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Asking kids about abortion May 19, 2015

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Hmmm….what do you make of this video below, where young children (say, maybe, 4-11?) are asked about abortion?  On the one hand, I think it is a pretty powerful piece against this unspeakable evil, but on the other hand, part of me recoils at seeing children 1) asked about abortion in this kind of setting, and 2) used, in a manner of speaking, to further this surely noble cause.  I pray God those children really had been delicately introduced to this subject by their parents and formed into comprehending what abortion is.  My wife and I have certainly done so, and I am absolutely not a parent who thinks children mustn’t know about such things.  In fact, since we spend a good amount of times outside mills with our children, they got introduced to the subject at a pretty young age, but it was my wife and I doing the introducing, and we judged how far to go and what was an appropriate level of knowledge for each child.

From the video, I am far from certain that was the case here.  It seems more like children were being introduced into this very uncomfortable and really ghastly subject for the first time.  That could potentially cause some avoidable trauma.  I don’t know anything about the organization that put this on, other than that it appears to be one of the many protestant abortion abolitionist groups that have sprouted up in the last several years, railing against the fact that the “church” (meaning the sects) hasn’t been speaking out against abortion.  And that’s true, they haven’t, but, hello, even though our own Church hasn’t done enough to oppose abortion in this and many other nations in the wake of the most awesomest Council ever that you will never, ever question in any depth to avoid exposing its internal contradictions, Catholics have been the heart and soul of the pro-life movement since it started.  So it always makes me get a sardonic smile when I see johnny-come-lately protestants say “goodness, where is the ‘church’ in this terrible evil we see?!?”  We’ve been there, folks, welcome to the fight, stop acting like you invented opposition to abortion.

I’ll stop ranting incoherently and get to the video:

It is always heartening to see the innocence that lives in children.  Their answers are so direct and honest. It is only when we get older that we begin to allow satan and our fallen natures to convince us that up is down, right is wrong, and killing defenseless children OK. It is amazing what lies and evil people can convince themselves of.  I’ve been there, I speak from experience.

I have been accosted a few times by women – it is always women – in cars driving past our vigil outside mills with a child or two in their car.  I’ve had them pull up next to us and shout how terrible and evil we are to try to stop mothers from killing their babies.  Strange motivation, to be sure, to defend abortion with your child in the car with you.

I’ve been tempted at times to just look at the child and tell them……why don’t you ask your mommy what they do in this place and why she thinks it is so good?  Of course, I never have. Even though I am completely, unalterably opposed to anyone who supports abortion even slightly, I don’t want to traumatize a child with the knowledge that mommy maybe killed her older sister, or thinks some kids, at least, are disposable objects to be thrown away when inconvenient.  How would you handle that situation?  Or maybe you already have……..let me know.


Atrocity: 1 in 8 deaths in Netherlands a result of euthanasia May 19, 2015

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And more than that, a judge just overruled doctors in the case of a demented elderly woman whose family claimed she wanted to die, but whose doctors said she was incompetent to make such a decision.  So now the precedent has been set for the state directly deciding who lives and who dies.

Life is sure cheap in a sexular pagan paradise, is it not?

A judge in Holland has ordered the euthanasia of an 80-year-old woman after doctors tried to prevent her family from having her killed. [I’m sorry, but I’m going to throw a bit of hardline skepticism in here.  Evil laws permitting things like euthanasia always assume everyone is always virtuous and just carrying out someone’s (twisted) wishes, or easing someone’s suffering, but in how many cases are unscrupulous children offing their parents to get to the inheritance, or get rid of the old nag, or hospital admins from having to lose money on “someone who’s going to die anyway.”  There are so many ways for people to use this as a means to commit murder for the most prurient reasons with state sanction and legality]

Doctors serving the Ter Reede dementia specialist care home in Flushing argued that she was not mentally capable of consenting to death by lethal injection.

But for the first time in 13 years of legal euthanasia in the Netherlands, a court over-ruled the doctors’ wishes and ordered that the euthanasia went ahead.

The woman’s family, who live in Middelburg, claimed that she harboured a ‘death wish’ and obtained a court order so she could die by euthanasia. [But this was apparently not documented well, or at all.  

A judge sitting in an ‘emergency session’ in Utrecht then threw out an appeal from medical staff treating the woman.

A day later she was taken from the care home and killed by the Life End Clinic, which was set up with the aim of making euthanasia more easily accessible in the Netherlands….. [So that’s it, one appeal, and the next day you’re dead?!?  What a robust system they have there!]

The woman’s GP, the management of the care home and its psychologist were all equally opposed to plans to kill her by euthanasia and they had asked for an independent report into her condition…….

……A woman in her 80s was killed last year simply because she did not want to live in a care home……

…….Overall, deaths by euthanasia, which officially account for three per cent of all deaths in the Netherlands, have increased by 151 per cent in just seven years. 

The figures, however, do not include cases of so-called terminal sedation, where patients are given a cocktail of sedatives and narcotics before food and fluids are withdrawn. [The preferred method of putting patients down in US hospitals, with or without family or patient consent.  It’s murder on the QT]

Studies suggest that if such deaths were added to the figure then euthanasia would account for one in eight – about 12.3 per cent – of all deaths in the Netherlands. [And would probably be one of the leading, if not the leading, causes of death in the Netherlands?]

Doctors in neighbouring Belgium, which last year legalised euthanasia for children, are now killing an average of five people every day by euthanasia, according to latest figures, with a 27 per cent surge in the number of euthanasia deaths in the last year alone.

In one of the most shocking cases, a Brussels man last week described how he arranged the double euthanasia of his octogenarian parents who wanted to die because they were afraid of loneliness.

I can’t advise people enough to get a lawyer and draw up very clearly what kind of treatment you expect if you are incapacitated in any way.  Don’t rely on anyone else, even  your own children, to follow  your wishes without clear, legally-actionable guidance.  Make sure you never, ever get a “living will” or any kind of advance directive from standard boilerplate, instead draw up a document saying you want all reasonable care, food and hydration, and even “heroic means” to keep you alive. Absolutely say no to organ transplantation, and remember, you have to positively opt out of that now, the state now assumes the default answer is “yes” (and how typical of all progressive causes – what was once optional now becomes default, and will soon be mandatory).

For over 100 years, discerning souls have predicted that wealthy, advanced, liberal nations in Europe and North America had become so amoral – it was apparent even then – that it would not be long before they had become so thoroughly imbued with satanic materialistic, utilitarian thinking that they would even start to kill their own children, disabled, and elderly persons. Anyone who didn’t “pull their weight” or who was a “drag on progress” would be killed.  Mind, this isn’t the “bad guys,” the Hitlerites or commies……it’s us, who always tell ourselves we’re the “good guys.”  Please.  We have so offended God, any punishment at this point is easily conceivable.

Note it started with pre-born babies.  Then it was the disabled and elderly.  How long before it’s literally a Brave New World and everyone gets killed at 60 or some arbitrary number?  How could anyone laugh at such a prediction, judging from what’s already been normalized and legalized?

Virtually no one believes in redemptive suffering or the difficulty of this life anymore.  No one looks forward to Heaven as our true home where the good will go after a life of suffering and virtue.  Everyone (more or less) thinks this life is the only one, and to the extent Heaven exists, it’s just a replay of this life on some cosmic scale, with the focus certainly NOT being on God.

This is the time when darkness reigns.  Pray for these souls who murder others, and who ask to be murdered.  It seems inescapable that they will have a most unpleasant experience at their particular judgment.

Ten Counsels to Lead the Soul on the Way of Salvation May 19, 2015

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Another little excerpt below from the book Finding Confidence in Times of Trial: The Letters of St. John of Avila.  St. John’s guidance in ten parts to lead a soul in the way of salvation, some of which may seem pretty challenging, but given the source, I wouldn’t discount it:

1. At once to reject from your mind not only rash judgments of your neighbor, but the very thought of his faults or sins.  Turn your mind toward God and show Him the wounds of your own soul that He may cure them.

2. If you have not the strength to desire sufferings, censures, affronts, or hard work, at least endure them patiently and in silence: do not concern yourself to know from whom they come, but look upon them as sent from the hand of God.  Pray to Him for those who are the cause of these trials and beg Him to give you Grace to bear them for His love, reflecting that patience in suffering is a sign of salvation.

3. Return thanks to God for all your spiritual graces, natural gifts, and every other good that you possess, attributing nothing to yourself except your sins, faults, and imperfections[I think it’s easy with so much bad news around us to fall into habits of constant criticism and to overlook the countless blessings we all have.  Even those in grave situations have many things to be thankful for.  It’s easy to forget at times, but always try to express your thanks to God.]

4. When any feeling of jealousy arises in your mind on account of the spiritual, natural, or temporal advantages of your neighbor, lift up your heart to God, begging of Him to increase these gifts in your brethren; rejoice in the well-being of others and be sorry for their shortcomings.

5. Let it be your firm conviction that you should neither desire nor strive for anything but to possess the grace and love of God, to avoid offending Him, and to please Him in all things.  Whether death or life, sickness or health, joy or sadness, be your lot – it will matter nothing, except insofar as it brings you nearer to God.  

6. Be persuaded of this truth, that as long as you live, you will have to suffer trials, sorrows, temptations, and the cross, for this is the livery of the servants of Jesus Christ our Lord. [I know I forget this a lot, because I’m awesome, and everything should go my way. Right?] Bear these patiently, remembering that your sins are many and deserve far greater punishments: “The life of man upon earth is a warfare,” (Job VII:1) and “He that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.” (Matt X:22) [This is something I should keep much more in mind.  Now I’ll go rewrite some posts]

7. Whenever you give way to any thought, word, or work of pride, such as that you are better, or more useful, or in any way preferable to others, reject instantly as most abhorrent to God. Confess your sins and faults to Him and beg Him to remedy them. 

8. When reason tells you that others are guilty of some matter as to which you are innocent, do not excuse yourself, even though you are not blameworthy, but accuse yourself and praise your brother, even if it may bring upon you punishment or reproof or pain.  Although upon this occasion you have not deserved it, your past sins have merited this penance; thus, you can never suffer as one wholly innocent, and therefore never exculpate yourself. [I said some of this wouldn’t be easy.  This was written for religious.  Nevertheless, if you want to make a great practice of virtue and be on the path of salvation, as St. John of Avila puts it, I don’t think this advice contrary to that purpose]

9. Frequently during the day, but especially when you make your examination of conscience, remember to render thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for having redeemed you and made you a friend of God, and for having gained so many benefits for you by His Passion and sufferings.  Bless God for having given Him to you; you should also glorify God for His own perfections.

10. The fruit of Holy Communion and of all other spiritual exercises should be to obtain for us greater strength to serve and love our Lord, to resist temptations, to bear our trials with patience, and not to afford us sweetness or pleasant feelings, which are usually signs of imperfection and may even be sent by the Devil to deceive us.

———-End Quote———–

I pray you find all or some of the above helpful!  As I said, some of the above is  quite challenging and counter to our fallen natures.  It is intended for those really committed to growth in virtue, cooperation with Grace, and being on that way of salvation –  such a glorious path!  May God’s benevolent grace put us there.  And keep us there.

Colombian bishop claims an Apostle, or Mary Magdalene, were “homosexual” – then walks back with pathetic justification May 19, 2015

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Via The Remnant, yet another occasion of a prelate jumping on the bandwagon of perversion, perhaps with more than a little bit of self-interest mixed in, Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba of Colombia has declared that “being homosexual is no sin,” and that it’s possible one of the Twelve Apostles or even Saint Mary Magdalene was so afflicted! This is nothing but the coarsest, most craven pandering to a gross perversion, and a grave scandal:

A Colombian bishop, insisting that being homosexual is not a sin, said Thursday it’s possible that one of the twelve apostles of Jesus was gay or that Mary Magdalene, another key New Testament figure, was a lesbian. [This seems deliberately provocative.]

Bishop Juan Vicente Córdoba of Fontibón, Colombia, also said the Catholic Church does not oppose same-sex couples making a life together, [Such a situation would be intrinsically disordered and a huge temptation to sin.  I think any decent moral theologian would argue strongly against even a celibate arrangement due to the potential for scandal and the temptation to fall into sin, just as men and women should not live together as “friends,” due to the great temptation that could arise]  but does not consider such arrangements to be a marriage or a family. ‘No one chooses to be gay or straight,’ Córdoba said. ‘One simply feels, loves, experiments, is attracted, and no attraction is bad.’ [There is absolutely zero, not one scintilla, of evidence that indicates those with same-sex attraction are “born that way.” In fact, the evidence is almost all in the other direction, that same-sex attraction arises from environment and upbringing]

“Córdoba was speaking at a conference about gay marriage and adoption hosted by the local University of Los Andes, at a time when Colombia is debating gay marriage and adoption rights.  [So this was a most political statement] Although Córdoba reiterated Church teaching when it comes to marriage – that it’s a union between a man and a woman, permanent, and open to children – he said that homosexuality isn’t a sin. [Wrong.  He has since walked back this particular statement, made in front of a crowd of those poor souls lost in these sins and their allies. See below, the retraction is equally craven and self-serving]“Sin is something else. It’s not respecting the dignity of others. Not loving God and our neighbors as we love ourselves, not feeding the hungry, not giving water to the thirsty,” Córdoba said. [Nothing but leftism.  Things that leftist agitate for – more money for the “poor” (meaning government), failing in social virtues – those can still be sins.  But since the left is 100% committed to sexual libertinism of the worst kind, those are no longer sins.  Basically, whatever they say goes, as always.  Gotcha.]

He added that he prefers “a thousand times over” for Colombians to have dignity, a proper health system and food for all, rather than talking about whether they’re gay or straight. [As I said. Sins are collective failures and opposition to leftism, not personal, private matters between a man and God]

According to local reports, Córdoba said that in the Bible there’s no explicit rejection of homosexuality, suggesting there’s no basis for making a condemnation of homosexuality a Church doctrine. [So the bishop is incredibly ignorant of Scripture in addition to being a left-wing ideologue. Swell, but hardly atypical.]

“We don’t know if one of Jesus’ disciples” had a same-sex orientation, he said. “We don’t know either if Mary Magdalene was a lesbian.”

OK, I said this spineless shepherd had walked back his comments before the pro-sodomy crowd, once others got wind of it.  This man is sure not covering himself in glory, he comes across as a weasel:

Bishop Juan Vicente Córdoba of the Colombian diocese of Fontibón said Friday that he embraces the moral teachings of the Catholic Church when it comes to same-sex relationships.

“Even if homosexuality as an inclination doesn’t constitute a sin, it’s regarded as a disordered conduct,” he said.

Córdoba’s clarification, published by the Colombian Bishops Conference, came a day after he stated that homosexuality isn’t a sin and that “we don’t know if one of Jesus’ disciples” had a same-sex orientation…….[This is so weak. Maybe the Conference made him do it, not that I have any confidence in any bishop’s conference]

……..In the letter published Friday, Córdoba said that his words were not intended to modify the “solid and unchangeable moral position of the Church,” but to express respect in an auditorium which, according to the prelate, was mostly composed of leaders and members of the LGBT community. [No, you cravenly and in great cowardice failed to teach the Truth of Jesus Christ to a group of manifest grave sinners. You even justified and confirmed them in their sins, selling their souls to satan cheap as you preferred the applause of men to suffering for Jesus Christ. You are a failed shepherd, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who would rather send souls to hell than see himself inconvenienced.  You are, quite frankly, the very model of the post-conciliar prelate]

The bishop also admitted that he didn’t know there were members of the press present at the event, and that he only used such colloquial expressions because of the academic and dialogic context of the encounter, adding that they had no theological or moral value. [Oh, please. What he means to say is, I didn’t know my heresy and scandal would be publicized!  What a blessed flock the Church in Fontibon is to have a shepherd of this caliber, NOT]

“With a mother’s love, the Church welcomes every man and woman, whatever their condition, conscious that regardless of their sexual inclination – and even sexual behavior – every person has the same fundamental dignity,” Córdoba said.

Regardless of the controversy it may have generated, Córdoba said, Thursday’s encounter at the University of Los Andes was the first public encounter between a Colombian bishop and the LGBT community.

“It proves that it’s possible to establish an honest and frank dialogue that could allow us to bring down the walls and discover each other as brothers,” the bishop wrote in the letter.

THAT IS ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL BS! Bishop Cordoba didn’t “dialogue,” he cravenly said what his audience wanted to hear.  He didn’t convey the Truth of Jesus Christ, he didn’t challenge them in their sins and command them to change as the shepherd responsible for their souls, no, he failed in his duty, gave a completely politicized speech full of what the audience wanted to hear, and he went on his merry way. Then he found out his talk was recorded and panicked.  Now he’s trying to retrench and re-write history.  What a poltroon.  

More on the radical errors of Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP May 19, 2015

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I posted yesterday some content on just a few of the problematic statements of Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP, just this past weekend (this Pope seems to have learned quite a bit from Obama – or Juan Peron – on how to manipulate the news cycle to one’s advantage) appointed to role of Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice, a long-time hot bed of dissent, abuse, and even open heresy.  Radcliffe’s role of Consultor will get him a voting position at the upcoming Ordinary Synod on the family.  Burke out, Radcliffe in.  Means nothing, move along, nothing to see here, move along.

Via Vox Cantoris, some additional writings from Fr. Radcliffe, including his belief that sodomy is equivalent in “fertility” to natural relations between husband and wife (emphasis in original, I add comments):

Fr Radcliffe OP expands the meaning of fertility to include gay sex

But not every marriage is fertile in this way. We must avoid having a mechanistic or simplistic understanding of fertility. Jesus speaks a fertile word: This is my body, given for you. He is God’s fertile word. And surely it is in the kind and healing words that we offer each other that we all share in fertility of that most intimate moment. When Jesus met Peter on the shore after Easter, he offers him a word that renews their relationship. Three times he asks him; ‘Do you love me more than these others?’ He allows him to undo his threefold denial. Sexual fertility cannot be separated from the exchange of words that heal, that recreate and set free. [Just to be clear, Fr. Radcliffe is comparing Christ’s forgiveness of St. Peter with the words exchanged in the foul embrace of sodomites.  I don’t think I have to comment on just how perverse that is]

How does all of this bear on the question of gay sexuality? We cannot begin with the question of whether it is permitted or forbidden! We must ask what it means, and how far it is Eucharistic. [Not even slightly, and no amount of modernist double-talk will make it so]  Certainly it can be generous, vulnerable, tender, mutual and non-violent.  [I point you again to this link, which discusses the sky-high rates of violence between same-sex partners.  Sodomy, by its very nature, is an act of violence.  It abuses the human body in ways that are unnatural and destructive. If you want to be grossed out, read about the incredibly disgusting after-products of sodomy – lube, blood, fecal matter, semen.  Oh, yes, it’s so “vulnerable and tender.”  That language, BTW, strikes me as being redolent of pederasty] So in many ways, I would think that it can be expressive of Christ’s self-gift.  [The abomination of desolation, indeed.  And this man was head of the Dominican order for 9 years.]

We can also see how it can be expressive of mutual fidelity, a covenantal relationship in which two people bind themselves to each other for ever. But the proposed legislation for ‘gay marriage’ imply that it is not understood to be inherently unitive, a becoming one flesh. […] [I’ll just repeat, even among so-called “married” individuals fallen into these perverted lusts, the idea of monogamy – especially for men – is almost completely foreign. Trysts with others are very common. This fact is kept as undercover as possible, because it (along with a thousand other things) obliterates the call for recognition of their “unions” as marriage.]

And what about fertility? I have suggested that one should not stick to a crude, mechanistic understanding of fertility. Biological fertility is inseparable from the fertility of our mutual tenderness and compassion. And so that might seem to remove one objection to gay marriage. I am not entirely convinced, since it seems to me that our tradition is incarnational, the word becoming bodily flesh. And some heterosexual relationships may be accidentally infertile in this sense, but homosexual ones are intrinsically so.

Sexual ethics is about what our acts say. And I have the impression that we are not very sure of what gay sexual acts signify. Maybe we need to ask gay Christians who have been living in committed relationships for years. I suspect that sex will turn out to be rather unimportant.’ [Which is why an overwhelming majority of those fallen into sodomy have over 100 lifetime partners, and only 4.5% report fidelity to their current partner?]

Fr Radcliffe on Holy Communion for Catholics who are divorced and re-married:

I would conclude with two profound hopes. That a way will be found to welcome divorced and remarried people back to communion. And, most important, that women will be given real authority and voice in the church. The pope expresses his desire that this may happen, but what concrete form can it take? He believes that the ordination of women to the ministerial priesthood is not possible, [Note the phrasing: “he believes……”…….but wait till we get a really radical Pope!] but decision-making in the church has become ever more closely linked to ordination in recent years. Can that bond be loosened? Let us hope that women may be ordained to the diaconate and so have a place in preaching at the Eucharist. What other ways can authority be shared?’  [Note also that the idea that women must be “given real authority in the Church” is just an assumed good, something “desirable.”  On what basis?  The entire college of disciples was male, this is something Christ Himself instituted, but, heck, if we can admit adulterers and attempted bigamists to Communion in spite of Christ’s command, why not just scrap all His other inconvenient (to leftists) commands?]

————End Quote————-

So, as time goes by, the reality of this pontificate and its nature becomes more and more clear.

Regarding this Radcliffe character, it’s been said that modernism was an attempt by liberal “Christians” to incorporate evolutionary theory (Darwinism) into their faith – but with the evolution always predominate.  The real (main) religion of the modernists was scientific socialism and Darwinism. The neo-modernists of today are simply leftists who hold positions in the Church requiring a patina of Catholicism of them due to the nature of their position.  Their primary religion is leftism.

I think if you will look at matters through that lens you will find that virtually all these “inexplicable” acts suddenly make a great deal of sense.

Dismas and others have been quite right: different religion.