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Super-progressive promoter of sodomy promoted to Pontifical Council May 18, 2015

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A well-known British Dominican apologist for perverse lifestyles has been promoted to a highly influential Vatican post as Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  Fr. Timothy Radcliffe has formerly offered Mass for the out n’ proud group in the Soho district of London on numerous occasions.  But he has gone far beyond that in his advocacy for this atrocious lifestyle.  While this news may be old to many, it is of such great significance it bears repeating:

The Vatican Bollettino for today reports that Fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP, has been appointed by Pope Francis [this was a deliberate papal act] as Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. The former Master General of the Dominican Order is a prominent supporter of the Kasperite proposal in favor of communion for the “divorced and remarried”. He has also spoken out in favor of the ordination of women, if not to the priesthood, then at least to the diaconate (see this.) However he is more famous for his frequent public interventions pushing for greater acceptance of homosexuality, having been a frequent celebrant of the infamous “gay Masses” in Soho, London…….

…….It is true that Radcliffe has “opposed” “gay marriage”, but his farcical “opposition” rests on grounds entirely contrary to those of the Church: Radcliffe opposes it because, in his words: “‘gay marriage’ ultimately, we believe, demeans gay people by forcing them to conform to the straight world.[Right, they should be out there abusing themselves and others with abandon!  Get back to the “glory days” of 10, 20, even more partners in a night like the San Fran bath houses of old]  His support for civil “same sex unions” and his lavish praise of homosexual “love” are a matter of public record, and led to repeated attempts last year by good and devout Catholics to prevent him from talking at the Divine Mercy Conference in Ireland (see this and this) and in San Diego, California (see this report on the Wanderer), as well as in the Flame 2 Youth Conference this year in London (read this). All these attempts failed — and Radcliffe’s acceptability has just received a major upgrade with this latest appointment. A tremendous slap to the face of so many good Catholics who had opposed him out of fidelity to the faith…

A few choice quotes from Radcliffe, demonstrating his heterodoxy, via Church Militant news:

And in 2012, in the liberal U.K. paper The Tablet, he praised same-sex civil unions:

This is not to denigrate committed love of people of the same sex. This too should be cherished and supported, which is why church leaders are slowly coming to support same-sex civil unions. The God of love can be present in every true love.

In 2006, Radcliffe delivered a keynote speech in Los Angeles titled “The Church as Sign of Hope and Freedom,” and challenged Catholics to “stand with” homosexuals.

We must accompany them as they discern what this means, letting our images be stretched open. This means watching “Brokeback Mountain,” reading gay novels, living with our gay friends and listening with them as they listen to the Lord. … We are not a sign of God’s freedom until we can dare to belong to each other across every theological boundary. [It’s not only a question of theology, it’s a question of morality.  Certainly we should reach out to them…… in order to convert them from their lives of sin!  This man and his ilk, so wanting to be loved by the world, leave people mired in sins that will merit damnation.  I have to wonder whether Fr. Radcliffe does not have a personal interest in this matter?  Like so many other priests, he apparently refuses the concept of judgment or damnation……save for those who adhere to the Faith of the Father!  This appointment is so emblematic of this papacy]

And in a 2005 Tablet article, Radcliffe strongly advocated for thepossibility of homosexual priests, in contradiction to Church practice forbidding homosexuals entry to the priesthood:

I have no doubt that God does call homosexuals to the priesthood, and they are among the most dedicated and impressive priests I have met. … And we may presume that God will continue to call both homosexuals and heterosexuals to the priesthood because the Church needs the gifts of both.

I would conclude with two profound hopes. That a way will be found to welcome divorced and remarried people back to communion. And, most important, that women will be given real authority and voice in the church. [The Pope] believes that the ordination of women to the ministerial priesthood is not possible, but decision-making in the church has become ever more closely linked to ordination in recent years. Can that bond be loosened? Let us hope that women may be ordained to the diaconate and so have a place in preaching at the Eucharist.  [Because that has helped the Anglicans so much, right?  I mean, there was a mass exodus going on but when the Anglicans started pretend-ordaining women, that just stopped it cold!  Remember when that happened?! Remember how Anglicanism in England was hemorrhaging membership, then they started “ordaining” women, and the sect burst into full flower?  Yeah…….neither do I]

So, another ancient leftist ideologue rehabilitated and given a high Vatican position.  And liberation theology was “never condemned.”  The entire career and papacy of Joseph Ratzinger is going down the memory hole.  It just never happened!  Reset back to 1978.

Because everyone remembers how awesome the 70s were!



1. St. Anibale - May 18, 2015

Cool. Bring it on. Show us who you really are.

2. TLM - May 18, 2015

Instead of being promoted to the Vatican as a ‘Consulator’ this man should be handed his hat, stripped of his collar and sent packing. When must, I wonder, we face the hard traumatic fact that this Pope ‘knows exactly what he is doing’. It truly makes one sick at heart. I myself keep grasping at the remote possibility that he is maybe ‘being ill advised’, or ‘have an ulterior motive’. Will it eventually come to that heartbreaking day when we will all have to let go of the last shred of denial and finally face the unbelievable fact that this man is a heretic of the most evil kind? Jesus have mercy on us.

3. TLM - May 18, 2015

Oh and BTW, it will be when it all finally shows it’s ugly head be far worse than the 1970’s. If you think that it couldn’t get any worse than that……..think again.

4. St. Anibale - May 18, 2015

Of course he knows exactly what he is doing.

That is true with all of this stuff for the last half-century. We moan and wring our hands and ask “What can they be thinking?”

As if these were unintelligent men simply making mistakes.

No such thing.

Planned and calculated.

So bring it on…show us who you really are.

Tantumblogo - May 18, 2015

I know what they’re thinking. Perpetuate confusion and doubt until it is too late to do anything. Then confront the faithful with the new new Church, and demand “obedience” to it.

5. David - May 18, 2015

I wonder what Pell, Burke, and Ratzinger will say about this. I am glad at least 900 American priests support the teaching on divorce, remarriage, and annulment.

I would also like to hear from the 70+ former Episcopal priests who are part of the Tiber swim team. Many crossed the Tiber over issues of women’s ordination, same sex unions, and other moral issues.

6. M P P - May 18, 2015

Not 1978. Blatant support for sodomy was not there. It was all behind the scenes, in the closet as it were.

It is mindboggling: the heretical men with high appointments. And we learn that the pope has a ‘ghost writer’ priest who wrote about kissing…how sick is that? We cannot trust what is coming from the Vatican these days with few exceptions. But colors are being shown, sadly the rainbow ones are proceeding with impunity. But God knows and is not mocked. Many souls in grave danger.

Tantumblogo - May 18, 2015

It was a sort of rhetorical statement.

St. Anibale - May 18, 2015

Right. And in a sense, the 1978 statement is correct. After all, what we are witnessing today did not just pop out of the woodwork. The stage for all of this was set way back when, and any number of dates can legitimately be offered. But the push for what we are living through today was institutionalized via the Second Vatican Council and the abandonment of clear doctrinal definitions.

What is more, we are not at any sort of end-point. We are at some point on a continuum.

So I think the 1978 statement can be defended – as can any number of dates.

It is a process. A dialectic. And the status quo soon becomes that point which must be “updated.”

Tantumblogo - May 18, 2015

One reason for my choice was the 1978 was prior to the previous two pontificates, wherein the revolution was in many ways solidified, but these really egregious, flipping the faithful the bird kind of appointments were not made. There were a few, but that was over 35 years. Here we are two years in and this kind of thing has been continuous. So it seems we’ve moved into a new round of revolutionary advance. While the previous two pontificates did certainly have their upsides, they can be also be viewed as periods when the revolution consolidated itself prior to its next “great leap forward.” Which, again, we seem to be living through now.

I’ll never say the Society isn’t right about a whole slew of things. They certainly are. And as time goes on, and depending on how this thing shakes out, obedience as chimera and vehicle of control may become more and more obvious to Catholics of conscience.

7. Brian - May 18, 2015

It strikes me as exceedingly bad that ranking members of the hierarchy are advocating sodomy and perversion, using mealy-mouthed Christian mercy-speak to make it sound reasonable….and no one in a position to do so hits them upside the head and demands they retract their heresy or face Canonical charges. Nothing.

One side is playing pedal to the floor for keeps. The other side is looking on wide-eyed, doing precisely nothing, trying to play nice, as “sons of the Church”, as if we are all on the same team still. We need to understand that when Bishops (plural) are advocating for Sodomy and grave sin to be normalized and “blessed”, this is not normal. This is in fact going to the heart of all we hold dear. This is an attack on Sacred Things.

This is not recognizeable to me as Christianity. Neither I nor my family will participate in it, even if it means leaving the Church. Any Parish that advocates this position is a mortal threat to the souls of my loved ones. I will protect my loved ones from people like this with all my strength. I think our Church needs to pull way back from the “peripheries” and we need to evangelize our own Priests, Bishops and laity and re-connect the Church Militant to our Magisterial forebears.

Priests. Bishops. Time to earn your pay and honor your vocation and do something about this threat in the midst of the House of God.

Yes. I am really pissed.

Tantumblogo - May 18, 2015

I hear you. Me, too.

DFW Catholic - May 19, 2015

You won’t have to leave the Church. It will have left you.

8. Baseballmom - May 19, 2015

I read about this on ChurchMilitant this morning. Sadly, the “best comment” – or whatever MV calls it, was some priest reminding us all that any disagreement with the Pope’s decision is tantamount to grave sin. A pathetic, indefensible comment…. But noted as “the best”….. When will MV have his eyes opened to the Truth about this pontificate?

St. Anibale - May 19, 2015

I’m not convinced his eyes are not open to it right now. After all, he certainly does not strike one as unintelligent. Perhaps there is another factor that prevents him from saying what he knows to be true.

Tim - May 19, 2015

While MV says and does a lot of good things, he is under control of his “handlers” such as Terry Carrol, etc. They put on a good show but ultimately their knees bend to subscriber numbers, cash flow and “being liked”. They are blind to the Church crisis in as far as the post conciliar popes are a part(not the entire) of the problem. Their comment section is a joke as they strike down any facts that they are not comfortable with or doesn’t fit their narrative.

H-town - May 19, 2015

This is what I’ve long thought, and his big donor(s) have laid down the law.

9. Joseph D'Hippolito - May 20, 2015

Those of you who long for Pope Benedict’s “orthodoxy” should know that he failed or refused to discipline publicly one Cdl. Zollitsch, the president of the German bishops’ conference who said on German television that Christ did not die for human sin, which is a fundamental Christian doctrine! Accepting homosexuality, relatively speaking, is nothing compared to denying a fundamental truth held in common by all believing Christians.

St. Anibale - May 20, 2015

Yep. What you allude to here is unfortunate, but true. The part none of us can really know is the extent to which a person who wants to be a heroic pope is even allowed to do so in today’s environment.

It seems pretty obvious that some of these men actually desire to trash whatever they were supposed to pass on, but one wonders if a man like Ratzinger did not see the errors of his former ways, desire to do heroic things and was finally just quashed.

But if one is having nothing but an objective conversation with all emotion and wishful thinking aside, it is clear that there was much in Benedict’s papacy that fell short of unwavering fidelity to the Faith.

10. Margaret Costello - May 23, 2015

How is a perverted, disordered attraction a gift? I would bet good money on this priest being a pervert himself. That Pope Francis purposely chose him to come to Rome and lead, shows us how the Holy Father has surrounded himself with heretics and perverts. Something tells me this papacy is utterly demonic and lewd. I don’t know how Our Lord can stand this. He must be very angry or we are in end times.

The whole “you must be best buddies with perverts” is totally anti-biblical and goes against what every saint has ever done. “Bad friends ruin the noblest of people” says Scripture. We are also told to stay away from people in unrepentant sin. Minister to them? Call them out from their depravity? Yes, that is what Our Lord did. But be “open” to their evil? Never. When people hold hands with others on their way to hell, where do you think those people will end up too?

Sodomy is not love in any way shape or form. What this priest speaks are lies.

Lord have mercy on him and on us all. God bless~

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