The archbishop appeared to have felt that support Saturday. “I’m just here to thank my supporters,” Cordileone said to a reporter, declining to comment further. He did not speak before the crowd at the picnic.

Cordileone became the center of controversy in one of the country’s most gay-friendly cities for requiring that staff at archdiocese high schools “affirm and believe” what many Catholics say is simply the tenets of their beliefs: that marriage is between a man and a woman, that sexual relations outside of marriage are wrong and that certain types of reproductive technology and surrogacy are against the teaching of the church. [See how the media tries to twist this into a “he said, she said” kind of situation.  The Church, even today, even with all the confusion and demonic chaos, does not hide the Doctrine of the Faith. Few prelates and priests convey it whole and entire, and fewer laity accept it, but it still stands, in spite of decades of heresy run amok, in spite, even, of destructively opaque papal statements]

Adele Lindberg of Danville said she wanted to support the archbishop because she feels he’s being “demonized” for being faithful to the church’s doctrine.

“Nobody’s saying you have to be Catholic or that you have to send your children to school,” said Lindberg, 59. “But don’t change something that has stood for more than 2,000 years just to meet your agenda.”

Many in the crowd said the controversy was not about hate or disapproval of gay people or others but rather about loving others despite differences and following the teachings of the church……

…..A small group of protesters stood on the edge of the picnic waving a rainbow flag and holding signs. [It was about 3 or 4 rather pathetic older gentlemen.  They held signs saying “Why aren’t gay families welcome here?” which were pregnant with error and demonic oppression.  Of course everyone is welcome, but your sin remains a sin, and until you give it up, you continue to place your eternal soul in grave jeopardy.  This life is short, eternity is forever, and your existence does not have to revolve around your loins]