s dictum that every organization not explicitly founded on conservative principles will eventually go hard left seems about right.  But even many orgs like the Boy Scouts that were indeed founded on those principles have fallen under the latest onslaught.  It shows how weak they had become, and how easily bullied by the culture, because they weren’t enduring even a fraction of what Christians have endured -and are indeed enduring today! – in defense of their faith and virtue.

We are very much a soft, spoiled society.  That is why the Girl Scouts and so many others have fallen – they were too weak and too soft to immediately remove the first leftists planted in their organization, to squash the first, seemingly innocuous but still worrying and precedent-setting attempts to turn the Girl Scouts towards the left.  The Boy Scouts fought for decades but finally just literally gave up, even with a Supreme Court decision in their pocket. What they feared was loss of corporate sponsorship – heaven forbid, I’m certain the Christians of old would have burned all the incense in the world had the Emperor only threatened their funding!!!!  Fortunately, there is a good alternative to the Boy Scouts, but the leaders of that alternative will have to remain forever vigilant, a tiring and thankless, but utterly necessary, task.

Should a culture this soft fall on even somewhat hard times (say, 1930s hard), it’s could get real ugly, real quick.